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Business Energy Efficiency Coalition Launched in Va. (Ind. Report)
Energy Efficiency
Date: 2018-09-28
In the Old Dominion State, a new Sustainable Business Coalition which was created from Renew Rocktown is aiming to facilitate energy efficiency and encourage sustainability in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County businesses.

The coalition's vision includes: establishing a city-wide zero waste program; an increased urban tree canopy to increase carbon sequestration; offseting greenhouse gas emissions and providing a safe and accessible multi-modal transportation network. The Coalition also supports unrestricted development of behind-the-meter solar power by businesses, schools and residents. (Source: Sustainable Business Coalition, The Breeze, 27 Sept., 2018)

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Energy Efficiency Alberta Funding Non-Profit Upgrades (Ind. Report)
Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips
Date: 2018-09-28
Following up on our June 13th coverage, on the Canadian Prairies, the Province of Alberta Minister of the Environment, Hon. Shannon Phillips, has announced an expansion of the government's Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) program which is overseen by Energy Efficiency Alberta, a government agency.

Currently through NEET, non-profits can receive audits to identify opportunities to save on energy costs. The audit phase of the program wrapped up this week. The next step in the program will see the government working with contractors to purchase and install the needed upgrades, which could be everything from LED lighting to new furnaces or solar energy systems.

Details and financial projections for the upgrade portion of the program are expected to be released in the near future. be released in the coming weeks. (Source: CBC News, Alberta Environment Contact: Alberta Environment Minister Hon. Shannon Phillips,; Energy Efficiency Alberta, Jessica Shumlich, Program Manager, (403) 815-4876,

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Fiji Committing to Stronger NDC Standard (Int'l., Ind. Report)
Paris Climate Agreement
Date: 2018-09-28
The South Pacific Island nation of Fiji reports it will raise its Paris Climate Agreement nationally determined contributions (NDC) by next year, engaging other than the energy sector achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

To that end, Fiji's new NDC will include other critical sectors such as land transport, maritime transport, domestic aviation, waste, agriculture and forestry. Fiji's current NDC is specific to the energy sector both in terms of a GHG baseline, where 2013 is considered the reference year, and in terms of potential mitigation actions. (Source: Fiji Times, 27 Sept., 2018)

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Hero BX Snares Clinton, Iowa Biodiesel Facility (Ind Report, M&A)
Hero BX
Date: 2018-09-28
In Erie, Pennsylvania, Lake Erie Biofuels, -- dba Hero BX -- is reporting the September 21st acquisition of the former Clinton County Biodiesel facility in Clinton, Iowa, from Tenaska Commodities LLC, an affiliate of Tenaska Inc.

Hero BX expects plant upgrades to be completed and production to begin before the year end.

This acquisition brings the production complement of Hero BX to Erie, Pennsylvania; Moundville, Alabama; South Roxana, Illinois; tolling at the IRE facility in Washington, Iowa; as well as blending and distribution in North Hampton, New Hampshire. (Source: Hero BX, 26 Sept., 2018) Contact: Hero BX, Chris Peterson, Pres., Tim Keaveney, Exec. VP Business Dev., (814) 528-9200,

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Green Energy Biofuels Reports Biodiesel Expansion (Ind. Report)
Green Energy Biofuel
Date: 2018-09-28
Winnsboro, South Carolina-based Green Energy Biofuels, formerly known as Midlands Biofuels, is reporting its acquisition of the idle 40 million GPY Green Valley Biofuel plant in Warrenville, South Carolina. The plant has been renamed GEB3.

Green Energy Biofuel's flagship plant is a 300,000-gpy biodiesel production facility in Winnsboro, South Carolina is currently in the process of rebranding as simply "Green Energy" and is exploring production and sale of other sustainable products in addition to "brown-grease" biodiesel. (Source: Green Energy Biofuel, Biodiesel Mag., Others, 26 Sept., 2018) Contact: Green Energy Biofuels, Beth Renwick, CFO, (803) 718-6323,

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U.S., India, Saudi Arabia Economies Biggest Climate Change Losers, says Study (Int'l)

Date: 2018-09-28
According to a study from the University of California San Diego has found that India is likely to suffer the highest economic damage from climate change after the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

Researchers estimated country-level contributions to the social cost of carbon (SCC) using recent climate model projections, empirical climate-driven economic damage estimations and socio-economic forecasts. The country-level SCC for India alone is estimated to be about $86 per tonne of CO2. At current emission levels, the Indian economy loses $210 billion per year, For U.S., the cost is about $50 bn per tonne. This means that the nearly five billion metric tonnes of CO2 the U.S. emits each year is costing the economy about $250 bn. The model accounts for everything that happens in the economy today that is sensitive to environment conditions. (Source: University of California San Diego, PTI, The Hindu, 27 Sept., 2018) Contact: University of California San Diego,

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NYU Touts Sustainability, Energy Efficiency Efforts (Ind. Report)
New York University
Date: 2018-09-28
In the Big Apple, New York University (NYU) has announced the formation of a new working group to carry out new measures to make NYU more sustainable. The effort is expected to include the installation of the university'sfirst rooftop photovoltaic array, capital commitments to make NYU buildings more energy efficient, and others.

Over 90 pct of NYU's energy consumption is building-related. Accordingly, the University is committing $3 to $4 million per year to ensure that all significant NYU construction projects will be LEED certified, targeting Silver certification as a minimum. NYU currently has 11 buildings that are certified LEED Platinum, Gold, or Silver.

Since 2007, NYU has reduced its emissions by 30 pct. for annual reduction of 59,000 metric tons of carbon. The school has also pledged to achieve a 50 pct reduction by 2025 and carbon neutrality by 2040.

(Source: New York University, 26 Sept., 2018) Contact: NYU, John Beckman, (212) 998-6848, Cecil Scheib, NYU Sustainability Lead,

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Strata Solar's Farmville NC Solar Farm Gets the Nod (Ind. Report)
Strata Solar
Date: 2018-09-26
Chapel Hill, North Carolina-headquartered Strata Solar LLC reports receipt of Farmville Planning Board approval for construction of a second solar farm in the community. The proposal goes to the Farmville Board of Commissioners next month for final approvals.

The community of Farmville -- pop.4,600 -- is in Pitt County, North Carolina, about eight miles west of Greenville. Solar installations are permitted in the community's industrial district by special exception. (Source: Strata Solar, Farmville Enterprise,, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: Town of Farmville,; Strata Solar, Markus Wilhelm, CEO, (919) 960-6015,

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Olean's Third Solar Farm Construction Underway (Ind. Report)
BQ Energy,
Date: 2018-09-26
In Cattaraugus County, New York, BQ Energy is reporting construction is underway on an 11,800 module solar installation on a 17 acre brownfield site. When fully online, the project will generate 3.3 megawatts of electricity.

The developer, Wappingers Falls, NY-based BQ Energy presently operates two solar projects in the city -- Solean and Solean West, which generate about 7.75 megawatts. That is enough to power about 1,330 homes for a year. Together, the solar projects will generate $283,000 a year for 25 years for St. Bonaventure University or $7.3 million, and $40,000 a year for Olean General Hospital, or $1 million over 20 years. The new solar farm is slated for completion and commissioning by mid-December. (Source: BQ Energy, Oleans Times Herald, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: BQ Energy, (845) 473-0300,

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Non-Profit Solar Projects Approved in Nova Scotia (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-09-26
In Halifax, the Province of Nova Scotia's Solar Electricity for Community Buildings program reports it has approved 27 not-for-profit organizations to use solar power cells installed on their building or property to generate electricity and sell power to Nova Scotia Power or a local utility on a 20-year contract.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must be registered non-profit or charitable organizations, universities or community colleges, municipalities or organizations wholly owned by a municipality, or aboriginal communities, and must also invest in their own solar power infrastructure. (Source: Gov. of Nova Scotia Dept. of Energy, Chronicle Herald, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Nova Scotia Solar Electricity for Community Buildings,

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SUNY Offers Sustainable Bldg. Courses, Certificates (Ind. Report)
State University of New York College at Oneonta
Date: 2018-09-26
In the Empire State, the State University of New York College at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta) reports it will offer a program to train students in sustainable and environmentally-friendly building design and construction.

Oneonta is partnering with SUNY Polytechnic Institute and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry to establish goals and best practices for the program, which is supported by a two-year grant of $900,000, part of nearly $6 million awarded to SUNY campuses by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to train more workers in the state's clean-energy sector.

The initiative will also develop an in-house capacity of LEED associated professionals to certify new and existing campus buildings across the State University system. After the three-year pilot program, a SUNY Green Building Technology Learning Center will be developed to expand training SUNY-wide.

The specialized courses will lead to a new Sustainable Building Design certificate offered through the Geography and Environmental Sustainability department.

As previously reported, SUNY College at Brockport, New York, offers a similar program. (Source: State University of New York College at Oneonta , Daily Star, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: State University of New York College at Oneonta, (607) 436-3500,

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Ratch Raises Final Mount Emerald Wind Farm Turbine (Int'l Report)
Ratch Australian Corporation
Date: 2018-09-26
In the Land Down Under, Sydney, Australia-based Ratch Australian Corporation reports it has raised the last of 53 turbines at its $360 million, 180-MW Mount Emerald Wind Farm. The facility generated its first energy in August.

According to Ratch's EGM business development Anthony Yeates, "We are now producing at 60MW or about 33 pct of full capacity. Vestas has conducted a series of grid performance tests and the results are now being analysed by the Australian Energy Market Operator. We hope to be able to step up to 130MW or about 70 pct of capacity in early October."

When fully operational, Mount Emerald will be the largest wind farm in Queensland and will generate sufficient power for approximately 75,000 North Queensland homes. (Source: Ratch Australian Corporation, Ecogeneration, Sept 24, 2018) Contact: Ratch Australian Corporation, Anthony Yeates, Exec. GM, +02 8913 9400,

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ONYX InSight Calls for Wind Turbine Data Access (Ind. Report)
ONYX InSight
Date: 2018-09-26
According to UK-headquartered ONYX InSight -- a predictive analytics partner for asset owners and operators -- restrictions on access to operational turbine performance data are limiting the wind industry's ability to reduce its O&M costs. ONYX InSight also notes that restrictions on wind-turbine data may be unlawful under EU competition law and impede the growth of the wind industry.

O&M-related expenditure constitutes 58 pct of all operational expenditure costs, much of which is due to reactive, unplanned maintenance. While the industry is increasingly turning to predictive maintenance programs and condition monitoring systems (CMS) that allow for proactive, cost-efficient interventions, these approaches rely on a continuous stream of high-quality, readable data to operate effectively and contribute to lowering the overall levelized cost of energy (LCoE).

However, at present asset owners and operators face significant challenges in accessing this data, as there is no clear approach to data access across equipment suppliers. Only a minority of OEMs allow significant and open access to data. In the main, OEMs manage access for users, providing a highly-processed subset of this data, or allowing no free access at all.

The high-quality performance data for optimized O&M which owners need does not include turbine specifications, load calculations or other potentially sensitive design IP, so there should be no excuse for restrictions on data access. But, of the top eleven CMS hardware providers -- who between them account for over 80 pct of the market -- only one gives full access to CMS data, and seven do not permit any access to data whatsoever, according to ONYX InSight. (Source: Windpower Engineering & Dev., ONYX InSight, Sept., 2018) Contact: ONYX InSight, Bruce Hall, CEO, +44 (0)115 951 8800, (303) 351- 5418 – US Office,,

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Enerkem Considers Ocean Plastics Waste Opportunities (Ind. Report)
Enerkem,Ocean Legacy Foundation
Date: 2018-09-26
In Canada, Montreal-based waste-to-biofuels specialist Enerkem Inc. reports that following the commercial launch of the world's first waste-to-biofuels facility in Edmonton, Alberta, it will be exploring opportunities to take action on ocean plastics waste and marine litter. The company is seeking to leverage its carbon recycling technology expertise to help solve issues related to ocean plastics waste.

The company notes it has been in discussions with not-for-profit Ocean Legacy Foundation which conducts recurring coastal cleanup expeditions, to explore ways that soiled plastics can be recuperated from oceans to produce low carbon transportation fuels and chemicals by leveraging Enerkem's "disruptive" carbon recycling technology.

According to the World Economic Forum, around 150 million tonnes of plastics are floating in the world's oceans, with an additional eight million tonnes entering the water each year. (Source: Enerkem, PR, Biofuels Int'l, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Enerkem Inc. Vincent Chornet, Pres., CEO, (514) 875-0284 X 251,,; Ocean Legacy Foundation,

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Mascoma, NextFerm, Seal Yeast-for-Ethanol Development Deal (R&D)
NextFerm , Mascoma
Date: 2018-09-26
Israeli headquartered fermentation products producer NextFerm reports it has inked a joint developement agreement with Waltham, Mass.-based Mascoma LLC, a subsidiary of Lallemand Inc. a leading supplier of yeast to ethanol producers.

Launched in 2015, NextFerm is primarily focused on developing fermentation yeast for the food industry. The company's process can be applied to many areas, including ethanol production, to develop yeast that is better able to cope with temperature or pH changes, for example. Accordingly, the company is now developing a new strain of yeast for Mascoma for use in the ethanol industry. (Source: NextFerm, Ethanol Producer, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: Mascoma, Kevin Wenger, Exec. VP,; NextFerm Technolobies USA, Elzaphan Hotam, CEO, +972 4 666450, 908-376-3086 -- US Office,,; Lallemand, Jim Steele, CEO, Angus Ballard, Pres., Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits,

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Canadians Investigate Rising Antarctic Ocean Temp. (Ind. Report)
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Date: 2018-09-26
According to new research conducted by Environment and Climate Change Canada scientists and a colleague from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, in he U.S., ocean water temperatures around Antarctica have been rising over the past several decades due directly and primarily to increases in man-made greenhouse gas emissions. The research also noted a drop in atmospheric ozone levels associated with the ozone hole is also contributing to warming, and that the waters around Antarctica are becoming less salty, consistent with known shifts in Southern Hemisphere rainfall patterns.

The researchers also found that: the Southern Ocean has been warming at about twice the average rate of the global ocean; GHG increases are the most important driver of recent warming and freshening of the Southern Ocean; and zone depletion is also driving the warming and freshening of the Southern Ocean. However, given the ozone recovery associated with the Montreal Protocol, which is now underway, it is anticipated that the impact of ozone changes on the Southern Ocean will diminish. (Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada, Sept., 2018) Contact: Environment and Climate Change Canada, Neil Swart, Research Scientist,

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UK Labour Commits to Net-Zero GHG Emissions by 2050 (Int'l Report)
Climate Change UK
Date: 2018-09-26
In the UK, the Labour Party under the leadership of MP Jeremy Corbyn has committed to a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of this century. Labour has also committed to generate 60 pct of the country's energy from renewable and low carbon sources by 2030. Other Labour recommendations include:
  • Making every house in the UK energy efficient to reduce heat demand from buildings by almost 25 pct;
  • Providing 85 pct of electricity demand from renewable and low carbon sources;
  • Providing 44 pct of heating demand from renewable sources;
  • A seven-fold increase in offshore wind and a doubling in onshore wind; and
  • Almost tripling solar power.

    Taken together, these measures are expected to provide enough wind and solar power to power 19.5 million homes.

    According to the Labour shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey, man-made climate change represents an "existential threat" and the the UK must do better than the present Conservative government's target of cutting emissions by 80 pct by 2050. (Source: UK Labour Party, Press Association, Westmoreland Gazette, 24 Sep, 2018) Contact: UK Labour Party,

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  • Iberdrola Aims to Up U.S. Renewables Capacity 50 pct (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-09-26
    According to a Reuters report, Spanish wind power juggernaut Iberdrola SA plans to expand its renewable energy capacity in the U.S. by about 50 pct over four years as part of its global plan to cut carbon emissions. To that end, the company expects to invest about $15 billion in the U.S. on its transmission and distribution system and increase its renewable generation to around 10,000 MW by the end of 2022.

    Through its majority-owned Avangrid Inc subsidiary, Iberdrola has over 6,500 MW of renewables in the US. (Source: Iberdrola, Reuters, 24 Sept., 2018)Contact: Iberdrola Renewables,

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    County Center Completes Energy Efficiency Upgrades (Ind. Report)
    New York Power Authority
    Date: 2018-09-26
    The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is reporting completion of $2.75 million in energy efficiency upgrades at the Sullivan County Government Center in Monticello. The upgrades are projected to cut carbon emissions by 487 tpy and save the county close to $115,000 per year in energy and building maintenance costs.

    The New York Power Authority financed and implemented the upgrades which included: high-efficiency rooftop heating and cooling units; installation of efficient boilers; interior and exterior LED lighting upgrades; and a building management system for greater monitoring and control of the building's heating, ventilation and other systems.

    The county will repay NYPA the cost of the project through the energy savings that result from the energy efficiency measures. The county is expecting an 8-year payback, according to county officials. (Source: NYPA, Mid-Hudson News, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: NYPA, Gil Quiniones, CEO, (914) 681-8186,

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    Aquicore, Healthy Buildings Int'l Tout Partnership (Ind. Report)
    Aquicore, Healthy Buildings
    Date: 2018-09-26
    Washington, DC-based Aquicore, the leading IoT-driven asset operations platform for commercial real estate (CRE), and indoor environmental consultant Healthy Buildings International, are reporting a new partnership that will enable building owners and operators to achieve better internal reporting and secure key industry certifications -- U.S. Green Building Council's LEED, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), and U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR.

    Aquicore's CRE platform tracks, analyzes and predicts key building metrics in real time enabling asset and property managers to make faster and more informed decisions on key performance indicators such as energy and water use, budgeting and more. Through Aquicore's partnership, Healthy Buildings' services will be available in the Aquicore Marketplace, a best-in-class network of partners, collaborators and applications that are integrated with Aquicore's platform.

    Healthy Buildings International helps the commercial building industry benefit from the public's awareness of the indoor workplace environment by taking a proactive, business-minded approach to environmental due diligence. Through its three service lines Indoor Environmental Quality, Sustainability, and Energy & Resources, Healthy Buildings helps it clients attract & retain tenants and employees, enhance building marketability, lower operating costs, and increasing asset value. (Source: Aquicore, PR, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: Healthy Buildings Int'l, 800-352-6102.,; Aquicore, 202-446-0246, ,

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    Oil, Gas Players Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions (Ind. Report)
    Oil and Gas Climate Initiative
    Date: 2018-09-26
    The 13-member Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) -- which includes Exxon Mobil, Chevron and others -- reports it is committed to cutting methane emissions to an intensity of 0.25 pct of all fossil fuel the group's member companies produces by 2025. The pledge could be cut further to 0.2 pct intensity, which would echo targets set individually by group members BP, Royal Dutch Shell and XOM to reduce methane emissions.

    The OGCI, which also counts France's Total as well as national oil companies of China, Mexico, Brazil and Saudi Arabia among its members, represents nearly a third of global oil and gas production. (Source: OGCI Website, Seeking Alpha, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Oil and Gas Climate Initiative,

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    Amazon Mangroves Key to Carbon Storage, says Study (Ind. Report)
    Climate Change
    Date: 2018-09-26
    In Corvallis, Scientists led by Oregon State University ecologist Prof. J. Boone Kauffman have determined for the first time that the Amazon's waterlogged coastal mangrove forests, which are being clear cut for cattle pastures and shrimp ponds, store significantly more carbon per acre than the region's rainforest.

    The recently released long-term study offers a better understanding of how mangrove deforestation contributes to the greenhouse gas effect, one of the leading causes of global warming.

    The Brazilian mangrove forest fringes the entirety of the Atlantic Coast at the mouth of the Amazon, the largest river in the world with the largest mangrove forest. Mangroves -- aka Blue Carbon -- represent 0.6 pct of all the world's tropical forests but their deforestation accounts for as much as 12 pct of GHG emissions from all tropical deforestation.

    Partial funding for the study was provided by the U.S. Agency for International Development, Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Program. (Source: Oregon State University, KTVZ.COM, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Oregon State University, J. Boone Kauffman, Research Leader,

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    Aggreko Launches Wind Energy Services Offering (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-09-26
    Clasgow, Scotland-based Aggreko, a provider of modular, mobile power and heating and cooling, reports it has combined its mobile, modular power solutions into a one-stop option that includes energy storage for the wind industry. Wind farm developers and operators can choose from a complete suite of Aggreko temporary power solutions, including energy storage systems from its microgrid and battery energy storage division, Younicos.

    Aggreko helped commission the first offshore wind farm in the United States in 2016. Younicos holds the record for integrating the largest battery resource with a wind farm (Notrees in Texas), and has incorporated energy storage into high wind penetration grids from Alaska to Northern Europe. Aggreko provides temporary power, load banks and other necessary equipment to wind farms for commissioning, and now includes plug-and-play containerized batteries with intelligent Younicos Y.Q software. (Source: Rental Equipment Register, Aggreko, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Aggreko,; Younicos,

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    White House Expected to Push E15 in Oct. (Reg & Leg, Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-09-26
    Argus News is reporting that within a matter of weeks the Trump administration will renew its push to allow the year-round sale of 15 pct (E15) ethanol gasoline blends.

    Exactly what they would offer US refiners and importers to support the change remained unclear and under discussion , but a quick approval of the change risk an almost certain court challenge. An announcement is reportedly expected in October. (Source: Argus News, Others, 24 Sept., 2018)

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    Verbio Boasts Record 2017/18 Biodiesel Production (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2018-09-26
    German biofuels producer Verbio is reporting record biodiesel production amounted to 476,211 mt, surpassing the previous record year's production of 473,382 mt, set in 2016/17. This came as production capacity utilization hit 101 pct.

    Ethanol in comparison failed to post record levels, but still recorded strong results on the year, with 246,300 mt produced, down from 248,755 mt a year ago. In contrast, biomethane production was up 8.8 pct year on year to 608 GWh.

    According to a company statement, in addition to making further investment in the expansion of sterol production, Verbio is expanding and optimizing existing biomethane plants -- with a focus on the straw biomethane technology which is key for entering new markets in Asia and the USA, the company said. The company's new biomethane plant in Pinnow, Germany, is currently close to completion and expected to come online befor the year end, the company said. (Source: Verbio, SPGlobal, 26 Sept., 2018) Contact: Verbio, +49 (0) 3493 747-40,

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    Bay State's Largest Energy Storage System Unveiled (Ind. Report)
    ENGIE North America
    Date: 2018-09-26
    ENGIE North America an municipally-owned Holyoke Gas & Electric Utility (HG&E) are reporting the launch of Massachusetts' largest utility-scale energy storage system at the Mt. Tom Solar Farm in Holyoke, Massachusetts. ENGIE Storage Services -- fka Green Charge LLC -- will operate the 3-megawatt GridSynergy(trade; system, which will be integrated into the largest community solar farm in the state at a location adjacent to the former Mt. Tom Power Station.

    GridSynergy will provide grid stability by responding quickly to electricity demand fluctuations, allow for the increased use of clean energy, and reduce peak load burden on the existing electrical distribution system.

    According to ENGIE North America, nearly 100 pct of its power generation portfolio is low carbon or carbon free. Globally, ENGIE is the largest independent power producer in the world, with operations in 70 countries and 1,000 researchers in 11 R&D centers. (Source: ENGIE North America Inc., AP, 25 Sept., 2018) Contact: ENGIE, Carol Churchill, 617-886-8759,,,; Holyoke Gas & Electric,; ENGIE Storage Services NA,

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    Telenor Sweden Joins Fairtrade Climate Standard Scheme (Int'l)
    Telenor Sweden,Fairtrade Climate Standard
    Date: 2018-09-26
    Swedish mobile telecommunication company Telenor Sweden reports it is the first telecommunications operator in the world to offset its carbon emissions using the Fairtrade Climate Standard of credits. It added that it is the first Swedish company to start reducing its CO2 emissions under the standard.

    Fairtrade International and Gold Standard brought in the Fairtrade Climate Standard in 2015 to accompany the COP21 climate change talks in Paris, with the aim of protecting under-resourced societies that are vulnerable to environment damage.

    In 2017, Telenor produced approximately 1,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide, mostly through operating its network and corporate travel. The company's efforts to cut its CO2 emissions will be carried out with the organizations ZeroMission and Fairtrade Sverige, through the Indian project Bagepalli Coolie Sangha. The credits are created by replacing inefficient heating and cooking with wood and kerosene by small-scale plants that generate renewable biogas for household use. (Source: Telenor Sweden Contact: Telenor Sweden,; Fairtrade Climate Standard,

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    Boskalis Touts Boskalis-on-Bio, GoodFuels Partnership (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-09-26
    The Dutch marine dredging and heavy lift company Boskalis reports it is using a 30 pct biofuel blend onboard the large trailing suction hopper dredger Prins der Nederlanden for the Borssele Alpha project which is being carried out on behalf of TenneT.

    Using biofuel is one aspect of the Boskalis-on-Bio programme, for which the company recently signed a long-term partnership with biofuel supplier GoodFuels. The programme is aimed at achieving a 35 pct reduction in the CO2 emitted by the Boskalis fleet and equipment in the Netherlands in the next five years. According to Boskalis, various sea trials have shown that sustainable biofuels lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 90 pct compared to fossil fuels and are also more effective than alternatives such as LNG. (Source: Boskalis, Bunkerspot, Sept., 2018)Contact: Boskalis, Peter Berdowski, CEO, +31 78 6969 000,; GoodFuels, Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO, +31 (0) 85 8000 238,,

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    Velocys Loss Deepens as Renewable Fuels Plan Progresses (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-09-26
    Renewable fuels firm Velocys PLC is reporting for the six months ended June, pretax loss deepened to £25.0 million from £10.6 million in the previous year , despite significantly rising revenues. Profit performance was hurt by £15.1 million in exceptional costs during the period, up from £701,000 a year prior. Of these, £14.3 million of the one-off costs were associated with an impairment of loans receivable. Underlying loss -- excluding exceptional costs -- remained broadly flat at £9.9 million, the company reports.

    Even so, the company's CEO claimed "In the first half, Velocys continued to make excellent progress against its renewable fuels strategic plan. We continue to drive forward our two main projects to develop biorefineries in the US and UK and implement the supply chain that will deliver our reactors and catalyst to the Red Rock Biofuels facility now under construction." (Source: Velocys, Morningstar, Alliance News, 26 Sept., 2018) Contact: Velocys Plc, David Pummell, CEO, +44 1235 841 700, (713) 275-5840 -- Houston Office,,

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    Greenville U Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Lauded (Ind. Report)
    Greenville University
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In Illinois, Greenville University reports it is a finalist for the 2018 Illinois Sustainability Award for its Revolving Green Action Project. The project aims to cut energy consumption and create a sustainable fund for future energy efficiency and green initiative projects.

    Specifically, the university's submission for the 2018 award focused on: replacing incandescent lights with energy efficient LED -- G.U. replaced all of the existing incandescent bulbs and 5,000 32-watt 4' bulbs in the targeted areas; and funding future green projects -- G.U. created a protected account designated for future revolving green projects and a method for funneling savings into it.

    Replacement lighting resulted in 33 pct wattage reduction, increased lighting, and an energy costs savings of $10,619 per year, which is being added to the school's revolving green fund. Investing in energy-efficient infrastructure is part of Greenville University's five-year (2018-2023) strategic plan. (Source: Greenville University, Greenville Intelligencer, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Greenville University,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  

    NewEnergyBlue Set for Straw Biorefinery Ground Breaking (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-09-24
    NewEnergyBlue reports it soon break ground on the New Energy Spirit Biomass Refinery at the Spiritwood Energy Park near Jamestown, North Dakota.

    The biorefinery is expected to process 280,000 tpy of North Dakota grown wheat straw into 16-million gpy of cellulosic ethanol that meets or exceeds California's rigorous air-quality standards.

    New Energy Spirit Biomass Refinery, LLC will own and operate the plant which is partially funded by regional investors with a strong interest in the project's sustainability and its invigorating contributions to the area economy. (Source: NewEnergyBlue, PR, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: NewEnergyBlue, Stephen Rogers, Pres., 717-626-0557

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wheat Straw Biofuel news,  Cellulosic Biofuel news,  

    Cleveland Climate Plan Sheds Fossil Fuel Past (Ind. Report)
    Climate Change
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Once the sixth largest city in America, Cleveland -- "the Best Location in the Nation" -- reports it plans to join more than 80 U.S. cities in the Sierra Club's Ready for 100 Campaign and shift to 100 pct renewable energy sources for electricity and reduce greenhouses gases to 80 pct below the 2010 level by 2050.

    Cleveland's climate action plan calls for cutting emissions through improved energy efficiency and building design; developing more renewable energy within the city and region, including offshore wind power in Lake Erie; and increased public transportation electric vehicles and EV charging stations. to reduce fossil fuel use. Cleveland, which released its first climate plan in 2013, cut its emissions by only 2 pct from 2010 levels by 2016. Cleveland now joins a list of 82 U.S. cities that have made pledges to source 100 pct renewable energy, according to the Sierra Club's Ready for 100 campaign.

    Download the Cleveland Climate Action Plan, 2018 HERE. (Source: City of Cleveland, Inside Climate News, Others, 22 Sept., 2018) Contact: City of Cleveland, Environment,; Sierra Club Ready for 100 Campaign,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewable Energy,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Springfield CWLP Inks 700-panel Solar Farm Contract (Ind. Report)
    City Water, Light and Power
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In Illinois, the Springfield City Council reports the City Water, Light and Power utility it has contracted with Palatine-based GRNE Solar for a $437,000, installation of 700 solar panels on a 1.2 acre city site.

    CWLP specified that the panels used must be "American-made" and that the pilot project, which will generate sufficient power for approximately 35 homes, be completed before the year end. (Source: City Water, Light and Power, Ilinois State Journal Register, 19 Sept. 2018) Contact: City Water, Light and Power, Doug Brown, Chief Engineer,; GRNE Solar, (312) 859-3417,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  

    RNG Energy Plans $120 Mn Digester for Philadelphia (Ind. Report)
    RNG Energy Solutions,Philadelphia Energy Solutions
    Date: 2018-09-24
    As previously reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, renewable methane producer RNG Energy Solutions LLC reports it has formed a joint venture with Philadelphia Energy Solutions to construct the $120 million Point Breeze Renewable Energy anaerobic digestion project to covert food waste into approximately 3 million cubic feet per day of methane gas. The project is expected to be completed in two to three years.

    RNG is currently developing similar energy systems in Seattle, Boston and New Jersey. (Source: RNG Energy Solutions, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 21 Sept., 2018) Contact: RNG Energy Solutions LLC, Jim Potter, Pres.,,; Philadelphia Energy Solutions,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Methane,  RNG Energy,  anaerobic digestion,  Philadelphia Energy Solutions ,  

    Aussie Opera House Credits Energy Efficiency for Carbon Cutting Success (Int'l Report)
    Sydney Opera House
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In the Land Down Under, the iconic Sydney Opera House reports it will be five years ahead of schedule when it meets its target to reduce emissions and become carbon neutral, thanks to increased energy efficiency.

    In 2014 The Opera House replaced incandescent bulbs in the Concert Hall with custom LED lights for a 75 pct reduction in the venue's electric power consumption. In 2017 it introduced a new building management control system to monitor energy and water use and manage climate control. It also optimized the building's heating and cooling by replacing chiller units connected to the facility's seawater cooling system, resulting in a 9 pct energy reduction. It also added a new waste-to-energy program to reduce waste and cut energy costs. (Source: Sydney Opera House, Brisbane Times, 22 Sept., 2018) Contact: Sydney Opera House,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  Carbon Neutral,  

    Arise Offloading 45-MW Swedish Wind Farm Project (Int'l, M&A)
    Arise AB
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Swedish wind farm developer Arise AB reports it will sell its 45-MW Brocklingeberget wind project to a fund managed by Swiss-based asset manager Re:cap global investors AG.

    The project, which will incorporate 11 Siemens DD 142, 4.1 MW turbines, is slated to break ground immediately for commissioning late in 2019. Arise will manage the construction and operation of the wind farm. (Source: Arise AB, Renewables, Others, 23 Sept., 2018) Contact: Arise AB, +35 20 20 90,; Re:cap global investorsAG, +41 41 725 0470,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Arise AB,  Wind,  

    Hevel's Russian Solar Projects Nearing Completion (Int'l)
    Hevel LLC
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In Moscow, Russian solar company Hevel LLC is reporting construction is nearly completed on the 15-MW Novouzensk solar power plant and the 10-MW second stage of another project in the Saratov region. Both plants are expected to come online prior to the year end.

    Hevel offers a full range of services, from production of solar modules to the design, construction and operation of photovoltaic systems all of which are manufactured in Russia. The company produces 160 MW per year of hetero-junction solar modules for homes and businesses, a wide range of turnkey solutions for solar power plants, design, integration and supply of solar modules and auxiliary equipment, construction, installation and commissioning of solar power units, according to the company website. (Source: Hevel LLC, PR, 232 Sept., 2018) Contact: Hevel LLC, +7 (495) 933 06 03,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  Russia Solar,  

    Con Edison Snares 943 MW Sempra Solar Asset (Ind. Report, M&A)
    ConEdison, Sempra
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Con Edison is reporting it will close on the planned $1.54 billion purchase of 943 MW of operational solar plants and a 38 MW wind farm from Sempra before the year end -- subject to US DOE and FERC regulatory approvals. The transaction will make Con Edison the 2nd-largest owner of operational solar assets in the US.

    ConEdison plans to fund the acquisition via borrowing $825 million in long-term, non-recourse debt and issuing $715 million in equity, and will assume $576 million in debt tied to these projects. (Source: ConEdison, PV Mag., Other, 21 Sept., 2018) Contact: ConEdison, Jorge J. Lopez, Pres., CEO, (914) 286-7094,; Sempra Energy, Inv. Relations, (619) 696-2901,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ConEdison,  Sempra,  Solar,  

    Energy Storage Specialist Lionano Raises $22Mn (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In the Bay State, Woburn-based advanced battery energy storage technologies specialist Lionano is reporting the conclusion of a $22 million Series B financing round led by WAVE Equity Partners, Helios Capital Ventures and NXT Ventures.

    Lionano will use the funds to scale up commercial production and global deployment of its high-performance, high-quality cathode materials -- a drop-in technology that significantly improves the key performance metrics of lithium-ion batteries for applications in electric vehicles and consumer electronics.

    Lionano's technology has been scientifically validated to increase the energy density of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Through extensive research and development, Lionano invented a proprietary cathode material that is nano-engineered to create batteries with greater storage capacity and cycle life, enabling lighter and lower cost consumer electronics, and longer range for electric vehicles. (Source: Lionano, PR, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Lionano, (617) 315-9733,,

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    MCAS Energy Efficiency Delivers Major Savings (Ind. Report)
    Michigan City Area Schools
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In Michigan City, Indiana, the Michigan City Area Schools (MSCS) , in partnership with Performance Services Inc., report the completion of a second guaranteed energy savings project that is reducing overall electricity consumption at seven buildings by 52 pct for a guaranteed annual savings of $704,672.

    The MCAS Solar and LED project includes ground-mount photovoltaic (PV) arrays and LED lighting upgrades at seven school properties. Taken together, upgrades, offset about 52 pct of combined electricity usage at those sites for a projected savings of $23 million over 30 years.

    Performance Services is an integrated design and delivery company that specializes in constructing and renovating education and municipal facilities to deliver high performing buildings with optimal environments. (Source: Indiana Department of Environmental Management, MCAS, News Dispatch, 22 Sept., 2018) Contact: Performance Services, Tim Thoman, Pres., CEO, (317) 713-1750,; Indiana Department of Environmental Management,; Michigan City Area Schools,

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    ADB Green Bonds to Fund Climate Change Mitigation Projects (Int'l)
    Asian Development Bank
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Further to our May 4th coverage, the Manila-headquartered Asian Development Bank (ADB) reports it has raised another $750 million in 10-year green bonds to help finance climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.

    Forty-six pct of the issue was distributed in Europe, Middle East and Africa and 28 pct in the Americas and 26 pct in Asia. Thirty-one pct of the issuance was purchased by banks, 25 pct by insurance companies and pension funds, 24 pct by central banks and official institutions, and 20 pct by fund managers.

    ADB issued its first US dollar-denominated green bond in 2015. ADB's financing of climate mitigation and adaptation reached a record $4.5 billion in 2017 and the institution is now in position to achieve its US$6 billion annual climate financing target by 2020. Of the total $6 billion, $4 billion will be dedicated to mitigation through scaling up support for renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and building smart cities, while $2 billion will be for adaptation through more resilient infrastructure, climate-smart agriculture and better preparation for climate-related disasters. ADB plans to raise around $23 billion from the capital markets in 2018. (Source: ADB, The Asset ESGForum, 23 Sept., 2018) Contact: Asian Development Bank, +63 2 632 4444,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Change Mitigation,  Green Bonds,  Asian Development Bank,  

    UN Global Compact Lauds UPM for Sustainability (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In Finland, Helsinki-headquartered renewable diesel producer UPM Biofuels has been recognized by the United Nations for its commitment to the UN Global Compact LEAD -- "the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative." The company is one of only 34 to be recognized for its commitment to corporate sustainability. (Source: UN Global Compact, UPM, Biofuels Int'l, 24 Sept., 2018)Contact: UN Global Compact,; UPM, Liisa Ranta, Manager Sustainability, +358 40 582 9338,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News UPM,  renewable diesel,  

    Zero Carbon Project Announces UK, Aussie Launch Dates (Int'l)
    Zero Carbon Project
    Date: 2018-09-24
    The Zero Carbon Project is reporting an October launch date in London, UK, and an early 2019 launch in Australia.

    The Zero Carbon Project uses blockchain and international carbon credit to tackle climate change by providing more affordable cost of emission reduction. It can reduce carbon emissions faster by beating the price of fossil fuels and energy contracts. The blockchain technology applied will allow the clients to get reward-based Energis token as incentives. (Source: Zero Carbon Project, Market Journal, 23 Sept., 2018), Contact: Zero Carbon Project, Derek Myers, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Zero Carbon Project ,  Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  

    $13Mn South Carolina Biomass Plants Announced (Ind. Report)
    Atlantic Power Corporation
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Atlantic Power Corporation reports it is acquiring two woody biomass power plants located in Allendale and in Harleyvillein from EDF Renewables for a total of $13 million.

    The deal, which is expected to close the third or fourth quarter of 2019, is being funded through Atlantic Power's "discretionary cash." (Source: Atlantic Power Corporation, Biofuels Int'l, 21 Sept, 2018) Contact: Atlantic Power Corporation,James Moore, Pres., CEO,; EDF Renewables, Raphael Declercq, Exec. VP Strategy; Bruno Bensasson, VP Renewable Energies; Sandi Briner, (858) 521 3525,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Woody Biomass,  EDF Renewables,  Atlantic Power Corporation,  Biomass,  ,  

    Iowa City Adopts Road Map to Lower Emissions (Ind. Report)
    Iowa City
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In the Hawkeye State, the city of Iowa City Council is reporting the approval of a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan aimed at reducing the metropolitan area's (pop. 150,000) greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 pct by 2025, and 80 pct by 2050.

    In all, the plan includes 35 action items under the categories of buildings, transportation, waste, adaptation and sustainable lifestyle. The actions include increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, the use of mass transit and recycling from multifamily residences. The plan notes that: The plan says:

  • 3 percent of buildings with natural gas can be transitioned to high efficiency electrical heat by 2025, and 25 pct by 2050;

  • Residents can take a more comprehensive approach to home energy efficiency by looking at air sealing and insulation, programmable thermostats and swapping gas for electric appliances;

  • The city should develop a readiness plan to determine what policy changes and infrastructure improvements should be made to encourage the use of electric vehicles. (Source: City of Iowa City, Gazette, 22 Sept., 2018) Contact: City of Iowa City, Brenda Nations, Sustainability Coordinator, (319) 887-6161,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  Renewable Energy,  Energy Efficiency,  

  • Greencoat Acquires 9.2MW Knocknalour Wind Farm (Int'l, M&A)
    Greencoat Renewables
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Dublin-listed renewables Greencoat Renewables is reporting the acquisition of the 9.2MW Knocknalour Wind Farm in Co Wexford for €10.9 million. The Knocknalour facility, which incorporates 4 Enercon E70 turbines, was commissioned in September 2013, and has revenues contracted under the renewable energy feed-in tariff scheme.

    Ireland's first stock market-listed renewables firm is backed by AIB and the State's Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF). (Source: Greencoat Renewables, Irish Independent, 22 Sept., 2018) Contact: Contact: Greencoat Renewables, Paul O'Donnell, Partner, +353 (1) 70 26737 - Dblin, +44 20 7832 9400 - London,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Greencoat Renewables ,  Wind,  

    Most European Diesels Miss Vehicle Emissions Standards (Int'l)

    Date: 2018-09-24
    According to a new study in the September edition Atmospheric Environment, diesel cars sold by ten major automobile manufacturers in Europe between 2000 and 2015 generate up to 16 times more emissions on the road than in regulatory tests - a level that although not illegal exceeds European limits.

    The study noted that diesel cars in the EU emit considerably more nitrogen oxide (NOx) on the road than the regulatory limits. NOx emissions are known to contribute to ozone formation and various health problems.

    In 2015, diesel cars accounted for 41.3 pct of the total passenger car fleet in Europe. Diesel cars were originally promoted as producing less CO2 emissions compared to petrol engines. An increased awareness of the detrimental of NOx emissions on human health has led to changes in the EU standards on diesel exhausts in an effort to reduce these emissions. (Source: European Scientist, 22 Sept., 2018) Contact: MIT, Prof. Steven Barrett, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, (617) 253-2727,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vehicle Emissions,  NOx,  CO2,  GHGs,  

    Iowa Energy Efficiency Support Endangered (Ind. Report)
    Iowa Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2018-09-24
    In Des Moines, Hawkeye State programs encouraging consumer energy efficiency could be endangered under proposals from Iowa utility companies and 2017 legislation capping the percentage of a customer's utility bill that can be put toward programs promoting energy efficiency.

    The programs paid consumers such incentives as rebates for purchasing efficient home appliances and adding insulation, or even discounts on buying shade trees. Environmental advocates argue that such programs temper the need to generate more electricity and use more natural gas. Proponents of the law argue that "technological advances have rendered some of the incentives unnecessary but nonetheless all consumers were paying higher bills so a few could get the rebates."

    Under the new law, the state's utility companies this summer detailed to regulators their new five-year energy efficiency plans starting with 2019. Some of the proposals slashed efficiency program spending and, as a result, cut energy savings.

    MidAmerican Energy, the Des Moines-based utility company that serves more than 750,000 customers in Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota, in 2018 spent nearly $80 million on electric efficiency programs and nearly $31 million on gas efficiency programs. Under its proposal, MidAmerican in 2019 would spend less than $43 million on electric efficiency programs, a cut nearly in half, and just over $6 million on gas efficiency programs, or about 80 pct less. MidAmerican's energy savings would drop as well: its gas efficiency plan would save 80 percent less than 2017 and its electricity plan would save nearly 50 percent less, according to calculations made by the Iowa Environmental Council. (Source: Iowa Environmental Council, Gazette, Sept., 2018)

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    Eqtec, Phoenix Energy Ink €10Mn MoU (Ind. Report)
    Eqtec, Phoenix Biomass Energy
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Madrid-based Spanish technology solution company Eqtec is reporting a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with San Francisco-headquartered Phoenix Energy to supply the company's proprietary Eqtec Gasifier Technology for two biomass power plants in the Golden State.

    The two contracts, which are collectively valued at approximately €10 millon, are expected to close in late Q4, 2018. (Source: Eqtec, StockMarketWire, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Phoenix Energy, Ian Price, CEO, 415-286-7822,,; Eqtec, +34 935 73 9981,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Eqtec,  Phoenix Biomass Energy ,  

    Shaw Resources Scores ENplus Wood Pellet Certification (Ind. Report)
    Shaw Resources
    Date: 2018-09-24
    Nova Scotia-based Shaw Resources reports it has been awarded ENplus certification for its Eastern Embers Wood Pellets.

    ENplus is an independent certification scheme for wood pellet quality run by the European Pellet Council. The scheme is used by nearly 900 companies in over 45 countries. (Source: Shaw Resources, Canadian Biomass, 24 Sept., 2018) Contact: Shaw Resources,; European Pellet Council, +32 2 318 4035,

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