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FPInnovations, Resolute Forest Products Tout Ontario Woody Biomass Bio-Chemicals Investment (Ind. Report)
FPInnovations,Resolute Forest Products
Date: 2018-01-24
Pointe-Clair, Quebec-based FPInnovations and Resolute Forest Products, also of Montreal, are reporting an investment in the implementation of a TMP-Bio pilot project in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The pilot project will develop new ways to produce and commercialize bio-chemicals derived from woody biomass.

Resolute will contribute $3.5 million and host the pilot project at its Thunder Bay pulp and paper mill. TMP-Bio is a patented technology developed by FPInnovations with financial support from Natural Resources Canada's Transformative Technologies Program.

The $21 million project is part of an initiative to renew and transform the forest products industry, building on investments made in 2012 by Resolute, the Ontario Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE), Natural Resources Canada, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC), the City of Thunder Bay and others. (Source: FP Innovations, PR, 22 Jan., 2018) Contact: FP Innovations, Stephane Renou, Pres., CEO, (514) 630-4100,,; Resolute Forest Products, 514 875-2160 or 1 800 361-2888,

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Magnetic Liquids Windows Up Energy Efficiency (New Prod & Tech)
Friedrich Schiller University
Date: 2018-01-24
In Germany, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, reports it is researching and developing energy efficient Large-Area Fluidic Windows (LaWin). In a prototype window, the liquid is loaded with nanoscale iron particles which can be extracted from the liquid with a magnet. The number of iron particles in the liquid will determine its colour in a grey to black spectrum.

the smart windows allow light to be automatically adjusted or solar heat to be harvested for use in the building. The efficiency in terms of heat gain per area is comparable with that of state-of-the-art solar thermal facilities. Large-scale fluidic windows, which do not require a power connection, can eliminate the need for air conditioning systems, daylight regulation systems and even warm water processing. (Source: Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Architecture & Design, 23 Jan., 2019) Contact: Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Lothar Wondraczek, +49 3641 931111, Jena,

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ConEdison Doubles Energy Savings Rebate Incentives (Ind. Report)
Legend Power Systems
Date: 2018-01-24
Vancouver-based voltage reduction and optimization technology specialist Legend Power Systems Inc. reports that NYC power utility Con Edison has increased its financial incentives for energy saving technologies, including Legend's proprietary Harmonizer system.

The Harmonizer measures the incoming voltage from the grid. It knows the maximum savings your electrical equipment will allow and tunes the voltage down as much as it can. Voltage from the grid often fluctuates so the Harmonizer dynamically compensates in real time.

Even if the voltage naturally pops down to the optimum level, the system goes into a bypass state to let everything through. So your building will always get what it needs while saving the most amount of money possible, accxording to the company website. The increase in incentives funding relevant to Legend's offering comes from Con Edison's Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. which previously offered a performance-based Custom incentive of $0.16 per kWh. This typically equates to a cash contribution ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 for a Legend project. Con Edison has added an incentive of $600 per kW saved, significantly increasing the typical funding range for a Legend project from $20,000 to $50,000, according to the company website. (Source: Legend Power Systems, 22 Jan., 2018) Contact: Legend Power Systems , Randy Buchamer, CEO, Pres., (778) 945 1501,,

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Brazil Considers Ending 20 pct Ethanol Import Tariff (Int'l)
Date: 2018-01-22
In Brasilia, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture reports it is considering the revocation of a 20 pct import tariff on ethanol that went into effect in September, 2017. The 20 pct tariff, which kicks in once ethanol imports exceed 150 million litres in each quarter, was imposed after ethanol mill owners in country's northeast lobbied the government to do something about the wave of imported ethanol flooding the local market and driving down prices.

Even after the tariff was implemented in 2017, Brazilian ethanol imports rose to a record 2.5 billion litres -- five times the imports of the biofuel in 2016, according to Trade Ministry data.

Nearly all ethanol imported into Brazil comes from the U.S. where production is regularly surpassing 1 million bpd. (Source: Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, AgriCensus, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture,

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Anellotech Raises $9M from Suntory Holdings (Funding)
Anellotech,Suntory Holdings
Date: 2018-01-22
In the Empire State, Pearl River based renewable chemicals and fuels from non-food biomass producer Anellotech reports Japanese consumer beverage company Suntory Holdings Limited has invested $9 million as part of a total $25 million investment in Anellotech .

Anellotech's Bio-TCat Process will produce cost-competitive renewable chemicals, benzene, toluene and xylenes from non-food biomass for use in manufacturing polyester, nylon, polycarbonate, polystyrene, or renewable transportation fuels. (Source: Anhellotech, FinSMEs, 21 Jan., 2018)Contact: Anellotech, David Sudolsky, (845) 735-7700,,

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GreenPrint to Cut Home Oil Services' Emissions (Ind. Report)
GreenPrint,Arbor Day Foundation
Date: 2018-01-22
In Missouri, Home Service Oil and its Express Mart convenience store locations report they have partnered with Atlanta-based GreenPrint Corp. and the Arbor Day Foundation to offer customers a reduced emissions program beginning in March, 2018.

The program will reduce consumers' tailpipe emissions at the fuel pump and on convenience store products and to wholesale distribution. Emissions are reduced through GreenPrint's proprietary platform and investments in certified carbon reduction projects.

GreenPrint's program requires no new hardware or software, and no new tanks or equipment. GreenPrint's reduced emissions programs for fuel, which is licensed to convenience store chains, energy companies, and corporate fleets, currently reduces emissions on almost 500 million gpy across hundreds of retail locations and 80,000 corporate and municipal fleets in 11 countries. (Source: GreenPrint LLC, PR, 18 Jan., 2018) Contact: GreenPrint, (404) 207-1947,,; Home Service Oil, (800) 467-5044,; Arbor Day Foundation,

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Victoria Ready for New B.C. Energy Step Code (Ind. Report)
City of Victoria,BC Building Code
Date: 2018-01-22
In British Columbia, the City of Victoria reports it is initiating the implementation of the new B.C. Energy Step Code. In a move being criticized as premature at best, Victoria is taking initial moves to implement the new B.C. Energy Step Code, an amendment to the 2017 B.C. Building Code that establishes performance-based energy efficiency requirements for new residential and commercial construction. The plan's ultimate goal is that all new buildings will be "net-zero energy ready" -- wind or solar -- by 2032.

Rather than mandating particular building practices or materials, the code is performance-based. Builders choose how to achieve performance targets -- design issues related to heat loss, such as placement of windows and doors, types of heating systems, and others.

The new code came into effect in 2017, but requires individual municipalities to pass bylaws that advise local builders what is expected of them.

Download the Step Code HERE. (Source: City of Victoria, Times Colonist, 21 Jan., 2018)Contact: City of Victoria,

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France Plans Doubling of Wind Power Capacity by 2023 (Int'l)

Date: 2018-01-22
In Paris, the French government is reporting a ten-point plan intended to accelerate the development of wind power projects in order to double the country's installed wind generation capacity by 2023. The proposed reforms are intended to slash the average time it takes for wind power projects to be completed and connected to the French electricity grid by half.

Presently, it requires from seven to nine years to develop offshore wind projects, with roughly 70 pct of authorized projects facing appeals in Administrative Tribunals courts. The governments proposed reforms would remove a level of jurisdiction in the appeals process and thus significantly speedup the permiting process, according to French junior ecology minister Sebastien Lecornu. (Source: Yahoo, Various Media, Reuters, 18 Jan., 2018)

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Alliance BioEnergy Retires Notes Ahead of Conv. Date (Ind. Report)
Alliance BioEnergy, Carbolosic,
Date: 2018-01-22
Following on our Dec. 20, 2017 coverage, West Palm Beach, Florida-headquartered Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc. reports it has completed the payoff of the final two short term notes, held by Power Up Lending Group, Ltd. ($206,267.47) and Crown Bridge Partners, LLC. ($80,890.16). With the payout ahead of both notes' maturity and conversion date the Company avoids the issuance and subsequent market sale of more than fourteen 14,000,000 shares of its common stock, according to a press release.

Alliance BioEnergy +, Inc. is a publicly traded company focusing on the commercialization and licensing of a patented cellulose conversion technology that it controls through a master license agreement with the University of Central Florida, via its affiliate Carbolosic, LLC. Carbolosic holds the exclusive, worldwide license to 4 issued patents and 15 filed and pending patents revolving around the core Cellulose-to- Sugar (CTS)technology. ALLM also holds the exclusive CTS rights to North America and Africa. (Source: Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc., PR, 17 Jan., 2018)Contact: Alliance BioEnergy, Inc., Daniel de Liege, President and CEO, (888) 607-3555x1106,,

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ALLETE Orders GE Renewable Energy Wind Turbines (Ind. Report)
GE Renewable Energy,Allete
Date: 2018-01-22
ALLETE Clean Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ALLETE Inc. reports the purchase of 40-MW of wind turbines from GE Renewable Energy. The turbines qualify for 80 pct of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) and would create more than 400 megawatts of additional qualified wind projects through 2021. This latest purchase will bring ALLETE Clean Energy's total wind project opportunity to approximately 1,500 MW.

The safe harbor turbines are part of ALLETE Clean Energy's multifaceted growth strategy that includes building and operating new wind projects based on long-term power purchase agreements, and build, own and transfer projects. (Source: Allete, StreetInsider, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: Allete Clean Energy, Al Rudeck, Pres., (218) 355-3232,; GE Renewable Energy, Pete McCabe,

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China Doubles 2017 Investments in Clean Energy (Ind. Report)
China National Energy Administration
Date: 2018-01-22
Bloomberg New Energy Finance is reporting China increased its clean energy spending in 2017 by 24 pct to a total of $132.6 billion -- $86.5 billion of which went to solar. BNEF estimates China installed a 53 gigawatts of PV capacity in 2017, almost a third more than originally projected. China's solar energy investments accounted for half the world's $160.8 billion total. Global solar investment grew 18 percent in 2017, accounting for 48 percent of total global clean energy investment. GTM Research estimates the country’s total installs just under that number, at 52 gigawatts.

(Source: Bloomberg NEF, GTM, 16 Jan., 2019) Contact: China National Energy Administration,

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Nike Uses 100 pct Renewables in North America (Ind. Report)
Avangrid Renewables,Nike
Date: 2018-01-22
Following on our Sept. 26, 2015 coverage, footwear manufacturer Nike reports its recently signed 86 MW PPA with Avangrid Renewables brings its total North American energy consumption up to 100 pct from renewable energy sources. Under the new agreement, Nike will take 86 MW of wind power from the Karankawa Wind Farm in the Bee and San Patricio counties, just east of Mathis, Texas.

This is the second PPA Nike has signed with Avangrid, following a 2016 deal which saw Nike secure 100% of the energy needed for its worldwide headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, thanks to three wind farms in the Columbia Gorge. (Source: Nike, Various Media, CleanTechnica, 18 Jan., 2018) Contact: Avangrid Renewables, Dave Carroll, VP Projects, (503) 796-7000,; NIKE, Eric Sprunk, CEO, Hannah Jones, Chief Sustainability Officer, (212) 367-4400,

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Univ. of Twente C02 Capture Device Stimulates Algae Productivity (New Prod & Tech)
Univ. of Twente
Date: 2018-01-22
In the Netherlands, Researchers at the University of Twente are touting a new device for the capture of atmospheric carbon dioxide to stimulate the growth of algae, an important resource in chemistry and renewable energy. The technology can also be used to store solar and wind energy.

The device, which is designed for microalgae production, can capture 500 grams of CO2 daily, or the equivalent of the C02 extraction ability of four fully-grown trees. The CO2 capture device uses sorbents" which bind to CO2 molecules in the air. Then, the sorbents travel up to the top of the absorber column then flow back down through a heated "desorber" and release their CO2 load. The CO2 enriched air, which is released onto an algae reservoir, acts on the algae to spur their growth. (Source: University of Twente, Jan., 2018) Contact: University of Twente, Associate Professor Dr. Wim Brilman, +31 53 489 9111,

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Oklahoma Legislation Would Eliminate Renewable Energy Tax Credit (Reg & Leg)
Renewable Energy
Date: 2018-01-22
In Norman, Oklahoma state representative. Rep. Bob Cleveland (R-Slaughterville) has introduced House Bill 2908 that, if passed into law, would halt tax incentives for renewable resources, specifically wind power. Cleveland's bill would repeal the 2001 Senate Bill 440 allowing zero-emission energy facilities to collect tax credits beginning in 2003. Legislation signed into law last spring created an early sunset to that tax credit, requiring wind farms to be operational by July 2017 to qualify for the state's Zero Emission Tax Credit.

Under Cleveland's bill, the tax credit would be completely eliminated effective immediately.According to Cleveland the tax credit for electricity generated by zero-emission facilities cost Oklahoma $66,876,581 for tax year 2015. (Source: Norman Transcript, 19 Jan., 2018) Contact: Oklahoma State Rep. Bob Cleveland,

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Atlanta Plans 100 pct Clean Energy by 2035 (Ind. Report)
Greenlink Group
Date: 2018-01-22
The city of Atlanta reports it plans to phase out all coal, natural gas and nuclear power generated electric power by 2035. Not just for city operations, but for everything and everyone within the city limits.

The plan is in line with other major cities and their commitments in the wake of Trump's announced plan to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Accord.

Atlanta's goal will require the addition of renewable energy, the purchase of renewable energy credits (RINs), and dramatically increased energy efficiency city wide, according to Matt Cox, CEO of the Greenlink Group, the Atlanta company working on the technical aspects of the plan. The plan is due to city council by the end of the month. (Source: City of Atlanta, WABE 90, 19 Jan., 2018)Contact: City of Atlanta, Megan O'Neil, Mayor's Office of Resilience, Energy Programs Manager,; Greenlink Group,

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St. Louis Adopting PACE Energy Efficiency Funding (Ind. Report)
PACE HERO,Missouri Clean Energy District
Date: 2018-01-22
In the Show Me State, over 415,000 St. Louis area homeowners now have access to the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO)Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing mechanism that allows property owners to make energy-efficiency and renewable-energy improvements and pay for them over time through their property taxes.

HERO was launched in Missouri in September 2016 and is offered through a public-private partnership between the Missouri Clean Energy District and Renovate America, the nation's largest PACE provider.

HERO-financed home upgrades in the metro area are projected to save St. Louis area homeowners 27 million kilowatt hours of electricity over the expected useful lifetime of the products installed. That is enough energy to power over 3,000 homes for a full calendar year. (Source: Missouri Clean Energy District, St.Louis Patch, 21 Jan., 2018) Contact: Missouri Clean Energy District, David Pickerill, Exec. Dir., (314) 769-8300,; Renovate America, Blair McNeill, VP Market Dev.,; PACE,,

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Cypriot Env. Commissioner Sounds Climate Change Alarm (Int'l)
Cypriot Environment Commissioner
Date: 2018-01-22
In Nicosia, the Cypriot Environment Commissioner, Ioanna Panayiotou, reports that Cyprus is danger of missing it Paris Climate and other climate goals and and needs to focus on renewable, sustainable development and a "circular" economy in relation to the island's natural resources.

According to the Cyprus Island Plan -- a town planning law that sets out economic, cultural, social and population planning objectives for rural areas -- while legislation is in place, a study is needed to identify climate change and clean energy related problems and financially and ecologically beneficial initiatives and solutions. The commissioner was referring to the need to activate Article 7 of the Island Plan to deal with uneven development, the wasting of natural resources, deforestation and the uneven distribution of national and European funds. (Source: Cyprus Mail, 21 Jan., 2018)

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Arlington First LEED Community Platinum Recipient (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-01-22
Last month, Arlington County, Virginia, became the first U.S. community to earn US Green Building Council's new LEED for Communities Platinum certification. The newly introduced recognition acknowledges the county's commitment to building a sustainable, environmentally conscious community.

In 2007, the county launched Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE), which set a target to reduce the county government's carbon emissions 10 pct by 2012 compared to 2000 levels, and in 2013, adopted a Community Energy Plan (CEP) with a goal to reduce GHG emissions 75 pct by 2050. In 2017, the county became the first locality in Virginia to approve an ordinance allowing a Commercial-property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program. (Source: USGBC, Construction Specifier, 19 Jan., 2019) Contact: USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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Lakewood Ohio Scores NOPEC Energy Efficiency Funding (Funding)
Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council
Date: 2018-01-22
The City of Lakewood, Ohio, reports receipt of $216,000 in 2018 Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) Energized Community Grant funding.

The city has earmarked the money for investigating the implementation of renewable energy, LED lighting upgrades, energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives and investments (Source: NOPEC Energized Community, City of Lakewood,, 18 Jan., 2018) Contact: City of Lakewood,; NOPEC,

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Social Energy Partners, Zoetic Energy Disclose Partnership Agreement (Ind. Report)
Social Energy Partners, Zoetic Energy
Date: 2018-01-22
Fort Lee, New Jersey-headquartered turnkey intelligent building technology (IBT) solutions specialist Social Energy Partners (SEP) reports it is partnering with UK-based Zoetic Energy to promote and deliver SEP's Intelligent Building Technology as-a-Service (IBTaaS) platform solutions to Zoetic's target markets.

SEP's IBTaaS, by integrating proven IBTs, local installation and maintenance services and green project funding, offers turnkey solution package to deliver timely and significant building performance improvements without capital investments from the end users. The partnership aims to leverage SEP's IBTaaS platform to modernize and transform building energy as well as operating performances for Zoetic's clients and contacts throughout the Americas and Africa.

SEP develops and funds 100 pct of the capital cost of building upgrade and energy efficiency retrofit projects. Through our pioneering, "off-balance-sheet" IBT-as-a-Service platform (IBTaaS), we facilitate and expedite the deployment of cutting edge and proven building intelligence and energy efficiency technologies such as LED lighting, advanced lighting and HVAC controls, building energy management systems, building artificial intelligence, building automation and integrated security systems that are paid for by ongoing shared energy and operational savings. SEP IBTaaS presently services over 150 buildings in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. (Source: Social Energy Partners, PR, 18 Jan., 2018) Contact: Social Energy Partners, James Tu, Pres., (844) 533-3863,; Zoetic Energy, +44 (0)20 7384 8068,

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Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Cuts Major Emitter Holdings (Int'l)
Norway Sovereign Wealth Fund
Date: 2018-01-22
Reuters is reporting that the Norwegian state-owned Sovereign Wealth Fund has trimmed the proportion of its $1 trillion holding that is invested in companies that emit the most greenhouse gas.

A Reuters review of the top 150 corporate greenhouse gas emitters showed that the proportion of their emissions that can be ascribed to Norway, based on the percentage of market cap it owns in the firms, fell to 0.74 pct in 2016 from 0.78 pct in 2014.

The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGC), which represents investors with more than €21 trillion ($26 trillion) in assets under management, welcomed the shift. Despite the decline in its percentage holdings, the value of the fund's investments in the top 150 emitters rose to $61 billion, a fraction of the fund's stakes in almost 9,000 companies. (Source: Institutional Investors Group, Reuters, 18 Jan., 2018)Contact: Institutional Investors Group,

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Evonik, Siemens Partnering on Specialty Chemicals from CO2 (Int'l)
Siemens, Evonik
Date: 2018-01-22
Siemens, Europe's largest conglomerate, and Essen, Germany-based specialty chemicals producer Evonik Industries are reporting the launch of a joint research project focused on deploying artificial photosynthesis by using carbon dioxide as a raw material and converting it into usable chemicals. The small-scale project, called Rheticus, is a trial programme based in Marl, Germany,

The project is being supported to the tune of €2.8 million from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Siemens is providing the electrolysis technology, which is used in the first step to convert CO2 and water into hydrogen and carbon monoxide (CO) using electricity. Evonik is contributing the fermentation process, converting gases containing CO into useful products by metabolic processes with the aid of special micro-organisms. (Source: Siemens, FT, 18 Jan., 2019)Contact: Evonik, Stefan Haver,,

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Enerkem, Sinobioway JV Plans Chinese Biofuel Facilities (Int'l)
Date: 2018-01-22
Montreal-based bifuels and renewable chemicals from wastes specialist Enerkem Inc. reports Sinobioway Group will make a $125 million (Cdn) equity investment in Enerkem Inc., future licenses, equipment manufacturing and sales, as well as for the creation of a major joint venture that will lead the construction of over 100 Enerkem state-of-the-art facilities in China by 2035.

Bejing-based Sinobioway, a flagship conglomerate in China's bio-industry, will help accelerate Enerkem's global growth by opening the Chinese market to Enerkem's pioneering waste-to-biofuels technology. This joint venture will spearhead the development of a clean economy, reducing air pollution by producing renewable fuels from non-recyclable garbage. Sinobioway primarily invests in bio-energy, bio-environmental protection, bio-medicine, bio-agriculture, bio-service, bio-manufacturing, and bio-intelligence sectors. (Source: Enerkem, PR, Markets Insider, Others, 22 Jan., 2019) Contact: Sinobioway Group,; Enerkem Inc. Vincent Chornet, Pres., CEO, Annie Pare, Communications, (514) 875-0284 X 251,,

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Quinbrook Closes on $268Mn for Oklahoma Wind Farm (Ind. Report)
GE Energy Financial ServiceQuinbrook Infrastructure Partners
Date: 2018-01-19
Houston-headquartered Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Llc reports it has completed $268 million in financing for for the first phase of the 365MW Persimmon Wind Farm in Oklahoma.

Phase one includes construction and installation of of 73, 2.5MW and 7, 2.3MW GE wind turbines.

GE Energy Financial Services will provide $190 million in tax equity financing for the project and has served as a bookrunner, administrative agent and lender for $252 million of credit facilities.

Quinbrook recently acquired a 75 pct controlling interest in Persimmon and formed a joint venture with Elawan Wind -- formerly Gestamp Wind -- the initial developer of the project.

When fully operational, the Persimmon wind farm is expected to generate about 900,000MWh of power per year. Quinbrook and Elawan claim to have secured long-term PPAs with an investment grade counterparty to support the overall financing. (Source: Quinbrool, Kallanish, CTBR, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: GE Renewable Energy, Pete McCabe, President & CEO Onshore Wind Business, Quinbrook Shawn Cumberland, Managing Dir., (713) 580-8022,; GE Energy Financial Service,; Elawan Wind,

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German Univ. Touts Dairy Wastewater Whey Biofuel (New Prod & Tech)
University of Tubingen
Date: 2018-01-19
In Germany, Researchers at the University of Tubingen are reporting the development of a process that converts dairy wastewater "acid whey", a dairy byproduct, into biofuels without the use of additional chemicals. The research team used microbiome cultures similar to those in the human gut. The new bio-oil can be used in animal feed or as a fuel for airplanes when refined.

The team used tanks with several types of bacteria, called a reactor microbiome. They kept two microbiomes with different temperatures. The first hot microbiome (50°C) converts all the sugars into an intermediate acid. The second warm microbiome (30°C) then performs chain elongation until a product is formed with six to nine carbons. The team also investigated which bacteria had grown in the two different microbiomes. (Source: Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen, International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen, Professor Lars Angenent , +49 7071 29 0,

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Dow, USGBC Collaborate on Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
Dow Building Solutions
Date: 2018-01-19
Midland, Michigan-based Dow Building Solutions reports it is collaborating with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to deliver solutions that contribute to building more sustainable communities and cities. The goal of the collaboration is to measurably reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through improved energy efficiency in buildings.

According to recent data, buildings are currently responsible for about one-third of global energy consumption and about 30 pct of global energy-related CO2 emissions and 20 pct of total CO2 emissions. In an effort to reduce these emissions, Dow and USGBC will collectively advise two cities or communities to help in achieving LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, certification. Available for all building and home project types as well as cities and communities, LEED provides a framework to create highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement used in more than 167 countries. (Source: Dow Building Solutions, PR, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: Dow Building Solutions, Jessica Robinson, (989) 638-8066,,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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Seawind's Double-Blade Turbines Destined for the Aegean (Int'l)
Seawind Ocean Technology,WRE Hellas
Date: 2018-01-19
Netherlands-headquartered two-bladed offshore wind turbine pioneer Seawind Ocean Technology reports the inking of an agreement with Greek wind and solar farm operator WRE Hellas SA to develop small-scale offshore wind farms in the Aegean Sea. Seawind will deliver two-bladed turbines with floating foundations for the project.

The two firms intend to develop a series of deep water mini offshore windfarms under the Clean Energy for EU Islands Programme, a long-term framework to help the 2,000+ inhabited EU islands generate their own sustainable, low-cost energy.

In Seawind's innovative turbine design, the rotor is uncoupled from the shaft using a teetering hinge thus eliminating the need for a blade pitch mechanism for a much lighter turbine head and tower. The systems are assembled onshore and launched at sea by semi-submersible vessels. Seawind's concrete bottom tethered and floating offshore units have concrete support structures were developed in collaboration with Olav Olsen in Norway. Seawind's 10.4 turbine will generate approximately 45M kWh at 8.5 m/s wind speed. (Source: Seawind Ocean Technology, Offshore Wind, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: Seawind Ocean Technology, Martin Jakubowski, CEO,,; WRE Hellas, +30.210.9373060,

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Aera Energy, Glasspoint Announce Belridge Solar Thermal Power Plant Collaboration (Ind. Report)
Aera Energy, GlassPoint
Date: 2018-01-19
Aera Energy, which is jointly owned by Shell and ExxonMobil, is reporting a collaboration with GlassPoint to develop the Belridge solar thermal power plant near Bakersfield, California.

The project is being touted as the world's first such plant and California's largest. Ground breaking is slated for the first half of 2019 for startup in 2020. The plant will consist of an 850MW solar thermal facility, which will deliver 12 million barrels of steam a year and a 26.5MW photovoltaic (PV) facility which will deliver electricity. The plant will utilize GlassPoint's enclosed, curved trough technology and PV panels to generate renewable electricity, which will be used for the oilfield operations. (Source: Aera Energy, Power Technology, Jan., 2018) Contact: Aera Energy, (661) 665-5000,; GlassPoint,

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Amazon Completes Italian Rooftop PV Solar System (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-01-19
US e-commerce giant reports it has completed a rooftop solar installation to power its logistics site in Passo Corese, Italy.

The photovoltaic system's 3200 monocrystalline solar modules generate around 964 kWp.

The installation was handled by Enerray SpA, a world leader in the designing, management and development of both medium and large photovoltaic systems. (Source: Amazon, PR, CMFE, 12 Jan., 2018) Contact: Enerray SpA,

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Arkona Offshore Wind Farm Phase-Two Construction Complete (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-01-19
E.ON and Statoil are reporting Construction of their €1.2 billion, JV 385 MW, Arkona offshore wind farm 35 kilometres northeast of the island of Rugen in the German Baltic Sea is progressing on schedule. After the foundations, the 60 connecting pieces are now installed and the 'Transition Pieces', each weighing 400 tons, have been mounted on the foundations.French Atlantic Ocean to the Baltic Sea in spring.

When fully operational, the wind farm will generate sufficient power for up to 400,000 households. (Source: E.ON, SubSea News,, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: E.ON,; Statoil Energy Ventures, Gareth Burns, Irene Rummelhoff, VP, +47 51 99 00 00,

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ENTIC to Raise Chicago Skyscraper Building Efficiency (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-01-19
Fort Lauderdale-based smart building and energy efficiency specialist ENTIC Inc. reports it has been selected by Chicago's Willis Tower -- formerly known as the Sear's Tower -- to deliver increased operational efficiency and utility savings to the iconic 110-story skyscraper. This deal, which is part of a $500 million transformation of the tower, marks the eighth engagement between Entic and Equity Office, bringing ENTIC's enterprise-wide solution to more than 11 million square feet of the company's global portfolio.

ENTIC's scalable approach delivers low-cost, no-cost opportunities to realize significant utility costs savings between 10 and 20 pct. (Source: ENTIC, PR, 16 Jan., 2018) Contact: ENTIC,; Equity Office- Willis Tower,, www.willis

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Coronal Closes Gulf Coast Solar Center Financing (Ind. Report)
Coronal Energy
Date: 2018-01-19
In the Old Dominion State, Chancellorsville-headquartered utility-scale solar and storage projects specialist Coronal Energy reports it has closed $235 million in total financing with Marathon Capital and others for its Gulf Coast Solar Center portfolio.

The Gulf Coast Solar Center is a 120-MW, three-site portfolio in Northwest Florida built for Gulf Power in cooperation with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force. The Center includes: a 30-MW project at Eglin AFB Reservation; a 40-MW project at NAS Whiting Field's NOLF Holley; and a 50-MW project at NAS Pensacola's NOLF Saufley. (Source: Coronal Energy , PR, 14 Jan., 2018) Contact: Coronal Energy, Jonathan Jaffrey, CEO, (434) 293-7589, ,

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Manila, IFC Creating Philippines' Green Building Code (Int'l)
International Finance Corp
Date: 2018-01-19
In Manila, the government od the Philippines and the International Finance Corp (IFC) report they have partnered to create the country's first "green building" code to help private firms reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut electric power consumption by 3.9 million KWh, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.87 million metric tpy for a projected savings of $864 million. About one-third of electricity demand in the Philippines comes from buildings.

IFC -- a sister organization of the World Bank and member of the World Bank Group -- is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. The IFC utilizes and leverages its products and services as well as the products and services of other World Bank institutions. (Source: International Finance Corp., ABS-CBN, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: International Finance Corp.,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Green Building,  Energy Efficiency,  International Finance Corp,  

BRD, Alkol BioTech Ink EUnergyCane Supply LoI (Ind. Report)
Bio Refinery Development,Alkol BioTech
Date: 2018-01-19
Bio Refinery Development BV (BRD) reports the signing of a letter of intent (LOI) with London-based Alkol Biotech for the supply of up to 500,000 tpy of EUnergyCane, a sugarcane variety, to be used as feedstock at a proposed biorefinery.

Alkol Biotech adapts plant varieties to grow in colder and drier climates, offering better resistance to pests and diseases, along with higher productivity. The first crop it is developing is EUnergyCane, a sugarcane variety.

BRD is a commercialization partner in Bioforever (BIO-based products from FORestry via Economically Viable European Routes), a consortium of 14 companies in Europe that aims to build a biorefinery to produce products normally sourced from oil. The consortium includes Avantium, Borregaard, Royal DSM, Green Biologics and MetGen. The consortium is addressing several pre-treatment technologies for the production of intermediates, such as cellulose, C5 and C6 sugars, lignin and humins. The consortium aims to create conversion routes from the intermediates to a variety of building blocks and end products, such as carbon binders, butanol, resin acid, enzymes and furan dicarboxylic acid (FDCA), and to demonstrate lignocellulosic value chains at pre-industrial scale for some final products.(Source: BRD, PR, Alkol Biotech, Jan., 2018) Contact: Bio Refinery Development BV, Anton Robek, CEO, +31 62 00 16964,,; Alkol BioTech Ltd., +44 20 3475 8387,; Bioforever,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Bio Refinery Development,  Biomass,  Alkol BioTech,  Bioforever,  Biomass,  

Shell Cansolv New Boundary Dam CCS Facility Tenant (Ind. Report)
SaskPower,Shell Cansolv,CCS,Boundary Dam
Date: 2018-01-19
On the Canadian prairies, SaskPower is reporting Shell Cansolv would be moving into the Boundary Dam Power Station carbon capture and storage (CCS) test facility this year. The Boundary Dam Power stations's first client, Mitsubishi-Hitachi, completed its testing and left in March 2017 when its contract expired.

The Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Project in Estevan, Saskatchewan, is the world's first and largest project of its kind. The $1.24 billion government- industry partnership between the Government of Canada, Government of Saskatchewan, SaskPower and private industry will see the full integration of a rebuilt coal-fired generation unit with carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology into the operation of a commercial power station, resulting in low-emission electricity and CO2 for enhanced oil recovery operations or storage in deep saline aquifers. (Source: SaskPower, Estevan Mercury, 18 Jan., 2018) Contact: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, (306) 242-9222,; SaskPower, Mike Monea, Pres., CCS Initiatives, Robt. Watson, CEO, Howard Matthews, VP Power Production, (306) 566-2121,; Shell Cansolv,; Boundary Dam CCS,

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ADNOC Expanding Carbon Capture, Use & Storage Tech. (Int'l.)
Masdar,Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Date: 2018-01-19
The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) reports it will expand its use of Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) technology in its own operations to meet a six-fold increase in the utilization of CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) over the next decade. The volume of the greenhouse gas sequestered underground will be equivalent to the CO2 emitted by 1,000,000 or more motor vehicles each day.

To date, ADNOC has stored approximately 240,000 metric tons of CO2 collected from Emirates Steel Industries (ESI). Starting in 2021, the company will increase the utilization of CO2, expecting to reach 250 million standard cubic feet per day by 2027 by capturing additional CO2 from its gas processing plants and injecting it into different onshore oil fields. In 2016 ADNOC and Masdar together launched the first commercial-scale CCUS facility in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). (Source: ADNOC, PR, Al-Bawaba, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company,; Masdar Institute, Shaima Al Jarman, Marketing & Communications, +971 02 8109365,,

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DNV GL Launches CCS Certification Framework (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-01-19
The German certification body DNV GL is reporting the launch of a framework for certifying geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) and a recommended practice for the safe and reliable design and operation of CO2 pipelines. The certification framework serves to improve stakeholder dialogue and investor predictability, and the recommended practice provides a recipe for the safe transportation of CO2.

The DNV GL certification framework enables verification of conformity with the new ISO standard, ISO 27914:2017 CO2 capture, transportation and geological storage. This standard represents an international consensus on the requirements for the safe and effective storage of CO2 in geological formations.

The DNV GL certification framework provides additional clarity about the requirements an operator should meet and offers a recipe for how to meet them at different points in the lifecycle of a geological storage project, thus improving investor predictability and decreasing both capex and opex risks. The updated recommended practice for design and operation of CO2 pipelines helps implement the new ISO standard 27913:2017. It is based on new knowledge gained from the CO2PIPETRANS joint industry project, which was completed in 2016, with specific focus on dense phase CO2 model validation, fracture arrest and corrosion. (Source: DNV GL, Port News, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: DNV GL, +49 40 361 490,

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Scottish Fund to Tackle Climate Change Launched (Int'l Report)
Scotland,Climate Change
Date: 2018-01-19
The Scottish government is encouraging farmers, crofters and land managers to apply for its Agri-Environment Climate Change Scheme, which opened Wednesday, 17 January. The initiative, jointly funded by the EU, will support environmentally friendly land management that safeguards and improves the country's natural heritage and helps businesses adapt to climate change. To date, the fund has distributed more than £100 million to 2,090 businesses in Scotland since 2014. (Source: Farmers Weekly, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: Agri-Environment Climate Change Scheme,

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100 pct Hawaiian Biofuels Legislation Tabled (Reg & Leg, Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-01-19
In Honolulu, the Hawaiian legislature is considering Senate Bill 2019 which is intended to encourage the use of biofuels by requiring that all motor vehicle fuel sold in the state contain at least 10 pct (E10) biofuel by volume. The bill also requires the biofuel used in the blend be produced in the state from locally grown and sourced feedstocks. If passed into law, the legislation would come into force no later than ninety days after the commercial scale production of biofuel in Hawaii has been sustained over a period of four consecutive weeks.

The legislature notes that biofuels can help achieve the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative's goal of 100 pct clean energy by 2045, by transitioning away from fossil fuels.

Download Hawaiian Senate Bill SB201 HERE. (Source: Hawaiian State Legislature, Jan., 2018)

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EU Parliament Ends Support for Palm Oil Biofuel (Int'l)
Date: 2018-01-19
Transport & Environment reports the European Parliament (EP) has voted to limit the use of food crop-based biofuels to 2017 national consumption levels and never higher than 7 pct of all transport fuels. The EP also voted to remove biodiesel made from palm oil, the highest emitting biofuel in the market today, from the list of biofuels that can count towards the renewables target in 2021. The EP also approved an overall transportation fuel biofuel blending rate of 12 pct.

An EU commissioned study found that 80 pct of all biofuel consumed in the EU is food-based biodiesel which on average produces 80 pct more CO2 emissions than petroleum diesel. The study also found Palm oil biodiesel to be three times worse for the climate than fossil diesel. (Source: European Parliament , Transport & Environment, Others, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: European Parliament,

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Credit Unions Fund Planned $112Mn Nevada Biofuel Plant (Funding)
USDA Rural Development Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical and Bio based Product Manufacturing Assistance Program,Ryze Renewables Reno, LLC
Date: 2018-01-19
A consortium of credit unions led by Jefferson Financial FCU of Metairie, La. is reported to have funded a $112.6 million loan to Ryze Renewables Reno, LLC. The loan was guaranteed through the USDA Rural Development Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical and Bio based Product Manufacturing Assistance Program and is the largest to date for the USDA program, which assists in the development, construction and retrofitting of new and emerging technologies for advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals and bio based products.

The loan recipient, Ryze Renewables Reno, LLC, will use the funds to convert distiller's corn oil from ethanol plants into renewable diesel fuel. The loan will fund a new plant in Nevada that is scheduled to open in Q2, 2019. (Source: Credit Unions Insight, CU Capital Market Solutions, 17 Jan., 2018) Contact: CU Capital Market Solutions, Bill Mullally, Marketing, (678) 960-2905,,; Ryze Renewables Reno, LLC, Ryze Capital Partners, (949) 812-7000,,

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Lockheed Martin Energy Seeks Flow Battery Partners (Ind. Report)
Lockheed Martin Energy
Date: 2018-01-19
Lockheed Martin Energy reports it is seeking development and manufacturing partners in the solar industry as it readies its long-duration flow battery at the end of the year. The company has an established lithium-ion business.

The company says it sees wind and solar shifting, T&D deferral and microgrids as the primary applications for long-duration energy storage. Accordingly, the company is initially targeting wind and solar as well as hybrid systems developers and manufacturers.

Lockheed Martin has prototypes up and running at its Massachusetts facility and is planning a commercial launch of the product in late 2018. (Source: Lockheed Martin Energy, PR, PV Tech, 16 Jan., 2018) Contact: Lockheed Martin Energy, John Battaglini, Dir. Bus. Dev.,

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DEWA Studying 400MW Pumped Hydro Storage Island (Int'l)
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
Date: 2018-01-19
The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it and the GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) and the Belgian Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering Group (DEME) have inked a MoU to study the possible construction of an island with a 400MW , 2,500MWh capacity pumped hydro storage power station in the Arabian Gulf. The initiative is part of DEWA's efforts to diversify the energy mix and enhance energy storage technologies.

Stored hydropower reportedly accounts for the biggest share of the world's operational electricity storage. Pumped-storage facilities integrate well with irregular renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power as water is stored when excess energy is produced. (Source: DEWA, PR, Dubai Media Office, 16 Jan., 2018) Contact: DEWA , Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO,

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Crimson Renewable Energy, First Element Fuel Score CEC Funds (Funding)
Crimson Renewable Energy,California Energy Commission
Date: 2018-01-19
The California Energy Commission (CEC) reports it has approved $4.4 million in grant funding to Bakersfield-based Crimson Renewable Energy LP to design and operate an advanced commercial-scale biorefinery that converts restaurant trap grease, inedible animal fats, and other low-value feedstocks into biodiesel fuel. The grant is funded through ARFVTP which invests in advanced alternative and renewable fuels and vehicle technologies.

The CEC also awarded Newport Beach-based First Element Fuel almost $8 million in Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) grants to construct hydrogen fueling stations in Redwood City, Studio City, Beverly Hills, and Mission Hills. (Source: California Energy Commission, Green Car Congress, Others, 18 Jan., 2018) Contact: First Element Fuel, (949) 205-5553,; Crimson Renewable Energy, (661) 617-8600,; California Energy Commission, (916) 465-4500,

More Low-Carbon Energy News California Energy Commission,  Alternative Fuel,  Hydrogen,  

APT Touts Lower Cost Fuel Desulfurization Tech. (Ind. Report)
Alternative Petroleum Technologies
Date: 2018-01-19
Reno, Nevada-based Alternative Petroleum Technologies, Inc. (APT) is reporting the development of its patented, cost-saving Oxidative Desulfurization (ODS) process for distillate fuels.

The ODS process, which has been validated by the US Argonne National Labs, uses liquids in a low pressure and low temperature environment to achieve distillate fuel sulfur levels less than 15 ppm. The ODS process produces a finished fuel ready for use.

APT is now seeking locations and licensing agreements to deploy, scalable, skid-mounted ODS systems that are ideal for smaller refineries and fuel distributors. (Source: Alternative Petroleum Technologies, Inc., PR, Jan 17, 2018) Contact: Alternative Petroleum Technologies, Neal Patel, Director of Business Dev., , (775) 322-4605, Marty Ellery, (414) 322-9437,,

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LA Lawmaker Proposes Climate Emergency Mobilization Agency ((Ind. Report)

Date: 2018-01-19
In the Golden State, more than a month after 200,000 residents fled their homes due to wildfires and in the wake of ongoing droughts, flooding and mudslides, Los Angeles Councilman Paul Koretz is proposing the creation of the Climate Emergency Mobilization Department. The new emergency measures agency would deal with controlling carbon emissions, climate change related dissasters and mitigation as well proactively fight climate change in the city of Los Angeles.

Organizing the the city's resources to combat climate change is nothing new for Los Angeles, which already has sustainability officers in place. The proposed department would oversee carbon emissions reduction goals, explore funding measures and make mitigating climate change a priority at City Hall.

According to California State University, Los Angeles, professor Stephen LaDochy, "Aaddressing climate change head on will be harder to avoid in the future, as more impacts are felt across the region. LaDochy added "there is a direct connection between natural disasters and human-made pollution. Rising temperatures, shorter rain seasons and mudslides are all connected to climate change," he said. (Source: Courthouse News, 17 Jan., 2018)

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CPL, Nottingham U. Touting Biomass-to-Biocoal Tech (New Prod & Tech)
Innovate UK,CPL Industries
Date: 2018-01-19
In the UK, a new facility capable of producing next-generation biocoal is being developed by CPL Industries, together with The University of Nottingham and the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA). The facility will use Hydrothermal Carbonisation technology (HTC) to convert high-moisture biomass, including food waste, into next-generation solid fuels with coal-like properties.

The process, which will be managed by CPL at its plant in Immingham, North Lincolnshire, requires only hours to produce a high-energy, low-carbon biofuel for domestic and industrial uses.

The new £4 million facility, which is expected to begin production this summer, is being co-funded by ERA, a consortium of six Midlands universities and the British Geological Survey (BGS), which has investment from Innovate UK. (Source: CPL, HPV, Jan., 2018) Contact: CPL, Tim Minnett, CEO, +44 0 1246 277001,; University of Nottingham, Prof. Colin Snape, Director of Efficient Power from Fossil Energy and Carbon Capture Technologies, +44 115 95 14115,,; Innovate UK, Ruth McKernan, CEO, +44 (0) 7766 901150,,

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Avangrid Completes New Wind Farms in Colorado, New Mexico and California (Ind. Report)
Avangrid Renewables,Iberdrola Renewables
Date: 2018-01-17
Portland, Oregon-based Avangrid Renewables, formerly known as Iberdrola Renewables, LLC, reports it has begun operation on than 500 MW of new wind farms in California, New Mexico, and Colorado: 131 MW, 57-turbine Tule Wind Farm in the McCain Valley, California; the 298 MW, 142-turbine El Cabo Wind Farm near Albuquerqur New Mexico; and the 75 MW, 36-turbine Twin Buttes II Wind Farm in Colorado. The three projects all have long term PPAs in place.

Avengrid's U.S. fleet now includes 3,300 wind turbines across 22 states.

Avangrid is a diversified energy and utility company with approximately $32 billion in assets owns regulated utilities and electricity generation assets through two primary lines of business, Avangrid Networks and Avangrid Renewables. Avangrid Networks incorporates eight electric and natural gas utilities serving approximately 3.2 million customers in New York and New England. Avangrid Renewables operates over 6 GW of owned and controlled renewable generation capacity, primarily through wind and solar, in 22 states. (Source: Avangrid, PR, Various Media, 14 Jan., 2018) Contact: Avangrid Renewables, Laura Beane , ceo,

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Aseagas Scuttles Philippines Batangas Biomass Power Plant (Int'l)
Date: 2018-01-17
In the Philippines, Manila-headquartered AboitizPower Corp. reports it is scuttling operations of its Aseagas Corp. subsidiary 8.8-MW biomass power plant in Batangas due to a shortage of organic effluent wastewater from its supplier, Absolut Distillers, Inc.. The company had invested equity of around 950 million PHP ($18,740 million) in the biomass plant and has around PHP 460 million in liabilities, according to a company statement.

AboitizPower, which acquired the biomass plant in July 2016, expected to start operating and delivering power to the Luzon grid before October 2016. (Source: AboitizPower, Business World, 16 Jan., 2018) Contact: AboitizPower, +63 2 886-2800 ,

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CT Green Bank Accepts Aurora Solar Remote Shading Simulation Software (Ind. Report)
Aurora Solar,CT Green Bank
Date: 2018-01-17
North Vancouver, BC-based Aurora Solar Technologies reports the Connecticut Green Bank has joined rebate authorities around the country in declaring Aurora's remote shading simulation software an acceptable replacement for onsite inspections previously required when applying for rebates associated with solar system installations.

Aurora's technology incorporates the measurements of a site's solar potential as part of a standardized "Solar Shade Report" that consolidates all the information solar companies need in making financing, installation and rebate decisions.

Rebate authorities that accept Aurora's remote shading include: CT Green Bank; New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA); Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund; Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC); New Jersey Clean Energy Fund; City of Roseville Residential Solar Energy Program; Oncor; and the Energy Trust of Oregon. The US National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) has also validated Aurora's shade reports as statistically equivalent to on-site measurements. (Source: CT Green Bank, Aurora Solar, Solar Power World, 11 Jan., 2018) Contact: Connecticut Green Bank, Bryan Garcia, Pres., CEO, (860) 563-0015,; Aurora Solar Technologies, Michael Heaven, CEO, Pres., (778) 241-5000, ,

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