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Sooner State Retains Wind Energy Tax Credit (Reg & Leg)
Date: 2018-07-03
In Norman, the Oklahoma Senate has rejected legislation to end a state tax credit to various renewable energy providers, but primarily the wind energy industry. The tax credit, which is slated to be phased out over the next 10 years, costs state taxpayers approximately $70 million per year.

Under the current 20-year old law, electricity-generating companies earn credits of a fraction of a cent per kilowatt-hour of electricity generated with renewable technologies including wind, hydropower, solar, and geothermal energy sources. The 10 year phase-out of the tax credit began on July 1, 2017. No projects brought on line after that date are eligible for the credit. (Source: Heartland Institute, PR, 2 July, 2018)

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WEC Takes Stake in Bishop Hill III Wind Energy Centre (M&A)
WEC Energy Group,WPPI
Date: 2018-07-03
Milwaukee-headquartered utility holding company WEC Energy Group reports it will acquire an 80 pct stake in the Bishop Hill III Wind Energy Center in Henry County, Illinois, for $148 million. The transaction is subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval.

The Bishop Hill project, which was developed by Invenergy, incorporates 53 General Electric turbines totaling 132MW capacity and has a 22-year, 100 pct power purchase agreement in place with not-for-profit WPPI Energy.

WPPI Energy provides electric power to 51 member utilities in Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. (Source: WEC,, PowerTech, 2 July, 2018) WEC Energy Group, (414) 221-2345,; WPPI Energy, Pat Connors, Snr, VP Power Supply, (608) 834-4500,

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Alta Devices Claims Solar Efficiency Record (Ind. Report)
Alta Devices
Date: 2018-07-03
In a press release, Sunnyvale, California-based Alta Devices, a Hanergy company, reports its most recent single junction solar cell has been certified by NREL as being 28.9 pct efficient -- a new record for this type of solar cell.

This breakthrough, combined with the unique thinness and flexibility of Alta's cells, redefines how solar technology can be used to empower autonomy in many applications.

criteria. (Source: Alta Devices, BusinessWire, 2 July, 2018) Contact: Alta Devices Jian Ding, CEO, Rich Kapusta, Marketing, (408) 585-2050,,

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Vistra Developing 300-MW Calif. Battery Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Vistra Energy, Pacific Gas and Electric
Date: 2018-07-03
Irving, Texas-headquartered Vistra Energy reports it will enter into a 20-year resource adequacy contract with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). Under the contract, Vistra will develop a 300-megawatt/1,200-MWh battery energy storage project at its Moss Landing Power Plant site in Moss Landing, California. The project is subject to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approval, which is expected within 90 days. Vistra anticipates the battery storage project will enter commercial operations by Q4, 2020.

Vistra's retail and generation businesses include TXU Energy, Homefield Energy, Dynegy, and Luminant, operate in 12 states and six of the seven competitive markets in the U.S. and total approximately 41,000 megawatts of capacity. (Source: Vistra Energy, PR, 2 July, 2018) Contact: Vistra Energy, Curt Morgan, CEO, Molly Sorg, Inv. Relations, (214) 812-8004,,; PG&E,

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Chinese Flexible Micro Capacitors Touted (Int'l, New Prod & Tech)
Date: 2018-07-03
Researchers at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shenyang City, China, are reporting development of a new lithium-ion micro-capacitor (LIMC)with high energy storage density and excellent thermal stability. The LIMCs are reported to be mechanically flexible without performance degradation under repeated bending, and can operate safely even at temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius.

The solid-state planar LIMCs can boost high voltage and capacitance and their high cycling stability allows them to maintain almost 99 pct of their capacitance after 6,000 electric cycles. The micro devices are expected to be commercially available in 2022. (Source: Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinhua, 2 July, 2018) Contact: Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

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Korean Steelmakers Face Heavy CO2 Emissions Cuts (Int'l)
South Korean Ministry of Environment
Date: 2018-07-03
In Sejong City, the Korea Times is reporting the South Korean Ministry of Environment's recent plan to revise its 2016 roadmap for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions is weighing heavily on the country's steel makers, refiners and other big energy consuming industries.

The Ministry's revised greenhouse gas emissions roadmap promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 37 pct from its business-as-usual levels by 2030 following signing of the Paris Climate Agreement the previous year. To that end, Korea should reduce 315 million tons of emissions, while it is expected to emit 851 million tons for 2030 without any reduction efforts.

Under the previous roadmap, industries were supposed to cut emissions by 11.7 pct compared with 2030 BAU of 481 million tons, but the revision raised their target to 20.5 pct. They will have to cut 98.6 million tons of emissions, up from the previous 56.4 million tons. (Source: South Korean Ministry of Environment, Korea Times, 2 July, 2018) Contact: South Korean Ministry of Environment,

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Tesla, PG&E Developing 1.1 GWh Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-07-03
Tesla CEO Elon Musk reports Tesla is working with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) on a massive battery system with a capacity of "up to 1.1 GWh" in California.

PG&E has submitted 4 new energy storage projects to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for approval today. Three are third-party owned projects to be connected to the PG&E grid. The fourth project is a "proposed utility-owned 182.5 MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS). Tesla would supply the battery packs for the giant project while PG&E has the option to increase the capacity to 1.1 GWh. (Source: Tesla, electrk, 29 June, 2018)Contact: Tesla Power Pack,; PG&E,

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Amsterdam Arena Deploys EV Battery Energy Storage system (Int'l)
Johan Cruijff Arena
Date: 2018-07-03
In the Netherlands, Amsterdam's Johan Cruijff Arena reports it has "gone green" with a giant re-purposed Nissan LEAF electric vehicle battery storage system backed up by a rooftop solar power system.

The system, reportedly the largest of its type in Europe, delivers sufficient capacity to store up to 2.8MWh of electricity. The system incorporates 148 Nissan LEAF batteries and 4,200 solar panels. (Source: Johan Cruijff Arena, Digital Journal, 2 July, 2018) Contact: Johan Cruijff Arena,

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GBCA Carbon Positive Building Roadmap Released (Int'l Report)
Green Building Council of Australia
Date: 2018-07-03
In the Land Down Under, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is reporting release of a new Carbon Positive Roadmap discussion paper establishing the steps required for the country's built environment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The roadmap is supported by some of Australia's largest developers and property owners, many of whom are committed to meet net zero emissions.

As part of the roadmap, buildings seeking a Green Star rating will have to meet updated requirements -- with a proposal that new and existing Green Star-rated buildings will have no greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Existing buildings have to meet this target by 2050 or earlier. The Carbon Positive Roadmap outlines high-level outcomes, actions, targets and policy positions and aims to help ensure Australia's competitiveness and attractiveness for investment, while fulfilling international commitments to reducing carbon emissions, including the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The Carbon Positive Roadmap can be downloaded HERE. (Source: Green Building Council of Australia, July, 2018) Contact: GBCA, Romilly Madew, CEO, +61 2 8239 6200,

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AZOLLA Touted for Biofuels Potential (New Prod & Tech)
Date: 2018-07-03
Venezuelan international trade expert, banker and entrepreneur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan is touting the development of AZOLLA in Latin America as a feedstock for biofuels, "green manure" fertilizer for rice fields, a feed supplement for aquatic and terrestrial animals, and various other applications.

AZOLLA is an aquatic plant that produces a substantial biomass quickly when planted in contaminated waters which improves by consuming chemicals in the contaminated waters. AZOLLA can "potentially produce up to 20.2 tons per hectare per year of bio-oil, and up to 48 tons per hectare per year of bio-char" while doubling in mass within 2-5 days.

According to Gonzalez Dellan, AZOLLA would be especially effective in a Latin American context "by moving the production of bio-ethanol from arable land to wastewater, the reclaimed land can then be used for the development of further sustainable crops while continuing the production of bioethanol." (Source: Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, NewsAnyway, 2 July, 2018) Contact: Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan,

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Chevron's Delayed Aussie CCS Project Set to Begin (Int'l)
Date: 2018-07-03
In the Land Down Under, oil giant Chevron reports it plans to start its long delayed carbon capture and storage (CCS) project at the Gorgon LNG facility on Barrow Island before the year end.

Chevron has committed to storing 80 pct of the CO2 emitted from the Gorgon facility over a five-year period. The Barrow Island LNG includes a $2.5 billion CCS facility -- the largest in the world. Chevron predicts that in the first two years, 5.5m -- 8m tons of CO2 would be injected into a reservoir 2 km below the ground. (Source: Chevron, The Chemical Engineer, 3 July, 2018)Contact: Chevron Technology Ventures, Barbara Burger, Pres., (925) 842-1000,

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Avantium Opening Netherlands Pilot Biorefinery (Int'l Report)
Date: 2018-07-03
In Amsterdam, Avantium reports it will open a pilot biorefinery next month in Delfzijl, Netherlands, for its Zambezi technology to convert plant-based non-food biomass feedstock to high purity industrial sugars and lignin.

Avantium's technologies use renewable carbon sources instead of fossil resources. The industrial sugars are used in chemistry and fermentation processes to produce a broad range of durable materials, while lignin is used in energy generation.

The Netherlands province of Groningen is supporting the pilot biorefinery with subsidy of €1.8 million. The pilot is slated to be commissioned on 13th July. (Source: Avantium, BP&R, 2 July, 2018) Contact: Avantium, Tom Van Aken, CEO, +31 (0)20 586 8080

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Gopher State Joins "We Are Still In" Climate Campaign (Ind. Report)
"We Are Still In"
Date: 2018-07-03
Despite Trump's withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Agreement due to "burdensome financial obligations", the aims and goals of the agreement are broadly supported across the US by more than 2,800 non-federal players committed to the "We Are Still In" campaign, including Minnesota.

Minnesota is seven years ahead of meeting its 20 pct renewable energy standard set in 2015, and working toward an aggressive 80 pct reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 -- exceeding the goals of the Paris Agreement.

"We Are Still In" campaign members agree that, in the absence of federal climate leadership, they'll keep doing what's necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the amount of clean energy they use. (Source: "We Are Still In" website, The Uptake, 3 July, 2018) Contact: "We Are Still In" Campaign,

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Trump Finds a Kindred Spirit in Former Aussie PM Tony Abbott (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Tony Abbott,Trump,Climate Change
Date: 2018-07-03
In the Land Down Under, former Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the prime minister who signed Australia on to the Paris Climate Agreement, now says Australia should pull out of the treaty to end "the emissions obsession that's at the heart of our power crisis."

In a recent speech to a group of "climate skeptics", Abbott, who is perhaps best remembered for his comment "climate change is a load of CRAP", now says he wouldn't have signed up to the Paris treaty had he known the US would withdraw from it.

In his speech, Abbott noted: "I didn't anticipate how agreeing to emissions that were 26 pct lower in 2030 than in 2005 would subsequently become a linear progression of roughly equal cuts every year over the next decade." "As long as we remain in the Paris agreement -- which is about reducing emissions, not building prosperity -- all policy touching on emissions will be about their reduction, not our well-being. It's the emissions obsession that's at the heart of our power crisis and it's this that has to end for our problems to ease."

Other oft repeated Abbott comments include:

"There are respectable arguments for an ETS but the one Labor (the then governing party) has in mind could easily be expensive and futile. I am wary of a system which creates new vested interests - which an ETS will do. I suspect that a straight carbon tax or charge could be more transparent and easier to change if conditions change or our understanding of the science changes." -- Tony Abbott, ,July 10, 2009

"I am confident, based on the science we have, that mankind does make a difference to climate, almost certainly the impact of humans on the planet extends to climate." -- Tony Abbott, May 27, 2010 "We do not believe in artificially imposing a carbon price on consumers. There will be no carbon price on consumers under a (my) Coalition government." Tony Abbott, July 19, 2010.

"Now, we do have policy out there. We've had it out there since February. It basically goes -- it involves going to the market and buying abatements through soil carbon, through tree planting, through businesses that are prepared to change their processes to less emitting ones. It will reduce our emissions by five percent by 2020, so we will achieve our targets. Now, that's our commitment. It's doable. It's deliverable." -- Tony Abbott,16 August, 2010

"Yeah, look, I never said it (climate change) was a myth. I once used some colourful language describing the so-called settled science of climate change but look, climate change is real, humanity does make a contribution to it and we've got to take effective action against it. I mean, that's my position and that's always been my position but I've never been in favour of a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme." -- Tony Abbott, July, 2011

(Source: Various Media, Guardian, 3 July, 2018)

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15 Swedish private companies account for 8 % of Sweden’s decrease in GHG emissions since 2010

Date: 2018-07-03
+ The Haga Initiative is a network of companies with the aim of reducing carbon emissions from the business sector and highlighting the climate issue by showing that ambitious climate strategies lead to business advantages and improve profitability reports that 15 Initiative member companies have contributed with a decrease of emissions equivalent to approximately eight percent of Sweden’s total decrease between 2010 and 2017. Nine of the member companies have already reached the target of reducing emissions by 40 percent until 2020. The Haga Initiative has managed to decrease emissions while increasing profitability. . The Haga Initiative , which was initiated in 2010 by eight well known companies has been working towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent until 2020. At the time, the pledge was ambitious, however the pace of reductions has been much faster than anticipated and a majority of the companies have already reached the target. The Haga Initiative’s new goal sets the target at zero net emissions by 2030. Nine out of 15 companies have already reached the goal.

The average member company in the Haga Initiative has decreased its GHG emissions by 47 percent while increasing turnover by 10.4 percent. This includes the companies’ own operations, purchased energy and business travels since each company’s base year. In total, 14 out of 15 companies have decreased their absolute emissions compared to base year. (Source: New Europe, 2 July, 2018) Nina Ekelund, executive director, the Haga initiative.

TEP Considering Woody Biomass Power Generation (Ind. Report)
Tucson Electric Power ,Accion Group
Date: 2018-07-03
Following up on our November 9, 2016 coverage, Tucson Electric Power Co. (TEP) reports it has issued a Request for Information (RoI) on technologies, costs, environmental benefits, construction requirements and interconnection requirements of forest biomass energy generation projects.

The information will be used to "help determine the feasibility of using forest residues, crop residues, primary and secondary mill residues, and urban wood waste feedstocks as a renewable resource. TEP anticipates filing a forest biomass proposal with the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2019.

The request for information process is being managed by New Hampshire-based Accion Group. A copy of the RoI can be found HERE. (Source: TEP,, Others, 2 July, 2018) Contact: TEP, Renewable Energy Dir., Carmine Tilghman, Dir. Energy Supply and Renewable Energy, (520) 571-4000,,; Accion Group, (603) 229-1644,

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Siemens Gamesa Wins 150-MW Indian Wind Project Contract (Int'l)
Siemens Gamesa,ReNew Power
Date: 2018-06-29
Reporting from New Delhi, renewable energy solutions provider Siemens Gamesa reported in a statement it has secured a turnkey wind energy contract from India's largest renewable energy independent power producer, ReNew Power Ventures, for construction of 150 MW wind farm in the Kutch district of Gujarat State.

Siemens Gamesa will provide the infrastructure needed to install and operate the facility including supply, erection and commissioning of 75 units of SG 2.0-114 MW wind turbines. ReNew Power is independent renewable energy producer with over 5,800 MW of operational and under-construction clean energy assets. (Source: Siemens Gamesa, Various Media, ETEnergy World, 26 June, 2018)Contact: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Markus Tacke,; ReNew Power Ventures, +91 124 489 6670/80,,

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ICAO Agrees on Aviation Emissions Standards (Int'l Report)
International Civil Aviation Organization
Date: 2018-06-29
Meeting in Montreal, the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reports it has agreed upon standards to support the aviation industry in its preparations to comprehensively report on its carbon emissions and make the transition to low-emission, alternative aviation fuels.

The standards follow a landmark deal signed in 2016 by the 192 member states of the ICAO, designed to control the level of CO2 emissions in the global aviation sector. Beginning in 2019, airlines will report on their fuel and carbon emissions for the first time. This will lead to a five-year voluntary period, starting in 2021, where the industry will make wholesale changes to its fuel consumption, away from fossil fuels towards sustainable alternatives.

From 2027 onwards the rulings will become mandatory across the entire aviation sector. (Source: ICAO, June, 2019) Contact: International Civil Aviation Organization, +52 55 52 50 3211,,

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TOTAL TX Refinery Considered RFS "Hardship Waiver" (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-06-29
Paris-headquartered French oil and natural gas giant TOTAL, the fourth-largest oil company in the world, CEO Patrick Pouyanne reportedly contemplated asking the US EPA for a Renewable fuel standard "hardship" waiver exempting a refiney it owns in Texas from having to blend ethanol into the U.S. gasoline supply. The company's legal team, however, reportedly replied to Pouyanne's suggestion with an emphatic "No. Our refinery is too big," according to Pouyanne.

As previously reported, "hardship" waivers were intended for small refineries producing 75,000 bpd or less and those that suffered "disproportionate economic hardship" from the costs of RFS compliance. The waiver frees the refineries from an obligation to provide the EPA with biofuels credits proving compliance. (Source: TOTAL, Various Media, Washington Post, June 25, 2018) Contact: TOTAL,

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UK Energy Ministry Offices Rated Energy Inefficient (Int'l)
Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Date: 2018-06-29
In London, four of the eleven offices leased by the UK government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have scored the lowest possible "G Rating" for energy efficiency, according to the BBC. The energy display ratings are used to measure the energy performance of public buildings.

The display energy certificates show 10 Victoria Street, in Westminster, which the department leases and operates, uses twice the amount of electricity a typical office of that type. Its offices at Apex Court in Nottingham, Cheylsemore House South in Coventry, and Buckingham Palace Road in central London, also received the lowest possible G rating on their certificates. Only one building the department leases, The Observatory in Chatham, received an A rating, and the department's headquarters, at 1 Victoria Street, scored below average, with an E rating.

According to BEIS, it has saved £104 million in the last financial year through efficiency measures. Apparently, there is still room for improvement. (Source: Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, BBC, June, 2018) Contact: Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,

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Ottawa Commercial Bldg Wins CaGBC XCB Certification (Ind. Report)
Canada Green Building Council
Date: 2018-06-29
The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) reports the Sun Life Insurance Company owned Class A commercial building at 100 Murray Street in Ottawa has been awarded Canada's first LEED Gold for Existing Buildings Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) Performance certification.

Measures that contributed to the building's zero carbon certification include: the near total use of electricity as the primary energy source; an advanced building automation system, and the use of efficient lighting and control systems throughout the property. Electricity from Ontario's low-carbon grid accounts for 95 pct of the building's energy use.

(Source: CaGBC, Daily Commercial News, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Canada Green Building Council, Thomas Mueller, Pres., CEO, (613) 241-1184,

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R6.6Bn S.African Wind Farms Construction Underway (Int'l)
Concor Infrastructure
Date: 2018-06-29
In South Africa, construction is reported to be well underway on two large-scale wind farms in the Northern and Western Cape. The projects are being constructed by Concor Infrastructure in a consortium with Conco on behalf of global wind and solar company Mainstream Renewable Power.

The 140 MW Kangnas wind farm is situated 52 km east of Springbok in the Northern Cape while the 110 MW Perdekraal East wind farm is about 80 km northeast of Ceres in the Western Cape. The wind farms are expected to come online in 2020. (Source: IMIESA, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Concor Infrastructure, Eric Wisse, Managing Dir.,; Mainstream Renewable Power,

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JLL Surpasses Emissions, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Targets (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-06-29
In its just released Global Sustainability Report, Chicago commercial real estate services provider JLL Inc. reported exceeding carbon emission reduction goals within its corporate offices and committing to set a Science Based Target by 2020. Reductions achieved on a per corporate office employee basis included a drop in building-related greenhouse gas emissions by 15 pct -- vs a 10 pct target -- building-related energy consumption by 12 pct and rented area by 10 pct.

JLL exceeded its existing targets at the end of 2017, and reported annual performance highlights including:

  • $82 million in estimated U.S. client project savings through energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions by roughly the equivalent of removing 77,000 passenger vehicles from the road for a year;
  • 452,000 metric tons of CO2e averted by advising on renewable energy projects saving seven times the amount of energy the firm uses in its own buildings across the world; and
  • 225 sustainable building certifications for clients.

    The new targets established in the Building a Better Tomorrow program include:

  • adopt a common sustainable procurement framework globally by 2020:
  • set a Science Based Target for JLL's global emission reductions, with interim goals including:
  • reduce building-related GHG emissions per corporate office employee by 2 pct per annum from 2017 to 2019; and
  • reduce building-related energy consumption per corporate office employee by 2 pct per annum from 2017 to 2019.

    JLL will also strengthen partnerships with various external organizations, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Global Compact, Green Building Councils, and others.

    According to UN estimates, real estate accounts for about 40 pct of the world's energy consumption and a third of all carbon emissions. (Source: JLL, PR, June, 2018) Contact: JLL, Christian Ulbrich, CEO,

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  • Siemens Gamesa's Adwen Slashing Work Force by Half (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2018-06-29
    German offshore wind turbine manufacturer Adwen, a unit of Siemens Gamesa, reports it will initiate internal restructuring that includes the elimination of 260 employees. As part of the restructuring, the company will now focus on servicing existing Adwen turbines and be functionally integrated into Siemens Gamesa. (Source: Adwen, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Adwen, Hans-Rolf Huppert, Managing Director and CFO,; Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Markus Tacke,

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    Vestas, Maersk Partner to Cut Turbine Installation Costs (Int'l)
    Vestas,Maersk Supply Service
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Danish wind turbine giant Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Maersk Supply Service are reporting a partnership aimed at developing technologies and solutions to lower the logistics and installation costs of offshore wind turbines.

    The partnership will initially develop a "Vertical Installer" crane for both onshore and offshore wind turbine installations. The project has been awarded €6.3 million ($7.3 million) 6.3m) for the next three years from a programme of the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate. (Source: Vestas, Maersk Supply Service, Renewables, 28 June, 2018)Contact: Maersk Supply; Vestas, +45 9730 0000,

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    Cdn. National Carbon Tax Projections Revealed (Ind. Report)
    Canada Carbon Tax,University of Calgary
    Date: 2018-06-29
    In a report on Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's carbon tax to the Canadian Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources, University of Calgary economics professor Jennifer Winter used Statistics Canada energy-consumption data to project the impact of Trudeau's carbon tax on a typical Canadian household:
  • At $50 per ton, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia households will be hit with more than $1,000 of carbon tax per year to comply with the $50-per-tonne carbon tax Ottawa has mandated for 2022. Nova Scotia ($1,120) and Alberta ($1,111) will have the highest bills, followed by Saskatchewan ($1,032), New Brunswick ($963), Newfoundland ($859) and Prince Edward Island ($788). The average household in Ontario will pay $707 a year to comply with the carbon tax once its fully implemented.

  • At $100 a tonne, households in Alberta will be slammed $2,223, Saskatchewan will be hit with $2,065 and in Nova Scotia, $2,240. At $100 a tonne, the average price for households in all provinces will be well in excess of $1,000 per year. (Source: University of Calgary, Fraser Inst., Financial Post, 27 June, 2018) Contact: University of Calgary, Prof. Jennifer Winter,

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  • LG Electronics Plans 500MW US Solar Module Plant (Ind. Report)
    LG Electronics
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Seoul-headquartered Korean conglomerate LG Electronics reports it plans to construct a $28 million, 500MW solar module manufacturing plant at an existing complex in Huntsville-Madison County, Alabama. Production at the new facility is expected to get underway early in 2019.

    The plant will produce LG's high-efficiency NeON 2 series 60-cell N-type mono modules with 340Wp-plus output, for the US residential rooftop solarmarket. (Source: LG Electronics, PV Mag, 28 June, 2018) Contact: LG Electronics,

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    Exide, Leclanche Report Indian Li-Ion Battery JV (Ind. Report)
    Exide Industries Limited
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Kolkata, India-based Exide Industries Limited and Switzerland-headquartered energy storage specialist Leclanche S.A. are reporting a lithium-ion cells, modules and battery pack manufacturing JV in the Indian state of Gujarat. The project is expected to be fully operational by Q2, 2019.

    Exide is India's largest manufacturer of lead acid batteries and energy storage solutions. In a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), however, Exide will make an initial capital contribution of about $5.4 million for a 74.99 pct stake in the new facility. (Source: Exide, Leclanche,PV Mag, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Exide Industries Limited,; Leclanche, Anil Srivastava, CEO, +41 (0) 24 424 65 00, Fax: +41 (0)24 424 65 20,,

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    Narada's German Energy Storage Project Nears Completion (Int'l)
    Narada Power Source
    Date: 2018-06-29
    In 2017, Singapore-based Narada Power Source Co. Ltd. contracted with Leipzig-based Upside Germany to build the 50MW FM energy storage station in Germany, which is now near completion.

    Upside Germany provides new energy technology solutions in Europe. Its main business involves project development and asset management in the battery energy storage and photovoltaics sectors. The company currently has more than 290MW of completed and under development energy storage projects.

    Narada uses advanced energy storage battery technology with a fast responding energy conversion system to build frequency-modulated energy storage plants with a total capacity of more than 50MW in 2 years and participates in a frequency-modulation market service (PCR) in Germany with a total investment of approximately €42 million. (Source: Narada Power Source Co. Ltd, PR, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Narada Power Source, +86 571 56975956, (800) 982-4339 – NA Office,,

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    Carnegie Refocusing on Wave Energy (Int'l., Ind. Report)
    Carnegie Clean Energy
    Date: 2018-06-29
    June 28 (Renewables Now) - In the Land Down Under, renewable energy specialist Carnegie Clean Energy Ltd reports it will sell its solar and microgrid business, Energy Made Clean (EMC), to Sydney-based investment house Tag Pacific Ltd for a 32 pct stake in the purchaser.

    The planned transaction will create an ASX-listed engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and build, own, operate (BOO) business active in the off-grid and fringe-of-grid solar, battery and microgrid markets. This enlarged entity, which will take the name of Tag's unit MPower. The new entity is expected to begin operations on July 1, 2018.

    Carnegie intends to focus on commercialization of its CETO wave energy technology while maintaining ownership of the Garden Island Microgrid and its current 50 pct stake in the 10-MW Northam solar farm. (Source: Carnegie Clean Energy , Various Media, June, 2018) Contact: Carnegie Clean Energy, Michael Ottaviano, CEO,; Tag Pacific Ltd.,

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    Southern Idaho Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plant Now Online (Ind. Report)
    Landfill Gas
    Date: 2018-06-29
    In Idaho, a new $7.8 million landfill gas-to-energy project in Burley, Cassia County, is now in production and supplying electric power for approximately 2,000 area homes, according to to the operator, Southern Idaho Solid Waste District.

    The solid waste district is owned by seven Idaho counties -- Blaine, Cassia, Gooding, Lincoln, Jerome, Minidoka and Twin Falls -- and manages waste that comes into 15 transfer stations and the Milner Butte Landfill. The facility uses two, 1.3 MW locomotive engines to convert methane and other gases into energy. The facility plans to add a third engine within 5 years. (Source: Southern Idaho Solid Waste District,, KPVI, 28 June, 2018)Contact: Southern Idaho Solid Waste District, Josh Bartlome, Exec. Dir., (208) 432-9082,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Methane,  Landfill Gas,  Landfill Gas-to-Energy,  

    Ford Hits CO2 Emissions Target Ahead of Schedule (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Reporting from Detroit, auto giant Ford Motor Company reports it has met its goal to reduce manufacturing emissions – eight years ahead of schedule.

    In 2010, Ford's Environmental Quality Office announced the company would reduce its carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing operations by 30 pct per vehicle produced by 2025. A global manufacturing CO2 emissions reduction of more than 3.4 million metric tons from 2010 to 2017 is roughly equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from more than 728,000 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

    Ford reduced its emissions footprint through energy conservation and efficiency changes at its manufacturing facilities, such as installing more than 100,000 LED light fixtures and updating paint operations.

    Ford is presently setting renewable energy goals but remains focused on reducing vehicle emissions by doing its share to deliver on CO2 reductions consistent with the Paris Climate Accord. (Source: Ford Motor Company, PR, 27 June, 2018) Contact: Ford,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CO2,  Vehicle Emissions,  Carbon Footprint,  Ford,  

    Nova Scotia Announces Rooftop Solar Rebates Program (Ind. Report)
    Solar Energy
    Date: 2018-06-29
    In Halifax, the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia are touting a new "SolarHomes" program that will provide rebates of up to 30 pct off the purchase and installation costs of rooftop solar systems.

    The programme is supported by the government of Canada's Low Carbon Economy Fund, through which Nova Scotia is eligible to receive $56 million for programmes that promote clean growth and reduce carbon pollution. The and is expected to assist at least 2,000 Nova Scotian households in going solar over the next four years. The average rebate is expected to be approximately $7,000 per household. (Source: NS Minister of Energy, Renewabls, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Nova Scotia Minister of Energy, Hon. Geoff MacLellan,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  Solar Rebate,  

    Canada Day, U.S. Independence Day Week Publications Schedule
    Holiday Calendar
    Date: 2018-06-29
    In recognition of Canada Day, July 1st, and the U.S. 4th of July Independence Day celebrations, our regular Monday, July 2nd publications will be delivered on Tuesday, July 3rd. Our regular Wednesday, July 4th publications will be delivered on Thursday, 5th July.

    Thanks and have a safe Holiday week.

    CO2 Rock Sequestration Verification Demo Touted (Ind Report)
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Laramie, Wyoming-based WellDog, Virginia Tech and Carbon GeoCycle are reporting their collaboration has delivered the world's first successful direct verification of carbon dioxide sequestered in an underground rock.

    The test injected over 13,000 tons of CO2 into stacked unmineable coal seams at depths of 900 to 2,000 feet with the goal of storing CO2 while simultaneously enhancing natural gas recovery. The verification, made using WellDog's proprietary Reservoir Raman System, reveals that carbon dioxide injected over the last two years flowed into all of the targeted coal seams in Buchanan County, Virginia.

    The $15.5 million project is funded by the US DOE, Virginia Tech, and private industry. The project research partners included Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research, Virginia Tech; Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy; DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory; Marshall Miller & Associates; Southern States Energy Board; CONSOL Energy; Geological Survey of Alabama; Sandia Technologies; Det Norske Veritas; WellDog; and Carbon GeoCycle. (Source: WellDog, PR, 27 June, 2018) Contact: WellDog, John M. Pope, CEO,,; Carbon GeoCycle,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Sequestration,  Carbon Storage,  CO2,  

    Toyota Tsusho, Pinnacle Ink Wood Pellet Off-Take Contract (Ind. Report)
    Pinnacle Renewable Holdings,Toyota Tsusho
    Date: 2018-06-29
    British Columbia, Canada-based Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc. reports it has entered into new long-term, take-or-pay off-take contracts with customers in South Korea and Japan.

    The contract in Japan is Pinnacle's second with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, a trading and investing company and a group member of TOYOTA. Under the terms of the Toyota Tsusho contract, Pinnacle will supply 170,000 metric tpy of industrial wood pellets to Toyota Tsusho beginning in 2021. The industrial wood pellets will be used by Kanda Biomass Energy K.K., which is established by RENOVA, Inc., Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., Veolia Japan K.K. and two other companies, in a biomass power generation plant in Kanda, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

    The contract in South Korea is with CGN Daesan Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd, a diversified independent power producer in Asia.

    As a result of these two new contracts, the weighted average remaining life of Pinnacle's portfolio of off-take contracts with customers has been extended from seven years as at March 30, 2018, to more than nine years. (Source; Pinnacle Renewable Holdings, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Pinnacle, Robert McCurdy, CEO, (604) 270-9613,; Toyota Tsusho,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Pinnacle Renewable Holdings,  Woody Biomass,  Wood Pellet,  Toyota Tsusho ,  

    600,000 Tons of Densified Biomass Fuel Sold in March (Ind. Report)
    Energy Information Administration
    Date: 2018-06-29
    According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released Monthly (June) Densified Biomass Fuel Report, U.S. manufacturers produced approximately 650,000 tons of densified biomass fuel from 1.27 million tons of raw biomass feedstock in March, with sales reaching 600,000 tons during the month. Production included 147,226 tons of heating pellets and 498,864 tons of utility pellets.

    For the report, the EIA collected data from 86 operating manufacturers of densified biomass fuel. The report does not include data from facilities with annual capacities of less than 10,000 tons, which report data annually rather than monthly. The 86 manufacturers that submitted data in February have a combined annual production capacity of 11.79 million tpy.

    Domestic sales reached 122,727 tons and averaged $149.22 per ton. Exports in March reached 381,319 tons an averaged $174.32 per ton. Inventories of premium/standard wood pellets reached 225,990 tons in March, up from 217,859 tons in February. Inventories of utility pellets reached 345,615 tons in March, up from 255,172 tons in February. (Source: US EIA, June, 2018) Contact: US EIA,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Information Administration,  Biomass,  

    EIA Details Energy Efficiency Incentives Results (Ind. Report)
    EIA,Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2018-06-29
    According to a US Energy Information Administration (EIA) survey (EIA-861) of electric power sales, revenue, and energy efficiency, U.S. electric utilities reported spending $3.6 billion on energy efficiency customer incentives in 2016, for an average of $24 per customer.

    Most reported spending supported residential and commercial energy efficiency: 43 pct of spending targeted residential customers, 49 pct targeted commercial customers, and the remaining 8 pct targeted industrial customers. Average reported spending per customer varied by state, from $0 in Alaska to $128 in Massachusetts. High-spending states and low-spending states tend to be concentrated in particular regions. By U.S. census region, average utility spending ranged from $11 per customer in the South to $47 per customer in the Northeast. Spending also was higher in certain states with high electricity prices, such as Hawaii, or in certain states with climates that require more energy for heating and cooling, such as Illinois and Arizona.

    Incremental savings as a result of energy efficiency spending for reporting year 2016 totaled 27.5 billion kWh or 0.7 pct of nationwide retail electricity sales. Projected lifecycle savings were much greater, at 354 billion kWh over the lifetime of the efficiency measures used, because some measures that affect heating, cooling, and water heating equipment can provide benefits for several years. Like spending, most savings occurred in the residential and commercial sectors.

    Annual incremental savings also varied by state, from near 0 pct of electricity retail sales in Kansas and Alaska to 3 pct of retail sales in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Average electricity savings by U.S. census region was the highest at 1.2 pct in the Northeast, and the lowest at less than 0.4 pct in the south. (Source: EIA, Today in Energy, June, 2018) Contact: US EIA,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EIA,  Energy Efficiewncy ,  Energy Efficiency Incentive,  

    Japanese Woody Biomass Project Reaches Financial Closure (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Japanese renewable energy specialist Renova Inc is reporting the financial close for the 75-MW Kanda woody biomass power generation project in Fukuoka prefecture. The facility will also use wood pellets from Canadian pellet producer Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc., as previously reported.

    Renova developed and holds a 43.1 pct stake in the project. Sumitomo Forestry Co Ltd holds a 41.5 pct interest. Veolia Japan, Kyuden Mirai Energy Co Inc and Mihara Group are also participating. (Source: Renova Inc., Renewables, 28 June, 2018) Contact: Renova Inc.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renova,  Biomass,  Woody Biomass,  

    F2i SGR Acquiring Enel Italian Biomass Portfolio (Int'l, M&A)
    Enel SpA,F2i SGR
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Italian energy group Enel SpA reports it will sell a 108 MW biomass power generation portfolio of 5 units to F2i SGR for EUR €335 million ($388 million). The portfolio includes the operational Mercure and Finale Emilia plants in Calabria and Emilia Romagna, as well as a 50 pct stake in Powercrop -- a JV with Maccaferri.

    The transactions is pending regulatory approvals for completion in 2018 and 2019.(Source: Enel SpA, Renewables Now, 28 June, 2018) Contact: F2i SGR,; Enel SpA,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News F2i SGR,  Enel,  Biomass,  

    GEVO, Avfuel Ink ATJ Fuel Supply Agreement (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-06-29
    Englewood, Colorado-based isobutanol specialist GEVO Inc. reports it has inked an agreement to supply its renewable alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) to global aviation fuel supplier Avfuel Corporation, effective July 1, 2018.

    Iniially, GEVO will supply Avfuel from its 70,000 gpy hydrocarbon processing facility in Silsbee, Texas. GEVO expects to construct a larger-scale hydrocarbon facility at its existing ethanol and isobutanol production facility located in Luverne, Minnesota, subject to financing. Upon completion of the Luverne Hydrocarbon Facility, GEVO would supply Avfuel with larger volumes of ATJ, ramping up to 1,000,000 gpy of unblended ATJ which, when blended with conventional jet fuel, would produce many millions of gallons of finished ASTM D1655 jet-fuel product. Avfuel services over 3,000 locations worldwide.

    The Supply Agreement with Avfuel is GEVO's first long-term commercial supply agreement for its ATJ. (Source: GEVO, PR, 21 June, 2018) Contact: Avfuel Corporation , Craig Sincock, Pres., CEO, Marci Ammerman, VCP Marketing, (734) 663-6466,,; GEVO, Pat Gruber, CEO, (303) 858-3358,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GEVO news,  Aviation Fuel news,  

    Ingenco Seeks Va. DEQ Landfill Gas Power License (Reg & Leg)
    Ingenco Wholesale Power
    Date: 2018-06-27
    In the Old Dominion State, Richmond-based Ingenco Wholesale Power has applied for a Title V air pollution operating permit from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for its Bristol, Virginia solid waste landfill facility.

    The $4.5 million facility uses methane and other landfill gases to power 18 diesel engines to generate electricity which is sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The Ingenco facility was commissioned late in 2015.

    Ingenco operates 17 plants throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. (Source: Ingenco Wholesale Power, Bristol Herald Courier, 26 June, 2018) Contact: Ingenco Wholesale Power, (804) 521-3500,; Virginia DEQ - SW Regional Office, (276) 676-4800,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Landfill Gas,  Methane,  Ingenco Wholesale Power,  

    Gildemeister Al Shirawi Energy Solutions Launched in UAE (Int'l)
    Gildemeister Energy Solutions
    Date: 2018-06-27
    Wurzburg, Germany-based Gildemeister Energy Solutions GmbH reports it is entering a joint venture with Dubai's Al Shirawi Group to develop utility-scale solar projects in the UAE. The new JV company will be named to be called Gildemeister Al Shirawi Energy Solutions.

    The new company, called Gildemeister Al Shirawi Energy Solutions will work with local UAE developers and investors on rooftop solar installations, storage and e-mobile technology, according to the company release.

    Gildemeister has installed more than 8,000 solar systems in over 40 countries to date. (Source: Gildemeister Energy Solutions GmbH, Renewables, 25 June, 2018) Contact: Gildemeister Energy Solutions, +49 (0) 931-25064-250,,; Al Shirawi: Oasis Investment Co LLC

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Gildemeister Energy,  Solar,  

    Vestas Inks 14-MW German Wind Farm Repowering Deal (Int'l Report)
    Vestas,Rakower Buergerwindpark
    Date: 2018-06-27
    Vestas Wind Systems reports it has contracted with Rakower Buergerwindpark GmbH & Co KG to repower and more than double to capacity of a community wind park in Rakow, Germany. Vests will replace four of the existing V66-1.65 MW turbines with four V117-3.45 MW machines totalling 14 MW. (Source: Vestas, Rakower Buergerwindpark, Renewables, 25 June, 2018) Contact: Vestas, +45 9730 0000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vestas,  Wind,  

    NATSO Testifies on RFS Hardship Waivers (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-06-27
    In Alexandria, a Chicago-area travel center executive testifying on behalf of the National Association of Truck Stop Owners (NATSO) told a House panel that the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is successfully incentivizing travel centers to incorporate advanced biofuels such as biodiesel into their fuel supply, but also warned that the EPA's recent practice of exempting certain refiners from their renewable fuels obligations undermines the law's intent and decreases demand for biofuels.

    The Annual renewable fuel volume obligations established under the RFS are designed to create market certainty and encourage fuel retailers to invest in the infrastructure necessary to incorporate and sell biodiesel. The executive testified that the EPA's recent granting of an unprecedented number of retroactive "hardship" exemptions to refineries has functioned as de facto mandate cuts in the biofuel volume obligations. Retroactively issued waivers create market uncertainty, ultimately diminishing the value of the biodiesel investments that Congress encouraged fuel retailers to make when it developed the RFS.

    "It is imperative that EPA immediately re-evaluate its criteria for issuing the small refinery waivers. Going forward, I would hope that EPA act in a manner that is more consistent with the RFS by requiring all waiver requests be received and assessed prior to finalizing biofuel mandates for a given compliance year."

    NATSO is the trade association of America's travel plaza and truckstop industry. Founded in 1960, NATSO represents the industry on legislative and regulatory matters; serves as the official source of information on the diverse travel plaza and truckstop industry; provides education to its members; conducts an annual convention and trade show; and supports efforts to generally improve the business climate in which its members operate. (Source: NATSO, PR, June, 2018) Contact: NATSO, Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman, (703) 739-8578,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News NATSO,  RFS,  Biodiesel,  RFS,  RFS Hardship Waiver,  

    Increased Climate Finance Aids Caribbean Countries (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-06-27
    According to the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), a financing increase of more than 20 pct to a seven-year high of $35.2 billion from the previous year by the world's six largest multilateral development banks (MDBs) has boosted projects that help the Caribbean and other developing countries cut emissions and address climate risks.

    The MDBs' latest joint report on climate financing said $27.9 billion -- 79 pct of the 2017 total -- was devoted to climate mitigation projects that aim to reduce harmful emissions and slow down global warming. The remaining 21 pct or $7.4 billion of financing for emerging and developing nations was invested in climate adaptation projects. In 2016, total MDB climate financing totaled US$27.4 billion.

    The MDBs, which include the African Development Bank , the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank , the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB and IDB Invest) and the World Bank Group (World Bank, IFC and MIGA), account for the vast majority of multilateral development finance. (Source: IDB, Caribbean Life, 23 June, 2018) Contact: IDB, Juan Pablo Bonilla, Climate Change and Sustainability Sector Manager, Therese Turner-Jones, GM Caribbean Country Department,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IDB,  Climate Change,  Climate Change Mitigation,  Climate Finance,  

    SME Preparing for Nova Scotia Tidal Energy Tests (Ind. Report)
    Sustainable Marine Energy
    Date: 2018-06-27
    In Edinburgh, Scottish tidal energy developer Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd (SME) reports it is preparing to ship its PLAT-I, 280-kW tidal energy platform incorporates four Schottel Hydro SIT 250 turbines to Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Nova Scotian tests will include proving performance in Canada's harsher climate and environmental monitoring. SME is partnering with Halifax-headquartered Black Rock Tidal Power Inc (BRTP), which has applied to the Nova Scotia Department of Energy for permission to deploy the platform at Grand Passage for at least three months.

    Nova Scotia's Feed-in-Tariff and the Bay of Fundy's tides -- the highest in the world -- could have influenced the company's choice of a Nova Scotian venue. (Source: SME, Renewables 25 June, 2018) Contact: SME, Jason Hayden, Managing Dir., +44 131 285 4620,; Black Rock Tidal Power Inc,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Black Rock Tidal Power,  Sustainable Marine Energy,  Tidal Power,  

    Seoul, Guangzhou, NYC Top Largest Carbon Footprints List (Int'l)
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    Date: 2018-06-27
    The Chinese city of Guangzhou -- fka Canton -- has the second highest carbon footprint of cities worldwide, according to a new study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. With a population of approximately 14 million, Guangzhou emits an estimated 272.0 metric tpy of carbon dioxide.

    Only Seoul, with a population of 21 million, surpasses Guangzhou with an output of 276.1 metric tpy of GHGs. New York City, with 13.6 million people, holds third place at 233.5 metric tpy.

    Of the 13,000 cities included in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology study, 100 cities were found to be responsible for 18 pct of the world's total carbon emissions.

    Download research findings, including an interactive map and data tables HERE. (Source: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, That's China, 26 June, 2018)Contact: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Daniel Moran, Study Lead Author, +47 73 59 50 00,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News limate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  Carbon Footprint,  

    Notable Quote and Duly Noted
    Date: 2018-06-27
    "I am all for putting a public eye, pressure to those companies (oil and gas) for being much more responsible energy companies and reducing carbon and methane emissions, but we don't have this same attention for the 200 gigawatts of sub-critical coal-fired power plants under construction in Asia, which will emit carbon emissions at least three to four times higher than all this oil production together. There is a need for understanding numbers when it comes to the climate change debate." -- Fatih Birol, International Energy Agency Exec. Director, June, 2018)

    Editor's Note: The world's largest publicly traded oil and natural gas companies account for under 4 pct of the world's energy-related carbon emissions, according to the IEA.

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol,  

    State-run CEZ Acquires French Wind Assets (M&A, Int'l Report)
    CEZ Group
    Date: 2018-06-27
    AFP is reporting Prague-headquartered Czech state-run power group CEZ purchased nine wind farm projects under construction in France from German developer ABO Wind in June 2017. Assuming all nine farms are completed and commissioned, CEZ's installed wind capacity in France will rise to 100 MW within five years.

    In 2017 the company generated 62,887 terawatt-hours of power, of which 4,677 TWh were from renewable sources. CEZ is Europe's eighth largest power group with assets in Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey. (Source: CEZ, ETEnergy World, 26 June, 2018) Contact: CEZ Group,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Wind M&A,  

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