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Siouxland Ethanol to Produce Alcohol for Sanitizer (Ind. Report)
Siouxland ethanol
Date: 2020-03-25
In the Cornhusker State, Jackson-headquartered Siouxland Ethanol reports its is in the process of addressing some Tax and Trade Bureau and FDA regulations to allow production of roughly 270,000 gpd of 200 proof alcohol for hand sanitizer production.

With hand sanitizer being almost impossible to find during the coronavirus pandemic, Siouxland and several other ethanol producers are switch production to help fill the shortage. (Source: Siouxland Ethanol, KTIV, 23 Mar., 2020)Contact: Siouxland Ethanol, Nick Bowdish President/CEO, 402-632-2676, 402-632-2677 - fax,,

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Fred.Olsen to Install Taiwan Offshore Wind Turbines (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-03-25
Fred.Olsen Windcarrier's jack-up vessel Brave Tern has been awarded a contract by Taiwan's CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering to transport and install 62 units of MHI Vestas Offshore V174-9.5MW wind turbines totaling 600 MW for the Changfang and Xidao offshore wind farms (CFXD) in Taiwan.

The contract will be divided into two phases across 2022 and 2023. Completion is slated for 2023, according to the Fred.Olsen release.(Source: Fred.Olsen, PR, reve, 23 Mar., 2020) Contact: Fred.Olsen Renewables, Martin Degen, Commercial Manager, David Brunt, CEO, +44 20 7963 8904,

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Netherlands Doubling Renewable Energy Subsidies (Int'l. Report)
Netherlands,Climate Change
Date: 2020-03-25
In Amsterdam, the Dutch Government reports it plans to increase green energy subsidies from the previously announced &ewuro;2 billion to €4 billion to meet its promise to cut CO2 emissions as ordered by the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. In December 2019, the court ordered the government to cut the nation's CO2 emissions by 25 pct from 1990 levels by the end of 2020 toward a national reduction goal of 49 pct by 2030. (Source: Various Media, Smart Cities World, Mar., 2020)

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5,000th US E85 Station Opens in Iowa (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-03-25
In the Hawkeye State, regional gas-bar and convenience store chain Caseys General Stores Inc reports its location in Ankeny, Iowa is the 5,000the Flex Fuel E85 retail station in the U.S.

The location presently sells E85 for roughly 30 pct less than regular Unleaded 87. The company operates 2,146 locations in 16 states.(Source: CaseysGeneral Stores Inc., 23 Mar., 2020) Contact: Caseys,

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Emissions Impact of Coronavirus Lockdowns (Int'l. Report Attached)
European Space Agency,Visual Capatlist
Date: 2020-03-23
"There's a high chance you're reading this while practicing social distancing, or while your corner of the world is under some type of advised or enforced lockdown. While these are necessary measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, such economic interruption is unprecedented in many ways resulting in some surprising side effects.

"Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions, a major air pollutant, are closely linked to factory output and vehicles operating on the road. As both industry and transport come to a halt during this pandemic, NO2 emissions can be a good indicator of global economic activity -- and the changes are visible from space. These images from the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), as well as satellite footage from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), show a drastic decline in NO₂ emissions over recent months, particularly across Italy and China."

Download the Emissions Impact of Coronavirus Lockdowns images HERE. (Source: European Space Agency, Visual Capitalist, 21 Mar., 2020) Contact: European Space Agency, +33 1 53 69 76 54,

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Soil Carbon Sequestration Investigated (Ind. Report)
Carbon Sequestration
Date: 2020-03-23
According to a new study authored by Dr. Doborah Bossio of the Nature Conservancy and University of California-Davis, repairing, protecting and properly managing the ecosystem and the earths soil, the soil can absorb roughly 5.5 billion tpy CO2. The study found the soil's total potential carbon sequestration to be 23.8 gigaton of carbon dioxide -- an average of 5.5 billion tpy -- 40 pct of this potential is left to leave the existing land to itself.

According to Bassio, "Much of the ongoing destruction in these ecosystems is the footprint of expanding agriculture. In other words, slowing or stopping this expansion is a very important strategy. So the restoration of the soil will be of great benefit to humanity. In this way, the quality of water, food production and resistance of crops will increase. The incentive structure in agriculture should be directed from payments to ecosystem services, food, water, climate and biodiversity, Bassio added. (Source: SOMAG, 22 Mar., 2020)Contact: UC Davis, Dr, Deborah Bassio,; UC Davis,; Nature Conservancy,(703) 841-5300,

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Indian Green Certificate REC February Sales Up (Int'l. Report)
Power Exchange of India
Date: 2020-03-23
In New Delhi, the is reporting the sale of renewable energy certificates (REC) rose over 64 pct in February to 21.42 lakh units in February compared to 13.02 lakh in the same month a year ago owing to high demand. ( 1 lakh = $68,760 ).

Under India's renewable purchase obligation (RPO), bulk purchasers like discoms, open access consumers and capacitive users are required to buy certain proportion of RECs from renewable energy producers to meet the RPO norms. The proportion of renewable energy for utilities is fixed by the central and state electricity regulatory commissions.

The REC mechanism is a market-based instrument to promote renewable sources of energy and development of market in electricity. It provides an alternative voluntary route to a generator to sell its electricity from renewable sources just like conventional electricity and offer the green attribute (RECs) separately to obligated entities to fulfil their RPO. (Source: Power Exchange of India, Outlook, PTI India, 22 Mar., 2020) Contact: Power Exchange of India, +91 22 4009 6600,

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PNNL Sustainable Energy Sciences Bldg. Underway (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-03-23
Following up on our 24 Jan., 2019-report, in Washington State, the US DOE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) reports construction is underway on it $90 million, 140,000-square-foot sustainable energy sciences research facility in Richland.

The new facility is designed to facilitate PNNL collaboration with Washington State's Clean Energy Fund, Battelle and others on sustainable energy solutions as well as showcase scientific energy discoveries and progress. (Source: PNNL, Tri-City Herald, 23 Mar., 2020) Contact: PNNL, Steven Ashby, Dir,

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Mozambique Seeking Solar Hybrid Mini-Grids Proposals (Int'l.)
Mozambican Energy Fund
Date: 2020-03-23
In Maputo, the Mozambican Energy Fund (Funae) and the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel) have issued calls for tenders for technical and financial feasibility studies for five hybrid solar mini-grids projects.

The five mini-hybrid solar grids project is part of Phase 2 of the Renewable Energy for Rural Development (RERD2) initiative aimed at providing electricity services from renewable energy sources in rural areas, including hydropower, solar and solar hybrid. The initiative is supported by the Government of Belgium.

Mozambique reportedly has a total renewable potential of 23,000 GW. (Source: CR Online, 19 Mar., 2020) Contact: Mozambican Energy Fund,; Belgian Development Agency +32 2 505 37 00,

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NETL Exploring Cost-Effective CCUS Technologies (Ind. Report)
National Energy Technology Lab
Date: 2020-03-23
The National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) is reporting it efforts to develop cost-effective, clean carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies have yielded more than 180 second-generation R&D projects and cut the cost of carbon capture by nearly 50 pct while reducing the amount of energy used by such technologies by nearly 20 pct.

Other related NETL programs include a Carbon Storage program which aims to install CO2 injection and containment throughout geologic storage complexes. Further, its Carbon Utilization program pushes R&D that would use CO2 to create chemicals, offset capture costs, promote clean and safe development of energy resources, and create new markets along the way. The lab is also looking at things like materials engineering, fabrication, and computer technologies to spur greater energy efficiency and longer power plant service lives. (Source: NETL, Energy Matters, 19 Mar., 2020) Contact: NETL, Brian Anderson,

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IEA Urges Climate Change Focus Amid COVID-19 Crisis (Ind. Report)
International Energy Agency
Date: 2020-03-23
The International Energy Agency (IEA) Exec. Dir. Dr. Fatih Birol, is urging stakeholders to not lose sight of climate change challenges presented by the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19). "We should not allow today's crisis to compromise our efforts to tackle the world's inescapable (climate change) challenge.

To that end, Birol is urging large-scale investment to boost the development and deployment of clean energy technologies and carbon capture should be "a central part of governments' plans because it will bring the twin benefits of stimulating economies and accelerating clean energy transitions."

According to IEA, "governments can use the current COVID-19 situation to step up their climate ambitions and launch sustainable stimulus packages focused on clean energy technologies. The coronavirus crisis is already doing significant damage around the world. Rather than compounding the tragedy by allowing it to hinder clean energy transitions, we need to seize the opportunity to help accelerate them." (Source: IEA, Mar., 2020) Contact: IEA, Dr. Fatih Birol, Exec. Dir., +33 1 40 57 65 00,

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Gasum, Forchem Ink Liquified Biogas Delivery Agreement (Int'l.)
Gasum,Forchem Oy
Date: 2020-03-23
In Helsinki, Finnish energy company Gasum has entered into an agreement with the cleantech company Forchem Oy for the supply of liquefied biogas (LBG) for the Forchem tall oil biorefinery in Rauma, Finland. Forchem switched to using liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2019.

Forchem supplies products for global actors operating in many different markets. The company's operations are characterized by the principles of sustainable development and minimized environmental impacts. The liquefied biogas (LBG) is received at the Forchem reception terminal, vaporized and used in the company's production processes. The switch from using LNG to using LBG can be made without any additional investments.

Liquefied biogas (LBG) is equal to liquefied natural gas (LNG) in terms of its properties and suitable for use as a road and maritime transport fuel and for industrial purposes. LBG is a renewable fuel that can be distributed by using the existing LNG infrastructure. Biogas is produced from feedstocks including biodegradable side streams of industrial and other enterprises as well as from consumer biowaste. (Source: Gasum, Renewable News, 23 Mar.,2020) Contact: Gasum, Tommy Mattila, +358 20 4471,; Forchem Oy, +358 2 478 4400,,

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Hertfordshire Switching to LED Street Lighting (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-03-23
In the UK, the Hertfordshire County Council reports its program to switch to LED street lighting is expected to eliminate almost 12,000 tpy of carbon dioxide and save taxpayers around £5 million per year. The program is near completion. (Source: Hertfordshire County Council, EnergyLive, Mar., 2020) Contact: Hertfordshire County Council,

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NY Announces 21 Commercial-Scale Renewables Projects (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-03-23
In the Empire State, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) are reporting the awarding of 21 large-scale solar, wind and energy storage projects across upstate New York.

According to a release from the governor's office, the 21 projects will spur more than $2.5 billion in direct, private investments toward their development, construction and operation and create more than 2,000 short-term and long-term jobs. Several of the projects are expected to break ground as soon as late 2020, and all projects are expected to be operational by 2024.

NYSERDA payments under these awards will not begin until projects have obtained all the required permits and local approvals, and begin commercial operation. The projects are expected to generate more than 2.5 million MWh of renewable energy annually, enough to provide power to more than 350,000 homes.(Source: NNY 360, Watertown Daily Times, 21 Mar., 2020) Contact: Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, (518) 474-8418, (212) 682-4640,; NYSERDA, Alicia Barton, Pres., CEO, (518) 862-1090,

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ESA Touts Flexible, Thinner-Than-Paper Solar Cells (Ind. Report)
European Space Agency
Date: 2020-03-23
The European Space Agency (ESA )reports it is backing the creation of a flexible, ultra-thin solar cell to deliver the best power-to-mass ratio for space missions.

The 0.02 mm thick -- thinner than a human hair -- prototype solar cells were developed by Azur Space Solar Power in Germany and tf2 in the Netherlands. With up to 32 pct "end of life" efficiency, the solar cells were produced using "epitaxial lift-off" technonolyg -- they were peeled off the Germanium substrate layer they were initially laid down on, so the costly material can be reused. Both triple- and quadruple-junction solar cells were manufactured.

The 22 member state European Space Agency was established in 2075 and has €6.68 billion budget for 2020. (Source: European Space Agency, INFOSURHOY, 21 Mar.,2020)Contact: Azur Space Solar Power GmbH,; European Space Agency,

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Roadmap to a US Hydrogen Economy (Ind. Report Attached)
Date: 2020-03-23
The attached Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy stresses the versatility of hydrogen as an enabler of the renewable energy systems, transportation and other applications.

The report was developed by: Air Liquide; American Honda Motor Co., Inc; Audi; Chevron; Cummins Inc.; Daimler AG: Mercedes-Benz FuelCell GmbH/Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America; Engie; Exelon Corporation; Hyundai Motor Company; Microsoft; Nikola Motors; Nel Hydrogen; Plug Power; Power Innovations; Shell; Southern California Gas Company; Southern Company Services; Toyota; and Xcel Energy.

Download Roadmap to a US Hydrogen Economy HERE (Source: Green Car Congress, 22 Mar.,2020)

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Emerson, SABIC Ink 7-year Strategic Agreement (Ind. Report)
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC),Emerson Automation Solutions
Date: 2020-03-23
St. Louis-based global automation technology and engineering company Emerson is reporting a 7-year agreement to serve as a preferred automation services and technologies provider to Riyahd-based petrochemical manufacturer Saudi Basic Industries Corporation adopt digital transformation programs and optimize energy efficiency and operations.

The strategic alliance supports the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 by focusing on localization, strategic partnerships and knowledge transfer, as well as leveraging the strategic and operational capabilities of the organizations involved to achieve operational excellence. This alliance targets value creation through improved safety and reliability and efficiency as well as new business and revenue opportunities. (Source: Emerson, PR, 22 Mar., 2020) Contact: Emerson Automation Solutions, Danielle Aychouh Marketing Manager, +971 4 811 8303,, www.; SABIC, +966 11-225-8000, +966 11-225-9000,

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Renewable Fuel Feedstock Sought in Nova Scotia (Ind. Report)
Cielo Waste Solutions
Date: 2020-03-23
Two Canadian companies, Cielo Waste Solutions and Renewable U Halifax report they are seeking sources of waste feedstock for the production of transportation diesel, jet fuel and naphtha fuel at their planned Joint Venture Renewable Fuel Facility to be located in or within 150 kilometres of the provincial capital, Halifax.

The proposed plant is being engineered to convert eight tonnes of dried waste per hour into approximately 32.7 million lpy of high-grade renewable fuel Cielo uses a refining process referred to as Thermal Catalytic Depolymerization, which blends waste with a chemical catalyst and low heat to change the composition of the material, producing renewable transportation diesel, jet fuel and naphtha fuel (Source: cielo, MINING.COM, 23 Mar., 2020) Contact: Cielo Waste Solutions Corp., Don Allan, Pres., CEO, (403) 348-2972 Ext. 101,,; Renewable U Halifax,

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Green-Hydrogen Plant Opens Near Fukushima, Japan (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-03-20
In Japan, a consortium including Toshiba, Tohoku Electric Power and Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) are touting completion of the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R), the world’s largest facility for green hydrogen production from renewables in Fukushima. not far from the site of the 2011 nuclear disaster.

FH2R uses a 20MW solar array, backed up by renewable power from the grid, to run a 10MW electrolyser to produce up to 100kg of hydrogen an hour. The project will be used as a test bed for mass production of green H2, with initial output directed to fuel hydrogen cars and buses in Japan, according to a release. (Source: Toshiba, Various Media, Recharge, 9 Mar., 2020) Contact: Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field,; NEDOO,

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US Expected to Add 50GW of Green Energy by 2023 (Ind. Report)
Sun Day Campaign,FERC
Date: 2020-03-20
According to Takoma Park, Maryland-based Sun Day Campaign, renewables will soon cover 25 pct of the US total electricity capacity in the US with nearly 50GW coming online within three years, based on figures published by federal energy watchdog FERC.

FERC data found that by the end of 2022, wind energy will account for 26.4GW, solar 19.973GW and natural gas 21.09GW of the nation's total electric power capacity. The FERC statistics show that net installed capacity for coal, nuclear and oil will shrivel over the next three years, with respective drops of 18,857MW, 3,391MW and 3,085MW forecast. (Source: Sun Day Campaign, FERC, 16 Mar., 2020) Contact: FERC, 202-502-6088,; Sun Day Campaign, Ken Bossong, Exec. Dir.,301-270-4291,

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South Korea Aims for Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 (Int'l. Report)
South Korea Carbon Emissions
Date: 2020-03-20
In Seoul, the South Korean government has announced plans to be the first East Asion nation to adopt a Green New Deal and deliver net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, if reelected in the upcoming legislative elections. To that end, the government would institute a carbon tax, phase out domestic and overseas coal project financing, and make large-scale investments in renewable energy.

South Korea, the world's seventh-largest carbon emitter as well as the third-largest public coal financier, is home to energy-intensive industries such as automotive and steel and likely to remain heavily dependent on climate-wrecking coal in the immediate future. (Source: Various Media, EcoBusiness, Mar., 2020)

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Ecobricks Debut in South African "Green" Bldg. (New Prod. & Tech.)
Date: 2020-03-20
In South Africa, a new custom-designed "green" building to accommodate the Cape Town offices of international professional services firm Deloitte is reportedly among the first commercial buildings in the world to use ecobricks -- recycled beverage bottles filled to constant density with a wide range of waste plastics. The project will use 12,000 ecobricks that will displace of 57 tons of concrete.

A typical ecobrick is filled with 250 small size chip packets or 56 shopping plastic bags and weighs an average of 600 grams. The plastic filled bottles are used as fillers usedEcobricks are used to fill space and reduce the amount of concrete required in non-load-bearing parts of a building. The building is designed to meet Deloitte's commitment the energy efficiecy and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. (Source: Ecobrick Exchange, Creemers Eng. News, Mar.,2020) Contact: Ecobrick Exchange, Ian Dommisse ,,; United Nations Sustainable Development,

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Southampton Airport Emissions Reductions Lauded (Int'l. Report)
Airport Carbon Accreditation
Date: 2020-03-20
In the UK, Southampton Airport reports its efforts to minimize its carbon footprint has been recognized at Level 2 Reduction of ACI's Airport Carbon Accreditation. The Airport cut its CO2 emissions per passenger by over 50 pct -- equivalent of 1,250 metric tpy -- from 2015 to 2018.

Southampton Airport is committed to be Net-Zero from operations by 2050 or sooner and has projects in the pipeline to meet its goal.(Source: Southampton Airport, Airport Carbon Accreditation, 17 Mar., 2020) Contact: ACI EUROPE, Airport Carbon Accreditation, www.aci.aer

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Pivot Energy Installing Solar on Ill. Storage Facilities (Ind Report)
Pivot Energy,Safeguard Storage Properties
Date: 2020-03-20
Denver-based solar specialist Pivot Energy reports the inking of an agreement with Safeguard Storage Properties LLC to construct solar systems totaling 1.5 MW on 14 of Safeguard's self-storage facilities in the Chicago-metro area.

The contracted installations, which will generate nearly 90 pct of Safeguard's facilities' electricity consumption, will be completed and operating by mid-summer 2020, with the remaining portfolio coming online in early Q4 2020.

To date, Pivot has completed or is currently constructing more than 30 MW of community and commercial solar capacity in Illinois. (Source: Pivot Energy, Mar., 2020) Contact: Pivot Energy, Rick Hunter, CEO, 888-734-3033,; Safeguard Storage Properties, Mark B Rinder, CEO,

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Rockwool Targets 70 pct Emissions Cut (Int'l Report)
Date: 2020-03-20
Copenhagen-headquartered global mineral wool insulation specialist Rockwool Group reports it aims to reduce the "absolute and relative intensity" of the CO2 emissions from its production in Denmark by 70 pct by 2030 -- compared to 1990 levels. The company's target aligns with the Danish government's national target. (Source: Rockwool, PR MarketScreener, 19 Mar.,2020) Rockwool Group, +45 46 56 03 00, +45 46 56 33 11 - fax,,

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Choshi Offshore Wind Farm JV Announced (Int'l. Report)
Tokyo Electric Power,Orsted
Date: 2020-03-20
Kallanish Energy is reporting Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings and Orsted A/S have formed Choshi Offshore Wind Farm KK, a joint venture company to bid in the Choshi-city offshore wind promotion area in Japan.

The joint venture is expected to bid for 1 GW of offshore wind in the Round 1 auction and possible future offshore wind project opportunities as they develop. (Source: Tokyo Electric, Orsted, Kallanish Energy, 19 Mar., 2020)Contact: Tokyo Electric Power,; Orsted, +45 99 55 97 22,

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Greenalia Commissions Spanish Woody Biomass Power Plant (Int'l.)
Date: 2020-03-20
On the Iberian Peninsula, Coruna-based Spanish electric power producer and supplier Greenalia is reporting the opening of its $135 million woody biomass plant which it touts as "the most technologically advanced plant in Spain."

The facility will use locally sourced forestry waste to supply sufficient energy for roughly 250,000 homes and prevent over 393,000 tpy of CO2 emissions when fully operational in 2021. (Source: Greenalia, Various Industry Media, Mar.,2020) Contact: Greenalia, Manuel Garcia, CEO (+34) 902 905 910,,

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ENGIE Supplying AD Sourced Biomethane to Heathrow (Int'l. Report)
ENGIE,Heathrow Airport
Date: 2020-03-20
In the UK, ENGIE is reporting an agreement under which it will supply London's Heathrow Airport with Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin Scheme (RGGOs) certified biomethane from anaerobic digestion (AD) until March 2022. The agreement builds on an existing partnership in which ENGIE supplies biomethane to the airport's Energy Centre. (Source: ENGIE, Various Media, Bioenergy Insight, 19 Mar., 2020) Contact: ENGIE,; Heathrow Airport, John Holland-Kaye, CEO, +44 0 8443 351801,

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100MW Libyan Solar Power Plant Construction Underway (Int'l Report)

Date: 2020-03-20
Construction of a 100MW solar photovoltaic power plant in the town of Kufra in south-eastern Libya is reportedly underway The project, which is contracted to an unnamed Chinese company, aligns with the General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energy's 2030 vision of exploiting alternative and clean energies, particularly solar and wind power.

In 2013, the Libyan government launched the Renewable Energy Strategic 2013-2025 Plan, which aims to achieve 7 pct renewable energy contribution to the electric energy mix before end of 2020, increasing to 10 pct by 2025. (Source: General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energy, Construction Review, 19 Mar., 2020) Contact: General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energy information presently unavailable.

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ICAO Updates Carbon Credits from Offsetting Scheme (Int'l; Report)
International Civil Aviation Organization
Date: 2020-03-20
The UN affiliated International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reports agreement on rules governing the eligibility of carbon offset programs for the initial pilot phase of the aviation industry's Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), which runs from 2021 to 2023.

Accordingly, the ICAO will allow airlines to purchase CO2 offset units from six programs under CORSIA in order to meet its emissions reduction targets up to 2023. The approved schemes include the U.N. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard. Carbon Offsets under the CORSIA mechanism are set to be established using total emissions for 2019 and 2020 as the baseline.. (Source: ICAO, GreenBiz, 18 Mar., 2020) Contact: ICAO, Secretary General Fang Liu,

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Tata Expanding Indian Solar Service Offerings (Int'l. Report)
Tata Power
Date: 2020-03-20
In India, Mumbai-based Tata Power subsidiary Tata Power Solar reports it is now offering its rooftop solar intallations and related services in 90 Indian cities. To date, the company has installed more than 375 MW of rooftop projects and 2.76 GW of utility-scale projects in 13 states. (Source: Tata Power, Various Media, 19 Mar., 2020)Contact: Tata Power Solar,

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GreenTherm RNG Program Launched in Idaho, Utah (Ind. Report)
Dominion Energy
Date: 2020-03-20
Reporting from Salt Lake City, Dominion Energy is touting its new GreenTherm renewable natural gas (RNG) program that allows customers in Idaho and Utah to purchase "blocks"of RNG at $5 each, added as a surcharge to their monthly gas bills.

Dominion Energy uses these funds to purchase "green attributes" associated with the production of RNG. A "green attribute" verifies the gas was produced and injected into the system from a renewable source. One block is equal to half a standard dekatherm of RNG. A typical Utah residential customer consumes 80 dekatherms of natural gas annually.

Under the voluntary GreenTherm program, Dominion Energy sells the RNG to customers at cost. (Source: Dominion Energy, The Pyramid, 19 Mar., 2020) Contact: Dominion Energy, Craig Wagstaff, Senior VP , GM, , (877) 250-0037,,

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Vietnam Legislation Aimed at Fighting Climate Change (Int'l.)
Date: 2020-03-20
In Hanoi, the government of Vietnam reports the introduction of legislation to reduce the country of 98,000 resident's reliance on coal and advance its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, as per the Paris Climate Accord.

The four-pronged legislation includes; cap and trade; a ban on chemicals that destroy the ozone; corporate emission reporting rules; and a database of both emissions and the measures to decrease them. The legislation includes measures to decrease emissions by focusing on reforestation, creating a domestic carbon credit market, and drastically cut coal consumption which presently generates almost one-third of the country's electric power -- figure projected to increase by five times by 2030. (Source: Various Media, VOA Khymer, 19 Mar., 2020)

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Renewable Fuels Coalition Urges EPA to NOT Appeal Court "Hardship" Waiver Decision (Ind. Report, Reg. & Leg.)
American Coalition for Ethanol
Date: 2020-03-20
With the need for a decision only days away, the Renewable Fuels Association, National Corn Growers Association, American Coalition for Ethanol and National Farmers Union -- the coalition that scored a unanimous court decision against the U.S. EPA -- is now calling for the agency to not appeal the decision.

The coalition took the EPA to court and won over several "hardship" exemptions the EPA granted to small refineries, releasing them from their renewable fuel obligations in 2016 and 2017. The Trump Administration sought and secured an extension of the appeal deadline until Tuesday, March 24, this year.

"With the renewable fuels industry reeling from coronavirus, trade disputes and small refinery exemptions, now is certainly not the time for the Trump administration to take any action that would cause further pain for ethanol producers or the farmers that supply them. The best thing they could do to support our industry and keep ethanol plants open is to announce immediately that they will not appeal," the coalition wrote.

As previously noted, "hardship waivers" were intended for refineries producing 75,000 bpd or less and suffered "disproportionate economic hardship" from the costs of RFS compliance. The waiver frees the refineries from an obligation to provide the EPA with biofuels credits proving compliance. Under the now vanquished administrator Greg Pruitt's direction, the EPA handed out 54 exemptions over two years and not a single request for an exemption was denied.Under the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, the nation's oil refineries are required to blend billions of gallons of biofuels such as ethanol into the fuel or buy credits from those that do. But the EPA can waive their obligations if they prove compliance would cause them financial distress. (Source: American Coalition for Ethanol , Various Trade Media, 18 March 2020) Contact: U.S. Grains Council, Tom Sleight, Pres., (202) 789-0789, (202) 898-0522,; Renewable Fuels Association, Geoff Cooper, (202) 289-3835,; American Coalition for Ethanol, Brian Jennings, CEO, (605) 334-3381 ext. 3389,

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UK OK's Europe's Largest Battery Energy Storage Project (Int'l. Report)
Penso Power
Date: 2020-03-20
In the UK, London-based Energy storage developer Penso Power reports receipt of the necessary approvals for a 150MW battery energy storage installation near Swindon, south-west England, the largest project of its kind in Europe. The first 100MW phase of Minety project will enter operation later this year with the remaining 50MW going live in 2021.

Penso Power has also inked an offtake agreement with Shell Energy Europe for the project's original 100MW. G2 Energy is the project's principal contractor. Sungrow is supplying the battery storage system which uses lithium ion cells from Samsung and CATL. (Source: Penso Power, renews, 19 Mar., 2020) Contact: Penso Power Ltd., Richard Thwaites, CEO,,

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Algeria Stiffens Residential Energy Efficiency Policy (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-03-20
In oil soaked Algeria, the building sector is one of the major energy consumers. Oil industry aside, it accounts for 42 pct of end-user energy consumption, of which 35 pct in the residential sector and pct 7 pct in the services sector. Transport is close behind with 35 pct followed by industry at 16 pct The building sector therefore is one of the Algerian government's priority target areas for energy efficiency .

Algeria's national energy efficiency programme for buildings and construction cover: thermal insulation of buildings, thermal renovation, the fitting of household solar water heaters, distribution of LED light bulbs at discounted prices, appliance energy consumption and efficiency labeling and other programs and initiatives. (Source: Algeria Energy Ministry, Econostrum, 19 Mar., 2020)

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Canadian Fed-Prov. Carbon Tax Case Postponed (Ind Report)
Carbon Tax
Date: 2020-03-18
Following-up on our Aug. 30, 2019 report, the Canadian Supreme Court in Ottawa has postponed hearing challenges to the Canadian federal government's carbon tax and several other cases, until June at the earliest. The postponement was blamed squarely on the shoulders of the rampaging spreading COVID-19 crisis.

The top courts in Ontario and Saskatchewan rejected arguments by those provinces that the federal government lacks constitutional authority to impose a carbon tax in provinces that don't impose a carbon price that meets federal standards. The same provinces have appealed the provincial court rulings to the Supreme Court. ((Source: Various Media, Cdn Press, 17 Mar., 2020)

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OFB Opposes Ore. Carbon Exec. Order (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Date: 2020-03-18
In the Beaver State, the Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) submitted the following comments on Democratic Gov. Kate Brown's executive order concerning state actions to aggressively lower greenhouse gas emissions: "Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) is strongly opposed to the new carbon regulation outlined in the Governor Brown's sweeping executive order issued on Tuesday. The executive order is designed to implement caps on emissions from transportation fuels, natural gas, and large industrial sources, as well as ramp up the state's already ambitious Clean Fuels Program.

"OFB has consistently engaged around carbon policy in our state for the past decade, and we have shared our concerns about the impacts of the cost increases associated with past proposals for the past several years. Instead of addressing those concerns, we believe the approach in the executive order will be even more detrimental to rural communities than any of the previous cap-and-trade proposals. The cost increases on communities associated with this proposal will be astronomical.

"In addition, the governor has issued this executive order knowing that the rules adopted pursuant to it will face significant legal challenges. A similar effort in Washington state resulted in years of costly litigation, with limited results.

"The executive order also hands over unprecedented levels of power to un-elected bureaucrats who will have the authority to regulate virtually every sector of our state's economy, including input costs on farms and ranches. As we read it, state agencies are directed to advance rules to drive up the cost everyday necessities for Oregon farmers, including gasoline and diesel and basic utilities like natural gas and propane.

"New mandates directed at in-state food processors will add additional costs to being located in Oregon. This will certainly drive down Oregon's (carbon) footprint because these businesses will be incentivized to leave the state -- taking local jobs and tax revenue with them.

"Oregon farmers and ranchers are already doing our part to sequester carbon and reduce our environmental footprint. This executive order will not make a meaningful difference in combating global climate change, will cost the state millions to defend in court, and will have an immediate and severe impact on Oregon's rural communities. We strongly urge Governor Brown to reconsider this approach." (Source: Oregon Farm Bureau On Line, St. Helens Chronicle, 14 Mar, 2020) Contact: Office of Gov. Kate Brown, (503) 378-4582,[endlink; Oregon Farm Bureau, (503) 339-1701, [starrtlink]

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Canadian Farmers Hammered by Carbon Tax, Survey Finds (Ind. Report)
Carbon Tax,Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Date: 2020-03-18
A recently released report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has found that 82 pct of Canadian farmers say the federal carbon tax is negatively impacting their business. On average, farmers estimate they will pay almost $14,000 in federal carbon taxes in the first year it applies to them -- April 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2020). The report also found:
  • 78 pct of Canadian farmers have taken action in the last several years to lessen their environmental impact;
  • 93 pct of farmers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario agree the federal government should not charge GST (five per cent sales tax) on the federal carbon tax as it currently does;
  • Farmers cannot pass the federal carbon tax costs on to their customers, despite the government's assurances: 83 pct of farmers in the field crop sector said they would be able to pass on less than 10 pct of the federal carbon tax costs to customers between April 1st, 2019 and March 31st, 2020. Over 78 pct of these farmers will have to absorb the entire cost. (Source: CFIB, Weyburn Review, 26 Feb., 2020) Contact: CFIB, Marilyn Braun-Pollon, VP Western Canada and Ari-Business, 416-222-8022, 844-242-4400, 416-222-4337 - fax,

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  • CNG Market - The Alternative Option for Conventional Fossil Fuel Report (Ind Report Offered)

    Date: 2020-03-18
    According to CNG Market - The Alternative Option for Conventional Fossil Fuel Report , a new report from Allied Market research, the global compressed natural gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel market is projected to reach $36,035 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 14.1 pct from 2017 to 2023 and in 2016 was valued at $14,842 million. CNG is one of the most commonly used fuel in heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

    Key Findings of the Compressed Natural Gas Market:

  • The unconventional sources market is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 6.3 pct in terms of volume during the forecast period.

  • The medium duty/heavy duty trucks end user segment is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR of 14.0 pct from 2017 to 2023.

  • North America is expected to show highest growth rate in terms of revenue with a CAGR of 14.5 pct.

  • China is one of the major countries in the market and is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 14.4 pct by value in Asia-Pacific region.

  • The non-associated gas segment accounted for more than half of the market share in 2016, and is anticipated to grow at the significant CAGR of 6.1 pct by volume.

  • The Asia-Pacific and Europe region collectively accounted for approximately 75 pct of the global market share by revenue in 2016.

    Emerging economies such as China, India, Pakistan, and Argentina are estimated to dominate the market for the coming years.

    Major companies profiled in this report are National Iranian Gas Company, Indraprastha Gas Limited, Trillium CNG, Gazprom, NEOgas Inc., Trillium CNG, China Natural Gas Inc., Pakistan State Oil, J-W Power Company, and GNVert.

    Access report details HERE. Download Sample PDF HERE Report purchase details HERE (Source: Allied Analytics LLP, 17 Mar., 2020) Contact: David Correa, +1-800-792-5285, +1-503-894-6022, +1-503-446-1141,

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  • Harrisonburg Launches 50by25 Renewables Campaign (Ind. Report)
    Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-03-18
    In the Old Dominion State, the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia (pop. 50,000 +-) reports the launch of the "50by25" Campaign. More than 150 US cities presently participate in the initiate that calls for 50 pct renewable energy by 2025 rising to 100 pct renewable energy by 2030. The 50by25 Harrisonburg campaign calls for:
  • the Harrisonburg Electric Commission utility to provide 50 pct renewable energy, including solar and wind, to the electric grid by 2025 and 100 pct by 2030.

  • all city schools and municipal building to increase enertgy efficiency by 25 pcy by 2025;

  • the creation of weatherization and energy efficiency incentive to reduce energy costs for residential and commercial properties.

    Over 900 community members including individuals, businesses, and civic organizations presently support the campaign. (Source: City of Harrisonburg, Augusta Free Press, Mar., 2020) Contact: City of Harrisonburg, 540-432-7701,; 50by25 Harrisonburg,; Harrisonburg Electric Commission, 540-434-5361,

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  • ITOCHU Invests in Midwestern Renewables Power Plants (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-03-18
    Tokyo-based ITOCHU Corporation and Kansas-based Tyr Energy, Inc. are reporting an agreement to provide equity financing to Minnetota-based Aspenall Energies' Kimball Wind and South Fork Wind projects. The fully operational projects are located in Nebraska and Minnesota and have a combined nameplate capacity of 43 MW.

    The Projects consist of eighteen towers utilizing General Electric's 2 MW class onshore wind turbine platform. Commercial operation was achieved in December of 2016 for South Fork Wind and in June of 2018 for Kimball Wind. Together, the Projects produce enough electricity to power approximately 16,000 US households and have 20-year offtake agreements with Iowa-based Muscatine Power & Water and the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, respectively.

    ITOCHU has an ownership interest in 15 power generation projects in the United States through its wholly owned subsidiary, Tyr Energy Inc. and offers O&M services through its wholly owned subsidiary, NAES Corporation. (Source: ITOCHU, 17 Mar., 2020) Contact: ITOCHU,; Tyre Energy,; Aspenall,

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    C-PACE Energy Efficiency Funding in Latimer County, CO (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-03-18
    In Colorado, the Larimer County Assessor's Office is reporting the availability of Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Colorado C-PACE program for older commercial structures.

    The C-PACE program allows building owners to finance qualifying energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements via a voluntary assessment on their property tax bill. (Source: Larimer County Assessor Office, North Forty,C-PACE, Mar., 2020) Contact: Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy [C-PACE] , Bob Overbeck, [970] 498-7050,, Tracy Phillips, Colorado C-PACE Program Director, [720] 933-8143,,; C-PACE Alliance, Cliff Kellogg (202) 744-1984,,

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    BayWa Creates Solar Training Scholarship Fund (Int'l Report)
    BayWa r.e. Solar Systems ,Solar Energy International
    Date: 2020-03-18
    German renewable energy specialist BayWa r.e. Solar Systems LLC reports it is partnering with Solar Energy International (SEI) to create a $10,000 scholarship fund for solar training tuition fees for SEI students.

    The BayWa r.e. Scholarship Fund will contribute 100 pct of tuition fees to nine future solar professionals who will receive training via SEI's PV101, PV203 and/or PV201L/PV301L classes and lab(s). (Source: BayWa r.e., Solar Systems, Mar., 2020) Contact: BayWa r.e. Solar Systems, Christine Owens, VP Marketing ,; Solar Energy International, 970-527-7657,

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    Notable Quotes on Antarctic, Greenland Ice Losses
    Climate Change
    Date: 2020-03-18
    "If Antarctica and Greenland continue to track the worst-case climate warming scenario, they will cause an extra 17 centimetres of sea level rise by the end of the century. This would mean 400 million people are at risk at annual coastal flooding by 2100. These are not unlikely events with small impacts; they are already underway and will be devastating for coastal communities." -- Prof. Andrew Shepherd, University of Leeds,,

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    ESA Reports Staggering Greenland, Antarctic Ice Loses (Int'l.)
    European Space Agency
    Date: 2020-03-18
    According to the European Space Agency (ESA), Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice six times faster than in the 1990s -- currently on track with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) worst-case climate warming scenario.

    ESA findings show Greenland and Antarctica lost 6.4 trillion tonnes of ice between 1992 and 2017 -- pushing global sea levels up by 17.8 millimetres. Of the total sea level rise coming from melting polar ice sheets, around 60 pct (10.6 millimetres) was due to Greenland ice losses and 40 pct was due to Antarctica (7.2 millimetres). In just 6 month, the loss of ice from 81 billion tpy in the 1990s to 475 billion tpy in the 2010s. This means that polar ice sheets are now responsible for a third of all sea level rise. (Source: European Space Agency Website, 13 Mar., 2020) Contact: European Space Agency,

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    Wind Powers Record UK Renewable Output (Int'l. Report)
    UK Wind
    Date: 2020-03-18
    In the UK, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)is reporting renewable electricity generation increased 16 pct year-on-year in the third quarter of 2019.

    The increase is partially due to the startup of HornSea One, the world's largest offshore wind project with 174 turbines. The rapid increase in capacity meant that renewable output overtook the share of generation from gas for the first time, setting a new record and providing a commercial basis for more investment.

    "Wind remains the principal source of renewable generation. For the first time offshore wind had a larger share of renewable generation than onshore wind with 25.1 pct and 23.7 pct respectively," according to a BEIS statement. (Source: UK BEIS, BreakBulk, 16 Mar., 2020)Contact: BEIS, +44 0 20 7215 5000,,

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    French Ethanol Plant Switches to Alcohol for Disinfectants (Int'l)
    Cristal Union
    Date: 2020-03-18
    Aube-France-headquartered sugar group Cristal Union reports it will stop producing ethanol biofuel at its Arcis sur Aube distillery and switch to alcohol as global demand for disinfectants to counter a fast-spreading coronavirus grows.

    The Arcis sur Aube facility in northeastern Franc , has a capacity of 250,000 cubic mpy. Cristal Union will continue to produce bioethanol fuel at Cristanol, another major distillery, but in smaller proportions, according to the release. (Source: Cristal Union, Reuters, 17 Mar., 2020) Contact: Cristal Union,

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    PTG Energy Increased Palm-Oil Biodiesel Investment (Int'l Report)
    PTG Energy
    Date: 2020-03-18
    In Bangkok, Thailand's largest transportation fuel distributor PTG Energy reports it will invest an additional $15.4 million its PPP Green Complex, a palm cooking oil and biodiesel plant in Prachuap Khiri Khan. (Source: PTG Energy, PR, Mar., 2020) Contact: PTE Energy, 0 2168 3377, +66 0 2168 3388, +66 0 2168 3379, 0 2168 3389 - fax,

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    DEWA Claims $353.9Mn in Energy-Energy Efficiency Savings (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-03-18
    In the UAE, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has posted cumulative energy-energy efficiency savings of 2.2TWh of electricity and 7.8 billion gallons of water between 2009 and 2019 -- equivalent to $353.9 million in cost reductions, and 1.136 million tonnes of carbon emissions. The savings equate to an annual electricity consumption from approximately 327,000 apartments and annual water consumption of 250,000 apartments, DEWA stated on its website.

    The savings are in line with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 to provide 75 pct of Dubai's total power output from clean energy by 2050 and cutting emissions by 16 pct in 2021.

    DEWA also reports its Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad ESCO) will retrofit more than 30,000 buildings in Dubai by 2030 to make them energy-efficient. (Source: DEWA, Construction Week, 17 Mar., 2020) Contact: DEWA,

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