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DTE Plans Doubling Renewable Power by 2022 (Ind. Report)
DTE Energy
Date: 2018-04-02
Jackson-based DTE Energy, Michigan's largest utility reports its latest plans to comply with Michigan's renewable energy portfolio standards include a doubling renewable energy production from 1,000 to 2,000 megawatts annually, primarily from wind power.

DTE plans to bring two wind energy projects that are already in the works online by 2019, and build two more that will go online by 2022. The company also plans to invest in another 300 megawatts of wind energy capacity to serve businesses that want to participate in a voluntary green energy program. (Source: DTE, Michigan NPR, 30 Mar., 2018) Contact: DTE Energy, Irene Dimitry, VP Business Planning & Development, David Harwood, Renewable Energy Dir.,

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Equis Energy Commissions 135MW Indian Solar Project (Int'l.)
Equis Energy, Solar Energy Corporation of India
Date: 2018-04-02
Singapore-headquartered renewable energy developer Equis Energy is reporting commissioning of a 135MW solar farm in Bagalkot District in the Indian state of Karnataka. The project, the company's largest, has a generation output of approximately 224,000MWh per year supplying power to the equivalent of around 200,000 homes.

Equis has 897MW of solar and wind assets under operation, construction and advanced development in India, with 1,330MW of utility-scale solar and wind projects in development and expected to become operational within the next five years. (Source: Equis Energy, PVTech, 29 Mar., 2018) 29 March 2018) Contact: Equis Energy, +65 6950 0530,,; Solar Energy Corporation of India,

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ASTM Approves GEVO Additional Route to STJ Fuel (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-04-02
Englewood, Colorado-based ethanol and isobutanol producer GEVO, Inc. is reporting an ASTM International Sub-Committee last week voted in favor of revising specification Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons (D7566) to include ethanol in addition to isobutanol and to increase the approved blend levels from 30 pct to 50 pct alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ) when blended with petro-based jet fuel. These revisions will now go to the full ASTM International for final approval which is expected later this year.

GEVO's proprietary technology uses a combination of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering to focus primarily on the production of isobutanol, as well as related products from renewable feedstocks. The company aims to commercialize bio-based alternatives to petroleum-based products. The company produces isobutanol, ethanol and high-value animal feed at its fermentation plant in Luverne, MN. GEVO has also developed technology to produce hydrocarbon products from renewable alcohols. Gevo currently operates a biorefinery in Silsbee, TX, in collaboration with South Hampton Resources Inc., to produce renewable jet fuel, octane, and ingredients for plastics like polyester. (Source: GEVO, StreetInsider, 2 April, 2018) Contact: GEVO, Pat Gruber, CEO, (303) 858-3358,,; ASTM International, (610) 832-9585, (877) 909-2782,

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NRCAN Launching Building Energy Star Certification (Ind. Report)
Natural Resources Canada,NRCAN
Date: 2018-04-02
In Ottawa, the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources (NRCAN) Hon. Jim Carr, reports Canada is launching an Energy Star certification for Canadian commercial and institutional buildings. The program is intended as a resource to help building owners and managers manage their energy consumption, increase energy efficiency and building energy performance, reduce costs and cut carbon emissions.

To kick-start the initiative, the government has launched a "Who Will Be the First?” challenge that recognizes the first to be certified under the program . (Source: Natural Resource Canada, Business Chief, Mar., 2018) Contact: Natural Resources Canada, (343) 292-6100,

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Kankakee County Illinois Solar Farm Project Announced (Ind. Report)
Fields of Opportunity & Ornamental Land Structures
Date: 2018-04-02
In Illinois, China-based Fields of Opportunity & Ornamental Land Structures Company reports construction of a proposed $4.01-billion, 777-acre solar farm in Momence and St. Anne townships, Kankakee County, could be underway this spring. The company has solar- and wind-based farms in China, Germany and Switzerland, as well as pending developments in Russia and Iceland.

The farm could incorporate as many as 123, 6-foot-by-3-foot panels per acre and upwards of upward of 95,500 panels. (Source: Fields of Opportunity & Ornamental Land Structures, Daily Journal 30 Mar., 2019)Contact: Fields of Opportunity & Ornamental Land Structures, Contact information not presently available.

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The Donald's North Sea Nemesis Wind Farm Underway (Int'l)
Vattenfall,European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre
Date: 2018-04-02
The Scottish Sun is reporting work is well underway on an 11-turbine, £300 million offshore wind farm next to Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire golf course, despite the Donald's unending tweets and protests.

Before losing a judgment in the Supreme Court in 2015, the Trump Organization insisted several of planning conditions associated with the project had yet to be fully satisfied and that it would be lodging formal objections with Marine Scotland, as well as pursuing additional remedies before the European courts if necessary.

According to a Tump spokesperson, "We remind those who care about this coastline that the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) was promoted as an experimental test station, and after more than 10 years of floundering through the planning process, the technology behind the scheme is exceptionally outdated." (Source: Scottish Sun, 31 Mar., 2018) Contact: Vattenfall Innovation, Daniel Hustadt, Proj. Manager Gunnar Groebler, VP Wind Energy, Magnus Hall, CEO, Pres, +46 8 739 5000,; EOWDC, Aberdeen Renewables, Adam Ezzamel, Project Director, +44 (0) 1224 522104,

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Falson, Fred.Olsen Windcarrier Partner on US Offshore Wind (Int'l)
Fred.Olsen, Falcon Global
Date: 2018-04-02
Seacor Marine Holdings subsidiary Falcon Global, and Fred. Olsen Windcarrier GmbH report they are partnering to operate offshore wind installation and feeder vessels for the US offshore wind market.

The combination of Fred. Olsen Windcarrier's fleet of Wind Turbine Installation vessels and the Flacon Global fleet will create a marine spread capable of installing the largest turbines in the market. The Falcon Global vessels will form a feeder-solution of up to four vessels depending on installation parameters. Falcon Global vessels and Fred. Olsen Windcarrier installed the five turbine Block Island project in 2016, the first offshore wind farm in the US. (Source: Falcon Global, Marine Link, 31 Mar., 2018) Contact: Falson Global, SEACOR Marine Holdings Inc., John Gellert, President and CEO,; Fred.Olsen Windcarrier, Ketil Arvesen, VP, +49 173 284 4919,

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Etihad Airways Cuts Carbon Emissions in 2017 (Int'l. Report)
Etihad Aviation
Date: 2018-04-02
Abu Dhabi, UEA-based Etihad Airways is reporting the elimination of approximately 195,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2017, thanks to numerous improvements aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies, cutting fuel consumption, and flight plan adjustments. The 3.3 pct drop in emissions is tequivalent to 850 flights between Abu Dhabi and London.

The 2017 flight plan adjustments across the network reduced approximately 900 hours of flying time, leading to a saving of 5,400 tonnes of fuel and eliminating approximately 17,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Last year, Etihad Airways also retired several older aircraft in favour of the fuel efficient Boeing 787. (Source: Etihad Aviation, PR, Zawya, 1 April, 2018) Contact: Etihad Aviation Group, Corporate Affairs, +971 50 818 9596,,,

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Ricoh Earns Third ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-04-02
Malvern, Penna.-headquartered Ricoh USA, Inc. reports for the third consecutive year, the U.S. EPA has awarded Ricoh with its ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award. Ricoh also won the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award for continued leadership and superior contributions to the program.

Ricoh, an ENERGY STAR partner for imaging equipment since its inception, is being recognized for: technology services in support of ENERGY STAR; assisting ENERGY STAR product specification development; challenged all employees to take the ENERGY STAR pledge; external outreach -- customers and commitment to continued progress -- Ricoh has committed to reducing the total lifecycle CO2 emissions of the Ricoh Group from year-2000 levels by 30 pct by 2020 and by 87.5 pct by 2050.

In 2016 alone, ENERGY STAR certified products, homes, buildings and plants helped Americans save over $30 billion in energy costs and approximately 400 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, while achieving broad emissions reductions. (Source: Ricoh, Energy Star, PR, 2 April, 2018) Contact: ENERGY STAR,; Ricoh USA, John Greco, (973) 882-2023,,

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JV Confirms Rotterdam Waste-to-Fuel Project (Int'l., Report)

Date: 2018-04-02
A consortium of companies including Paris-based Air LIquide, Amsterdam's AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, and Enerkem Inc. of Montreal, Canada, and the Port of Rotterdam are confirming a development agreement covering initial investments in a non-recyclable advanced waste-to-chemistry facility in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

An initial €9-million investment will cover engineering, the setup up of a dedicated joint venture (JV) and completing the permitting process. The €200 facility will convert up to 360,000 tpy of waste into 220,000 tons of methanol using Enerkem's bubbling fluidized-bed gasification technology, and will convert non-recyclable mixed waste, including plastics, into syngas for the production of methanol. a (Source: Enerkem, Others, Chemical Engineering, 1 April, 2018) Contact: Enerkem Inc. Vincent Chornet, Pres., CEO, (514) 875-0284 X 251,,; AkzoNobel, Peter Nieuwenhuizen, Dir. of Innovation, +31 88 969 7833,; Air Liquide, Chet Benham, VP Advanced Technologies, (781) 491-0807,; Port of Rotterdam,

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Indian Oil Co. Building Waste-to-Ethanol Capacity (Int'l. Report)
Indian Oil Corp
Date: 2018-04-02
In New Delhi, India's biggest oil firm, Indian Oil Corp. reports it plans to invest about Rs 1.43 lakh crore (approx. $22 billion) to nearly double its oil refining capacity to 150 million tpy as part of a larger initiative to axpand into petrochemicals and alternative fuels.

IOC, which owns and operates 11 of the country's 23 refineries, is establishing a new ethanol from refinery off-gases production unit at its Panipat refinery, as well as an agricultural waste-to-ethanol facility. India is targeting blending of up to 10 pct (E10) ethanol with petrol to cut reliance on imports to meet oil needs. (Source: Indian Oil Corp PTI, Money Control, 31 Mar., 2018) Contact: Indian Oil Corp.,

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Notable Quote
Catherine McKenna, Canada Environment and Climate Change Minister
Date: 2018-04-02
"I have no time for folks who are like, you know, 'We shouldn’t take action.' I don't have time for politicians that play cynical games about climate action." -- The Hon. Catherine McKenna, Canada Environment and Climate Change Minister, Mar., 2018. Contact: Catherine McKenna, Canada Environment and Climate Change Minister,

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Indian Ag Waste-to-Ethanol Demo Touts Success (Int'l, Report)
DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences
Date: 2018-04-02
In Mumbai, Indian scientists under the leadership of Prof. Arvind Lali from the DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences are touting the successful operation of the country's first agricultural waste-to-ethanol demonstration facility in the town of Kashipur in Uttarakhand.

The plant processes as much as 10 tpd of agricultural waste in a single day using a pre-treatment phase that converted the waste into a form that was more digestible by microbial enzymes which can be reused for over 50 cycles. (Source: DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences, The Hindu, 1 April, 2018)Contact: DBT-ICT Centre for Energy Biosciences, Prof. Arvind Lali, +91 22 2414 5616,

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EBRD Lending €5.1Mn for Bosnian Energy Efficiency Measures (Int'l)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Date: 2018-04-02
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has reportedly a €5.1 million loan to Sarjavo-based microfinance organization MKF Partner to support residential energy efficiency measures.

The loan has been made through the EBRD's €85 million Green Economy Financing Facility for the Western Balkans, according to an MKF Partner statement. The funds will be lent to individuals, residents' associations, suppliers of green energy and others to finance thermal insulation of buildings, replacement of windows and doors, purchase of pellet and biomass boilers, solar collectors, heat pumps, economical lighting and other energy efficiency measures.

MKF Partner is an active lender to micro and small enterprises in Bosnia.

The EBRD has invested over €2.1 billion in more than 150 projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina to date. (Source: European Parliament, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2 April, 2018) Contact: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, +44 (0) 207 338 6000,; MKF Partner,

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ASU, Phoenix Partner in Bloomberg Climate Change Challenge (Ind. Report)
Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Mayors Challenge
Date: 2018-04-02
In Arizona, the State Press is reporting Arizona State University and the city of Phoenix are partnering in the Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Mayors Challenge, a national competition to find solutions to climate change and other common issues. As part of the competition, Arizona State University id developing the "HeatReady" program to enable local governments to analyze and prepare for climate change and related intense heat.

Phoenix was chosen among 34 other cities to compete in the innovation competition, and was awarded $100,000 from Bloomberg Philanthropies to continue developing its program. In October, one city will be awarded $5 million and four others $1 million as part of the competition. (Source: Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Mayors Challenge, ASU, State Press,, 31 Mar., 2018) Contact: Bloomberg Philanthropies 2018 Mayors Challenge,

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Dandelion Geothermal Increases Funding to $6.5Mn (Funding)
Dandelion Geothermal
Date: 2018-04-02
In the Empire State, residential geothermal startup Dandelion Geothermal reports it raised another $4.5 million to bring total funding to $6.5 million.

Dandelion markets geothermal heating and cooling to displace electric and fossil fuel-based systems, including propane and fuel oil common in the northeast. The company has around 70 contracts signed, and dozens of those systems have already been installed, according to the company. (Source: Dandelion Geothermal, Axios, 27 Mar., 2018) Contact: Dandelion Geothermal,,

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Vermont's Green Lantern Group Plans First Solar Project (Ind. Report)
Green Lantern Group
Date: 2018-04-02
Waterbury, Vermont-based Green Lantern Group reports it plans to construct a 1-acre, 150 kilowatt solar array in the town of Castleton, Vermont. The planned solar array , which could save the town of Castleton approximately $5,400 per year in energy costs, hopes to be fully permitted by July. (Source: Green Lantern Group, Rutland Herald, 1 April, 2018) Contact: Green Lantern Group, (802) 244-1658,,

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Orkney Islands Energy Efficiency Funding Announced (Int'l Report)
Orkney Islands Council
Date: 2018-04-02
In Scotland, the Orkney Islands Council (OIC) reports the availability of almost £3 million in funding for new heating, residential insulation and energy efficiency projects. The available £3 million includes £1.5 million from the National Grid -- with OIC one of only four organizations in Scotland to win funding of this kind.

The OIC was also received £1.4 million for 2017-2018 from the Scottish Government's Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland: Area Based Schemes. More than 140 households have signed up to the 2017/18 programme. An additional £1 million in residential insulation funding is expected over 2018/19. (Source: Orkney Islands Council, The Orcadiam, 1 April, 2018) Contact: Orkney Islands Council,

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Sweden Launchs Eco-friendly Aviation Carbon Tax (Int'l Report)
Carbon Tax,Sweden
Date: 2018-04-02
In Stockholm, Sweden's Ministry of the Environment and Energy is reporting the introduction of a new aviation tax on all passenger flights departing the country. The tax is intended to "minimize the carbon footprint of flights following a sharp increase in air travel", according to the Ministery announcement.

All flights departing Swedish airports will have an added charge of between 60 to 400 krona ($7 to $49) depending on the destination. The tax will apply to everyone except babes in arms, flight crews, passengers stopping over without changing planes and -- in some circumstances -- those in transit to take another flight. A recent survey found that over half of all Swedes favoured the new tax. (Source: Sweden Ministry of the Environment and Energy, AFP, April, 2018)Contact: Sweden Ministry of the Environment and Energy, +46 8 405 10 00,

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Primus Power Confirms Chinese Energy Storage Installation (Ind. Report)
Primus Power,Goldwind
Date: 2018-04-02
San Francisco-based stationary energy storage specialist Primus Power is reporting installation of its new long-life sustainable battery energy storage system at the Beijing campus of Etechwin, the microgrid subsidiary of Chinese wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind.

Primus' EnergyPod2, a second generation long-duration, fade-free flow battery system with five hour discharge and 20-year life span delivers a total cost of ownership up to 50 pct less than conventional lithium-ion battery systems, the company says. (Source: Primus Power, Xinhua, 2 April, 2018) Contact: Primus Power, Tom Stepien, CEO, (510) 342-7600,; Goldwind, Etechwin,

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Bay State Farms Awarded Climate Change Mitigation Funding (Funding)
Agricultural Climate Resiliency and Efficiencies
Date: 2018-04-02
In the Bay State, three farms have been awarded a total of $87,900 in grant funding under the new Massachusetts Agricultural Climate Resiliency and Efficiencies (ACRE) Program.

The ACRE program lays out a comprehensive approach to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard residents, municipalities and businesses from the impacts of climate change, and build a more resilient commonwealth. The ACRE program funds materials and labor for the implementation of practices that work toward improving soil health, reducing GHG emissions and sequestering carbon. As impacts to farms are expected to result from more frequent and severe storm events, increased precipitation, followed by periods of drought, higher overall temperature and increased evaporation rates, the program also offers incentives for agricultural operations to proactively address risks and strengthen their economic and environmental resiliency as they adapt to the changing climate. Proposals that address both mitigation and adaptation in their proposals are prioritized in funding. (Source: Mass. Agricultural Climate Resiliency and Efficiencies Program, Athol Daily News, 2 April, 2018) Contact: Mass. Agricultural Climate Resiliency and Efficiencies Program,{

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China Threatens Retaliatory Tariffs on US Ethanol Imports (Int'l)
Date: 2018-03-30
It is being widely reported that China is threatening to impose extra tariffs on imported ethanol and 27 other products from the US, following President Donald Trump's protectionist tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Chinese ethanol tariff would bring the total tariff on US ethanol imports to 45 pct, following a 30 pct tariff imposed by China in January 2017. The hike could virtually end US biofuel exports to China which is trying to increase its domestic ethanol production as it readies itself for a national policy requiring petrol to comprise 10 pct ethanol (E10) starting in 2020 -- a move aimed at assisting its wider efforts to reduce air pollution and GHG emissions. , China produced more than 1 billion gallons of ethanol in 2016, according to USDA data. (Source: Renewable News, NewsBase, Various Others, 29 Mar., 2018)

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Vestas Scores Jordanian EPC Wind Turbine Contract (Int'l Report)
Date: 2018-03-30
Danish wind turbine giant Vestas reports it has secured an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract from Shobak Wind Energy for the 45MW Al Shobak wind farm in Jordan. The project will incorporate 13 V136-3.45MW turbines.

Vestas will supply, transport, install and commission the hardware, as well as provide operations and maintenance for five years. Delivery is slated for Q2, 2019, for commissioning by the year end. Shobak Wind Energy is a subsidiary of Dubai-based Alcazar Energy. (Source: Vestas, 29 Mar., 2018) Alcazar Energy, +962 6 461 4005,; Vestas, +45 9730 0000,

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Chinese Carbon Market Boosts Emissions Controls (Int'l Report)
China,Carbon Emissions
Date: 2018-03-30
In Shanghai, the Chinese news agency Xinhua is quoting the country's climate change specialist Xie Zhenhua as saying China's carbon trading system enabled the country to reach its 2020 carbon emissions target 3 years ahead of schedule in 2017. According to Xie Zhenhua, China cut its CO2 emissions per unit of GDP by 46 pct from the 2005 level, fulfilling its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 to 45 percent from the 2005 level by 2020.

From 2005 to 2015, China's economy grew by 1.48 times, and at the same time, the carbon intensity dropped by 38.6 pct. In 2016, the rate continued to fall by 6.6 pct year on year. Under the Paris Agreement, China will have to cut CO2 per unit of GDP by 60-65 pct by 2030 from the 2005 level.

China's carbon emissions trading system was initiated in 2011 and includes power generation, iron and steel production and cement manufacturing sectors in seven provinces and municipalities including Shanghai, Xie said. To date, 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions quotas had been transacted via the platform by the end of 2017, with total turnover hitting 4.7 billion yuan (751 million U.S. dollars). The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) launched a nationwide carbon emissions trading system in the power generation industry in December last year. Under the scheme, enterprises are assigned emissions quotas and those producing more than their share of emissions are allowed to buy unused quotas on the market from those that cause less pollution. (Source: NDRC, Xinhua, 27 Mar., 2018)Contact: China National Development and Reform Commission,

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Siemens Gamesa Reports 52.3MW in New German Turbine Orders (Int'l)
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
Date: 2018-03-30
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) reports receipt of five wind turbine orders totaling 52.3MW from Kiel, Germany-based developer Getproject, WIND-projekt in Borgerende, and Bremen-based operator Energiekontor AG.

SiemensGamesa is supplying new SG 2.1-114 type turbines and will provide service and maintenance over a period of 20 years. Siemens Gamesa currently has approximately 1,700 onshore wind turbines totaling 2.2GW capacity in operation in Germany. (Source: SiemensGamesa Renewable Energy , PR, 28 Mar., 2018) Contact: SiemensGamesa Renewable Energy,; Getproject,,; WIND-projekt, +49 38203 91260,,; Energiekontor AG,

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Saskatchewan Challenges Trudeau's Fed Carbon Tax (Reg & Leg)
Date: 2018-03-30
In Regina, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe reports his province will resort to the courts in its fight with the Trudeau government's carbon tax. The province questions the federal government can force a provincial government to slap a carbon tax on gasoline.

Saskatchewan is the only province that has not adopted a carbon tax voluntarily. Because it has resisted the levy, the Trudeau government is imposing a tax of $10 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions -- which adds up to roughly 10 cents per liter of gasoline.

The premier has also accused the Trudeau government of hiding its carbon tax in the federal budget that was released last month. The document lists the carbon tax as one of the federal government's environmental initiatives. (Source: Saskatchewan CBC, Various Others, April, 2018)

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CIP's 148-MW Blue Cloud Wind Project Underway (Ind. Report)
TriGlobal Energy i
Date: 2018-03-30
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) reports financing is closed and construction is underway on the 148.4-MW Blue Cloud wind project in Bailey and Lamb Counties in the Lone Star State. Vestas will operate and maintain the plant for 25 years. The project, which will incorporate 43 Vestas wind turbines, is expected to be commissioned before the end of 2018.

CIP acquired the Blue Cloud project from its Dallas-headquartered developer TriGlobal Energy in 2016. (Source: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Vestas, April, 2018) Contact: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, +45 7070 5151,; Tri Global Energy, John Billingsley, CEO, Susie Lomelino,,; Vestas, +45 9730 0000,

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London Plans Low-Carbon Products Center Ahead of Brexit (Int'l)

Date: 2018-03-30
In the UK, Britain's and a world financial hub, the City of London reports it will work with the China Green Finance Committee to develop financial products including green credit, green bonds, green funds and low-carbon finance to help fund a number of projects under China's "Belt and Road Initiative" aimed at increasing trade and infrastructure links to central Asia, Europe and beyond.

The move comes as the UK and London's financial district tries to increase its business links with China and expand overseas markets ahead of Britain leaving the European Union. (Source: South China Morning Post, Various Others, Mar., 2018)

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EDF Announces Major Energy Storage Investments (Int'l Report)
Date: 2018-03-30
EDF Group reports it is ramping up its efforts to develop electricity storage solutions and become the European leader in this field. A pioneer in this area, the Group is already involved in storage technology applications, including hydroelectric pumped energy storage and battery technologies.

During the period 2018-2035, EDF plans to invest €8 billion to develop 10GW of additional energy storage worldwide on top of its existing 5GW capacity. The company is also increasing its energy storage research and development capabilities with an investment of €70 million for the 2018-2020 period, according to a release. (Source: EDF SA, PR, 27 Mar., 2018) Contact: EDF SA,

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Sunnova Offering Solar+Battery Storage in Puerto Rico (Ind. Report)
Sunnova Energy
Date: 2018-03-30
Houston-headquartered Sunnova Energy Corporation, the largest provider of distributed residential solar service in Puerto Rico, reports it now is offering its Sunnova SunSafe Solar + Gattery storage service through its network of local partners, to Puerto Rican homeowners. Sunnova's Sunnova SunSafe is also available in Hawaii and California. (Source: Sunnova, Blog 27 March 2018) Contact: Sunnova Energy, (281) 985-9900,

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Cypress Creek Touts First Solar-plus-Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Cypress Creek Renewables
Date: 2018-03-30
California-headquartered Cypress Creek Renewables reports the use of Lockheed Martin's GridStar Lithium energy storage solutions for 12 projects totaling $1.5 billion in communities served by Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation, primarily in North Carolina.

The Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation project includes development, construction, financing and commissioning, and is Cyprus Creek's first foray into solar-plus-storage. (Source: Cyprus Creek Renewables, Energy Storage, 27 Mar., 2018) Contact: Cypress Creek Renewables, Matthew McGovern, CEO, (310) 581-6299,,; Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation, (910) 754-4391,

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Capstone Secures First Signature Series Order in Portugal for Textile Mill CHP Project

Date: 2018-03-30
Van Nuys, California-headquartered micro turbine systems specialist Capstone Turbine Corporation is reporting Micropower Europe, Capstone’s distributor for Portugal and Spain, has received an order for a C600 Signature Series microturbine to provide combined heat and power (CHP) to a Portuguese textile mill.

A natural gas-fueled Capstone C600S microturbine provides the ideal solution for the textile mill by generating clean and green electricity on-site. The thermal energy from the exhaust is used in a direct-fire application in one of the processes at the textile mill, making their production more efficient while significantly reducing their operating expense. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Portugal renewed their CHP Directive in 2015 that focused on the promotion of cogeneration based on useful heat demand. It aims to increase energy efficiency and security of supply by creating a framework for the promotion and development of high-efficiency cogeneration projects based on useful heat demands and primary energy savings. (Source: Capstone Turbine Corp., PR, 27 Mar., 2018) Contact:Capstone Turbine Corporation, (818) 407-3628,,

Scottish Ag Groups Call for Carbon-Neutral Farming (Int'l)
Carbon Neutral
Date: 2018-03-30
In Scotland, the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) reports it has joined forces with the National Farmers' Union of Scotland, Scottish Land and Estates, Scottish Crofting Federation and others in calling on the Scottish Government to do more to help agriculture turn a corner and substantially reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

In a joint letter, the groups urge the appropriate Cabinet Secretaries to support climate friendly farming practices and put the country's agricultural industry on a path to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. (Source: The Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association, 27 Mar., 2018) Contact: Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association,t, +44 (0) 20 3176 0503,,

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OK Senate OKs Military Wind Energy Setbacks (Reg & Leg)

Date: 2018-03-30
In Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma Senate has announced its unanimous approval of HB 3561 requiring proposed wind farms near military installations to receive an active Determination of No Hazard or an approved mitigation plan from the U.S. Department of Defense Siting Clearinghouse before construction. The bill also requires any such wind energy operator to notify the Military Strategic Planning Commission, who would then notify local base commanders. The legislation was previously approved by the state House of Representatives. (Source: Oklahoman, NewsOK, 29 Mar., 2018)

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SoftBank, Saudis Planning Massive $200Bn Solar Power Plant (Int'l)
Date: 2018-03-30
Tokyo-headquartered SoftBank Group Corp. is reporting a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Saudi Arabia to for the construction of a $200 billion, 200 GW solar power plant expected to come online by 2030. The development will be the largest of its kind in the world.

Previous SoftBank - Saudi deals include a $93 billion tech investment fund that was announced in May 2017, with backing by the Vision Fund and Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. (Source: SoftBank Group, TechCrunch, 29 Mar., 2018) Contact: SoftBank Grouo,

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Olleco Snares Renewi plc Anaerobic Digestion Plant (Int'l, M&A)
Date: 2018-03-30
In the UK, agrribusiness ABP Food Group subsidiary Olleco is reporting the acquisition of the unprofitable Westcott Park anaerobic digestion facility in Aylesbury from Renewi plc (fka Shanks). The Westcott facility can process 96,000 tpy of food waste a year and produce up to 3.2 Mw of green electricity and 4.8Mw of heat. Financials and terms of the deal were not divulged.

In 2015, Renewi increased food waste input into the Buckinghamshire facility by 150 pct to more than 900 tonnes per week and achieved PAS110 standard for the digestate produced. Olleco has two existing AD plants in Aylesbury, and in Bootle, Merseyside adjacent to the company's biodiesel plant. (Source: Olleco,, 29 Mar., 2018) Contact: Olleco, Robert Behan, +44 0 1604 857 001,, Renewi, +44 (0)1908 650580,

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Global Market Drivers, Trends, and Forecasts for the Large-Scale Energy Storage Industry: 2018-2027 -- Report Available (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-03-30
Global Market Drivers, Trends, and Forecasts for the Large-Scale Energy Storage Industry: 2018-2027, a new report from Boulder, Colorado-headquartered Navigant Research examines key trends, challenges, and growth projections in the energy storage for the grid and ancillary services (ESGAS) market. While the ESGAS industry has matured significantly over the past two years, activity remains concentrated in select countries. In these countries, the availability of financing, favorable regulations, and innovative business models are helping to drive unprecedented growth. According to the report, the global ESGAS industry is projected to deploy 1,220.7 MW of new capacity in 2018, growing to 29,300.5 MW by 2027.

The report provides an update on the market drivers, technology and application issues, as well as regional market developments related to the global ESGAS market. The study examines key ESGAS trends, challenges, and growth projections with market forecasts, segmented by region, technology, and application segment, extended through 2027. The report also examines trends in the development of combined renewable energy and ESS plants worldwide as well as the major merger and acquisition activity in the global utility-scale energy storage industry.

Global Market Drivers, Trends, and Forecasts for the Large-Scale Energy Storage Industry: 2018-2027 report details and an Executive Summary is available for free download HERE. (Source: Navigant Research, Mar., 2018) Contact: Navigant Research, Lindsay Funicello-Paul, (781) 270-8456,,

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Walmart Urging Chinese Suppliers to Cut CO2 Emissions (Int'l)
Date: 2018-03-30
US retail juggernaut Walmart Inc is reporting the launch of a program aimed at helping its Chinese suppliers cut their GHG emissions by 50 million tpy by the end of the next decade. The program would begin with around 100 major Chinese suppliers and provide tools to measure emissions and set targets.

More than 800 Chinese factories are enrolled in a Walmart a 2014 energy efficiency programme that is reportedly saving $40 million a year in energy costs, according to Walmart. The company aims to eventually expand the programme to its entire China supply chain.

China, the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gas, aims to cut its energy intensity by 15 pct over the 2016-2020 period.

Walmart is aiming to slash 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from its global value chain by the end of 2030, equivalent to taking 211 million vehicles off roads for a year. (Source: Walmart, NASDAQ, 29 Mar., 2018)Contact: Walmart, Mark Vanderhelm, VP Energy,

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Duke Touting NC Hog-Waste RNG Project (Ind. Report)
Duke Energy,OptimaBio
Date: 2018-03-30
A Duke Energy power plant is using renewable natural gas (RNG) from North Carolina-based hog farms to produce electricity -- the first application of the technology from in-state farms. The OptimaBio facility gathers methane gas from five local hog farms and converts it to pipeline-quality natural gas that will be injected into the Piedmont Natural Gas system which transports it to Duke Energy's Smith Energy Complex in Richmond County where it is used to produce electricity.

The project will help Duke Energy satisfy state swine waste-to-energy mandates under the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard law in North Carolina. Under this law, Duke Energy must generate 0.20 percent of its retail sales from swine waste by 2023.

Headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., OptimaBio is a swine waste-to-energy project developer and the leader in RNG development for North Carolina. (Source: Duke Energy, PR, 29 Mar., 2018) Contact: Duke Energy, Randy Wheeless, (704) 382-8379,,; OptimaBio, Mark Maloney, (910) 632-0752,,

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Milwaukee Touts 2nd Building Energy Benchmarking Jam (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-03-30
To date, the City of Milwaukee has reduced energy use intensity by 5%, saving taxpayers on energy-consumption costs. The city of Milwakee is reporting it met previously this month with business and energy industry leaders to discuss energy efficiency opportunities and technologies and how the city can take advantage of them. The meeting -- tagged the second "Benchmarking Jam" -- was part of the city's public-private partnerships and the Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge and community engagement strategy.

Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge (BBC) partners have achieved particular energy-efficiency success by securing PACE financing for energy efficiency projects. The city encourages local businesses and K-12 schools to implement energy efficiency projects and to participate in the city's comprehensive energy efficiency program which aims to assist 200+ buildings, particularly Class B & C commercial buildings, small commercial buildings, and K-12 schools, in every aspect of energy efficiency projects, including assessment, financing, and implementation. To date, more than 100 non-city buildings are participating in BBC-MKE. The City of Milwaukee has committed to reduce the energy used in city buildings by 20 pct by 2022. (Source: City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge, Energy Manager, 29 Mar., 2018) Contact: Milwaukee Better Buildings Challenge Download Better Buildings Challenge details HERE

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NCGA Comments on Bankrupt PES Proposed RFS Settlement (Ind. Report)
National Corn Growers Association,Philadelphia Energy Solutions
Date: 2018-03-30
The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) this week submitted formal comments to the U.S. Department of Justice on the proposed settlement agreement between Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) and the US EPA. The settlement stems from the outstanding RFS compliance obligations the refiner has included in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

"NCGA claims the settlement would undermine the RFS and allow the refiner 'to walk away' from more than half of its outstanding RFS obligations and allow its parent companies to avoid liability." According to NCGA President Kevin Skunes, the proposal "would have negative policy implications for the RFS and future compliance with the Clean Air Act, as the settlement does not hold all parties liable for violations of the Clean Air Act." (Source: NCGA, Neb. Rural Radio, Others, 29 Mar., 2018) Contact: NCGA, Kevin Skunes, Pres., (202) 326-0644,; Philadelphia Energy Solutions,

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Greenbelt, Young Foundation Ink DuckWeed DAYS Agreement (Ind. Report)
Greenbelt Resources
Date: 2018-03-30
In the Golden State, Paso Robles-based Greenbelt Resources Corp. reports it has inked a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Georgia-based Duckweed DAYS LLC. -- a new entity aiming to commercialize and further the research carried out by the not-for-profit Andrew J. Young Foundation (AYF). The Foundation aims to encourage farmers, both in the U.S. and around the world, to grow duckweed as a cash crop and sell it into the biobased products industry.

The Duckweed Project features Greenbelt's ECOsystem model, which will convert the duckweed into bioethanol and a protein concentrate targeted as a nutritional supplement.

Greenbelt's ECOsystem technology represents about $5.0 million of the total $14.0 project budget.

Common duckweed is a very small light green free-floating, seed bearing plant. Duckweed has 1 to 3 leaves, or fronds, of 1/16 to 1/8 inch in length. A single root (or root-hair) protrudes from each frond. Duckweeds tend to grow in dense colonies in quiet, undisturbed water. (Source: Greenbelt Resources Corp., Nasdaq, 29 Mar., 2018) Contact: Greenbelt, Darren Eng, CEO, (888) 995- 4726 x 101, [stratlink][endlink],
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Greenbelt Resources,  Biofuel Fe target=_blank>[endlink]; Andrew J. Young Foundation, (404) 685-2786

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Greenbelt Resources,  Biofuel Fep;

Byogy Renewables Secures Path to Commercialization With Historic ASTM Bio-Jet Fuel Specification
Byogy Renewables
Date: 2018-03-30
San Jose, California-based biofuel producer Byogy Renewables is reporting last week's ASTM Alcohol To Jet (ATJ) ethanol based specification ballot measure approval, to produce "full replacement" renewable aviation jet fuels. With this jet fuel specification ethanol can be used as a feedstock to make renewable jet fuel.

As the pioneer of the ATJ process, Byogy is one of the few companies that produce full replacement fuels, as opposed to only blend-stock products. Significantly, Byogy's fuels may ultimately be able to be distributed into the existing fossil fuel infrastructure at any point and at any ratio without tracking. This will allow carbon credit accounting to take place at the production source, similar to the carbon credit bookkeeping of the wind and solar industries. The new specification modifies a previous ATJ specification to allow ethanol as a feedstock with a maximum final fuel blend of 50 pct, according to Byogy. (Source: Byogy Renewables, Inc., Kevin Weiss, CEO, (408) 800-7704,; ASTM,

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Dubai Touting World's Largest CSP Solar Park Project (Int'l)
Concentrated Solar
Date: 2018-03-28
In the UAE, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is reporting ground breaking of a 700 MW solar project touted as "the world's biggest single-site Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project," near Al Qudra.

The completed CSP project is expected to provide clean energy to over 270,000 homes in Dubai, estimated to cut 1.4 million tpy of power generation-related carbon emissions. The $13.5 billion CSP project will altogether generate 1,000 megawatts of clean energy by 2020 and 5,000MW by 2030. (Source: DEWA, Gulf News UA Environment, 20 Mar., 2018) Contact: DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, CEO, +971-4-601-9999,

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Iceland, China Seal Geothermal Development Deal (Int'l)
Sinopec Green Energy,Arctic Green Energy
Date: 2018-03-28
Reykjavik, Iceland-headquartered Arctic Green Energy (AGE) has inked an agreement with Sinopec Green Energy Geothermal Dev elopement Co. to supply geothermal heat technology to help China develop clean energy for a new Xiong'an, a 15 million strong economic zone south-west of Beijing, according to Bloomberg. The geothermal deal is being supported with $250 million in loans from the Asian Development Bank.

Scientists from Iceland (pop. 345,000) and China are also helping each other study climate change. (Source: Strait Times, Bloomberg, 25 Mar., 2018) Contact: Sinopec Green Energy,; Arctic Green Energy Corp., +354 558 0880,

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EcoloCap Touting BioART Biomass Fuel (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-03-28
Morton Grove, Illinois-based biomass power specialist EcoloCap is touting the energy output of its BioART process and its application as a clean burning, carbon-neutral fuel. The new application has almost the energy of coal and is free from the vagaries that effect other types of renewable energy. The company plans to market its product to biomass-fired power plants.

According to the Biomass Power Association, there are 80 biomass plants in 20 states that make up the $1 billion renewable energy industry. Nationwide, the biomass power industry generates roughly 15 million MWh per year. (Source: EcoloCap, PR, 28 Mar., 2018) Contact: EcoloCap, James Kwak, CEO, Joseph Mure, (312) 585-6670,,

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China Ahead of Schedule on Carbon Emissions Targets (Int'l)
China Carbon Emissions
Date: 2018-03-28
Xinhua is reporting China, the world's biggest energy consumer, met its 2020 carbon intensity target in 2017, three years ahead of schedule. The country cut its 2005 carbon intensity level by 46 pct in 2017 when carbon intensity fell 5.1 pct compared to 2016 levels.

In 2009, China promised to cut its 2005 carbon intensity by 40 pct to 45 pct, as part of its commitments to the international community ahead of negotiations for a new global climate pact in Paris in 2015. (Source: Xinhua, Business Insider, Reuters, Mar., 2018)Contact: China National Development and Reform Commission,

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KULR, NREL Touting Li-ion Battery Technology Deal (Ind. Report)
KULR Technology
Date: 2018-03-28
Campbell, California-based KULR Technology announced today that it has reached agreement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to be the exclusive manufacturing and distribution partner for the patented Internal Short Circuit (ISC) device which causes predictable battery cell failures in widely-used lithium-ion batteries.

KULR's core technology is a proprietary, vertically-aligned carbon fiber cooling material that is lighter, more flexible and more efficient than traditional thermal management products. KULR carbon fiber has virtually unlimited commercial and industrial applications for battery safety, reducing heat and increasing the longevity of electronic components and increasing the efficiency of energy storage. (Source: KULR Technology, 27 Mar., 2018) Contact: KULR Technology, (408) 675-7002x101,,

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NBB Qustions PES RFS Settlement (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
National Biodiesel Board
Date: 2018-03-28
The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) called on the Department of Justice to reconsider its proposed settlement allowing Philadelphi Energy Solutions (PES) to escape the vast majority of its 2016-17 obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). According to NBB, the proposed settlement would harm the renewable fuels industry and undermine the intent of the RFS program by excusing more than 70 pct of the company's compliance obligations for the two-year period.

"While PES continues to blame the RFS for its woes, the fact is, the bankruptcy is a mess of its own making," said Kurt Kovarik, NBB's VP of Federal Affairs. "Poor management and a failure to respond to changes in the crude oil market is to blame. PES should not be rewarded for deliberately failing to comply with the decade-old Renewable Fuel Standard. Doing so is akin to rewarding a toddler in the midst of a temper tantrum. Instead, the government should hold PES to the same renewable volume obligation as all other refiners. Not doing so could severely hinder the RFS's goals of enhancing energy security, protecting the environment and building our nation’s rural economy."

NBB highlighted two key components in comments to the DOJ submitted March 26. First, the RFS holds parent companies liable for the compliance obligations of their subsidiaries. Thus, PES's corporate parents Carlyle and Sunoco can be required to comply with the RFS obligations incurred by PES. EPA has not explained why it is abandoning that avenue for ensuring complete fulfillment of PES's obligations. Second, the renewable volume obligations (RVOs) under the RFS cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. The RFS creates an affirmative duty for obligated parties to blend or use biofuels or to buy credits from others who have done so. Such a duty persists through the bankruptcy because it cannot be resolved by a payment to the government. (Source: National Biodiesel Board, 27 Mar., 2018) Contact: National Biodiesel Board, Kurt Kovarik, VP of Federal Affairs, 800) 841-5849,; Philadelphia Energy Solutions,

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Green Investment Group Takes Westermost Rough Stake (Int'l, M&A)
Green Investment Group, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
Date: 2018-03-28
In the UK, London-headquartered Green Investment Group (GIG), a Macquarie Group unit, reports the acquisition of a 25-pct interest in the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm from Marubeni Corporation. Terms of the acquisition have not been released.

Denmark's Orsted -- formerly DONG Energy -- hold a 50-pct interest in the 210 MW project, situated off the north-east coast of England. Westermost Rough utilizes Siemens Gamesa 6 MW direct-drive turbines and has been online since June 2015. (Source: Macquarie Group, Green Investment Group, PR, Mar., 2018) Contact: Macquarie Group,; Marubeni,; SiemensGamesa Renewable Energy,; Green Investment Group, +44 (0)203 037 2000,

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