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Willdan Funded to Research Bundle-Based Energy Efficiency (Funding)
Willdan,California Energy Commission
Date: 2017-12-15
Anaheim, California-headquartered energy efficiency and technical services specialist Willdan Group Inc. reports it has received California Energy Commission (CEC) grant funding to demonstrate emerging energy efficiency technologies through the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC). These technologies will be demonstrated at the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) headquarters facility in Diamond Bar, California for the purposes of testing for scalability in the larger California commercial market.

The Bundle-Based Energy Efficiency Technology Solutions for California (BEETS) is a 42 month project that upon completion will improve energy efficiency at the SCAQMD facility by over 20 pct. The project has $4 million in CEC EPIC funding and $2.3 million in matching funding, for a total project budget of $6.3 million, along with several subcontractor donations of time and equipment.

As part of the BEETS project, Willdan developed three bundles of pre-commercial technologies for the following spaces: laboratory and critical environments, office and exterior spaces, and chilled water plants. Technologies will include chillers using a new refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer; LED fixtures with integrated, advanced controls; an advanced building management system; direct current lighting systems; advanced ventilation and laboratory fume hood exhaust systems; wirelessly integrated plug load controls; and a platform capable of demand response. (Source: Willdan PR, 15 Dec., 2017)Contact: Willdan Group Inc., Tom Brisbin, Pres., CEO, Stacy McLaughlin, CFO, (720) 940-6300,,; California Energy Commission, (916) 465-4500,

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Neste Selects Singapore for New Biofuel Plant (Int'l Report)
Date: 2017-12-15
In Finland, Helsinki-headquartered Neste reports it has selected Singapore as the site for its planned new biofuel plant and will make a final investment decision by the end of 2018. Technical and design work is underway.

If the project proceeds, production would begin by 2022 and would extend capacity in the Singapore refinery by 1 million tonnes, Neste says. The additional capacity would be used for production of diesel, aviation fuel and raw materials for biochemical uses, all of them biofuels which can be made from feedstocks such as waste and animal fats.

Neste presently produces biofuels in Singapore and Rotterdam with a total production capacity of 2.6 million tonnes, and operates two conventional refineries in Finland. (Source: Neste, Jakarta Post, 13 Dec., 2017)Contact: Neste Corporation, Kaisa Hietala, VP Renewable Products , +358 10 458 4128,

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Cdn.Clean Fuel Standard Design Framework Released (Ind. Report)
Advanced Biofuels Canada,Environment and Climate Change Canada
Date: 2017-12-15
Following on our November, 2016 coverage, Environment and Climate Change Canada has released the design framework for the national Clean Fuel Standard (CFS). Key elements of the framework include:
  • The CFS objective is 30 megatonnes of GHG reductions annually by 2030;
  • The current federal Renewable Fuels Standard levels will be maintained, with replacement by the CFS over the longer term;
  • Separate carbon intensity reduction requirements will be established for liquid, gaseous and solid fuels;
  • With transportation fuels comprising 80 pct of liquid fuels, the effective partitioning of fuel types will ensure GHG reductions occur in the transportation sector. Some sub-fuel type grouping may be considered;.
  • Gaseous fuels may see a volumetric requirement or a hybrid approach;
  • Credit exchanges and other flexibilities to enable cross-sector compliance will be considered.

    Advanced Biofuels Canada and other advocates have called on Ottawa to develop a Clean Fuels Strategy to ensure the success of the CFS. This multi-year initiative would support domestic production and distribution of low carbon fuels to allow the economic benefits of clean fuels to be realized by all Canadians. It would also address the effectiveness of complementary measures that, if well designed, will drive growth across the low carbon economy. Carbon pricing and fuel taxation are two areas where legacy policies and emerging rules can inadvertently discourage the production and use of clean fuels in Canada, according to the release.

    Download the Canada Clean Fuel Standards regulatory framework HERE. (Source: Advanced Biofuels Canada, PR, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Advanced Biofuels Canada, Ian Thomson, (604) 947-0040,; Environment and Climate Change Canada,

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  • $250Mn Texas Rattlesnake Wind Farm Underway (Ind. Report)
    Goldwind,Renewable Energy Systems
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In the Lone Star State, the first eight of a total 64 wind turbines in the Rattlesnake Wind Project -- a partnership between Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and China's Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd -- are under construction at Melvin, Texas. The Rattlesnake Wind Project, which will utilize Goldwind 2.5 MW permanent-magnet, direct drive turbines, is RES's 18th wind project in Texas and its largest. When fully operational, the wind farm will have capacity of 160 MW of electricity which will be interconnected to Lower Colorado River Authority's 345kV system located approximately 15 miles north of the wind farm. The total project cost is projected at $250 million. (Source: Renewable Energy Systems, Various Media, live, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Renewable Energy Systems +44 0 1923 299200,; Goldwind Global,

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    Flying Cow Awaiting Minn. Wind Farm PUC Approval (Ind. Report)
    RES America
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Bloomfield, Colorado-headquartered renewables and energy storage specialist Renewable Energy Systems America (RES) and its wholly-owned project subsidiary Flying Cow LLC reports it has applied to the Minnesota PUC for approval to erect 37 turbines over 22,888 acres southwest of Canby, Minn., and near the South Dakota border. Subject to PUC approvals, the company plans to erect the turbines in 2019 for commissioning and startup begin generating electricity by the year's end. The project calls for erecting a mix of 3.45-megawatt and 4.2-megawatt turbines. RES is currently negotiating a power purchase agreement with an unnamed utility. (Source: RES America, Forum News, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: RES Americas, Andrew Fowler, (303) 439-4225,,

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    Bidders Selected for Four Alberta Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In Calgary, the Government of Alberta reports that due to the enthusiastic response to an auction to pick renewable energy projects it has raised it goal of 400 mw to 600 megawatts of new generation. Three companies will spend about $1 billion to build four wind power projects capable of generating enough power for 255,000 homes. The projects are to open in 2019.

    The winning bids came from Edmonton-based Capital Power with a 201-MW project, Madrid-based EDP Renewables with a 248-MW project and Enel Green Power Canada, a division of a Rome-based global power company, with projects of 115 MW and 31 MW. The province will subsidize the plants if the power price falls below the bid price --if the price is higher, the difference will be paid to the province. (Source: CTV News, Canada Press, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Capital Power,; Enel Green Power NA, Connor Branch, Bus. Dev., (978) 681-1900,; EDF Renewables,

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    Cummins Nat. Gas Engines 2018 Emissions Certified (Ind. Report)
    Cummins Westport
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Natural gas engine manufacturer Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI) reports it has received U.S. EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification for its 2018 L9N and B6.7N natural gas engines. Both engines meet CARB optional Low NOx standards, as well as 2017 EPA GHG emission requirements.

    All CWI engines offer the choice of using compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). (Source: Cummins Westport, PR, NewsWire, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Cummins Inc., Rob Neitzke, President of Cummins Westport Jon Mills Director - External Communications, (317) 610-4244, ,; Westport Fuel Systems Inc., Caroline Sawamoto, (604) 718-2046,,

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    DRAX Urania La. Wood Pellet Plant Back in Action (Ind. Report)
    BRAX Biomass
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Drax Biomass Inc. reports it has begun began wood pellet production at its newest facility, LaSalle BioEnergy in Urania, Louisiana. Drax purchased the plant for $35,4 million through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process back in April 2017. Louisiana Pellets was previously owned by bankrupted German Pellets.

    LaSalle BioEnergy is the company's third pellet plant, following Morehouse BioEnergy in Bastrop, Louisiana and Amite BioEnergy in Gloster, Mississippi. The wood pellet plant can produce approximately 450,000 metric tpy of wood pellets . (Source: DRAX Biomass, PR, IHB, 15 Dec., 2017) Contact: DRAX Biomass, Pete Madden, Pres., CEO, +44 (0)1757 618381,,

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    Obama Methane Venting/Flaring Rule Rollback Stalled (Reg & Leg)
    BLM,Obama Methane Rule
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In Washington, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) reports it is delaying implementation of the (Methane) Waste Prevention Rule to Jan. 17, 2019, and suspending rule provisions already in effect due to "concerns regarding the statutory authority, cost, complexity, feasibility and other implications" of the Obama-era 2016 Venting and Flaring Rule, according to a Kallanish report,

    The rule, which came into effect in January, covered drilling on federal and Native American lands, and was to be fully operational by Jan. 17, 2018. The rule forces energy companies to capture methane that's burnt off or "flared" at drilling sites on public lands during production because it pollutes the environment. An estimated $330 million a year in methane is wasted through leaks or intentional releases on federal lands, enough to power about 5 million homes a year. (Source: BLM, Kallanish Energy, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: Bureau of Land Management,

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    Apache Supports Operations Environmental Performance (Ind. Report)
    Apache Corp
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Houston-headquartered petroleum and natural gas giant Apache Corp. reports it has joined the Environmental Partnership, a collaboration among 25 oil and natural gas producers to support environmental performance enhancements in operations nationwide.

    The association will use expertise and knowledge within the industry to advance best practices, innovations and technologies that lower emissions. The voluntary plan comes into play January 1, 2018.

    By the means of the ONE Future Coalition, Apache has pledged to target 0.36 pct or less of methane released by 2025, and has already cut methane emissions by 12 pct from 2015 levels. The Environmental Partnership plan includes a program to retrofit, replace or remove high-bleed pneumatic controllers, a plan for manual liquids unloading targeting natural gas production sources and a leak detection and technology plan for production sources. (Source: Apache Corp., Financial Trends, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: ONE Future Coalition,; Apache Corp.,

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    Global wind power market expected to reach $111.4bn by 2025
    GlobalData, Wind
    Date: 2017-12-15
    The global wind power market size increased from $24.3 billion in 2006 to $103.8 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 15.6%. A major boost in investment is expected due to an increase in the capacity installations, led by countries such as China, the US, Germany and India, as well as emerging countries in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA) area, and the South and Central America (SCA) regions. During 2017–2025, the wind power market size is expected to increase from $104.6 billion to $111.4 billion as per GlobalData’s recent report on the global wind power market.

    Until 2016, global offshore wind accounted for less than 5% of annual capacity additions each year and was 3.1% in 2016. Higher turbine running times, high logistics costs, and a lack of skilled manpower combine to make offshore wind service more challenging. This scenario is expected to change during 2017–2025 with more offshore capacity expected to be added in the UK, Germany, the US and China. The share of offshore capacity additions is set to rise to 12.3 pct in 2020, and offshore installations are expected to contribute a share of 14.5% capacity additions during 2020–2025. By the end of 2025, 76 GW of offshore wind power is set to be operational and represents a 7.4% share of the cumulative wind power capacity in that year compared with the current 2.8% share, according to the report. (Source: Power Tech., Dec., 2017)

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    Origin Energy Aims to Halve CO2 Emission by 2032 (Int'l)
    Origin Energy
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In the Land Down Under, Origin Energy reports it aims to slash its emissions in half by 2032, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, through the closure of its 2880 MW Eraring brown coal-fired power station, the country's largest, near Dora Creek, in NSW.

    Eraring, which supplies 25 pct of NSW's total power, has had a historical emissions intensity of 0.92 tonnes of CO2e perMWh. Brown coal-fired power stations typically have emission intensity levels of between 1.2 and 1.3 tonnes of CO2e per MWh.

    Origin's announcement follows on the National Australia Bank's announced intention to drop thermal coal from its investment portfolio. (Source: Origin Energy, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Dec., 2017) (Contact: Origin Energy, Frank Calabria, CEO,

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    Santa Monica College PhysEd Center Wins USGBC Platinum (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In the Golden State, Santa Monica College reports its new Core Performance Center physical education facility has scored US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Platinum certification in the New Construction category.

    The new 63,500-square foot, three-story Core Performance Center, which features a fitness center, modern dance studios, classrooms, athletic locker rooms, offices and a climbing wall, was awarded the highest points on the USGBC scorecard "for innovation and regional priority." It also won top scores in energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality and water efficiency, which is provided by a closed-loop, central cooling plant.

    The CPC is the college's first LEED Platinum-rated building, with two others -- the Information Technology Building and the Humanities and Social Services Building (HSS) -- holding LEED Silver status. (Source: Santa Monica Lookout, 12 Oct., 2017) Contact: Santa Monica College,; USGBC Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    Petrochemical CO2 Capture Initiative Planned in Iran (Int'l)
    Carbon Capture
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In Iran, the world's 8th largest CO2 emitter at 552 million tomes in 2015, Razi Petrochemical Company reports it plans to install equipment to capture and reuse CO2 emissions in petrochemical plants in the southern port city of Mahshahr, Khuzestan Province.

    "The environment-friendly project at Razi is aimed at reducing the discharge of gases that can otherwise be used to feed petrochemicals. We have plans to purchase and install a compressor similar to that of Razi, which is specifically designed to capture carbon dioxide emissions," according the company. Razi is one of the oldest petrochemical complexes in Iran, which is majority-owned by a consortium of Turkish companies.

    According to the Iranian Department of Environment, plans are in place to equip all petrochemical plants in Iran with online pollution control systems. Over 1,800 large-scale industrial units, including petrochemical plants, are in line to be equipped with the system. (Source: Razi Petrochemical Company, Iran Financial Review, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: Razi Petrochemical Company,

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    CEC Supports California Energy Efficiency Initiatives (Ind. Report)
    California Energy Commission
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In Sacramento, the California Energy Commission (CRC) reports it has created a new advisory group that will consist of members representing disadvantaged communities who will provide advice on proposed clean energy, energy efficiency and pollution reduction programs.

    The CEC also approved a nearly $2 million low-interest loan to the City of Clovis to convert interior and exterior lighting at city buildings to energy efficient LED lights that are expected to save the city more than $125,000 per year in electric utility costs. Funds for the projects came from the Commission's Energy Conservation Assistance Act program, which provides low- and no- interest loans and technical support for energy efficiency projects.

    Additionally, the CEC approved the adoption of building energy efficiency standards for the City of Davis that require single-family homes to be 30 pct more energy efficient than state standards. It also requires multi-family homes to be 25 pct more energy efficient than the state standards. The city will require a combination of efficiency measures and installation of solar panels.

    With these actions, the CEC has approved 14 local ordinances that provide greater energy savings than the current state building energy efficiency standards. (Source: California Energy Commission, PR, 13 Dec., 2017)Contact: California Energy Commission, (916) 465-4500,

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    Wa. State Airport Lauded for Energy Efficiency, Savings (Ind. Report)
    DOE Better Buildings Challenge
    Date: 2017-12-15
    The U.S. DOE reports it has recognized King County International Airport for energy-efficiency upgrades and commitment to cut energy use by at least 20 pct in 10 years.

    To meet its energy reduction goals, the airport upgraded mechanical systems and added advanced LED lighting and lighting controls controls throughout the terminal. The airport also installed exterior LED lighting that to date has delivered a 63 pct energy savings.

    The airport is a Seattle-area Better Buildings Challenge partner. The Challenge has more then 345 member organizations from diverse sectors nationwide who have shared energy performance results for nearly 38,000 properties. On average, the partners are saving more than 2 pct per year and are on track to meet their energy savings goals of 20 pct over the next 10 years. (Source: US DOE, Energy Manager, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: US DOE Better Buildings Challenge,

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    ASHRAE Launches Building Energy Quotient Portal (New Prod & Tech)
    Date: 2017-12-15
    ASHRAE is reporting the launch of its Building Energy Quotient (Building EQ) Portal. The Building EQ program is intended to promote more energy efficient buildings and give owners actionable recommendations to improve a building's energy use and identify opportunities to lower building operating costs .

    Two different evaluations -- In Operation and As Designed -- can be used independently to compare a candidate building to similar buildings in the same climate zone or together for an assessment of a building's design potential compared to actual operation. The portal delivers the following:

  • Building EQ Performance Score rates the building's performance and is shown on the screen at all times for all projects;

  • User Input Report documents the data entered into the Building EQ Portal for a specific project and is available for all submissions;

  • Building EQ Label Report displays the Building EQ Performance Score and is available for approved submissions;

  • Building EQ Disclosure Report presents key energy use information for compliance with disclosure ordinances and will be available for a fee for approved submissions;

  • Audit Report Spreadsheets will be automatically populated with the information gathered during the In Operation assessment for use in a final audit report and will be available for a fee for approved submission.

    Access the Building EQ Portal HERE (Source: ASHREA, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: ASHREA,

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  • ViZn CMI Energy Partner on Energy Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
    ViZn Energy Systems
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Austin, Texas-based utility-scale energy storage specialist ViZn Energy Systems Inc. (ViZn) reports it is partnering with CMI Energy on energy storage projects. The initial project features a 400 kilowatt, 3-hour, zinc redox flow battery system that will be integrated with 2 MWp of rooftop solar PV and installed at the CMI HQ in Seraing, Belgium.

    The CMI Energy and ViZn Energy partners will focus on: renewables integration, waste water treatment, mining, oil and gas, chemical, and other commercial and industrial energy storage use projects.

    ViZn is currently delivering systems in the U.S., Canada, Central America, Europe, and India. ViZn Energy’s flow batteries are uniquely capable of performing both rapid, high-power discharges and slower, long-duration releases at lower power, according to the company. (Source: ViZn Energy, PR, Various Media, Dec., 2017) Contact: ViZn Energy, Van Dell, CEO ,; CMI Energy, Jean-Michel Gheeraerdts, Pres., Energy,

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    Aquila Capital Snares Portuguese Solar PV Projects (Int'l Report)
    Aquila Capital
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Hamburg, Germany-headquartered Aquila Capital reports the acquisition of a portfolio of four ready-to-build solar park projects in Portugal. The projects are located in central and southern Portugal and will have an installed capacity of over 170 MWp. Construction of the projects is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.

    According to Aquila, conditions at the project sites and the low cost of PV power systems motivated the transaction. Aquila also reports it has inked a power purchase agreement with a local third party for the power produced by the solar parks.

    In total, Aquila Capital manages a renewable energy portfolio with a transaction volume of more than €3 billion in ten countries. (Source: Aquila Capital, FTSE, 14 Dec., 2017)Contact: Aquila Capital, +49 40 87 5050-100, +49 40 87 5050-129,

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    SunPower Touts Solar Shingle Efficiency (New Prod & Tech)
    Date: 2017-12-15
    San Jose, California-based solar cell manufacturer SunPower reports it has achieved a 15 pct efficiency increase in its P Series solar panels which utilize cheaper, lower efficiency solar cells and make up for the efficiency loss through their shingling design.

    For a $9 additional cost from adding solar cells, the P Series solar panels can be structured like shingles, maximizing direct sunlight exposure and raising efficiency. Many of the P Series solar panel features were created by Cogenra Solar, the Freemont California solar panel producer acquired by SunPower in 2015. (Source: SunPower, Electrk, inhabitat, 14 Dec., 2017) Contact: SunPower, Nam Nguyen, Exec. VP,; Cogenra Solar, (510) 771-7835,,

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    EIA Releases 2017-18 Woody Biomass Heating Forecasts (Ind. Report)
    US EIA
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In its December, 2017 edition of its Short-Term Energy Outlook, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects wood biomass will be used to generate 117,000 MWh per day of electricity this year, falling to 114,000 MWh per day in 2018. Generation from waste biomass is expected to increase, from 57,000 MWh per day this year, to 60,000 MWh per day in 2018.

    The electric power sector is projected to consume 0.274 quadrillion Btu (quad) of waste biomass, this year, the industrial sector is expected to consume 0.18 quad of waste biomass and the residential sector -- approximately 2.3 milliuon homes -- is expected to consume 0.385 quad of wood biomass in 2017, increasing to 0.413 quad in 2018. (Source: EIA, Dec., 2017) Contact: US EIA,

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    Statkraft, Sodra Building Forest Waste Biofuels Demo (Int'l)
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In Norway, Oslo-headquartered Statkraft reports Silva Green Fuel AS, a company owned by Statkraft (51 pct) and Sodra (49 pct) -- Sweden's largest forest owners association -- will construct a second generation biofuels from forestry waste woody biomass demonstration plant in the Norwegian municipality of Hurum.

    The demo facility, which is expected to come in at approximately NOK 500 million ($60.3 million) will use Danish-Canadian company Steeper Energy technology. Construction is slated to get underway in February 2018 for completion in 2019.

    Sodra and Statkraft formed the joint venture company Silva Green Fuel AS in 2015 to establish future commercial production of advanced biofuel based on forest raw materials. The capacity of a full-scale production line will be between 100 and 150 million lpy of biofuel. (Source: Statkraft AS, 15 Dec., 2017) Contact: Statkraft, +47 91370572,; Sodra, Christen Grønvold-Hansen, Project Director , +46 (0)70 646 33 37,; Steeper Energy,

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    $3.9Mn Funding for Bacteria Biofuels Production R&D (R&D Funding)
    Washington University
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis report receipt of $3.9 million in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop bacteria that manufacture renewable biofuels from non-food plants or microbes. The grant supports research in five Washington University labs as well as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

    The researchers are studying Rhodococcus opacus, a bacteria originally discovered growing on toxic compounds outside a chemical plant. These bacteria thrive on these toxic compounds, using them as a source of food for the production of biofuels that not compete with the food supply.The researchers will engineer microbes to make biofuels from lignin, millions of tons of which are generated yearly from paper making and lignocellulose-based biofuel industries. Currently, the value of lignin is restricted to its application as a fuel for on-site boiler operations. (Source: Washington University St. Louis, PR, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: Washington University St. Louis, Diane Duke Williams, Associate Director for Media Relations, (314) 286-0111,,

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    Notable Quote
    Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2017-12-13
    "The North American Climate Summit sends a timely message to leaders around the world that cities are taking strong, swift and measurable action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, ensure their communities are more resilient and transition their local economies to benefit from a low-carbon world. Cities and local governments have a critical role to play in stepping up ambition on climate change, and it is very encouraging to see so many coming to the table." -- Christiana Figueres , Vice Chair, Global Covenant of Mayors

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    Mayors Endorse Chicago Climate Charter (Ind. Report)
    Mayors Climate Agreement
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Absent leadership from the Trump administration, more than 50 mayors from U.S. Canadian and American cities and townships participating in last weeks North American Climate Summit in Chicago signed the Chicago Climate Charter agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to meet goals comparable to those of the Paris climate accord, in each of their respective cities.

    The Chicago Climate Charter outlines concrete plans for meeting carbon emission reduction targets by the year 2025.

    Download the Chicago Climate Charter HERE. (Source: Futurism, Various Others, 10 Dec., 2017)

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    Canadian Financial Powerhouses Financing Coal as Feds Threaten Carbon Tax (Ind. Report)
    Friends of the Earth Canada
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In a just released report, Friends of the Earth Canada and Germany's coal-tracking environmental NGO Urgewald note that six Canadian financial powerhouses -- Sun Life, Power Corporation, Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, Royal Bank of Canada, Manulife Financial and even the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board -- have together pledged $2.9 billion towards building new coal plants overseas. According to Urgewald, there are 1,600 new plants in development in 62 nations, more than a dozen of which presently do not have coal plants.

    The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) is a Canadian Crown corporation established by way of the 1997 Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act. CPPIB is charged with operating and managing the Canada Pension Plan portfolio at arms length from the federal government which, under the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has seized the environmental moral high ground on "dirty coal" and climate change.

    We can't help but wonder if the Feds and the CPP -- their agency -- are singing from the same carbon emissions-climate change hymnal? (Source: Friends of the Earth Canada, Ugerwald, Canadian Press, Dec., 2017) Contact: Urgewald,; Friends of the Earth Canada, (613) 241-0085,

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    UMass. Business Center Awarded LEED Gold Certification (Ind. Report)
    UGBC, University of Massachusetts-Lowell
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In the Bay State, the University of Massachusetts-Lowell's Pulichino Tong Business Center reports it has been awarded US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Gold certification. The Pulichino Tong Business Center is the university's second LEED Gold building after the Mark and Elisia Saab Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center (ETIC).

    Designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, the four-story, 54,800-square-foot Pulichino Tong building incorporates lighting occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting, "chilled beams" for heating and cooling, a solar wall to preheat the intake air, recycling materials and other energy efficient features. (Source: USGBC, UMass, ProudGreenBuilding, Others, 11 Dec., 2017)Contact: USGBC Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,; University of Massachusetts-Lowell,

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    EA Technology Pledges Carbon Neutrality (Int'l Report)
    EA Technology
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In the UK, Capenhurst, Chester-headquartered energy networks specialist EA Technology is touting its new Carbon Action Plan to achieve carbon neutrality. Under the plan, EA Technology will slash its transportation, heating and lighting emissions by adopting solar energy, low-carbon heating systems, EV charging points and energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting to boost energy efficiency and self-sufficiency that will save thousands of pounds a year in energy costs. The company did not set a specific date for reaching carbon neutrality.

    According to EA Technology CEO Robert Davies, "Our Carbon Action Plan will give us a modern, integrated, low carbon footprint and we expect to see our emissions reduce year on year with immediate effect as well as delivering the company financial savings." (Source: EA Technology, PR, Various Media, BusinessGreen, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: EA Technology , Robert Davis, CEO, +44 (0) 151 339 4181,

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    Aussie GHG Emissions Reach Record Highs (Int'l Report)
    NDEVR Environmental
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In the Land Down Under, Australia's emissions over the past year were the highest on record, when relatively unreliable emissions from land use are excluded and despite a rise in wind energy power generation and a drop in fossil fuel power generation emissions, according to the carbon consultancy NDEVR Environmental.

    On the other hand, emissions from transport were at record levels, with jumps in the use of diesel and aviation fuel. Emissions in all other sectors either remained stable or increased slightly, according to NDEVR Environmental. (Source: NDEVR Environmental, Guardian, 10 Dec., 2017) Contact: NDEVR Environmental, +61 3 9865 1400, Fax. +61 3 9865 1499,,

    Dubai Certified by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (Int'l)
    C40 Cities,Dubai Supreme Council of Energy
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In Dubai, the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence reports Dubai has joined the not-for-profit C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a global network of 75 major cities committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fighting climate change by sharing knowledge and best practices.

    In 2013, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy established the Carbon Abatement Strategy 2021, in cooperation with the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, Dubai Carbon, and started an inventory of Dubai's GHG from 2011. In 2016, Dubai reduced 23.08 tons of carbon emissions per capita, compared to 18.37 tons per capita in 2011. (Source: Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Emirates News, Dec., 2017) Contact: Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Vice Chairman,; C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News C40 Cities,  Climate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Aera Energy, Glasspoint Solar Partner on CA Solar Project (Ind. Report)
    GlassPoint Solar,Aera Energy
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Freemont, California-headquartered GlassPoint Solar reports it is partnering with Bakersfield, California-based oil and gas industry player Aera Energy to construct a thermal enhanced oil recovery solar energy project at the Belridge oilfield in California. The project will be the first of its kind in the world to use solar steam and solar electricity to power oilfield operations. efficiently reducing the field's carbon emissions.

    The Belridge Solar project will consist of an 850MW solar thermal facility, producing 12 million barrels of steam per year, and a 26.5MW photovoltaic facility that will generate electricity. The facility is projected to save more than 376,000 metric tpy of CO2 emissions. (Source: GlassPoint Solar, Muscat Daily 9 Dec., 2017) Contact: Aera Energy, Christina Sistrunk, CEO, (661) 665-5000,; GlassPoint Solar, Ben Bierman, CEO, (415) 778-2800,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GlassPoint Solar,  Solar,  

    GE Aviation Testing 100 pct GEVO ATJ Fuel (Ind. Report)
    GEVO,GE Aviation,FAA
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Englewood, Colorado-based isobutanol producer GEVO, Inc. reports that GE Aviation has begun jet engine combustor component testing with 100 pct GEVO renewable alcohol-to-jet fuel (ATJ). The testing is part of the FAA Continuous Lower Energy, Emissions and Noise Program, the agency's principal environmental effort to accelerate the development of new aircraft, engine technologies and sustainable alternative jet fuels.

    This round of testing is specifically designed to enable the greater displacement of petroleum-based jet fuel by bio-based hydrocarbon fuels with similar performance characteristics to commonly used petroleum-based fuels, albeit with reductions in particulate matter and other air quality related emissions. Accoding to GEVO, its ATJ has the potential to improve performance by providing greater energy density which translates into better mileage.

    Evandale, Ohio-based GE Aviation is a part of General Electric Company, and is a world-leading provider of jet engines, components and integrated systems for commercial and military aircraft. (Source: GEVO, PR, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: GE Aviation,; GEVO, Pat Gruber, CEO, (303) 858-3358,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News FAA,  GEVO,  Aviation Biofuel,  Isobutanol,  GE Aviation,  

    Stagecoach East Trials Scania Biogas-Powered Bus (Int'l Report)
    Stagecoach East
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In the UK, one of the country s largest public transit agencies, Stagecoach East, reports it is trialing a Enviro 400 Scania double-decker bus powered with biogas fuel.

    The Scania model -- which was specifically developed for the UK bus market -- complements Stagecoach East's environmental goals by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 84 pct compared to an average automobile which emits 120g of CO2 per km while the equivalent journey using a biogas bus only emits around 2.4g per km.

    Stagecoach East has invested £4.7million in a fleet of 22 Scania "greener" Park & Ride buses. (Source: Stagecoast East, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: Stagecoach East, Andy Campbell, Managing Director,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biogas,  

    Jamaican Ethanol Plant Idled in Favor of Imports (Ind. Report)
    Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In Kingston, a Jamaican Auditor General Department performance audit reports the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica's wholly owned ethanol producing subsidiary Petrojam Ethanol Limited (PEL) has generated questionable returns on its $800 million investment.

    In 2005, PEL and a Brazilian company established a partnership to provide ethanol production feedstock for a newly constructed 40-million gpy plant in Kingston. In 2013, the plant operators claimed the high ethanol feedstock prices rendered ethanol production unprofitable and ethanol importation profitable. Accordingly, PEL virtually shuttered production and became a net importer. The plant's five storage tanks are presently being used to store approximately 4,000 barrels of contaminated ethanol which the company is trying to dispose of. The company now plans to resume production in 2018. (Source: Jamaica Aufitor Generals Office, The Gleaner, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: Petrojam Ethanol Limited,; Jamaica Auditor General Office, Auditor General Pamela Monroe Ellis, +876 926 5846,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica ,  Ethanol,  

    U.S. Solar Output Jumps 47 pct in 2017, say EIA (Ind. Report)
    Energy Information Agency
    Date: 2017-12-13
    According to the US EIA's latest monthly report, US PV output grew grew 47 pct during the first three quarters of 2017, over the same period in 2016. The report notes that every state increased its output from solar energy production with California leading the pack with its 24,877,000 MWh,. Of those top 10 states, Georgia had the highest year-to-year percentage growth, increasing 186 pct from 2016 to 2017, followed by Texas with 165 pct and Utah with 123 pct.

    In market segment terms, utility scale growth was twice as high, increasing 58 pct from 2016 to 2017 while the residential sector increased by 32 pct year-over-year. (Source: DOE EIA Electric Power Monthly, Dec. 2017) Contact: EIA,

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    $4.2M Grant to Advance Efficient Energy Systems (Ind. Report)
    University of Illinois-Chicago
    Date: 2017-12-13
    The University of Illinois-Chicago Energy Resources Center is reporting receipt of $4.2 million in U.S. DOE grant funding to advance combined heat and power (CHP) technologies and manage one of eight DOE regional centers to promote CHP systems in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.

    Over the next five years, the research team will work with Midwestern universities, hospital industrial facilities and others to analyze and identify potential CHP systems markets, conduct outreach to promote the benefits of the technology and provide technical assistance to organizations interested in CHP systems for their facilities. The grant will also be used to help make local power grids more resilient to the potential damage caused by natural disasters. (Source: University of Illinois , Energy Resource Center, WTTW, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: University of Illinois-Chicago Energy Resources Center, Cliff Haefke, Dir., (312) 996-4490,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  CHP,  

    Double-Glazing for Solar Panel Efficiency (New Prod & Tech)
    University of Warwick
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Two UK physicists from the University of Warwick, Coventry are touting a new design of double-glazed solar panels similar to a double-glazed window -- two glass layers and the space between them is filled with an inert gas.

    Whereas existing solar panels use vacuum as the filler between two layers, the new design uses an inert gas as the filler, acting as an additional insulation.

    How does the double-glazed solar panel work? When the sunlight strikes it, electrons are ejected from the photocathode, which is the inner layer applied with a special coating that releases electrons during a radiation. These free electrons then transcend through the inert gas (argon) and are collected by the transparent outer layer that conducts electricity. (Source: University of Warwick, CleanTechnica, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: University of Warwick, Dr. Gavin Bell,Dr. Yorck Ramachers, +44 (0)24 7652 3523,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  Solar Panel,  Solar Panel Eficiency,  

    PARC Secures CalSEED Energy Storage Awards (Funding, R&D)
    PARC,California Clean Energy Fund
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Palo Alto, California-based PARC, a Xerox company, is reporting receipt of two grant awards from the California Energy Commission's California Clean Energy Fund (CalSEED) program to develop a desalination battery for simultaneous desalination and electrical load-shifting, and a membrane-based electro-chemical CO2 removal system for HVAC energy savings.

    The desalination battery combines the ability to desalinate highly saline waters with the ability to store electrical energy. The battery produces desalinated water during discharge without the need for high pressure or expensive maintenance; reduced pretreatment requirements; and the ability to realize high water recovery ratios and enables high renewables penetration on the grid.

    PARC is developing the Membrane-based Electrochemical CO2 Removal System as a retrofit to existing HVAC systems. The PARC system reduces the need for thermal and humidity conditioning of building air by removing CO2 directly without increasing energy consumption.

    PARC is also working on a variety of initiatives ranging from energy storage and efficiency to renewable energy, and others. (Source: PARC, PR, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: PARC, Jessy Rivest, Energy Materials & Systems Hardware Systems Laboratory , (650) 812-4000,; California Clean Energy Fund, (415) 957-0167,; California Energy Commission, (916) 465-4500,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News California Energy Commission,  Energy Storage,  California Clean Energy Fund,  

    PG&E Lauded as Nation's Greenest Energy Provider (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-12-13
    PG&E reports its clean energy and sustainability initiatives have been recognized by the 2017 Newsweek Green Rankings, which named the company the greenest energy provider in the nation based on eight indicators covering energy, greenhouse gases, water, waste, green revenues, linking executive pay to sustainability, board-level committee oversight of sustainability and third-party audited environmental metrics.

    PG&E's commitment to sustainability include: delivering power that's among the cleanest in the nation, with nearly 70 pct coming from greenhouse-gas free resources; a shareholder-funded Better Together Resilient Communities grant program that will invest $2 million over five years to support climate resilience planning efforts; and helping customers save $258 million on their energy bills through energy efficiency, and others. (Source: PB&E, PR, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: PG&E Corporation, (415) 973-5930,,

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    Vietnam Fuel Stations Switching to E5 Ethanol Blend (Int'l)
    PetroVietnam Oil Corp
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In Hanoi, Veitnam's largest oil and fuel retailer PetroVietnam Oil Corp (PV Oil) reports it will replace RON 92 fuel at all of its fuel stations with E5 -- 95 pct of RON 92 and 5 pct ethanol -- by Dec. 15, according to the state-owned company's website.

    Vietnam has been pushing for the E5 blend as ethanol can be produced from cassava. Several factories have been set up specifically to process cassava into ethanol. The switch to the E5 mixer to fueling stations nationwide is expected by Jan. 1, 2018. (Source: PetroVietnam Oil Corp., Business Record, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: PetroVietnam Oil Corp.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News E5,  Cass Ethanol.Vietnam Ethanol,  PetroVietnam Oil ava ,  

    India to Announce Gasoline-Methanol Blend Rate (Int'l Report)

    Date: 2017-12-13
    Autocar India reports the Indian government has announced it will soon allow the blending of methanol and gasoline to reduce retail fuel costs and curb pollution. Although an exact blend percentage rate has not yet been determined, 15 pct is being anticipated.

    Gasoline supplied in India is already blended with ethanol and methanol-blended automotive fuel (petrol and diesel) in various blended percentages ranging from 3 to 85 pct is already in use in a few markets. (Source: Autocar India, 11 Dec., 2017)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Methanol,  Methanol Blend,  Biofuel,  

    Sunseap, Linyang Partner for Singapore Solar Projects (Int'l)
    Sunseap, Linyang Energy
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Chinese clean energy firm Linyang Energy reports it has inked a MoU with Singapore-based solar developer Sunseap to work on distributed solar, floating solar, module supply and energy efficiency projects in Singapore.

    Together the firms aim to install 100MW of distributed solar PV by the end of 2018 and 500MW by 2021. They will also collaborate on efficiency management using LEDs and green energy trading projects in Singapore as well as providing decentralized energy in industrial parks, according to a Linyang release.

    The MoU covers: six areas requiring an investment of more than $500 by 2020. energy efficiency in buildings; rooftop and floating solar plants; 300MW of n-type double-glass modules; LED light and energy-saving services; partnering on Singaporean power trading; and working on virtual power stations, energy management hosting and micro-grids. The two companies expect to invest a total of $500 million by 2020. (Source: Linyang Energy, Various Media, PV Mag, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: Linyang Energy,; Sunseap, +65 68 16 1000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Sunseap,  Linyang Energy,  Solar,  Floating Solar,  Rooftop Solar,  

    Ketchum Hotel Scores LEED Silver Certification (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-12-13
    The 99-room Limelight Hotel in downtown Ketchum, Idaho, reports it has been awarded U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Silver certification for energy efficiency and sustainability.

    The hotel's LEED qualifying sustainable features and practices include: heat-rejecting technology to block solar gain and reduce air conditioning; extensive use of recycled materials throughout, including roof, carpeting and ceramic tiles as well as FSC-certified reclaimed wood; the use of environmentally safe cleaning supplies, and others. (Source: Limelight Hotel, Hotel Management, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: Limelight Hotel, Mark Vogele, project manager,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, President and CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    Set-Backs Stymie $2.6Bn in Ohio Wind Farm Development (Ind. Report)
    APex Clean Energy
    Date: 2017-12-13
    The Green Springs Blade reports that Charlottesville, Va.-based Apex Clean Energy's plan to develop 5 wind farms across Ohio's Seneca and Sandusky counties at a total cost of $2.6 billion are being stymied by "set-back" rules designed to protect nearby property owners from wind turbine noise and vibration.

    Current setback rules went into effect in 2014 when the Republican-led Legislature placed a two-year freeze on renewable-energy mandates for power companies. The freeze expired last year, but the set back legislation remains in place. An effort to ease the rules has stalled in the Legislature. (Source: Youngstown Vindicator,, 11 Dec.2017) Contact: Apex Clean Energy, Andrea Miller, VP Asset Management, Patrick Brown, Dev. Mgr., (434) 220-7595,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Apex Clean Energy,  

    DOE Announces $18.5 Mn for Offshore Wind R&D (Funding)
    Date: 2017-12-13
    In the nation's capital, U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has announced $18.5 million in new Department of Energy (DOE) funding for an offshore wind research and development (R&D) consortium that will conduct U.S.-specific research aimed at reducing the cost of offshore wind in the U.S.

    The consortium will be a cooperative private-public innovation hub addressing wind plant technology advancement, resource and physical site characterization, installation, operations and maintenance, supply chain technology solutions, and related relevant offshore wind topics and technologies.

    The DOE intends to select an administrator to coordinate the collaborative R&D activities conducted by the consortium. The consortium will include members of the offshore wind industry who will contribute funds to the consortium and use the research findings to further advance technologies. In addition to the initial $18.5 million funding, $2 million will be allocated to research at DOE's national laboratories to support consortium R&D activities. (Source: US DOE EERE, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: US DOE EERE,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Offshore Wind,  DOE EERE,  

    Clearfleau Building UK Distillery AD Biogas Plant (Int'l)
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Berkshire, UK-based on-site anaerobic digestion treatment specialists Clearfleau reports work is underway on a new facility for beverage company Inver House, Balmenach in rural Speyside, Scotland.

    The new plant will be built at a 200-year-old distillery, which already has a biomass boiler installed. Upon completion, the new anaerobic digestion (AD) facility will treat approximately 130m3 of whisky co-products a day to produce 2,000m3 of biogas which will be fed to a combined heat and power (CHP) engine that will provide 200KW of electricity and 230KW of heat for use in the operation of the distillery.(Source: Clearfleau, PowerTechnology, Dec., 2017) Contact: Clearfleau Ltd., Craig Chapman, CEO, +44 (0) 844 477 6292,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biogas,  Anaerobic Digestion,  

    GridPoint Releases Energy Manager 3.0 (New Prod & Tech)
    Date: 2017-12-13
    Reston, Virginia-based smart buildings technology innovator GridPoint is reporting the release of its new mobile application, the GridPoint Energy Manager Mobile 3.0.

    The GridPoint Energy Manager platform provides visibility into facility operations to help customers automate and control sites, lower energy costs, and proactively manage day-to-day operations. Energy Manager Mobile 3.0 utilizes three dimensions of data to create the most accurate picture of energy usage within a building: granular data at the equipment-level, real-time data, and historical data.

    The 3.0 can be used as a diagnostic tool to triage site HVAC or other failures and to support users or small businesses with bill entry tools, savings dashboards, and a new HVAC Health feature.(Source: GridPoint, PR, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: Gridpoint,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GridPoint,  Energy Management,  Energy Efficiency,  

    The Future of Cap-and-Trade Program in California -- Brattle Group Paper Attached (Ind. Report)
    Brattle Group
    Date: 2017-12-11
    In a recently released discussion paper, The Brattle Group notes that over the long term, California's reaching it 80 pct decarbonization goals may require large increases in GHG prices in the absence of technological breakthroughs. Additionally, non-electric sectors, especially transportation, must play an increasingly important role in GHG emission reductions. The bulk of future reductions will likely be accomplished largely by complementary policies, but supplemented by price-driven reductions. The level of complementary policies and innovation in lower-cost, clean-energy technologies in the non-electric sector will have major impacts on future GHG prices, according to the paper.

    The potential for high future GHG prices highlights the importance of further improving the economic competitiveness of clean-energy technologies, such as bulk energy storage, and promoting more widespread adoption of electric vehicles. According to the Brattle discussion paper, despite significant projected additions of renewable generation, the electric sector is not likely to achieve full decarbonization by 2050.

    The Brattle discussion paper also notes that, given the current lack of federal support for a climate protection policy, similar approaches to GHG mitigation are being considered by other states and regions interested in pursuing policies for climate protection. For example, Quebec and Ontario have already joined California in the Western Climate Initiative's (WCI's) cap-and-trade program, and Oregon is considering an economy-wide cap-and-trade program and linkage to California as well.

    The Future of Cap-and-Trade Program in California: Will Low GHG Prices Last Forever?, discussion paper is available for download HERE (Source: The Brattle Group, PR, 5 Dec., 2017) Contact: The Brattle Group, (202 955-5050, (415) 217-1000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Brattle Group,  California Cap-and-Trade,  Cap-and-Trade,  

    Zero-Emissions Fossil-Fuel Demo Expected in 2018 (Ind. Report)
    NET Power
    Date: 2017-12-11
    Following up on our 29 Sept. coverage, Durham, North Carolina-based Net Power reports its $150 million zero-emissions natural-gas pilot power plant in Houston, Texas is underway. The turbine technology used in NET Power's demo plant is based on the Allam cycle which exploits the unusual qualities of CO2 which, under high pressure and temperature, becomes a "super-critical fluid" that shares characteristics of a liquid and a solid. In its super-critical fluid form, CO2 has proven to be an efficient extractor of heat energy in a turbine. NET Power's turbine uses CO2, rather than a mixture of hot gases, to transfer heat, which is then converted into mechanical energy and, ultimately, electricity.

    In collaboration with Toshiba, NET Power modified turbines to be compatible with the Allam cycle. Because of their highly efficient design, NET Power's turbines are one-tenth the size of normal turbines. After some final tests are conducted and minor problems are fixed, NET Power expects its plant to begin its operation in 2018. At full capacity, it will produce enough electricity to power 40,000 homes. Net Power aims to license its technology to third parties -- oil and gas companies, power utilities -- and expects the first commercial plant to start its turbines as early as 2021. Net Power was formed by a partnership of 8 Rivers Capital, Exelon and CB&I. (Source: NET Power, inhabitat, 5 Dec., 2017)Contact: Net Power, (919) 667-1800,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News NET Power,  Carbon Emissions,  Zero Emission,  CO2,  Carbon Dioxide,  

    Ontario Proposing 10 pct Gasoline-Ethanol Blend Rate (Reg & Leg)
    Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
    Date: 2017-12-11
    At Queens Park, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change reports it will increase its ethanol-in-gasoline blending requirement from the present 5 pct to 10 pct by 2020, as well as provide incentives for renewable gasoline, biocrude and other low carbon fuels.

    The increase is in keeping with the province's effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions from fuels.

    The province's refineries are currently blending up to 7 -- 8 pct ethanol in their regular grade gasoline. (Source: Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Globe & Mail, Various Others , Dec.2017) Contact: Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, (416) 325-4000,

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