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German Re-insurer Snares Eolus' Jenasen Wind Farm (Int'l., M&A)
Eolus Vind,Munich RE
Date: 2017-06-05
Sweden's Eolus Vind AB reports it will sell its 79-MW Jenasen wind farm in Liden, Sundsvall municipality, northern Sweden to the German re-insurance group, Munich RE for €106 million.

The wind farm, which incorporates 23 Vestas wind turbines, has a long-term PPA with Google. Eolus will provide technical, operational and administrative services for the wind farm as part of the transaction which is slated for closure when construction and commissioning of the project is completed in the summer of 2018. (Source: Eolus Vind AB , PR, 31 May, 2017) Contact: Eolus Vind AB, Per Witalisson, CEO, +46 10 199 88 02,; Munich RE,

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Evaluating BC Forest Climate Change Mitigation Options -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions,
Date: 2017-06-05
Forests play an important role in regulating climate. Changes in how forests and harvested wood products are managed can also offer substantial opportunities to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions or increasing carbon removals from the atmosphere.

To evaluate the credibility and public acceptability of such forest carbon management alternatives, a British Columbia-wide engagement process is being carried out to identify the broad objectives that should underpin the province's future forest carbon management strategies, and to seek input on the options presented. This initiative is part of the Forest Carbon Management Project supported by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) that aims to generate recommendations for regionally specific climate change mitigation activities for BC's forest sector, while maximizing the environmental, economic and social benefits for British Columbians.

The analyses conducted thus far demonstrate that several of the potential mitigation activities in the forest sector can make a substantial contribution to BC's legislated greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets. The document does not rank alternatives, nor does it recommend any course of action. Instead its purpose is to explain and depict the potential climate mitigation and socioeconomic impacts of various management approaches and other considerations.

Access the report HERE. (Source: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, May, 2017) Contact: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, (250) 813-3595,,

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Rolls Royce Touts Energy Management System (New Prod & Tech)
Rolls Royce
Date: 2017-06-05
Prestige auto and engine maker Rolls-Royce is reporting the launch of a new generation marine energy management (EM) system that it says reduces energy usage, cuts fuel consumption and operating costs while supporting environmental compliance and providing performance information that enables the ship to comply with ship energy efficiency management rules and IMO regulations.

The system's data-driven enhanced performance management capabilities monitor the performance of an individual vessel or an entire fleet by collecting using a multitude of energy management sensors on a single vessel or an entire fleet. Data sources include engines, propulsion system, automation, deck machinery and other equipment. The data collected is transmitted via link on to a secure cloud-based Rolls-Royce-hosted web portal for detailed analysis. and comparisons can be carried out. (Source: Rolls Royce, Offshore Support Journal, May, 2017) Contact: Rolls Royce, Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, GM Intelligent Asset Management, + 31 20 700 6474, (312) 725-5727 -- US Office,

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Cal. Passes Renters Energy Efficiency Legislation (Reg & Leg)
California Assembly
Date: 2017-06-05
In Sacramento, the California State Assembly reports passage of Assembly Bill 1088. The legislation will ensure that low-income multi-family renters have access to a diverse offering of energy efficiency programs and sources of clean energy.

With AB 1088, the state will benefit from energy bill savings, job creation, economic output, and public health benefits -- all due to increased levels of property improvements that benefit owners and renters, while safeguarding rents.

California multifamily-specific energy efficiency programs presently receive less than 5 pct of statewide funding, operate on unpredictable start-and-stop cycles, and are acknowledged to be difficult to access due to service territory variability and differing income eligibility requirements. (Source: California Assembly, NRDC, 1 June, 2017) Contact: California State Assembly, (925) 679-2715,

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Cuomo Holds Fast on Paris Accord (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Paris Climate Agreement
Date: 2017-06-05
On June 1st in Albany, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in an immediate respose to Trump's announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, ordered that all government agencies and all public benefit corporations and authorities with government-appointed heads will remain consistent with the greenhouse gas emission-reducing policies in the 2015 State Energy Plan. The 2015 State Energy Plan calls for a 40 pct reduction in the state's greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 to 2030, a commitment to source 50 pct of New York's electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030, and a 23 pct increase in energy efficiency by 2030.

Under Cuomo's executive order, every affected entity will also need to adopt a plan for activities and programs to help reduce New York State's greenhouse gas emissions by March 31, 2018. The agencies are also directed to implement measures including no- and low-cost operational improvements, retro-commissioning, capital energy efficiency retrofits, and onsite renewable and high-efficiency heat and power projects. The state DEC and NYSERDA have also been directed to develop an approach to emissions reduction measurement for the affected entities to adopt.

According to Governor Cuomo, the White House's decision to abandon the Paris accord was "reckless”, with repercussions for the United States and the planet." "This administration is abdicating its leadership and taking a backseat to other countries in the global fight against climate change. We (NeweYork) will not ignore the science and reality of climate change." (Source:, 1 June, 2017)Contact: Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo,

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Zimbabwe Prosecuting incandescent Bulb Vendors (Int'l Report)
Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority
Date: 2017-06-05
In Harare, the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA)has begun arresting manufacturers and vendors of inefficient incandescent light bulbs. Violators are subject to one year imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $5 000.

Incandescent bulbs were banned in the country on May 1, 2017 under Statutory Instrument 21 of 2017. The country is advocating the use of more efficient LED bulbs that are said to have the capacity to save the country about 300MW of electricity per month. (Source: Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, Bulawayo News, 3 June, 2017)Contact: Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority,

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US Ethanol Exports Fall in April, 2017 (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-06-05
According to a Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) release, U.S. ethanol exports in April fell 32 pct to 87.2 million gallons from March, an eight-month low. During the first four months of the year, the U.S. exported 474.8 million gallons of ethanol. In April, Brazil took 44.5 million gallons of U.S. ethanol followed by Canada at 19.0 million gallons of ethanol, Peru 3.9 million gallons, the United Arab Emirates 3.3 million gallons, and South Korea with 2.5 million gallons. India and the Philippines together imported over 50 million gallons of U.S. ethanol in March. India had been the third-leading market for U.S. export in the first quarter. (Source: RFA, Progressive Farmer, 2 June, 2017)Contact: RFA, Geoff Cooper, Snr. VP, (202) 289-3835,

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North Dakota Ethanol Producer Exploring CCS (Ind. Report)
Red Trail Energy,Ethanol, CCS
Date: 2017-06-05
Following on our August 12, 2016 coverage, Richardton, North Dakota ethanol producer Red Trail Energy, LLC reports it may soon be the first U.S. ethanol plant to store carbon dioxide underground as part of an environmental and economic effort.

Last month, U.S. Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., secured North Dakota's primacy from the federal government over Class VI injection wells from the U.S. EPA allowing the state to approve underground carbon (CO2) capture and storage (CCS) projects. Trail Energy is located on the Broom Creek Formation, a geological formation that could store between 10 billion and 40 billion tons of captured CO2.Red Trail's plant will plant will produce about 4 million tons of CO2 over a 20-year span and about 20 million tons over 100 years. Red Trail Energy would also be required to contribute to a trust fund to ensure there is money available in the event of a future CCS related disaster even if the company discontinues business.

Final approval of the primacy awaits the outcome of a 60-day public comment period. If passed, Red Trail will continue discovery work before actually drilling the well which could be implemented in 2020. (Source: Red Trail Energy, Grand Forks Herald, 2 June, 2017) Contact: Red Trail Energy, Gerald Bachmeier, CEO, (701) 974-3308,

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Golden State Governor Pitching California-China Carbon Market Merge (Int'l)
California Cap-and-Trade
Date: 2017-06-05
After describing Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord as "Insane", California Governor Jerry Brown announced he would be holding meetings in Asia this week and would be discussing a possible merge of California's and China's carbon trading markets.

California has the largest carbon trading cap-and-trade system in the United States. China has has launched seven pilot regional trading schemes and plans to roll out a nationwide market later this year. (Source: Various Media, Reuters, 2 June, 2017) Contact: China National Development and Reform Commission,

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Xergi Delivering Largest Biogas Plant to date in Denmark (Int'l)
Date: 2017-06-05
Danish biogas plant designer and developer Xergi reports it will deliver its largest biogas plant to date to Arla Foods milk powder plant in Videbaek, in Denmark. The plant incorportaes five biogas digesters, each with a capacity of 9,500 cubic metres capable of handling around 600,000 tpy of agricultural and livestock waste biomass to produce 16.5 million cubic metres of bio-methane. A total of 40,000 tpy of the residual product Perlac 14 will be digested in the plant each year. The residual biomass is used as fertilizer by local farmers.

Xergi A/S is jointly owned by industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co. and DDH (Hedeselskabet). . (Source: Xergi, 2 June, 2017) (Source: Xergi, (503) 830-4086 – US Office,,

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Integrated Biomass, Waste-to-Energy Project Launched in China (Int'l)
Anhui Energy Administration
Date: 2017-06-05
In China, the Anhui Energy Administration is reporting the completion of construction and startup of the country's first integrated biomass and waste-to-energy project in Lingbi County, Anhui Province.

China Everbright Greentech Limited has reportedly invested RMB570 million ($73,152,312 million) in the 200,001 square-meter project. The project has an annual agricultural waste and straw processing capacity of 250,000 tonnes and is equipped with a 130 tph furnace and a 30MW turbine power generator. The facility is designed to process as much as 400 tpd of household waste and is expected to generate approximately 260 million kWh of electricity annually. (Source: China Everbright, Anhui Energy Administration,, 5 June, 2017)Contact: China Everbright International,

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Notable Quote
Date: 2017-06-05
"We have no intention of backing away from our efforts to address climate change in the food and agriculture supply chains around the world. And in fact this will inspire us to work even harder." -- Dave MacLennan, CEO, Cargill, commenting on Trump's Paris Agreement withdrawal.

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World GBC Calls for 100 pct Net-Zero Carbon Buildings by 2050 -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
World Green Building Council
Date: 2017-06-05
New research from the World Green Building Council (WGBC) is calling for all new buildings to operate at net-zero carbon from 2030 and 100 pct of existing buildings to operate at net-zero carbon by 2050.

According to the WGBC, the construction sector needs a "dramatic" shift towards a zero-carbon built environment to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and to avoid the need for future major retrofits and to prevent the lock-in of carbon emitting systems for decades to come.

Access the full From Thousands to Billions -- Coordinated Action towards 100 pct Net Zero Carbon Buildings by 2050 report HERE. (Source: World Green Building Council, May, 2017) Contact: WGBC,

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Opposition to Paris Accord Withdrawal Goes Green (Ind. Report)

Date: 2017-06-05
In the wake of US president Donald Trump's withdrawal of the U.S. from the 2015 Paris climate agreement on Thursday, expressions of disapproval echoed around the world including the "City of Lights" where city hall is now bathed in green light. Mexico City, Montreal, Boston, New York and others have also flipped the switch to green.

The dramatic green lighting is intended to mark the wide disapproval of the U.S. administration's decision. It is also intended to signal a policy shift and the wide-ranging repercussions for the climate and for Washington's ties with the world. US state leaders from Washington, California and New York all announced Thursday that they will form a US climate alliance in spite of Trump's withdrawal from the accord. (Source: AFP, i24 News, Various Other Media, 2 June, 2017)

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USGBC LEED Earth Campaign Attracting New Members (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-06-05
The US Green Building Council (USGBC) is reporting nine new countries -- Armenia, Trinidad and Tobago, French Polynesia, Nigeria, Oman, Morocco, Montenegro and Cambodia -- have certified their first LEED project or their first LEED v4 platinum building, as represented in the USGBC ongoing LEED Earth campaign.

The LEED Earth campaign offers LEED certification at no cost to the first project to earn LEED certification in countries where the rating system is still emerging, according to the USGBC. The campaign also offers free certification for the first LEED platinum project in any country. Presently, 32 countries are recognized by the LEED Earth campaign. (Source: USGBC, PR, 2 June, 2017) Contact: USGBC, (202) 552-1500,

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IHI E&C Selected for Velocys Biomass-to-Liquids Plant Engineering Study (Ind. Report)
Velocys,IHI E&C International
Date: 2017-06-05
London, UK-based gas-to-liquisd specialist Velocys PLC reports it has selected Houston, Texas-headquartered IHI E&C International Corp to carry out pre-front end engineering design for its first biomass-to-liquids plant in the U.S. The engineering study is expected to be completed in the second half of 2017.

Velocys will work with IHI E&C and its technology partners to support the rapid deployment of the biomass-to-liquids plant in the renewable fuels space. According to Velocys, the contract aligns its own interests with IHI, as both look to enter the US renewable transportation fuels market. (Source: Velocys, PR, Alliance, 5 June, 2017) Contact: Velocys, David Pummell, CEO, CEO, +44 1235 841 700, (713) 275-5840 - Houston Office,,; IHI E&C International, (713) 270-3100,

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Cornell Tech Bloomberg Center Aims for Net-Zero Energy (Ind. Report)
USGBC,Cornell University
Date: 2017-06-02
Cornell Tech has announced details of its plan to achieve net-zero USGBC LEED Platinum energy efficiency status for the Bloomberg Center, the first academic building on the Roosevelt Island campus, scheduled to open in September.

Cornell Tech is the technology-focused campus of Cornell University located in New York City. In operation since 2012, Cornell Tech is a research and graduate-level education institution.

To meet net-zero, the Cornell Tech campus is employing solar power, geothermal ground source heat pumps, an energy-efficient facade balancing the ratio between transparency and opaqueness to maximize building insulation and decrease energy demand, and smart building features monitoring lighting and plug load use. The strategy to achieve a low-energy building is through a stepped approach prioritizing reduction in energy demand through load reductions as well as maximizing passive and energy efficient design, and using renewable energy to power the building systems.

The 4-story, 160,000 sq-ft Bloomberg Center is slated to open in September. (Source: Cornell Tech, Cornell Chronicle, 31 May, 2017) Contact: Cornell Tech, (646) 632-4948,

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Blackstar Launches Net-Zero Energy Division (Ind. Report)
BlackStar Companies
Date: 2017-06-02
Inthe LOne Star State, Dallas-based BlackStar Companies, a woman, minority-owned construction and energy management and efficiency solutions company, reports the formation of BlackStar Energy Group (BSEG), a new division focused on commercial and federal government net-zero energy-efficient construction projects.

BSEG will offer energy assessment, design, and construction services for new developments or retrofits of existing buildings. As defined by the DOE, a Zero Energy Building is "an energy-efficient building where, on a source energy basis, the actual annual delivered energy is less than or equal to the on-site renewable exported energy." (Source: BlackStar Companies, PR, 31 May, 2017) Contact: BlackStar Companies, Michelle Allen, Pres., Maisha Hoye, (888) 864-7773,, www.

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Brazil's Renova Energia Unloads TerraForm Global (Int'l, M&A)
Renova, TerraForm,Brookfield Asset Management
Date: 2017-06-02
Sao Paulo, Brazil-based renewable power generation company Renova Energia SA reports it is selling its minority interest in US renewables yieldco TerraForm Global Inc. to Toronto-headquartered Brookfield Asset Management Inc for $92.8 million in cash, plus $15 million as a compensation for ending arbitration proceedings against the US company.

Renova Energia also reports the termination of 188.2 average megawatts (MWa) of wind energy sale contracts, as part of a refocusing of its business.(Source: Renova Energia, Renewables Now, Others, 29 May, 2017) Contact: Renova Energia, +55 (71) 3352 2550,; Brookfield Asset Management, (416) 363-9491,

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Green Energy Technologies Touts Wind Sphere Turbines (Ind. Report)
ParkOhio,Green Energy Technologies
Date: 2017-06-02
Akron, Ohio-based ParkOhio subsidiary Green Energy Technologies is touting its Wind Sphere wind turbine which it says generates approximately 30 pct more power than other turbines of equal size. The Wind Sphere is manufactured in Warren, Ohio, by another ParkOhio subsidiary, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic.

The turbine blade diameter is 28.5 feet and the shroud diameter is 37.5 feet mounted 93 ft above the ground. The nameplate generating capability is 25 kilowatts -- 70,000 to 80,000 kWh per year in typical Greater Cleveland area wind conditions. Total cost including installation will range from $300,000 to $350,000. (Source: Green Energy Technologies,, 28 May, 2017) Contact: Green Energy Technologies, Mark Cironi, Pres., (330) 666-8542, info@,; ParkOhio, Ed Crawford, CEO,

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Enel Green Inks $365Mn Financing for 300Mw Mo. Wind Farm (Funding)
Enel Green Power North America
Date: 2017-06-02
Enel Green Power North America, the North American subsidiary of Enel Green Power reports it has inked a a tax equity agreement worth approximately $365 million with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and J.P. Morgan, for development of the 300 MW Rock Creek wind farm which is under construction in Missouri.

The project, which is expected to be commissioned and operational by the year end, will generate approximately 1,250 GWh of tpy of CO2. The project has a PPA in place with Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company. (Source: Enel Green Energy, 30 May, 2017) Contact: Enel Green Power NA, Connor Branch, Bus. Dev., (978) 681-1900,

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MAKE Predicts 47GW of New Wind Capacity in Latin Amer. Over Next Decade (Ind. Report)
MAKE Consultant
Date: 2017-06-02
According to MAKE Consulting's just published 2017 Latin America Wind Power Outlook report, over 47 GW worth of new wind capacity is expected to be installed across Latin America over the next decade.

Brazil has been the dominant market to date installing 2.5 GW in 2016 alone, and exceeding 2.4 GW annually for three years in a row, but the report predicts an impending drop from 2019 due to slumping demand for electricity with no new wind Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) signed at auction in 2016,.

According to MAKE, Mexico has so far implemented a long-term series of power auctions which will support the country’s target of 35 pct renewable energy. Argentina has set a target of sourcing 20 pct of its electricity from renewable energy by 2025, while Chile, as part of its own 20%/2025 target, connected 498 MW worth of wind power in 2016. (Source: MAKE, May, 2017) Contact: MAKE Consulting, +45 7026 6628,,

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ACCIONA Starts Spanish Hybrid Wind Power Storage Facility (Int'l)
Acciona Energia
Date: 2017-06-02
In Barasoain, northern Spain, ACCIONA Energia reports it has commissioned the first hybrid plant for storing electricity in batteries as part of a grid-connected wind farm in Spain.

The facility utilizes a storage system consisting of two batteries located in separate containers: one fast-response 1 MW/0.39 MWh power battery that can maintain 1 MW of power for 20 minutes, and another slower-response battery with greater autonomy of 0.7 MW/0.7 MWh that can maintain 0.7 MW for 1 hour. Both batteries are of Li-ion Samsung SDI technology and are connected to a 3-MW rated capacity AW116/3000 ACCIONA wind turbine. The batteries will store energy produced by the wind turbine when required.

The project received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which manages the Spanish Centre for Industrial Development. (Source: Acciona, 29 May, 2017)Contact: ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, +34 91 657 64 60,

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Republic Services Tripling Fleet RNG Fuel Use (Ind. Report)
Republic Services
Date: 2017-06-02
In Phoenix, non-hazardous materials waste recycling specialist Republic Services, Inc. reports it will triple its renewable natural gas (RNG) useage above 2016 levels through an expanded agreement with Clean Energy. The increase is expected to cut the company's 2,500 vehicle fleet emissions by approximately 110,000 metric tons of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) over a three-year period.

Clean Energy's Redeem™ brand of RNG fuel is derived from methane-biogas which is processed, purified and sent into the interstate natural gas pipeline and made commercially available to Clean Energy customers. RNG has the lowest carbon intensity of all commercially available transportation fuels. (Source: Republic Services, Inc., PR, May 31, 2017) Contact: Republic Services, Pete Keller, VP Recycling and Sustainability.; Clean Energy,

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Bullfrog Power, Less Emissions to Reduce Canada C3 Carbon Footprint (Ind. Report)
Bullfrog Power
Date: 2017-06-02
Toronto-headquartered green energy provider Bullfrog Power and its sister company Less Emissions Inc. are announcing an environmental partnership with Canada C3, an expedition that aims to engage millions of Canadians from across the country, both virtually and on board the Canada C3 ship.

Through the agreement, Bullfrog Power will provide green electricity for the Canada C3 "Ship t' Shore" events across the country as well as green fuel for the first leg of the Canada C3 Expedition. This will be the first time that Bullfrog's green fuel has been used to reduce the impact of ship travel in Canada. The impact of the remaining legs of the journey will be addressed by high-quality offsets from Less Emissions Inc. Bullfrog Power's producers will inject renewable energy into the grid to match the amount of conventional electricity used during the "Ship t' Shore" events, which will be occurring throughout the 150-day journey. Bullfrog's green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities.

For the remaining legs of the Canada C3 expedition, carbon offsets will be provided by Less Emissions Inc. to offset the remaining carbon emissions that will created by the ship's travels. Less Emissions is Canada's highest quality offset provider as ranked by the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute. Less' Canadian-based offsets are sourced from projects that have achieved certification under the internationally recognized VER+ Standard. (Source: Bullfrog Power , PR , 30 May, 2017) Contact: Bullfrog Power: Jon McKay, Corporate Communications Manager, (416) 360.3464 ext. 239,;; Canada C3: Mireille Sylvester, (613) 513-6424,,; Less Emissions Inc,

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Neste Touts MY Renewable Diesel for Cutting Emissions (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-06-02
Neste is reporting that is recently launched Neste MY Renewable Diesel, produced 100 pct from waste and residues, has helped Finnish consumers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1.5 million kg -- equivalent to the emissions caused by 560 round-the-world charter flights for one person, according to a Neste.

The production of Neste MY Renewable Diesel is based on Neste's proprietary NEXBTL technology, which serves to produce high-quality renewable diesel and other renewable products from nearly any waste fat or vegetable oil. Compared to conventional fossil diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel has up to 90 pct lower greenhouse gas emissions during the lifecycle of the fuel. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is fully compatible with current diesel grades and can be added to the fuel tank at any point. The product is better, or as good as the leading fossil diesels, according to Neste. (Source: Neste Corporation, PR, Nasdaq, 31 May, 2017) Contact: Neste Corp, Sam Holmberg, Vice President, Marketing & Services, Finland, Neste, tel. +358 50 458 4078,

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Integrated BioChem Wins Managed Ecosystem Fermentation Biomass Patent (New Prod & Tech)
Integrated BioChem
Date: 2017-06-02
Raleigh, North Carolina-based Integrated BioChem (IBC) has announced that it has received a Canadian patent for its Managed Ecosystem Fermentation (MEF) process. The United States Patent and Trademark Office already has issued three patents on the process for converting biomass into industrial chemicals.

MEF is a new manufacturing process that biologically converts cellulose and other organic materials into protein and industrial chemicals. It is a continuous, self-sustaining fermentation process that is focused on economics, resulting in a significant reduction in the energy required, thereby making the process environmentally and economically sustainable, according to IBC.

The MEF process takes inbound organic waste, such as food waste, paper and other food processing waste streams, and converts 95 pct of this material into saleable products. Using MEF, 3 to 10 tpd of waste can be processed in a plant the size of several 40-foot containers. Industrial chemicals created by the MEF process include enzymes, protein, lipids and phospholipids. These products are suitable for use in the paper, animal feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, lubricant, sealant and adhesive industries. (Source: Integrated Biochem, WasteToday, June, 2017) Contact: Integrated BioChem,

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Anellotech Touts Texas TCat-8 Pilot Plant Tests (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-06-02
Pearl River, New York-headquartered renewable chemicals and fuels from non-food biomass producer Anellotech reports that its engineers, collaborating with petrochemical company Axens, have completed a successful continuous performance test of the TCat-8 pilot plant as part of unit commissioning in Silsbee, Texas.

The test involved continuous injection of MinFree woody biomass feedstock and production of BTX and other valuable chemical by-products.

Anellotech is developing the Bio-TCat process to produce cost-competitive renewable aromatic chemicals such as benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX) from non-food biomass for use in the production of polyester, nylon, polycarbonate, polystyrene, or for renewable transportation fuels. Bio-TCat co-products, C9+ aromatics and carbon monoxide, can be used to make cellulosic jet and ethanol bio-fuels respectively, using third-party technology.

The Bio-TCat reactor outlet hydrocarbon product requires only mild hydrotreating to remove trace impurities using existing oil refining technology. By using renewable and readily available non-food materials, such as sustainably harvested wood, corn stover and bagasse, the process is less expensive compared to processes relying on sugar as a feedstock. (Source: Anellotech, PR, Industrial Equipment News, June, 2017) Contact: Axens,; Anellotech, David Sudolsky, (845) 735-7700,,

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EPA Halts Oil & Gas Industry Methane Standard (Reg & Leg)
Date: 2017-06-02
On Wednesday, May 31st, the US EPA put the kibosh on the 2016 New Source Performance (Methane) Standards for the oil and gas industry. The EPA's 90-day "hold order" requires companies to capture fugitive emissions, obtain engineer certifications and install leak detention devices while the Obama administration's rule is being "reconsidered." The rule was slated to go into force on June 3rd.

The EPA order is widely seen as yet another Trump attempt to discredit the Obama administration's climate change related initiatives, including the Paris agreement which Trump is threatening to withdraw the U.S. from.

Methane, which is relatively short-lived at 20 years, is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide when it comes to trapping heat. (Source: EPA, Reuters, Various Media Sources, 31 May, 2017)

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Earthjustice Statement on EPA Halting Methane Emissions Rule (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Date: 2017-06-02
"With reports suggesting that President Trump is on the brink of withdrawing from the landmark Paris climate agreement, the administration is now adding insult to injury by slamming the brakes on crucial air pollution protections. We're already in court defending this commonsense requirement to fix leaks that waste natural gas, sicken surrounding communities, and accelerate global warming. And now we'll be going to court again to reverse this delay of rules that protect communities from harmful oil and gas emissions." (Source: Earthjustice, Timothy Ballo, Attorney, 31 May, 2017) Contact: Earthjustice, Rob Friedlander, Advocacy Communications Manager, (202) 797-5249,,

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NRDC Will Sue as Trump Threatens Dismantling of Methane Pollution Protections (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Natural Resources Defense Council
Date: 2017-06-02
In Washington, the international not-for-profit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports it will go to court to block the Trump administration from withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and rolling back protections against dangerous methane pollution from the oil and gas industry.

NRDC Climate and Clean Air Program Director David Doniger issued the following statement: "On the heels of news reports that the U.S. will walk away from a global commitment to combat climate change, President Trump is sabotaging headway the U.S. has already made. The Trump administration is giving its friends in the oil and gas industry a free pass to continue polluting our air. EPA is continuing to put thousands of people in communities near these facilities at increased risk for asthma attacks and cancer. We will fight Trump's latest polluter giveaway in court." (Source: NRDC , PR, 31 May, 2017) Contact: NRDC, Kate Slusark Kiely, (212) 727-4592,,

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Corvus Orca Li-Ion Battery ESS System to Power Offshore Supply Vessels (Ind. Report)
Corvus Energy
Date: 2017-06-02
Richmond, British Columbia-headquartered marine battery systems provider Corvus Energy Inc. reports it has been selected to supply its Orca Energy ESS lithium-ion based energy storage system (ESS) for the retrofit of an offshore platform supply vessel, the Viking Princess.

The 533kWh Orca Energy ESS will be installed on the vessel in a hybrid arrangement, replacing one LNG genset, approved by DNVGL & NMA as spinning reserve resulting in 1 tpd of fuel savings. (Source: Corvus Energy, International Shipping News, Others, 31 May, 2017) Contact: Corvus Energy, Andrew Morden, Pres. & CEO, Sean Puchalski, VP Strategic Marketing, (604) 227-0280 ext. 123,,

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Powin to Install 6.5-MW Energy Storage for SDG&E (Ind. Report)
Powin Energy,SDG&E
Date: 2017-06-02
Tualatin, Oregon-based utility battery energy storage specialist Powin Energy Corporation reports it has sealed a deal with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) for a 6.5 MW/26 MW/h battery energy storage system for installation in Escondido, California.

The proposed system will improve reliability on the existing electrical grid by optimizing the intermittent output of renewable energy sources, and allow SDG&E additional flexibility for its energy sources.

The project is subject to California PUC approval. As reported on May 8th, the CPUC has mandated SDG&E procure at least 165 MW of energy storage by 2020 and have all projects operational by 2024. To date, the utility has over 94 MW of deployed or contracted energy storage over 20 projects. (Source: Powin Energy, Power Engineering, , 30 May, 2017)Contact: Powin Energy, Geoff Brown, Pres., Victor Liu, (503) 598-6659,,; California PUC,; SDG&E,

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China New Energy Touts £13Mn in Biofuel Project Contracts (Int'l)
China New Energy
Date: 2017-06-02
The London-headquartered bioenergy engineering and technology solutions provider China New Energy (CNE) reports the signing of seven contracts to facilitate the development of its processing equipment and plants and expand its ethanol production capabilities in China. The contracts are values at more than £12,8 million. All of the contracts with Yinshan Hongzhan Industry Co., Ltd, Inner Mongolia Liniu Biochemical Co., Ltd, Jilin Boda Biochemical Co. Ltd and Heilongjiang Weikete Biotechnology Co., are slated to get underway by the end of next month for completion and commissioning in 2018.

Since its founding in 2006, China New Energy has constructed over 100 bioethanol and biobutanol plants. globally including Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Romania and Russia. (Source: China New Energy, Investment Observer, Others, 31 May, 2017) Contact: China New Energy, +86 20 8705 7185,

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Singapore Floating PV Power Plant Uses ABB Tech (Int'l)
Date: 2017-06-02
ABB is reporting delivery of critical miniature circuit breakers components for a 1MW floating solar photovoltaic (PV) test-bed in Singapore's Tengeh Reservoir.

Electric power generated at the site will be fed into the national energy grid and will be sufficient for 250 households. Singapore has high average annual solar irradiation of about 1,500 kWh/m2, which makes floating solar plants viable alternative. (Source: ABB, EBR, 31 May, 2017) Contact: ABB, +44 (0) 43 317 5404,,

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Atlanta's ACEEE Energy Efficiency Ranking Slips (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-06-02
In the Peach State, the city of Atlanta has slipped to No. 18 in the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy's (ACEEE) 2017 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard, the Atlanta Agent reports.

Despite falling in the ACEEE rankings, Atlanta is working toward energy efficiency and, as recently announced, aims to have the city run on 100 pct clean energy by 2035, and has set municipal energy efficiency and GHG reduction targets through 2040. Atlanta's Climate Action Plan, which contains goals to reduce community-wide greenhouse emissions and energy consumption benchmarking in residential and commercial buildings. (Source: ACEEE, Atlanta Agent, 1 June, 2017)Contact: ACEEE, (202) 507-4000,

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"An Historic Failure of American Global Leadership" (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)

Date: 2017-06-02
Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement!

Exxon, General Electric, BP, Tesla, Monsanto, Microsoft, Starbucks, Disney, and hundreds, if not thousands, of other national and international corporations and organizations, both large and small, as well as the 191 participant nations of the Paris Climate Accord -- with the exception of Syria and Nicaragua -- agree that "the Donald's" move displayed "an historic failure of American global leadership."

We agree with America's friends and foes alike -- President Donald J. Trump and his administration have displayed an historic failure of good judgement, accountability, responsible government and transparent leadership!

In our opinion, America needs a new team in the White House! -- Editor, LC Energy Reports

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Airbus Offers Biofueled New Plane Delivery (Int'l Report)
Date: 2017-06-02
Toulouse, France-headquartered aircraft manufacturer Airbus reports it is the first aircraft manufacturer to offer its customers the option of delivering new jets using a blend of sustainable jet fuel.

The biofuel delivery flight concept, originally devised by Cathay Pacific in 2015, is in keeping with Airbus commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of each flight starting with the aircraft delivery. Airbus says it will continue its efforts by collaborating with all stakeholders in the biofuels sector and is committed to environmental efficiency and to meeting international aviation's emission reduction targets. (Source: Airbus, PR, 1 June, 2017) Contact: Airbus, +33 5 61 93 55 55,

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GoodFuels Program Aims to Accelerate Marine Biofuels Use (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-31
Dutch marine biofuels specialist GoodFuels is reporting the launch of its GoodShipping programme designed to 'accelerate' the amount of low-carbon fuels in the marine-fuel mix. The program allows the cargo owner to purchase low-carbon, compatible and sustainable drop-in biofuels rather than relying on the ship owner to change its fuel mix. The big difference with other sustainability initiatives is that the GoodShipping Program changes the marine fuel mix and thereby realizes a carbon reduction within the industry. Every ocean cargo owner can participate in the GoodShipping Program regardless of its volume, location, trade routes and existing contracts with carriers and/or freight forwarders.

The first Good Trade Lane will be launched in autumn 2017. GoodFuels' produces sustainable biofuels from waste and residues, and is supported by several NGOs. (Source: GoodFuels, PR, 30 May, 2017) Contact: GoodFuels, Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO ,,

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India's Solar Electric Power Generation Soars (Int'l. Report)
India, Solar
Date: 2017-05-31
In Mumbai, India's Central Electricity Authority (CEA) reports that electricity from solar jumped 81 pct year-over-year in fiscal year 2016-17. According to the CEA data, in FY 2016-17 solar contributed ~13.5 billion units of electricity -- an 81 pct rise from the ~7.4 billion units generated in FY 2015-16. Although Solar still accounts for slightly more than 1 pct of the country's total power generation it is still India's fastest-growing new power generation source.

Thermal is India's dominant source of power at 80.05 pct, followed by hydro at 9.85 pct, wind power generates 3.7 pct followed by nuclear nuclear at just over 3 pct. (Source: India Central Electricity Authority, May 29, 2017) Contact: India Central Electricity Authority,

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Ecotricity Announces Energy Storage Pilot Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-31
In the UK, clean energy utility pioneer Ecotricity reports plans to install its first battery energy storage project with a peak output of around 2.5MW near its head office in Stroud.

The energy storage project is the latest in a series of Ecotricity investments in the town, after the company announced plans to build a new office for up to 300 staff.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said: "This is a trial project for us and we're going to learn a lot about energy storage and how it can help us. And we're hoping it will be the first of many more energy storage projects to come." (Source: Ecotricity, PR, 24 May, 2017) Contact: Ecotricity, Dale Vance, Founder, +44 (0) 145 375 6111,

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Duke Completes 17MW Naval Station Solar Installation (Ind. Report)
Duke Energy Indiana
Date: 2017-05-31
Duke Energy is reporting the completion of a new 17 MW solar power plant at the Crane Naval Support Activity (NSA) base in Crane, 40 miles south of Bloomington, Indiana. The installation incorporates 76,000 solar panels on 145 acres.

Duke Energy built, and will own, operate and maintain the solar facility. To accommodate the new project and to compensate the base for use of its secure land, Duke will also upgrade NSA Crane's electrical infrastructure and conduct a microgrid feasibility study to see if such an arrangement could enhance base security in the future. (Source: Duke Energy Indiana, PV Mag., May 22, 2017) Contact: Duke Energy Indiana, Doug Esamann, Pres.,; Crane Naval Support Activity,

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IBC Solar Turkey Commissions 5.9 MWp Gaziantep Solar Project (Int'l)
IBC Solar
Date: 2017-05-31
IBC SOLAR Turkey, a subsidiary of IBC SOLAR AG, a pv systems and energy storage specialist, is reporting completion of a large-scale solar energy project with a total capacity of 5.9 MWp in the province of Gaziantep, Turkey. The project's approx. 11 million kWh per year of solar power will be fed into the public grid and prevent the release of around 7.000 tpy of CO2.

The solar installation is segregated into seven smaller projects, consisting of under 1 MW each to guarantee a simple grid connection under the current statutory regulations. All relevant operations and maintenance services (O&M) for the PV plant will be provided by IBC SOLAR. (Source: IBC Solar, PR, May 22, 2017) Contact: IBC Solar,

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Portland Aims for 100 pct Renewable Energy by 2050 (Ind. Report)
City of Portland Oregon
Date: 2017-05-31
In Oregon, the City of Portland and Multnomah County have announced a commitment to obtaining 100 pct of their electricity from renewable sources by 2035 as the latest city to join the #CommitTo100 pledge.

The City of Portland commitment includes: a phase out coal by 2032; phasing out natural gas by 2035; 100 pct renewable electricity generation by 2035; and 100 pct renewable energy by 2050.

The City of Portland, which was the first US city to adopt a carbon reduction strategy in 1993. (Source: City of Portland, Oregon Live, May, 2017) Contact: #Committo100,

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REGI Opens Amsterdam Operations Center (Ind. Report)
Renewable Energy Group
Date: 2017-05-31
Ames, Iowa-based advanced biofuels producer Renewable Energy Group Inc (REGI) is reporting the opening of an operations centre in Amsterdam to support the company’s international operations.

With 14 active biorefineries, a feedstock processing facility, R&D capabilities and a diverse and growing intellectual property portfolio, REG utilises an integrated procurement, distribution, and logistics network to convert natural fats, oils, greases, and sugars into lower carbon intensity products. (Source: Renewable Energy Group, Various Media, 30 May, 2017) Contact: Renewable Energy Group, Inc., Daniel J. Oh, Pres., CEO, Anthony Hulen, (703) 822-1972,,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewable Energy Group ,  Biofuels,  

Suzlon Touts New Low-Wind Turbine, Technologies (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-31
In Hyderabad, India, Suzlon Energy reports it is developing advanced wind farm management technology capable of tailoring an individual turbine's performance with smart pitch control, as well as optimize the downstream wake-effect of all turbines in the park from any wind angle. The company is also touting a new S111 120m wind turbine designed to optimally harness wind resources at higher altitude, low wind sites.

The carbon fire S111 blade is Suzlon's third generation air foil developed by its R&D centers in Germany, Netherlands, India and Denmark. (Source: Suzlon, Telangana Today, 28th May 2017) Contact: Suzlon Group, J.P. Chalasani, CEO, +91 20 670 22000,,

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Enercon Returning to Indian Wind Turbine Market (Int'l)
Enercon,Wind World (India) Ltd.
Date: 2017-05-31
It is being widely reported that German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon GmbH plans to re-enter Indian wind energy market through Wind World (India) Ltd. Enercon is also reportedly in talks with the Maharashtra-based Ghodawat Group, which owns 105 MW of wind assets, for operations and maintenance of its machines in India.

In the last 25 years, India set up 31 GW of wind power capacity, including the record 5,400 MW set up in 2016-17. In the current year alone, the government of India plans to auction 6 GW of capacity. (Source: Enercon GmbH, Hindu Business Line, 28 May, 2017) Contact: Enercon Gmbh, Arno Hildebrand,; Wind World (India) Ltd., +91 22 6693 4848,; Ghodawat Group,

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Marubeni Wraps-Up UAE PV Project Finance Agreement (Int'l)
Date: 2017-05-31
Following on our March 8th coverage, Marubeni Corporation reports that the Sweihan PV Power Company, which is owned by Marubeni, JinkoSolar Holding Co. and Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA), has inked a limited-recourse financing loan agreement for the Sweihan Photovoltaic Independent Power Project (IPP) in the United Arab Emirates. This loan agreement involved eight commercial banks including the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Norinchukin Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

The Project will see the construction of a 1,177 MW (DC) power plant that will sell all of its production to ADWEA under a 25-year PPA. The Project is is slated for commissioning and operations in April, 2019. (Source: Marubeni, Renewable News, 29 May, 2017) Contact: ADWEA, +971 55 645 5791,; JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. Sebastian Liu, +86 21-6061-1792,,; Marubeni,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Marubeni,  Solar,  ADWEA,  

Daimler's $562Mn Li-Ion Battery Plant Expansion Underway (Int'l)
Date: 2017-05-31
Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler reports it will invest approx. €500 million ($562 million) in its lithium-ion battery production facility in Kamenz, Germany. The plant is an expansion of an existing faility run by Daimler subsidiary Accumotive. The plant's product line will be used for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage applications. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler.

The plant, which is expected to begin production in mid 2018, will be the largest such facility in Europe, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. (Source: Daimler, ARS Technica, Various Media, 29 May, 2017) Contact: Daimler, Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH,

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Redflow Rethinking Residential Energy Storage Market (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-31
Australian flow-battery maker Redflow reports it is dialing back its pursuit of the residential energy storage market and will concentrate on telecommunications backup applications, as well as commercial, industrial, off-grid and weak-grid segments. In a release, the company said early adopters in the residential market did not translate into a viable long-term sales strategy.

Redflow previously contended that its 5-kilowatt, 10-kilowatt-hour ZCell outperforms lithium-ion batteries on a per-kWh basis on cost, fire safety, operating life and speed of charge.

The company will, however, continue to offer the residential ZCell battery in Oceania, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa while cutting back on activities in the U.S. and Europe and relocating its manufacturing from Mexico to a location in Southeast Asia to shorten the distance between production and customer. (Source: Redflow, GTM, May, 2017) Contact: Redflow, Simon Hackett, CEO, +61 73376 0008,,,; Redflow ZCell,,

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