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Pacific Ethanol Expand, Refinances (Ind. Report, Funding)
Pacific Ethanol, Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co
Date: 2016-12-14
Sacramento-based Pacific Ethanol Inc. is reporting the formation of Pacific Aurora LLC, a new company with farmer-owned Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co. (Co-op) of Aurora, Nebraska. The new firm will incorporate Pacific Ethanol's two ethanol plants in Aurora and Co-op's grain elevator, land and adjacent rail facilities. Co-op is also adding $30 million cash. Pacific Ethanol will hold 74 pct of the new company while Co-op owns the balance.

Pacific Ethanol also reports it is refinancing $155.1 million in debt and has secured a $96 million line of credit and $55 million in additional debt financing. (Source: Pacific Ethanol, Sacramento Bee, Others, 12 Dec., 2016) Contact: Pacific Ethanol, Paul Kohler, (916( 403-2790,,; Aurora Cooperative Elevator Co., (402) 694-2106,

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Qatar Airport Touting Carbon Emissions Reduction Plan (Int'l)
Airport Carbon Accreditation, Hamad International Airport
Date: 2016-12-14
In Doha, Qatar, Hamad International Airport (HIA), one of 173 worldwide members of the Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme, is touting its long-term commitment to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

The ACI's ACA programme offers certification at four levels which reflect incremental challenges in measuring, managing and improving carbon emissions. (Source: HIA, Gulf Times, 11 Dec., 2016) Contact: Hamad International Airport, +974 4010 666,; Airport Carbon Accreditation Program, +44 845 868 2708,

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Notable Quote
Climate Change,Donald Trump
Date: 2016-12-14
"I'm still open-minded. Nobody really knows. Look, I'm somebody that gets it, and nobody really knows. It's not something that's so hard and fast. I do know this: Other countries are eating our lunch." -- U.S. President-elect Donald Trump discussing climate change. 11 Dec, 2016) Contact: Donald Trump,,, (212) 832-2000,

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Increased Agriculture Causing Global Methane Emissions Spike, says CSIRO Report (Ind. Report)
CSIRO,Global Methane Budget
Date: 2016-12-14
According to Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) researcher Dr. Pep Canadell, nearly 100 scientists from around the world have compiled comprehensive data for the Global Methane Budget which shows the biggest spike in methane concentrations in the atmosphere in 20 years. The data indicate that the major driver of emissions growth is agriculture and livestock. "The increase in food production globally has led to the increase in emissions, which has contributed to the higher concentration of methane in the atmosphere," according to Canadell.

Recent CSIRO statistics show that CO2 emissions have plateaued since 2013, while fossil fuel and industry emissions are projected to grow by just 0.2 pct this year. The research showed that CO2 was responsible for 80 pct cent of all increased warming from human activity, according to Canadell. (Source: CSIRO, ABC Australia, 11 Dec., 2016) Contact: CSIRO, Dr. Pep Canadell, Director, Global Carbon Project,,; Methane Budget - Global Carbon Project,

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Energy Conservation, Efficiency Grants Offered in KY (Funding)
Kentucky Department for Local Government
Date: 2016-12-14
In the Bluegrass State, the Department for Local Government (DLG) reports it is accepting applications for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation for Local Governments (EEC) Program. The program is a cooperative effort with the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet to help municipal and county governments cut their energy consumption and lower energy costs.

Although only county and city governments are eligible for EEC funding, a local government may apply on behalf of a non-profit agency or a public or quasi-public entity within their jurisdiction. Eligible project activities are those that are likely to result in maximum energy efficiency improvements, fossil-fuel emission reductions, economic benefits and total energy use reduction. Projects that are part of a comprehensive plan for energy reduction will receive preference. Funds may be used to "buy down" an energy savings performance contract.

The program provides for a minimum grant of $10,000 to a maximum grant of $100,000. Multi-jurisdictional projects may request an amount not to exceed the maximum grant multiplied by the number of jurisdictions involved in the project.

EEC applications and related materials are available at HERE. (Source: Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Communications, KyForward, 12 Dec., 2016)Contact: Kentucky Department for Local Government,{

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California Tops in Energy-Efficiency Jobs (ind. Report)
Environmental Entrepreneurs
Date: 2016-12-14
According to a new report by the group Environmental Entrepreneurs, the Golden State leads the nation in energy efficiency job creation with mare than 300,000 active jobs. The report indicates that policies in California are paying off -- even while the state's energy consumption is only increasing by 1 pct a year, according to the California Energy Commission data.

According to the report, the greatest concentration of energy efficiency jobs in the state is in the metropolitan areas that includes L.A., Long Beach and Santa Ana. Of the companies currently operating in the energy efficiency field, 70 pct are small businesses, the report said. (Source: Public News Service, 13 Dec., 2016) Contact: Environmental Entrepreneurs, (415) 875.6121,,; Reports Available

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Air Liquide Announces Miss. Landfill Gas Project (Ind. Report)
Air Liquide
Date: 2016-12-14
Air Liquide reports it will design, construct and operate its first U.S. landfill gas (LFG) to renewable natural gas (RNG) plant at the Northeast Mississippi Landfill in Walnut, Mississippi.

The site, which is owned by the Northeast Mississippi Solid Waste Management Authority, receives approximately 350,000 tpd of waste from Tippah, Benton and Prentiss Counties. The project is expected get underway in Q1, 2017. (Source: Air Liquide, 5 Dec., 2016) Contact: Air Liquide, Chet Benham, VP Advanced Technologies, (781) 491-0807,; Northeast Mississippi Solid Waste Management Authority,

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Gates Launches $1Bn Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund to Fight Climate Change (Ind. Report)
Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund,Bill Gates
Date: 2016-12-14
Microsoft billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has launched the Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund with more than $1 billion to invest in technologies aimed at counteracting climate change.

The Fund "will finance emerging energy breakthroughs that can deliver affordable and reliable zero carbon emissions," according to a statement.

In addition to Gates, other Fund participants include Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist John Doerr, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, SoftBank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son, and others.

The fund is also connected to the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. The Coalition's climate-change mitigation funding focuses on electricity, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and buildings. (Source: USA Today, Various Others, 13 Dec., 2016)

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Notable Quotes

Date: 2016-12-14
"If you think divestment alone is a solution, I worry you're taking whatever desire people have to solve this (climate change) problem and kind of using up their idealism and energy on something that won't emit less carbon -- because only a few people in society are the owners of the equity of coal or oil companies. As long as there's no carbon tax and that stuff is legal, everybody should be able to drive around (on fossil fuels.)" -- Bill Gates, The Atlantic, Nov. 2015

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Climate Change Rendering Sudan Uninhabitable, says Report (Int'l)
Max Planck Institute
Date: 2016-12-14
In Sudan, experts from Germany's Max Planck Institute climate scientist Jos. Lelieveld are warning that without quick intervention, parts of Sudan "could become uninhabitable as a result of climate change."

According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC), irregular rain has ruined crops and the country is experiencing both droughts and floods making arable land unsuitable for cultivation and displacing more than 600,000 people since 2013. It is estimated that 1.9 million people will be affected by reduced agricultural and livestock production due primarily to climate change.(Source: Max Planck Institute, CNN, allAfrica, 11 Dec., 2016) Contact: Max Planck Institute,

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Green Charge Energy Storage System Activated in San Diego (Ind. Report)
Green Charge
Date: 2016-12-14
In the Golden State, Santa Clara-headquartered commercial-scale energy storage provider Green Charge Networks, LLC reports that its GridSynergy™ energy storage systems are now fully operational for San Diego's 17,000-student Grossmont Union High School. With this new installation, the largest school energy storage installation in the state, Grossmont will have approximately 7 MHh of energy storage deployed at 14 campus-wide sites.

Green Charge's GridSynergy™ energy storage system is expected to deliver $6.4 million in projected savings and revenues. The systems and installation came at no cost to the district through Green Charge's Power Efficiency Agreement™ shared-savings model.

In addition to peak demand reduction savings, GridSynergy Software generates revenues for the district by enabling the storage system to automatically participate in demand response, ISO and virtual power plant programs. (Source: Greencharge Networks, PR, Bus. Wire, 13 Dec., 2016) Contact: Greencharge Networks, (800) 426-5010,,

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Leclanche Taps Greensmith for 20MW Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
Leclanche,Greensmith Energy
Date: 2016-12-14
Emeryville, California-headquartered energy storage software and services supplier Greensmith Energy reports that it has been selected by battery pioneer Leclanche to provide a turn-key 20MW/10MWh system in Marengo, Illinois -- near Chicago. The site will provide frequency regulation as the main use-case. Leclanche will provide the batteries and work with Greensmith to deliver the project. which is expected to be commissioned by May, 2017.

Greensmith's software platform is the most widely-deployed energy storage software solution powering 130 MW/180 MWh globally. Greensmith enables the most-advanced and proven energy storage systems by providing robust yet flexible feature functionality for grid-scale, behind-the-meter and microgrid storage control architecture, according to the company. The GEMS software platform optimizes the performance of energy storage by lowering costs and maximizing system return on investment throughout life. In 2014, Greensmith delivered over one-third of all energy storage capacity installed in the United States. GEMS is currently used by more than 30 major customers globally, according to Greensmith. (Source: Greensmith Energy, Bus. Wire, 13 Dec., 2016) Contact: Greensmith, John Jung, Pres.,, Mallory Sass, (408) 966-5950, Merketing Dir.,,; Leclanche,

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Empire State Xmas Lighting Forecast at 750-800 MW (Ind. Report)
New York Independent System Operator
Date: 2016-12-14
In Albany, New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), organization operating New York's electrical grid, says holiday lighting is expected to add 750-800 MW of electric power consumption this Christmas Season.

According to NYISO, the electricity used by holiday lighting is approximately 4 pct of the New York's average hourly demand for electricity. Although the statewide impact of holiday lighting is equal to powering up to 800,000 homes, it is significantly lower in recent years due to energy-efficient LED light which use about . 75 pct less energy than conventional incandescent lights. (Source: New York ISO, 13 Dec., 2016) Contact: NYISO, (518) 356-6000,

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