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Triton Touts Compact Solar Battery, Inverter (New Prod & Tech)
Triton Solar
Date: 2019-12-16
Cherry Hill, New Jertsey-headquartered solar cell, solar battery and energy management solutions provider Triton Solar is touting its Triton Pandora Box for residential applications.

The Triton Pandora Box can operate efficiently at a maximum input voltage of 600 V from solar PV & wind turbines and includes builtin wireless monitoring (GSM/Wi-Fi) via Triton CMS online and mobile platform.

The transformerless Triton Pandora Box for both indoor and outdoor installation is the ideal compact single-phase inverter for residential and small-scale commercial applications with a power category of 5 kW Industry-leading features now come standard with the Triton Pandora Box. (Source: Triton Solar, PTI, Business Wire India, 15 Dec., 2019) Contact: Triton Solar, (856) 390-0066,,

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Idaho Cedar Creek Wind, Solar Project OKd for Completion (Ind Report)
rPlus Energies
Date: 2019-12-16
Salt Lake City-based rPlus Energy reports receipt of Bingham County Planning and Zoning Commission approval to complete the last phase of its Cedar Creek Wind Project east of Goshen, Idaho.

The commission approved Conditional Use Permits for the installation of 19 commercial-scale wind turbines and up to 40 PV panels -- including support structures and electrical transmission equipment -- for the adjoining Cedar Creek Solar Project. (Source: rPlus Energies, Bingham County Chronicle, 14 Dec., 2019) Contact: rPlus Energies,

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Stora Enso Converting Woody Biomass Sludge to Biofuel (Int'l.)
Stora Enso,C-Green
Date: 2019-12-16
Helsinki-headquartered Finnish pulp and paper manufacturer Stora Enso reports it is producing bio-sludge from woody biomass waste water at its fluting mill in the community of Heinola, Finland. The bio-sludge is dried and processed into biofuel using technology developed and patented by Swedish company C-Green Technology.

C-Green's OxyPower HTC process uses an innovative application of hydrothermal carbonisation, which converts complex organic compounds into sterile odourless biofuel. The pilot plant processes 16,000 tpy of bio-waste into fuels which is used in the mill and for heat in the town of Heinola, which has around 20,000 inhabitants.

Stora Enso develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide, leading in the bioeconomy and supporting our customers in meeting demand for renewable eco-friendly products, according to the company website. (Source: Stora Enso, Biofuels 13 Dec., 2019) Contact: C-Green Technologies, Erik Oden, CEO , +46 8 93 50 40,; Stora Enso, Jari Suominen, +43-664-6183907,,

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Gresham Fund Acquires UK Battery Energy Storage facilities (M&A)
Gresham House Energy Storage Fund
Date: 2019-12-16
In the UK, Gresham House Energy Storage Fund is reporting the acquisition of two operational battery storage facilities totaling 50 MW. The £29.2 million($38.6 million) acquisitions were from VLC Energy, a joint venture between Low Carbon and VPI Immingham, a subsidiary of Vitol Group.

The acquisitions include a 40 MW facility in Kent and a 10 MW project in Cumbria that were commissioned in January 2018. The plants are two of the UK's largest energy storage facilities and their combined 50 MW capacity represents a quarter of National Grid's 2016 Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) capacity. (Source: Gresham House Energy Storage Fund, PEI, 16 Dec., 2019) Contact: Gresham House Energy,

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Caribou, SUNY Developing Organic Waste-to-Fuels Gasifier (Ind Report)
Caribou Biofuels
Date: 2019-12-16
Biomass process systems provider Caribou Biofuels has teamed up with the Research Foundation for the State University of New York (SUNY) to further develop and commercialize a rotary gasifier that converts combustible organic waste into both gaseous and liquid fuels. The technology was invented at SUNY Cobleskill Prof.David Waage with US EPA and DOD funding.

This year, SUNY Cobleskill received $1.6 million in grant funding from the two government agencies to build and demonstrate a fully automated, portable rotary gasifier system that will produce 60 kilowatts of ppd from roughly 2 tpd of feedstock at a military base in the US.

Caribou Biofuels will work with SUNY Cobleskill, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Scaled Power and the Joint Bioenergy Institute to to develop the mobile biomass processing system. (Source: SUNY, Caribou Biofuels, Biofuels, 13 Dec., 2019) Contact: SUNY Cobleskill, Prof.David Waage, 518-255-5312,,

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Renova Power Plant Completes RME Oil Biofuel Upgrade (Int'l.)
Date: 2019-12-16
In Gothenburg, Swedish waste power plant Renova reports the completion of upgrads to its eight start-up and support burners to operate on with rapeseed methyl ester (RME) oil biofuel. Belgian clean energy company PetroBio completed the upgrade of the existing combustible oil system for operation with RME of which the plant consumes about 550 cubic mpy. (Source: Renova, Biofuels, 16 Dec., 2019) Contact: PetroBio, Johanna Linden, CEO , +46 31 335 49 50,,; Ronova,

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Copenhagen Planning $30Bn Offshore Wind Island (Int'l Report)
Denmark Wind
Date: 2019-12-13
In Copenhagen, the Denmark Energy Ministry reports the government is proceeding with plans to construct an artificial island, or series of islands, tying together power from offshore wind farms of up to 10 GW of capacity. The exact location of the project has not yet been identified.

The project is projected to come in at between $29.5 and $44.2 billion, the majority of which is expected to be raised from private investors, according to the Ministry which notes the project is crucial to meeting Denmark's recently enacted legally binding climate act. (Source: Denmark Energy Ministry, ET, India Times, 12 Dec., 2019) Contact: Denmark Energy Ministry, +45 33926700, 33 11 47 43 - fac.,,

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UNDP, SIDA Partner on Environmental, Climate Change Effort (Int'l)
United Nations Development Programme
Date: 2019-12-13
The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) are reporting a 4-year, $40 million partnership to advance environmental and climate change efforts efforts and accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SIDA's contribution to UNDP will build national capacities and help to advance integrated policies to better manage ecosystems and biodiversity, improve water and ocean governance, and scale up climate action.

With support from Sida and other partners, UNDP is helping countries restore degraded lands, mitigate and adapt to the impact of the changing climate, and help communities gain access to cleaner, modern forms of energy and managed sustainably. (Source: UNDP, SIDA, ReleifWeb, Dec., 2019) Contact: UNDP , Sangita Khadka, Communications, 212 906 5043,,; SIDA, Elsa Helin, +46 (0)8 698 53 43,,

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U.S. Onshore Wind Capacity Exceeds 100 GW, says EIA (Ind. Report)
US EIA, Wind
Date: 2019-12-13
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory, cumulative U.S. installed onshore wind capacity exceeded 100 GW on a nameplate capacity basis as of the end of September 2019. More than half of that amount has been installed since the beginning of 2012.

The inventory notes that as of Q3, 2019, 41 states had at least one installed wind turbine. Texas had the most capacity installed, at 26.9 GW, followed by Iowa at 8.9 GW, Oklahoma at 8.1 GW, and Kansas at 6.2 GW.

The agency projects another 14.3 GW of wind capacity will come online in 2020, bringing U.S. capacity to 122 GW. (Source: US EIA, Dec., 2019) Contact: US EIA,

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Biorefining Startup Chrysalix Technologies Scores Funding (Int'l)
Chrysalix Technologies,Imperial College London
Date: 2019-12-13
Imperial College London reports its spin-out company Chrysalix Technologies has been awarded €2.3 million in grant funding from the European Innovation Council's Accelerator programme as well as additional investment from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and others investors.

Chrysalix Technologies BioFlex process uses waste wood and agricultural by-products as well as sustainably grown biomass to produce bioplastics, biofuels, biomaterials and greener chemicals. The process separates the different naturally occurring chemical components of wood, which are lignin, cellulose, and hemicelluloses. Once isolated individually, these components can then be used for a variety of applications such as as bio-chemicals, precursors for plastics or as new materials themselves , according to the company website. (Source: Chrysalix Technologies, Imperial College London, PR, 12 Dec., 2019) Contact: Imperial College London,; Chrysalix Technologies, Twitter: @ChrysalixTech,,

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US Steel Carbon Emissions Among World's Lowest (Ind. Report)
Global Efficiency Intelligence'
Date: 2019-12-13
The U.S. steel industry has the fourth lowest carbon emissions in the world, according to a new study from San Francisco-based consultancy Global Efficiency Intelligence' just released study How Clean is the U.S. Steel Industry? The report noted Italy, Spain, Turkey, and the U.S. had the steel industries with the least carbon emissions, while China, South Korea, India, and Poland were the dirtiest and worst for the climate.

BlueGreen Alliance, a consortium of U.S. environmental and labor groups , commissioned the study that found the steel industry accounts for 25 pct of greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial sector -- 6 pct of the total emissions. The steel sector's emissions are expected to keep growing because demand for steel is outpacing the industry's efforts to reduce emissions. (Source: Global Efficiency Intelligence, nwi, 8 Dec., 2019) Contact: Global Efficiency Intelligence, Ali Hasanbeigi, CEO, 628-214 1080,

ArcelorMittal Aims for 30 pct Emissions Cut by 2030 (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-12-13
Belgium-based steel maker ArcelorMittal has announced it plans to slash emissions by 30 pct from 2018 levels on flat steel products at its European operations by 2030. The steel giant also plans to publish a target for all of its operations by the middle of 2020. (Source: ArcelorMittal, Dec., 2019)Contact: ArcelorMittal, Alan Knight, Corporate Responsibility GM, +32 9 347 31 11,

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SK Chemicals Testing Marine Biodiesel Blends (Int'l Report)
SK Chemicals
Date: 2019-12-13
Reuters is reporting Pangyo, South Korea-based biofuels producer SK Chemicals announced tests are underway on blending its biodiesel with petroleum-based fuels to create low-sulphur marine oil compliant with International Maritime Organization's (IMO) move to mandate that from January 2020 ships must cut harmful emissions either by burning fuel with 0.5 pct sulphur, down from the current 3.5 pct, or installing emissions-removing scrubbers.

The company is also noted it is considering increasing its biofuels output by 50 pct as it eyes what will be a new market in the shipping sector.

SK Chemicals can produce 500,000 kilolitres per year of biodiesel and biofuel oil, primarily from palm fatty acid distillate. (Source: SK Chemicals, Nasdaq, Reuters, 12 Dec., 2019) Contact: SK Chemicals, 02-2008-2008, 02-2008-2009 - fax.,

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£10Mn Available for Scottish Tidal Energy Projects (Int'l)
Tide,Wave Energy Scotland
Date: 2019-12-13
At Holyrood, the Government of Scotland is reporting the availability of £10 million ($12.9 million) to support innovation and commercial deployment of tidal energy generation in Scottish waters. The government's support for tidal energy projects is additional to its previous £30 million ($38.6 million) commitment to Wave Energy Scotland (WES) and a proposed further £10 million in 2019/20.

For the new tidal funding, successful projects must: relate to the capital costs of developing a material/technical innovation aimed at reducing the cost of tidal energy; demonstrate the requirement for, and added value of, Scottish Government support; be deployed in Scottish waters no later than March 2020; and demonstrate a positive social and economic impact on Scotland. (Source: Gov. of Scotland, Dec., 2019) Contact: Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge, ; Wave Energy Scotland,

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EGLE Offers Alt. Fuel Vehicle, Engine Grants (Ind. Report)
Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy
Date: 2019-12-13
In Lansing, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) is reporting the availability of a total of $450,000 for clean diesel and alternative fuel engine and equipment replacement projects under the 2020-21 Michigan Clean Diesel Program RFPa competitive grant request for proposal (RFP).

The 2020-21 Michigan Clean Diesel Program RFP targets efforts to replace old diesel equipment, vehicles, and engines with new alternative fuel or hybrid versions. Applicants can be cities, townships and villages; county government agencies; public school districts; private schools; public transit agencies; port authorities; metropolitan planning organizations; nonprofit organizations; or private businesses. (Source: Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy , PR, 11 Dec., 2019) Contact: Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, 800-662-9278, › egle

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Ethanol Producer Red Trail Energy Advancing CCS Project (Ind. Report)
Red Trail Energy
Date: 2019-12-13
Following on our June 16th coverage, Richardton, North Dakota-based corn ethanol producer Red Trail Energy LLC reports preparations for its carbon dioxide emissions underground storage project are underway with plans to drill a test well within the next few months. Depending on the tests results, Red Trail could start injecting CO2 by fall 2021, according to the company. (Source: Red Trail Energy, Star Tribune, 11 Dec., 2019) Contact: Red Trail Energy, Gerald Bachmeier, CEO, (701) 974-3308,

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Goldman Sachs Commits to Net Zero Carbon Buildings (Ind. Report)
World Green Building Council
Date: 2019-12-13
Investment banker Goldman Sacks is among seven private sector companies -- Hudson Pacific Properties, Lendlease, Funds Management Australia, and Petinelli -- that have signed on to the World Green Building Council's (WorldGBC) Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. The pledge calls for "urgent action" to ensure buildings operate at net zero carbon by 2030 or sooner.

The Commitment positions renewable energy and energy efficiency as a central components to achieving decarbonisation across building portfolios. This represents the most cost effective, best practice approach to ensuring buildings are future-proofed against climate impacts. (Source: World Green Building Council, Circular, 12 Dec., 2019) Contact: World Green Building Council, The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment,,

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ASHRAE Guides Target Net-Zero Energy Office Bldgs. (Ind. Report)
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Date: 2019-12-13
ASHRAE -- the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers -- reports the availability of its nely published guides on designing K-12 and small to medium office buildings that achieve net-zero energy consumption without compromising quality.

Building on previous guides targeting deep energy savings, the first two new guides were developed in partnership with the American Institute of Architects, Illuminating Engineering Society, and U.S. Green Building Council.

Additional information on the new guides is HERE. (Source: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning EngineersFacilitiesNet, 12 Dec., 2019)Contact: ASHRAE, (404) 636-8400,

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Eversource Utility Aims for 2030 Carbon-Neutrality (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-12-13
New England's largest investor-owned utility, Eversource Energy reports it plans to reduce carbon emission and become carbon-neutral across all departments and operations by 2030.

To that end, Eversource will reduceenergy use by improving the efficiency of its 69 facilities and reducing fleet emissions of its 5,200 vehicles, continue to enhance the electric transmission and distribution system to reduce line losses, reduce sulfur hexafluoride (a potent ghg) in gas-insulated electric switchgear, and replace remaining bare steel and cast-iron natural-gas distribution main lines to improve safety and help prevent methane leaks.

Eversource previously reduced its carbon emissions through a 2018 divestiture of all its remaining fossil-generation facilities. (Source: Eversource: BusinessWest, 11 Dec., 2019) Contact: Eversource, Jim Judge, CEO, Lee Olivier, EVP of Strategy and Business,

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Calififornia Local Energy Efficiency Standards Exceeding Statewide Standards Approved (Ind. Report, Reg. & Leg.)
California Energy Commission
Date: 2019-12-13
In Sacramento, the California Energy Commission (CEC) is reporting approval of six applications from the cities of Menlo Park, San Jose, San Mateo, and Santa Monica; County of Marin and West Hollywood.cities of Menlo Park, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Marin County for local energy ordinances that exceed statewide requirements of the 2010 CalGREEN green building standard and the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

The CEC also approved the 2019 California Energy Efficiency Action Plan, which addresses building energy efficiency, efficiency in the industrial and agricultural sectors, barriers to energy efficiency for low-income and disadvantaged communities, and using efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings. The 2019 standards take effect 1 January 2020.

Statewide standards focus on smart residential photovoltaic systems, updated and cost effective insulation standards, residential and nonresidential ventilation requirements, and nonresidential lighting updates to take advantage of the rapid improvement in LED lighting technology. (Source: California Energy Commission, Green Car Congress, 12 Dec. 2019) Contact: California Energy Commission, (916) 465-4500,

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GE Supplying Turbines for Sweden's Blabergsliden Wind Farm (Int'l)
GE Renewable Energy
Date: 2019-12-13
GE Renewable Energy reports its selection to supply 26 of its Cypress platform onshore wind turbines, including a 25-year service contract, to the 143 MW Blabergsliden wind farm in Sweden.

The 143-MW project construction is expected to commence almost immediately for commissioning and operation by the end of 2021. When fully operational the project is expected to generate sufficient power for over 135,000 homes and save more than 13,000 tpy of greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, PR, 12 Dec., 2019) Contact: GE Renewable Energy, Peter Wells, CEO , Onshore Wind Europe,

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Aria Adds Landfill Gas-to-Energy Capacity in Sarasota (Ind Report)
Aria Energy,
Date: 2019-12-13
Novi, Michigan-based baseload renewable energy provider Aria Energy reports it is increasing its landfill gas-to-energy capacity from 4.8 MW to 6.4 MW at Sarasota County's Central County Solid Waste Disposal Complex in Nokomis, Florida.

Aria Energy designed, built, owns and operates the facility which began operating in 2015.

Aria Energy owns and/or operates a diversified portfolio of 41 landfill gas recovery and processing projects across 17 states, collectively representing 175.9 MW of electric capacity and 20,760 MMBtu/day of renewable natural gas, according to the company. (Source: Aria Energy, PR, 11 Dec., 2019) Contact: Richard DiGia, CEO, (248) 380-3920,

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Nebraska Rural Energy Efficiency Grants Announced (Funding)
USDA Rural Developement
Date: 2019-12-13
In the Cornhusker State, USDA Rural Development Nebraska is reporting nearly $925,000 in grant funding to 14 ag producers and rural-based businesses for renewable energy and energy efficiency efficiencies projects.

The individual grants, which range from $381,750 to $2,421, are being funded through the Rural Energy for America Program. (Source: USDA Rural Development Nebraska, PR Dec., 2019) Contact: USDA Rural Development Nebraska, Karl Elmshaeuser, Dir., 402-437-5551,; Rural Energy for America Program,

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Philly Announces Building Energy Performance Program (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-12-13
In the city of Brotherly Love, following on its Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking , 2019 Report, the city of Philadelphia has enacted legislation creating a Building Energy Performance Program that will impact about 2,000 buildings .

The program requires non-residential buildings of 50,000 square feet or larger to undergo a high-energy performance inspection, submit a certification to the Office of Sustainability and conduct recommended improvements and upgrades. Non compliant building owners could face a fine of $2,000 or more.

Download the Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking , 2019 Report HERE. (Source: City of Philadelphia, Dec., 2019) Contact: City of Philadelphia Building Codes, › codesandregulations › Pages › codes

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NY PSC OKs Community Solar Consolidated Billing (Ind. Report)
New York State,Community Solar
Date: 2019-12-13
In Albany, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) reports the issuance of an order allowing consolidated billing for community solar projects. The ruling is expected spur the cost-effective completion of over 1 GW of community solar projects currently in development, which in turn will help the state reach its goal of 6 GW of distributed solar by 2025, as required by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CPCLA).

Consolidated billing has another benefit as well. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs, which allow local communities to leverage their combined demand to purchase renewable forms of power and other energy services, have not included community solar projects in their portfolios because of the high customer acquisition costs and because CCA programs typically use an "opt-out" model, in which customers are enrolled in the CCA unless they specifically decline to participate. (Source: New York Public Service Commission, NRDC, 12 Dec., 2019) Contact: New York Public Service Commission,

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ASHRAE Releases Updated Data Center Energy Standard (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-12-13
ASHRAE has released a revised version of its energy standard for data centers. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 90.4-2019, Energy Standard for Data Centers, establishes the minimum energy-efficiency requirements for data center design and operation, with special consideration to their unique load requirements compared to other buildings.

Standard 90.4 applies to data centers with a conditioned floor area greater than 20 W/ft2 and IT equipment loads greater than 10 kW and contains specific requirements for mechanical and electrical systems installed in new data centers or in data center additions/alterations that require new mechanical or electrical systems. Updates to the standard include:

  • Mechanical efficiency requirements based on yearly energy calculations and no longer include a power calculation option. Included table values are also aligned with the newest ASHRAE Climate Zones

  • Significant improvements are made to uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology. Mechanical and electrical infrastructure elements are addressed. Updated UPS segment tables reflect available hardware, and average outputs are also included. (Source: ASHRAE, PR, 11 Dec., 2019)Contact: ASHRAE, Sheila Hayter, Pres, (404) 636-8400, More Low-Carbon Energy News ASHRAE,  Data Center,  Energy Efficiency,  

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  • Sutdy Examines Farming as CO2 Absorber (Ind. Report)
    University of Virginia
    Date: 2019-12-11
    A recently released study from the University of Virginia notes that farming, agriculture and other land practices presently contribute around 11 gigatons to CO2 emissions per year -- roughly one quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. However, the study argues that the land could actually be converted into an absorber of carbon, given the right conditions.

    Among the measures recommended by the study were richer countries transitioning to plant-based diets and reducing food waste, while aiding poorer nations to curb deforestation and restore degraded land. If a concerted global effort was made, land could be absorbing three gigatons of carbon by 2050, turning one of our biggest liabilities into a helping hand in the fight against climate change. The study also recommends:

  • 95 pct reduction in deforestation and land degradation by 2050. This would include more robust conservation policies in developing tropical countries, as well as the conversion of coastal wetlands into protected areas and the prohibition of peatland burning.

  • 25 pct reduction in agricultural emissions by 2050. This would include introducing synthetic or organic fertilizers, enhancing the water-agriculture interface in places where rice cultivation is a primary industry and managing emissions from fermentation and manure.

  • 50 pct adoption of plant-based diets by 2050. This would involve encouraging a healthier diet through consumer campaigns and governmental policies, as well as the development of new foodstuffs to entice unconvinced consumers.

  • 50 pct reduction of current level of food waste by 2050. This would involve tightening up gaps in the supply chain, improving consumer awareness through advertising campaigns and enhancing refrigeration and distribution capabilities in the developing world.

  • Restoration of forests, coastal wetlands and drained peatlands. This would involve financing ecosystem services, improving in local and national conservation policies and investing in restoration practices.

  • Improving forestry and agroforestry management. This would include optimising current forestation conservation process and integrating agroforestry into lands currently used for agriculture and grazing.

  • Enhancing soil carbon sequestration capabilities. This would include controlling soil erosion, reducing tillage of the land and restoring degraded soils, as well as the application of biochar where appropriate.

  • Deploying bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) in developed countries. This would involve investing into the research and development of BECCS technologies and deploying them in relevant sites. (Source: University of Virginia, Environmental Technology, 1 Dec., 2019) Contact: University of Virginia, Stephanie Roe, Environmental Researcher, Report Lead Author, 434-924-7761,

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  • Alberta Supports Cement Plant CO2 Storage Study (Ind. Report)
    Alberta, Emissions Reduction Alberta,Lrhigh Cement
    Date: 2019-12-11
    On the Canadian prairies, the government of Alberta reports it is contributing $1.4 million towards a $3 million feasibility study of capture and storage of carbon emissions project at the Lehigh Cement plant in Edmonton. If constructed, the project could capture an estimated 600,000 tpy of CO2 and avoid up to 90 pct of the plant's current emissions.

    The project will align with the province's new Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) program which is intended to help industries deploy pioneering, emissions-reducing technologies and will support research and investment in clean technology. (Source: Gov. of Alberta, Journal of Commerce, Dec., 2019) Contact: Lehigh Cement, (780) 420-250,; Emissions Reduction Alberta, Steve MacDonald , CEO, 780-498-2068,,; Technology Alberta Innovation and Emissions Reduction System,

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    FOA Helps Countries Meet COP15 Forest, Climate Commitments (Int'l)
    Food and Agriculture Organization
    Date: 2019-12-11
    The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has announced a new $7.1 million forestry management initiative to help 26 Asian, African and Latin American nations provide improved data on forest health and management as well as land use -- a key pledge of all State signatories to the COP15 Paris Climate Agreement.

    The Paris Agreement calls on countries to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low-carbon future. This includes regular reports every five years on emissions levels and emission reduction initiatives, forest and soil health data and an assessment of progress in addressing these issues.

    The FAO program will be widely available to universities, the private sector and intergovernmental organizations. (Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Guardian Blog, Dec., 2019) Contact: Food and Agriculture Organization,

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    Biorenewable Deployment Consortium IDs Biobased Renewables Trends (Ind. Report)
    Biorenewable Deployment Consortium
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In Richmond, Virginia, the Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC), which tracks global developments in the biobased Industries, reports it has identified the following key trends that have emerged over the last decade:

    1. The development of biobased products will vary widely by region on a worldwide basis, and national policy will continue to be a driver of emerging industries,

    2. Conversion of waste streams to value added products is a trend that will continue,

    3. The US will continue to be a leader in the use of biofuels, on a percentage basis,

    4. The relatively recent communication of the environmental impact of spent plastic has caused a public awareness that now pushes the development of sustainable replacements,

    5. The use and value of lignin will emerge this decade.

    For additional detail, please request full text from at the Biorenewable Deployment Consortium.

    Since 2006 , BDC has become a highly respected 501(c)(3) organization and has worked to bring together like-minded companies to share ideas and partner to deploy bio-processes that can be economic in the long run without government subsidy, by investigating new processes, being a resource, brokering partnerships, and holding two forums a year for its members, where leading edge information from various bio-companies is shared and tours are made of bio-facilities. BDC recognizes the need for low cost feedstock, cost effective measures such as integration of processes, high value products, and good management to achieve the economics needed for success. (Source: Biorenewable Deployment Consortium, PR, 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: Biorenewable Deployment Consortium , Eric Horn, Exec. Dir.,,

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    "Being a vain person, that's really important to me."-- Notable Quote from Pres. "The Donald" Trump
    Date: 2019-12-11
    "It (standard light bulb) gives you an orange look, I don't want an orange look. Being a vain person, that's really important to me." -- Trump commenting on his administration's move to kill Obama administration's light bulb energy efficiency standards.

    The President was equally candid in his comments on new automobile quality, emissions and efficiency; "Frankly they don't work very well (because of standards which California put in place). Right now the cars are made out of papier-mache, and ours are actually, we allow steel content." -- the President stumbled.

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    WA EPA Rethinking Industrial CO2 Emissions Legislation (Int'l)
    Western AustraliaEnvironmental Protection Authority
    Date: 2019-12-11
    Western Australia's (WA) state environmental watchdog Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) reports it has dropped a controversial recommendation requiring all new and expanding natural resource-based projects emitting more than 100,000 tpy of CO2 to entirely offset those emissions.

    The requirement prompted a major backlash from the mining and oil and gas industries, who warned the proposal would threaten jobs and projects. The government caved to the objections and a new round of consultation on less stringent industrial emissions is now underway. (Source: WA EPA, Various Media, ABC Australia, 9 Dec., 2019)Contact: WA Environmental Protection Authority,

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    "Ending Coal Industry Will Not Lower Carbon Emissions", says Aussie Opposition Leader (Int'l. Report)
    Australia, Coal
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In the Land Down Under, Australian opposition labour party leader Anthony Albanese, has announced his support for the Australian coal industry and declared that "putting an end to the (coal) industry will not lower carbon emissions." The labour leader noted "We've got to consider what the actual outcome is from any proposal, and the proposal that we immediately stop exporting coal would damage our economy and would not have any environmental benefit."

    Australia is the world's second largest coal exporter shipping 208 million tonnes of thermal coal in 2018, acording to Australian government data. (Source: Xinhua, 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: Hon Anthony Albanese MP – Parliament of Australia, +61 2 9564 3588, › A_Albanese_M

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    MSC Commits to Rotterdam Biofuel-Blend Bunkering (Int'l. Report)
    Mediterranean Shipping Company
    Date: 2019-12-11
    Geneva, Switzerland-headquartered Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.(MSC) notes it is committed to using "responsibly sourced" biofuels on a regular basis when bunkering vessels in Rotterdam. The company initially trialed using 10 pct biofuel blends and has now increased this to 30 pct for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

    Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. is a Swiss-Italian international shipping line operating in all major ports of the world. It is the world's second-largest shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity. (Source: Mediterranean Shipping Company , Seatrade, 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: Mediterranean Shipping Company, Bud Darr, exec. VP, Policy & Government Affairs , +41227038888,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Mediterranean Shipping Company,  Biofuel,  Marine Biofuel,  Biofuel Blends,  

    DC High-Performance Building Hub Launched (Ind. Report)
    Clean Energy DC Plan
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In the nation's capital, DOEE reports the June, 2019, awarding of grant funding to a team led by the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) to develop and operate a High-Performance Building Hub. The Hub will support owners, developers, builders, and designers as they seek to comply with the District's new green building requirements and related policy objectives.

    The Hub will advance the Clean Energy DC Plan and the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018, as well as provide education on the District's Building Energy and Green Construction Codes. The Hub will draw from examples such as the New York City Building Energy Exchange, the Vancouver Zero Emission Building Exchange, and BloxHUB in Copenhagen to support the building and building energy efficiency industries. to sign up for updates. (Source:, Department of Energy & Environment, Dec., 2019) Contact: High-Performance Building Hub, Kate Johnson,, IMT,; Clean Energy DC Plan, › cleanenergydc

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    Hydrostor, NRStor Complete Goderich A-CAES Facility (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-12-11
    Toronto-based Hydrostor, a developer of Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) projects, in partnership with energy storage project developer NRStor, also of Toronto, has announced completion of the Goderich A-CAES compressed-air energy storage facility in Goderich, Ontario.

    The first-of-its-kind utility-scale Goderich A-CAES Facility is commercially contracted to Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) for peaking capacity and ancillary services to support grid reliability.

    The project, was supported by Export Development Canada (EDC), Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). (Source: Hydrostor, Elec. Bus., 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: Hydrostor, Curtis Vanwallegham, CEO, (416) 548-7880,, NRStor, Peter Gregg, President, (647) 281-7200,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Hydrostor,  Compressed Air Energy STorage,  Energy Storage,  NRStor,  

    HollyFrontier Plans 125Mn GPY Renewable Diesel Plant (Ind Report)
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In the Lone Star State, Dallas-based independent petroleum refiner and marketer HollyFrontier Corporation reports it will construct a new 125-million gpy renewable diesel (RD) from soybean oil and other feedstocks unit at its Artesia, New Mexico refinery (Navajo Refinery). The company expects renewable diesel production to generate 600,000 LCFS credits in its first year.

    The RDU project, corresponding rail infrastructure and storage tanks, is estimated to come in at $350 million upon completion in Q1, 2022.

    HollyFrontier owns and operates refineries in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah and markets its refined products principally in the Southwest US, the Rocky Mountains extending into the Pacific Northwest and in other neighboring Plains states. (Source: HollyFrontier, PR, 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: HollyFrontier Corp., George John Demiris, CEO, Craig Biery, Inv. Relations, 214-954-6510,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News HollyFrontier,  Renewable Diesel ,  

    Univ. Maryland Emissions Cuts Ahead of Schedule (Ind. Report)
    University of Maryland
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In College Park, the University of Maryland reports it cut its net greenhouse gas emissions in half between 2005 and 2018, reaching its Climate Action Plan target of carbon neutrality more than a year ahead of schedule.

    Presently, the schools net emissions of about 175,000 metric tpy of CO2 are the university's centralized energy plant; decentralized heat and power generators; fleet vehicles; and faculty, staff and graduate student commuting. Projects are under way across campus aimed at identifying and implementing strategies to reduce emissions from each of them. (Source: University of Maryland, Maryland Today, 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: University of Maryland, Maureen Kotlas, Exec. Dir.,Environmental Safety, Sustainability and Risk,, (301) 405-3960,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Emissions,  

    APS Solar Installation Slated for Sedona (Ind. Report)
    APS Solar Communities
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In Arizona, the Sedona City Hall reports it will host a 150 kilowatt solar system under the Arizona Public Service's (APS) Solar Communities program that is expected to save the city roughly $90,000 and produce clean energy over the next 20 years.

    APS will install, operate, and maintain the city's solar photovoltaic system free of charge, and the city will receive a monthly bill credit from APS. The program, which is designed to enable non-residential customers as well as limited- and moderate-income customers take advantage of clean solar energy. The project is scheduled for completion in late January. (Source: City of Sadona, APS Solar Communities, Signals AZ, Dec., 2019) Contact: City of Sedona,; APS, Solar Communities;,

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    Canadian LEED v4 Registrations Surpass 1,000 (Ind. Report)
    Canada Green Building Council
    Date: 2019-12-11
    The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is reporting Canadian LEED v4 project registrations have surpassed the 1,000 mark and more than 4,350 LEED certifications overall, making Canada a leader in LEED certifications.

    Of Canadian LEED v4 projects, almost half are commercial and institutional new construction, with Ontario leading the way regionally with 27 per cent of projects, followed by British Columbia at 17 per cent and Alberta at 15 per cent. The CaGBC reached another milestone Nov. 27 with the first 10 certifications under the Zero Carbon Building Standard. To date, 20 projects are registered. (Source: Canada Green Building Council, Daily Commercial News, 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: Canada Green Building Council, Peter Whitred, Senior Manager, Green Building Programs, Thomas Mueller, Pres. and CEO, (866) 941-1184,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Canada Green Building Council ,  LEED,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Energia Acquiring Irish Solar Projects (Int'l. Report, M&A)
    Energia Group
    Date: 2019-12-11
    The Dublin-headquartered Irish energy provider and infrastructure investor Energia Group is reporting acquisition of two new solar projects in Glenamoy and Darthogue, Co Meath , the first investment under the group's €3 billion renewable energy programme. Energia Group will also acquire the Irish solar developer, Solfar Farmers Ltd, which has solar projects at Glenamoy and Darthogue in County Meath. Together, the projects will generate sufficient energy for 58,000 homes.

    The group plans to develop the two projects, as both sites have secured planning permission for the construction of solar infrastructure that will generate up to 32MW of exported power, with the potential for future expansion to 220MW.

    Energia Group presently powers more than 763,000 homes in Ireland. (Source: Energia Group, Silicon Republic, 9 Dec., 2019) Contact: Energia Group, Garrett Donnellan, Corporate Development,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energia Group,  Solar,  

    Ag Groups Petition for Biodiesel Tax Credit Extension (Reg & Leg)
    Date: 2019-12-11
    The Fence Post is reporting eleven farm-oriented trade associations on Friday pleaded with Congress to extend the biodiesel tax credit.

    "There is broad bipartisan support for the biodiesel tax credit, and we believe that Congress can, and must, pass an immediate extension before returning home at the end of the year.

    "The future of the credit has been unclear for nearly two years. Since the start of the year, producers have cut back production, investments in new technologies and facility upgrades, and purchases of raw materials.

    "Now, at least 10 biodiesel plants have closed or stopped production, furloughing several hundred workers; the states impacted include Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Texas. The economic fallout impacts more than 7,500 total jobs across the U.S. economy. Without an immediate extension of the tax credit, we anticipate widespread plant closures, more production cutbacks, and significant job losses," the groups said in their appeal. (Source: The Fence Post, 9 Dec., 2019)

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    Delmarva Touts Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program (Ind. Report)
    Delmarva Power
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In the Garden State, Newark-based utility Delmarva Power is reporting selection of Energize Delaware to manage and operate a new program -- The Energize Delaware Empowerment Grant Program.

    The program will provide up to $100,000 funding to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations proposing energy efficiency programs that directly benefit Delmarva Power customers whose households earn 60 percent, or below, of the Delaware State median income.

    Program details will be made available in early 2020. (Source: Delmarva Power, Cape Gazette, Dec., 2019) Contact: Energize Delaware, Tony DePrima, Exec. Dir., 302-883-3048,; Delmarva Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Delmarva Power,  Energy Eficiency,  Energize Delaware,  

    EBRD Loans €45Mn for Moroccan Hybrid Solar Project (Int'l.)
    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Date: 2019-12-11
    In London, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is reporting it will loan €45Mn for the development of the Noor Midelt I hybrid solar project in central Morocco.

    The Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), a member of the consortium developing the project, owns 30 pct of the project and guarantees the EBRD loan. Other consortium members include: EDF Renouvelables which holds 35 pct of the project and the Moroccan company Green of Africa with 10 pct; Moroccan Sustainable Energy Agency (Masen) owns the remaining 25 pct of the Noor Midelt I hybrid solar project. The Noor Midelt I power plant will combine PV solar energy and concentrated solar energy.

    The project, which is expected to come in at €740 million, will be designed and constructed by Gijon, Spain-based TSK and is expected to be completed in 2022.(Source: EBRD, Afrik21, 9 Dec., 2019)Contact: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, +44 (0) 207 338 6000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,  Solar,  

    ALLETE's North Dakota Glen Ulin Wind Facility Online (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-12-11
    Minnesota-based Allete Inc. subsidiary Allete Clean Energy is reporting its 106-MW Glen Ullin Energy Center west of Bismarck, North Dakota is now online and producing wind power for Xcel Energy customers in the Upper Midwest. The 43-turbine wind facility produces sufficient electric power for about 55,600 homes.

    ALLETE Clean Energy also developed the 107.5-mw Thunder Spirit wind farm near Hettinger and sold it to Montana-Dakota Utilities in 2015. ALLETE Clean Energy expanded Thunder Spirit to about 155 MW and sold the expansion to MDU in 2018. The company is also working on the 80-mw South Peak wind site in Montana with plans to bring it online near the end of the year to sell power to NorthWestern Energy. The company's approximately 300-megawatt Diamond Spring wind project in Oklahoma has broken ground and will sell wind power to Walmart, Starbucks and Smithfield Foods. (Contact: ALLETE, Business North, 10 Dec., 2019) Contact: ALLETE, Allan S. Rudeck Jr., Pres., Vince Meyer, IR, (218) 723-3952,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ALLETE CLean Energy,  ALLETE,  Wind,  Renewable Energy,  

    TRIG Taking Stake in Merkur Offshore Wind Farm (Int'l., M&A)
    The Renewables Infrastructure Group
    Date: 2019-12-11
    The UK-based Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG) and Dutch pension investor APG report they will acquire the Merkur offshore windfarm -- 36 pct will be acquired by TRIG and the remaining 64 pct by APG. Financial details of the deal have not been divulged by either company.

    Located in the German North Sea, the 396MW, 66-turbine Merkur offshore wind farm came on line in June 2019. The deal is expected to close early in 2020. (Source: TRIG, Power Technology, 10 Dec., 2019)Contact: Renewables Infrastructure Group,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News The Renewables Infrastructure Group,  Offshore Wind,  Merkur,  

    Wyoming PSC OKs Corriedale Wind Project Expansion (Ind. Report)
    Black Hills Power
    Date: 2019-12-11
    Meeting in Cheyenne, the Wyoming Public Service Commission reports approval of Black Hills Power and its subsidiary, Cheyenne Light's application for an additional 5 turbines to 21 turbines for the planned Corriedale Wind Energy Project which was initially approved in July, this year.

    The $78.6 million wind farm is expected to open in October, 2020. (Source: Wyoming Public Service Commission , Powell Tribune, 10 Dec., 2019) Contact: Black Hills Power, 888-890-5554,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Black Hills Energy,  

    Tilt Renewables Selling 270-MW Aussie Wind Farm (Int'l., M&A)
    Tilt Renewables
    Date: 2019-12-09
    New Zealand-headquartered Tilt Renewables Ltd reports it is selling its major asset, the 270-MW Snowtown 2 wind farm in South Australia for $732 million (US) to a company wholly-owned by funds managed by Palisade Investment Partners Ltd. The deal includes all shares in Snowtown 2 Wind Farm Holdings Pty Ltd for $472 million and an existing project finance facility with $611 million of outstanding debt.

    The 90-turbine Snowtown 2 wind park came online in 2014 and has a long-term off-take contract for 100 pct of the generated electricity and renewable energy certificates that ends in 2035. The deal is expected to be finalized before the year end. (Source: Tilt Renewables, PR, Renewables Now, 5 Dec., 2019)Contact: Tilt Renewables, 0800 532 749,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Tilt Renewables,  Wind,  Australia,  

    Maui Electric Seeking Renewable Energy Bids (Ind. Report)
    Maui Electric,HECO
    Date: 2019-12-09
    In the Aloha State, the Public Utilities Commission reports it has approved Maui Electric's planned RFP for Molokai to be supplied with 78 pct renewable sources and Lanai 55 to 61 pct by 2023 under a procurement process started by Maui Electric Co. The projects would come online in 2023.

    Estimated targets of the new renewable generation for Molokai are the equivalent of approximately 4 MW of solar or 3.6 MW of small wind, specified as turbines 100 kilowatts or less, and paired with energy storage. On Lanai, the company is seeking renewable energy generation equivalent up to 9.5 MW of solar paired with energy storage on land owned by Pulama Lanai.

    The procurement efforts for Molokai and Lanai are part of the Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) largest-ever renewable energy push for Maui County, Oahu and Hawaii Island.

    Proposals are due by Jan. 31 with final awards announced March 31 for Lanai and July 14, 2020 for Molokai. (Source: Maui News, Maui Electric, HECO, PR,5 Dec. 2019) Contact: HECO, Shelee Kimura, VP Bus. Dev., (808) 543-7780,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Maui Electric,  Solar,  HECO,  

    Zimbabwe Jatropha Biodiesel Plant Delayed Again (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2019-12-09
    In Harare, the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) is reporting the mothballing of a planned jatropha bio-diesel processing plant in Mount Hampden due to "logistical challenges" -- funding.

    To address the issue, the government has applied for $12 million from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to support its Jatropha bio-diesel project and various research programmes aimed at improving jatropha plant cultivation and processing. The plant is also expected to blend conventional diesel with jatropha biodiesel at 2 pct or greater. (Source: Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, Bulawayo24News, Dec. 6, 2019)Contact: Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority,

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