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Indigenous Bio-Jet Fuel developed by CSIR-IIP Scientists to be used in IAF Aircrafts
Date: 2019-05-26
On 24 May, the formidable workhorse of Indian Air Force (IAF), the Russian made AN-32 aircraft was formally fleet certified to fly on blended aviation fuel containing up to 10% of indigenous bio-jet fuel. The approval certificate was received at the aero-engine test facilities at Chandigarh by Air Commodore Sanjiv Ghuratia VSM, Air Officer Commanding, 3 BRD, AF on behalf of the IAF from Mr P Jayapal, Chief Executive CEMILAC. The IAF has undertaken a series of evaluation tests and trials with this green aviation fuel for the last one year. The scope of these checks was in consonance with the international aviation standards. Today’s approval is an acknowledgement of the meticulous testing using the indigenous bio-jet fuel by the IAF. The indigenous bio-jet fuel was first produced by the CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP) lab at Dehradun in 2013, Last December, Aircraft & System Testing Establishment (ASTE) a unit of the Indian Air Force (IAF) that evaluates aircraft and systems for induction into IAF, flew India’s first military flight using blended bio-jet fuel on the An-32 transport aircraft. The bio-jet blended ATF (aviation turbine fuel) is made from Jatropha oil produced from seeds of Jatropha plant, which is sourced from the Chhattisgarh biodiesel development authority(CBDA) and then processed at CSIR-IIP, Dehradun. (Source: IndianWeb2, Indian Institute of Petroleum, 26 May, 2019) Contact: IW2, www.indianweb2,com; CSIR-IIP, Indian Institute of Petroleum (CSIR-IIP),

Maryland Mandates 50 pct Renewable Energy by 2030 (Reg. & Leg.)
Date: 2019-05-24
Under legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly last month, utilities in the state will be required to subsidize solar and wind farms as well as maintain incentives for trash incinerators and paper mills even though they generate pollution and greenhouse gases.

With the green energy legislation, Maryland joins seven others with renewable energy goals of 50 pct or more. Three-quarters of Maryland's green energy supply came from outside the state in 2017.

The new Clean Energy Jobs Act, which is expected to increase an average Maryland residential utility bill by approximately $1.50 per month, has been criticized as not doing enough to combat climate change and not guaranteeing that the tens of millions of dollars of subsidies paid out each year translates to jobs in Maryland.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R), who endorses renewable energy, expressed his support for expanding the mandate to 100 pct clean energy by 2040, and said he would push for competition in the industry to limit costs for ratepayers. (Source: Baltimore Sun, 22 May, 2019) Contact: Office of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, (410) 974-3901,

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Co-Op Acquiring Terra Grain Fuels SK Ethanol Plant (M&A)
Federated Co-Op Limited
Date: 2019-05-24
On the Canadian prairies, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-headquartered Federated Co-Op Limited reports it is acquiring Terra Grain Fuels' 150 million lpy grain ethanol production facility near Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan. Terra Grain Fuels. The plant purchases around 400,000 metric tonnes of locally sourced grain and other starch-rich crops from more than 400 producers to fuel its ethanol production.

The sale is expected to close by the end of the month pending certain closing conditions. (Source: Federated Co-Op Limited, CTV, Other 22 May, 2019) Contact: Federated Co-Op Limited, Cal Fichter, VP, (306) 244-3311, (306) 244-3403 - fax, inquiries@fcl.crss,; Terra Grain Fuels, (306) 345-2280,

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U20 Demands Climate Change Action (Opinions Editorials & Asides)
Date: 2019-05-24
At the U20 Mayors Summit Mayors meeting this week in Japan, the mayors of some of the world's major cities urged their national leaders to "leverage the tremendous potential of our cities as hubs of diversity and innovation for the purpose of tackling global challenges, including climate change." Cities from G20 member states, known as the Urban 20 (U20) presented the following recommendations on addressing climate change;

  • Set ambitious targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to peak no later than by 2020, reduce substantially by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

  • Commit to decarbonizing the energy grid, with 100 pct renewable electricity by 2030, and 100 pct renewable energy by 2050.

  • Enact national regulations and/or planning policy to ensure new buildings operate at net zero carbon by 2030 and all buildings by 2050.

  • [Help] expedite the transition to zero-emission vehicles and support cities' efforts to diffuse such vehicles.

  • Reduce the generation of plastic waste -- phasing-out certain single-use and hard to recycle plastics in particular.

  • Ensure a just transition to decarbonized development.

    The U20 Communique was signed by the mayors, or governors of Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels-Capital Region, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Christchurch, Durban, Hamburg, Helsinki, Houston, Jakarta, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Montreal, New York City, Osaka, Paris, Port Vila, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Rotterdam, Sao Paulo City, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo and Tshwane. (Source: U20, Japan Today, 23 May, 2019)

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  • Xcel Energy Utility to be Coal-Free by 2030 (Ind. Report)
    Xcel Energy
    Date: 2019-05-24
    Further to our April 1 coverage, Minnesota's largest utility, Xcel Energy reports that subject to Minnesota PUC approval, it plans to close its two remaining coal-fired power plants -- the Allen S. King plant in Oak Park Heights, Minn., and the Sherco 3, plant in Becker, Minn. -- 10 years earlier than previously announced. The two are the largest greenhouse gas, carbon-emitting sources on Xcel's system. The company's Monticello, Minnesota nuclear power plant will be kept online until 2040.

    Xcel's broader energy plan includes extending the life of the Monticello nuclear plant, continuing to rely on natural gas power plants and increased focus on renewable energy sources. (Source: Xcel Energy, MPR News, 22 May, 2019) Contact: Xcel Energy,

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    Col. Sunset Bill SB19-236 Awaits Governor's Signature (Reg. & Leg.)
    Colorado PUC
    Date: 2019-05-24
    In Denver, with the expected signing of SB19-236 -- the Colorado PUC "Sunset" bill -- by Governor Jared Polis (D) Colorado will take its first step to becoming carbon free by 2030, which will probably be followed by an increased focus on renewable energy development.

    SB19-236, which has passed the State House and Senate, directs all utilities in the state to set a goal of 80 pct carbon reduction by 2030, followed by 100 pct carbon-free electric power generation by 2050. SB19-236 also allows electric utilities to use low-cost bonds to help refinance retiring fossil fuel generating facilities, a call for distribution system planning and plans to create new workforce and community transition opportunities. (Source: Colorado PUC, Various Media, PV Mag, May, 2019) Contact: Colorado PUC, (303) 894-2000,

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    Q&A Time on Capitol Hill (Opinions, Editorials & Asides}
    Interior Secretary David Bernhardt

    Date: 2019-05-24
    At a congressional budget hearing last week in Washington Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) asked former oil industry lobbyist and Interior Secretary David Bernhard: "Do you lose sleep over the carbon pollution that's driving it (climate change)?"

    "I think it's an issue that needs to be addressed, but I don't lose sleep over it," Sec.Bernhardt responded.

    Huffman then admonished Bernhardt, "The policies you're promoting are doing enormous damage to our planet. That is an immoral thing to do to the generations to come. And I would hope that you start thinking about that, maybe lose some sleep and maybe decide you're going to be part of the solution rather than part of the force driving the catastrophe."

    "There is no law mandating that I (Interior Secretary) combat global warming -- You guys come up with the 'shalls'," Secretary Bernhardt shot back defensively.

    Editor's Note: Fortune Magazine is reporting that only four days after his Senate confirmation, the newly minted Secretary Bernhardt is being investigated for "conflicts of interest and potential ethics violations." (Source: Various Media, HuffPost, 22 May, 2019) Contact: Congressman Jared Huffman,; Interior Secretary David Bernhardt,

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    Ag.Groups Call for Biodiesel Tax Credit Extension (Reg & Leg.)
    NBB,National Biodiesel Board
    Date: 2019-05-24
    Thirteen trade groups representing farmers, rural lenders, crop and biobased oil producers, and biodiesel producers today wrote leaders of the House of Representatives and Senate, asking them to act on bipartisan legislation to extend the biodiesel tax incentive:

    "America's farmers and rural communities are facing a mounting economic threat. With your leadership, Congress can help mitigate the crisis by taking immediate action on a policy that enjoys bipartisan, bicameral support. We are writing today to ask you to renew and extend the biodiesel tax incentive at the earliest opportunity.

    "Income for America's farmers is falling, and the impact is beginning to be felt in other sectors of the rural economy. Biodiesel production adds value to oil seed crops and recycled oils, providing one bright spot for the agriculture sector. Congress can take rapid action to renew the biodiesel tax incentive -- a policy that enjoys broad bipartisan support -- to help U.S. biodiesel producers continue growing."

    The letters group include the Agricultural Retailers Association, American Farm Bureau Federation, American Soybean Association, CoBank, Corn Refiners Association, Farm Credit Council, National Biodiesel Board, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, National Farmers Union, National Oilseed Processors Association, National Renderers Association, National Sorghum Producers, and U.S. Canola Association.

    A copy of the letter is available for download HERE. (Source: National Biodiesel Board , KTIC, 22 May, 2019) Contact: National Biodiesel Board, Kurt Kovarik, VP Federal Affairs, (800) 841-5849,

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    WPI Prof. Funded for Isobutanol Biofuel R&D (R&D, Funding)
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Date: 2019-05-24
    In the Bay State, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) reports associate professor of chemical engineering Michael Timko has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award that will enable him to develop a device that will make the production of isobutanol less costly and more environmentally friendly.

    Furthering his work, Timko will spend the summer of 2020 at the Univertite de Bordeaux, where he will learn a low-cost technique for fabricating microfluidic devices developed at the university. This work will be conducted in the Institut de Chimie de la Matiere Condensee de Bordeaux (ICMCB), a laboratory jointly run by the university and the National Center for Scientific Research.

    Timko"s interest in microfluidics stems from his goal of being able to observe, in real time, the production of biofuels by microorganisms under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Timko wants to make a microfluidic device at a micron scale -- the width of a human hair -- made of silicon and Pyrex, a low-thermal-expansion material used for laboratory glassware. This tiny device could contain fluids at elevated pressures while affording easy viewing using a microscope to, for example, analyze the metabolic response of bacteria to a high-pressure environment.

    Timko, who received a National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2016 for his work with biofuels, is looking to use the microfluidic device to accelerate his isobutanol researchh.

    Timko is part of a multi-university research team that is developing a new way to produce isobutanol, using supercritical CO2 as a solvent and a bacterium that can thrive in that harsh, antimicrobial liquid. Timko's analysis shows the process could produce isobutanol using one-fifth the energy that traditional, best-case scenario manufacturing processes use. (Source: WPI. 22 May, 2019) Contact: Worcester Poltrechnic Institute, Assoc. Prof. Micheal Timko, (508)-831-4101,,,

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    Carbon Engineering, Oxy Partner on CCS, EOR Project (Ind. Report)
    Carbon Engineering Ltd
    Date: 2019-05-24
    Kallanish Energy is reporting Squamish, BC-based Carbon Engineering Ltd and Houston-headquartered oil major Occidental Petroleum subsidiary Oxy Low Carbon Ventures LLC (Oxy) are in the process of engineering and designing a plant to capture CO2 emissions from the air, and to use those emissions in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) activities.

    The plant, which would be located in the Permian Basin, is being billed the world's largest Direct Air Capture (DAC) and sequestration facility and is designed to capture 500 kilotonnes per year of CO2 directly from the atmosphere.

    Plant construction could get underway in 2021 for operation in 2023. Plant costs and other details have not been revealed. (Source: Carbon Engineering, Kallanish Energy, May, 2019) Contact: Oxy Low Carbon Ventures,; Carbon Engineering, Steve Oldham, CEO,,

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    Microsoft Netherlands to Run on Offshore Wind Energy (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-24
    IT giant Microsoft reports the inking of a 15-year agreement with Eneco to purchase 90MW of power from the 731.5MW Borssele III & IV offshore wind farm in the Dutch North Sea. The contracted wind power will power Microsoft's datacenters for a period of fifteen years from 2022 onward.

    The Borssele III & IV wind farm is being developed by the Blauwwind consortium -- Partners Group, Shell, Eneco,Van Oord -- and will incorporate 77 MHI Vestas 9.5MW wind turbines installed 22km offshore Zeeland. The project is slated for commissioning and operation in 2021. (Source: Microsoft, Offshore Wind, 23 May, 2019) Contact: Microsoft Netherland, Ernst-Jan Stigter, General Manager, +31 20 500 1500,;Blauwwind ConsortiumBlauwwind , LinkedIn

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    CellCube Wins EES/Intersolar Award (Ind. Report)
    CellCube Energy
    Date: 2019-05-24
    Toronto-headquartered energy storage specialist CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc. reports receipt of the Electrical Energy Storage (EES) award in Munich for its FB500-2000, the largest single module flow-battery based energy storage system.

    The new Cell Cube FB500- 2000 offers up to 1,000 volts DC for charging and discharging and is capable of over 20,000 deep discharge cycles which translates to a life span of over 25- 30 years. The system is designed for use in large grid-scale utility applications, collocation with solar parks and wind farms.

    CellCube develops, manufactures, and markets energy storage systems on the basis of vanadium redox flow technology and has over 136 project installations and a 11 year operational track record. (Source: CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc., PR, 23 May, 2019) Contact: CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc., Stefan Schauss, CEO, 800-882-3213,, ,]

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    Alinta's W.A. Wind Farm Wins Regulatory Approval (Int'l. Report)
    Alinta Energy
    Date: 2019-05-24
    In the Land Down Under, Sydney-headquartered electric power and gas supplier Alinta Energy reports Economic Regulatory Authority approval of its 212MW Yandin project near the town of Dandaragan, 150 kms north of Perth. When fully operational, the wind farm will be the largest and one of the most efficient wind facilities in Western Australia.

    The project will incorporate 51, 4.2MW Vestas turbines. Construction is expected to begin this July. (Source: Alinta Energy, Others, Renew Economy, 23 May, 2019) Contact: Alinta Energy,

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    Ohio Clean Air Energy Bill Disqualifies Wind, Solar (Reg. & Leg.)
    Renewable Energy
    Date: 2019-05-24
    In Columbus, the republican-dominated Ohio State House of Representatives has announced changes to a comprehensive energy bill that would bailout the state's nuclear power plants and repeal alternative energy mandates disqualifying wind and solar power from Clean Air Credits. The elimination of wind and solar leaves nuclear power as the only beneficiary of the Clean Air Credits program.

    The bill also allows utilities to charge ratepayers a fee to cover subsidies for Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) and its two coal plants. The charge to residential ratepayers was cut from $2.50 to $1 a month, reducing the money for credits from $300 million to about $190 million. (Source: Cincinnati Public Radio, Statehouse News Bureau, 22 May, 2019)

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    EDF, Masdar Consortium Scores Moroccan Solar Project (Int'l.)
    EDF Renewables
    Date: 2019-05-24
    A consortium led by French EDF Renewables, in collaboration with UAE renewables developer and operator Masdar, and the Moroccan company Green of Africa reports it has been awarded a tender to build an 800-MW solar plant near the Moroccan city of Midelt. The $751.5 million Noor Midelt I solar project, which will incorporate a hybrid system of concentrated solar plant (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) technologies, is part of Morocco's goal to produce 42 pct of its electrical power from renewable energy by 2020 and 52 percent by 2030. (Source: EDF Renewables, Middle East Utilities, 23 May, 2019) Contact: EDF Renewables,; Masdar, Shaima Al Jarman, Marketing & Communications, +971 02 8109365,,

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    SGRE to Service Pattern's 218MW Texas Wind Farm (Ind. Report)
    Pattern Energy,Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
    Date: 2019-05-24
    San Francisco-headquartered Pattern Energy Group reports it has awarded a four-year operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement to Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) for its 218MW Panhandle Wind 1 facility is in Carson County. The wind farm incorporates 118, 1.85MW-87MW GE wind turbines.

    Under the agreement, SGRE will service the turbines and implement value-added analytics such as NEM Solutions and SCADA Diagnostics, later this year.

    Since 2010, SGRE has been maintaining wind turbines of other manufacturers. In the US, the company currently has more than 10,000 wind turbines in operation totaling nearly 20GW. (Source: Pattern Energy, Power Technology, 23 May, 2019)Contact: Pattern Energy Group, Mike Garland, CEO, Matt Dallas, (917) 363-1333,,; Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Siemens Gamesa Americas Service, Darnell Walker, CEO,

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    ABC Decries Indiscriminate RFS Refinery Exemptions (Ind. Report)
    American Biogas Council
    Date: 2019-05-24
    The American Biogas Council (ABC) released the following statement in response to the Trump Administration's continued attempts to erode the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) by the indiscriminate granting of small refinery "hardship" exemptions:

    "The continued issuance of small refinery exemptions undermines the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard and imperils the ability of biogas and other renewable fuel producers to create new investments and jobs, especially in rural communities.

    "As a program, the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) works for the biogas industry. It has boosted American production of renewable fuels, brought new revenue streams to farmers and catalyzed investment in biogas systems. In fact, the number of biogas systems that have been built or upgraded to participate in the RFS has grown at a rate of 30 pct annually supplying valuable renewable fuel that can replace conventional natural gas. In the RFS, biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) related projects represent the fastest growing sector of the RFS and are therefore critical to addressing the gap between the congressionally mandated fuel volumes and the EPA-lowered fuel volumes.

    "But the recent management of the RFS program, in particular, the Administration's frequent issuance of small refinery ("hardship") exemptions has killed demand in this market-based program and is now impeding growth, development, infrastructure investments and the creation of quality American jobs. The prevalent issuance of exemptions has created the impression that any refinery can get one. As a result, small refineries and some larger ones, both in growing numbers, have stopped purchasing biogas hoping that each one might also be granted an exemption by the Administration to not comply with this congressionally mandated program. Due to the volume of fuel that most biogas systems produce, a large proportion of biogas systems sell to small refineries.

    "The Administration must dramatically slow the issuance of small refinery exemptions (SREs) to small refineries and stop granting SREs to large or unqualified refineries. Indiscriminate and frequent issuance of SREs undermine the integrity of the RFS and imperil economic prosperity and energy security. The Administration needs to follow the law that Congress passed." (Source: American Biogas Council, PR, 23 May, 2019) Contact: ABC, Patrick Serfass, Exec. Dir., (202) 640-6595,,

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    EQTec, Phoenix Biomass Energy Ink Agreement (Ind. Report)
    EQTec,Phoenix Biomass Energy
    Date: 2019-05-24
    Further to our 24th Sept., 2018 coverage, Madrid-based Spanish technology solution company EQTec repots it has inked Framework Agreement with California-headquartered Phoenix Biomass Energy, Inc.. Phoenix builds, owns and operates on-site biomass gasification plants in partnership with businesses in the agricultural, waste, and forestry industries sectors.

    Under the Agreement, the parties will seek to jointly develop U.S. biomass gasification power projects in the 2 to 3 MW in size range, with an estimated project value between $15 and $20 million each. Five such projects have already been identified. EQTec will provide its proprietary Gasifier Technology (EGT), technical design and engineering for the power plant projects. Both firms will work on project funding. (Source: EQTec, Various Media, Bioenergy insight, 23 May, 2019) Contact: Eqtec, +34 935 73 9981,; Phoenix Energy, Ian Price, CEO, (415) 286-7822,,,

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    ComEd Energy Efficiency Program Savings Top $4Bn (Ind. Report)
    ComEd, Commonwealth Edison
    Date: 2019-05-24
    In Chicago, Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), an Exelon Company, is reporting its customers saved a total of $4 billion since 2008 on their electricity bills through the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program.

    The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers assessments, rebates, discounts, and recycling programs that have saved customers more than 35 million mWh of electricity -- equivalent of eliminating approximately 44 billion pounds of carbon emissions from the atmosphere or removing over than 4 million cars from the road for a year.

    The ComEd program also helped drive the purchase of more than 130 million energy-efficient light bulbs and provided more than $956 million in energy-efficiency improvements. (Source: ComEd, PR, 23 May, 2019) Contact:, ComEd, Jane Park, Snr, VP,(312) 394-3500,

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    Smartcool Touts Power Factor Correction Installations (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-24
    Vancouver, British Columbia-based Smartcool Systems Inc reports its wholly owned energy management subsidiary, Total Energy Concepts Inc. (TEC) has completed projects for two recycling/resource recovery companies. The installations involved TEC's full package solution, which included TEC's proprietary Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology on (18) electric motors of 10 HP and larger driving the crushing, shredding and conveying of materials.

    Power Factor Correction at the equipment level is a documented energy efficiency measure that to date has had limited adoption worldwide. TEC has perfected this technology and application over the last 10 years which offers significant energy savings, as well as more operational up-time and extended equipment life.

    Smartcool's ECO3, ESM and ECOHome retrofit technologies reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems by up to 40 pct, according to the company. (Source: Smartcool, Newsfile, 23 May, 2019) Contact: Smartcool, Mike Kordysz VP, Investor Relations, (604) 904- 8632,,[endlink, [satrtlink]; Total Energy Concepts,

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    Resideo Snares Whisker Labs to Expand Smart Home Offerings (M&A)
    Resideo Technologies,Whisker Labs
    Date: 2019-05-24
    In the Lone Star State, Austin-based smart home, energy efficiency specialist Resideo Technologies, a 2018 Honeywell spinoff, is reporting its acquisition of energy efficiency technology from Whisker Labs. The technology creates a thermodynamic model of a home to accurately predict home heating and air conditioning run time and energy use to enable a homeowner to control energy usage.

    According to Resideo, the technology complements it's portfolio of connected thermostats, including the Honeywell Home T-Series smart thermostats -- the T9 and T10 Pro -- which feature wireless smart-room sensors to deliver a desired temperature to a specific room as needed.

    Resideo claims a presence in 150 million homes and a network of 110,000 professional contractors. (Source: Resideo TechnologiesPR, 22 May, 2019) Contact: Resideo Technologies, Mike Nefkens, Pres., CEO,; Whisker Labs,,

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    WattTime Emissions Database Wins Google Funding (Ind. Report)
    WattTime,Google,World Resources Institute
    Date: 2019-05-22
    WattTime reports it plans to create a public database that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to track carbon emissions from all the world's large power. The project will receive $1.7 million in funding from the Google AI Impact Challenge. The tracking system will make it possible to hold polluting plants accountable to environmental standards as well as enable advanced new emissions reduction technologies.

    Joining WattTime in the carbon tracking initiative are non-profits Carbon Tracker, a financial think tank that analyses the economic impacts of the energy transition and the first organization to pioneer satellite-based power plant monitoring; and World Resources Institute (WRI) which maintains a comprehensive global power plant database. (Source: WattTime, PR, 20 May, 2019) Contact: WattTime, Gavin McCormick, Executive Director , (510) 201-9877,; World Resources Institute, Dan Lashof, U.S. Director,; Carbon Tracker,

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    CellCube, Pangea Partnering on Aussie Energy Storage Project (Int'l)
    CellCube,Pangea Energy
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Toronoto-based CELLCUBE ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS INC. reports its 100 pct subsidiary Enerox GmbH in Wiener Neudorf, Austria, has inked a Letter of Intent with Pangea Energy Pty Ltd. to construct a 50MW / 200MWh Energy Storage System on grid scale level in Port Augusta, South Australia.

    The aim is not to only to offer multiple grid services such as voltage compensation, reactive power and frequency regulation services but offering renewable baseload to the Australian market which goes hand-in-hand with a planned 50MW solar project at the same site.

    Pangea Energy will invest approximately $200 million in the project and will build, own and operate the site and procure from CellCube products and services which may include an electrolyte service as a co-funding mechanism. The companies are currently conducting due diligence and reviewing the off-take conditions for starting construction in late 2019 with plans to be operational in 2020. (Source: CellCube, PR, 14 May, 2019) Contact: Pangea Energy, Luis Chiang Lin, CEO,; CellCube Energy, Stefan Schauss, CEO , Glenda Kelly, Inv. Communications, (800) 882-3213,,

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    Indian State Planning Rice Biofuel Project (Int'l. Report)
    India Ethanol
    Date: 2019-05-22
    In central India, the heavily forested state of Chhattisgarh and the Indian Institute of Technology (Bhilai) are reporting plans to produce biofuel from rice and other agriculture products.

    To that end, the state government and the Indian Institute of Technology (Bhilai) have inked an agreement to explore the possibilities of designing the project which would ensure the increased cultivation and consumption of rice and the use of rice stover, waste and by-products, such as biofuel. Only surplus rice and waste would be used in the production of biofuel, according to the release. (Source: Indian Institute of Technology, Business Standard, 21 May, 2018) Contact: Indian Institute of Technology,

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    China Planning $23Bn Offshore Wind Investment (Int'l. Report)
    China Ofshore Wind
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Chinese state news agency Xinhua is reporting China will invest160 billion yuan ($23.5 billion) in an offshore wind power project that will have an installed capacity of more than 1 million kW in Jiangsu province.

    Wind power, according to Xinhua, is the third-largest source of energy in the country after coal and hydropower. The country is already the world leader in wind power with 187 GW in capacity in early 2018. The plan is to increase this to 210 GW by the end of 2020. In 2019 China generated 1.87 trillion kWh of electricity from renewable sources, according to Xinhua. (Source: Xinhua,, 21 May, 2019)

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    Maritime Shipping to Halve Carbon Footprint by 2050 (Int'l)
    International Chamber of Shipping
    Date: 2019-05-22
    The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the world's major maritime shipping organization, representing around 80 pct of the world's merchant tonnage, reports it "remains confident that shipping will improve its carbon efficiency by at least 40 pct by 2030 compared to 2008, in line with the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions."

    ICS also noted it welcomes the additional guidance agreed by the IMO MEPC to assist the smooth implementation of the global sulphur cap on 1 January 2020 -- requiring ships outside sulphur emission control areas to use fuel with a sulphur content of 0.5 pct or less. (Source: International Chamber of Shipping, Marine Link, 17 May, 2019) Contact: IMO, Stefan Micallef, Director of Marine Environment Division, +44 (0) 20 7735 7611,; International Chamber of Shipping, Guy Platten, Sec. Gen.,

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    Tokyo Governor Aims for Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050 (Int'l Report)
    Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2019-05-22
    In Japan, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike is reporting plans to draw up a strategy -- by December 2019 -- to effectively reduce the city's carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050.

    Japan's government has set a goal of cutting domestic emissions by 80 pct by 2050. The Tokyo Metropolitan government has gone a step further and plans for effectively zero emissions in Tokyo by 2050. The strategy will include a 40 percent reduction in incinerated plastic waste by 2030.

    Koike announced her plans to representatives of 26 of the world's major cities at the Urban 20 Mayors Summit now underway in Japan.

    Urban 20 (U20) is a new diplomatic initiative, convened by C40 Cities and UCLG, to help cities develop collective messages and inclusive solutions for global issues such as climate action, the future of work and social integration, and related information. (Source: U20 Mayors, NHK World Japan, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Urban 20 Mayors,

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    Barbados Pursuing Bioenergy to Meet Renewables Goals (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-05-22
    According to the Barbados Advocate, the Bridgetown-based non-profit organization Design Council SIDS, the island nation can play a leading role in the adoption and use of bioenergy. That's according to Industrial Designer Mark Hill as he revealed that they are in the process of commissioning a 250-kilowatt Chicken Manure Biogas Plant in St. Lucy, and plans for a plastics-to-energy project, as well as a 1 MW biogas facility for food waste and a 1.5 MW ryngas project on the island.

    "We can and will lead in bio-energy, in particular the production of biomethane/renewable natural gas, the production of wood pellets, syngas, and we will fully explore the economic potential in these resources in order to meet the goal of 100 pct renewable energy by 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals," Hill said in an address to the recent Bio-Digestion: Benefits to Barbados conference in Bridgetown. Presently only an estimated 4 pct to 6 pct of Barbados' energy needs are being met by renewable. (Source: Barbados Design Council SIDS, Barbados Advocate, 18 May, 2019) Contact: Design Council SIDS, Mark Hill,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Bioenergy,  Biogas,  Renewable Energy,  

    Major Methanol Plant Startup Set for Bushehr, Iran (Int'l Report)
    Iran Methanol
    Date: 2019-05-22
    The world's largest methanol plant located in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr is ready for launch. The 7,000 tpd Kaveh Methanol petrochemical plant was constructed with private sector participation.

    Presently, Iran has 54 petrochemical plants which supply 53.6 million tons of petrochemical products. The sector is expected grow to 75 million tons by March 2022 and exceed 100 million tons by March 2026. (Source: MENAFN, AzerNews, 20 May, 2019)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Methanol,  

    Aemetis Inks Indian Biodiesel Supply Deal (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Aemetis Universal Biofuels India, a subsidiary of Cupertino, California-headquartered advanced renewable fuel and biochemical specialist Aemetis Inc. , reports it will supply 25 million or more US gpy of distilled biodiesel to an unnamed multi-site mining company with sites in southern and central India .

    Shipments have already started, and there are plans to expand the deal to additional mines as it installs on-site storage for biodiesel.

    Aemetis owns and operates a 60-million gpy ethanol production facility in California's Central Valley. It also has a 50-million-gpy renewable chemical and advanced fuel production facility on the east coast of India for production of high-quality distilled biodiesel and refined glycerin for US, European and Indian customers. (Source: Aemetis, Mining Magazine, May, 2019) Contact: Aemetis, Eric McAfee, CEO , Todd Waltz, (408) 213-0940,,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Aemetis,  Biodiesel,  

    Franklin County Adopting Energize NY C-PACE Financing (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-22
    In the Empire State, the Franklin County Legislature has voted to adopt the Energize NY Open C-PACE Financing Program to make money available for business energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy and related improvements.

    Borrowers participating in the program pay back the cost of the upgrades to the state Energy Improvement Corp. (EIC), which administers the loans on behalf of the county. The loan will be secured through a lien placed on the "Benefitted Property" by the EIC. (Source: Franklin County, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Malone Telegram, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Franklin County Economic Dev., Russ Kinyon, Dir.,; C-PACE Alliance, Cliff Kellogg (202) 744-1984,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News C-PACE,  Energize New York,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Vestas Supplying Turbines for Fortum's Finland Wind Project (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Vestas is reporting receipt of an order for wind turbines for Helsinki-headquartered utility Fortum Oyj's 90 MW Kalax Wind Project in the province of Narpio in Western Finland. Turbine supply, installation and commissioning, as well as a long-term Active Output Management (AOM 5000) service agreement are included in the contract.

    The project will feature a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution to lower turbine downtime and optimize the energy output. Turbine delivery is slated for Q2, 2020, for commissioning in Q1, 2021. (Source: Vestas, PR, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Vestas, Christina Schmidt, +49 40 46778 5153, Mobile - +49 (0) 160 90141736.,,; Fortum Oyi, Joonas Rauramo, VP Wind Generation, Vesa Koivisto, Development Manager, +358-50-453-6322, +358 10 4511,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Fortum,  Vestas,  Wind Turbine,  Wind,  

    Hong Kong "Green Bond" Looking to Raise $1Bn (Int'l Report)
    Hong Kong
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Reuters is reporting the former British colony of Hong Kong is looking to raise $500 million to $1 billion through a five-year "green bond" issuance that will help establish Hong Kong as a "green finance" center for investment in "environmentally friendly" projects.

    The bond is the first to be issued under Hong Kong's HK$100 billion ($12.74 billion) green bond program to fund projects around clean transportation, air quality improvement and green buildings.

    "Green bond" issuance worldwide to date this year stands at $41.3 billion, $12 billion of which was raised in Asia. (Source: Reuters, Various Media, May, 2019)

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    Hawaiian Energy Efficiency Bill Awaits Signature (Reg. & Leg.)
    Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2019-05-22
    In the Aloha State, House Bill 556 establishing energy efficiency standards for appliances sold or leased in Hawaii is awaiting only the signature of Gov. David Y. Ige (D). If signed into law the bill would come into force Jan. 1, 2021.

    The Hawaiian bill also establishes energy and water efficiency standards for five products not currently covered at the federal level, including computers, faucets, showerheads, spray sprinklers, and certain fluorescent lamps.

    California, Oregon and Washington have similar laws mandating that refrigerators, dishwashers, commercial air conditioners and other appliances meet national appliance efficiency standards. (Source: Star Advertiser, 21 May, 2019)Contact: Office of Gov. David Y. Ige,

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    Arkansas County Commits to $1Mn Solar Project (Ind. Report)
    Entegrity Partners
    Date: 2019-05-22
    In Arkansas -- "The Natural State" -- Phillips County (pop. 18,572) reports plans to install a solar energy system to power all of its local operations.

    To that end, Phillips County officials have inked a $1 million contract with Little Rock-based Entegrity Partners to install an initial 400 kW of solar photovoltaic array, with the capacity to add another 600 kW of solar power in the future. The installation is expected to generate a total of 593,000 kWh per year -- sufficient power for 48 Arkansas homes. The project will be 100 pct funded by the utility cost savings.

    The solar system will incorporate 1,194 panels that, combined with new lighting and other energy efficiency upgrades, will deliver a minimum energy cost saving of $81,380 per year. The projects are expected to begin this summer for completion in fall of 2019. (Source: TB&P, 20 May, 2019) Contact: Entegrity Partners, Rick Vance, (479)301.2517,; Philips County,

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    LG Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2030 (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Korean appliance manufacturer LG reports it will reduce carbon emissions from its global operations by 50 percent compared to a 2017 baseline by implementing various carbon reduction and increasing renewable energy, primarily solar energy initiatives. This effort will help bring LG closer to reaching its ultimate goal of carbon neutrality, achieving a net-zero carbon emissions footprint by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal, according to a company release.

    Through a variety of strategic initiatives, the company will cut carbon emissions across its global production sites from nearly 2 million tons recorded in 2017 to 960,000 tons by the end of 2030. To that end, the company is looking to expand its high-efficiency facilities and technologies targeting greenhouse gas reduction and alleviating the creation of carbon emissions during the production process.

    Additionally, through the expansion of its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, LG plans to secure UNFCCC Certified Emission Reduction (CER) credits. (Source: LG, PR, May, 2019)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News LG,  CDM,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Climate Change a Deal Maker/Breaker in 2020 US Presidential Elections (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Climate Change
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Reuters is reporting recent polls indicate that climate change will be a central issue for voters in the upcoming 2020 U.S. presidential elections. Thirty-eight pct of participants indicated that the topic is "very important" for their decision, according to a George Mason University poll, the results of which are consistent with similar polls by Manmouth University and CNN. A CNN poll found 82 pct of Democrats say it is "very important" that candidates take aggressive action to combat the climate crisis.

    In 2016, no candidate had a specific climate platform, but reports indicate that this year, candidates will need to detail specific action plans if they hope to be taken seriously. Many progressive democrats are demanding candidates formally endorse the Green New Deal, while others expect candidates to refuse campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry. (Source: inhabitat, Reuters, 20 May, 2019)

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    Nordex Touts 155-meter Rotor Turbine (New Prod & Tech)
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Hamburg, Germany-headquartered wind turbine giant The Nordex Group reports the unveiling of a new turbine with a rotor diameter above 150 metres. The N155/4.5 is the fourth turbine in the manufacturer's Delta4000 series, and has a power rating of 4.5MW and rotor diameter of 155 metres.

    The N155/4.5 is aimed at growth markets with medium wind conditions and for sites "without strict requirements on maximum noise levels or high levels of effective turbulence intensity -- much of the U.S., Latin America, South Africa and south-east Asia," according to Nordex. The turbine, which uses the same doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) as previous Delta4000 turbines, will initially be available with a 108-metre steel tower, a 120-metre concrete tower and a 164-metre hybrid tower. Production is due to start in late 2020. (Source: Nordex, May, 2019) Contact: Nordex SE, Felix Losada, +49 (0) 40 300 30 1141,,

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    Aurora Solar Tech Claims Major Repeat Order (Ind. Report)
    Aurora Solar Technologies
    Date: 2019-05-22
    North Vancouver, British Columbia-based solar cell fabricator Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. is reporting a repeat order to supply a major China-based manufacturer of high-efficiency PERC solar cells. This new volume order is for fifteen DM-110e measurements systems. The systems will be shipped in June/July 2019.

    Aurora's DM-110e was launched as a less expensive version of our DM product line, to address the price-sensitive market for the automation of manual sheet resistance measurements. The DM-100e is typically used by manufacturers for more limited testing after diffusion and, like all of our DM products, is a reliable non-contact system that prevents cell damage during testing, while providing high measurement accuracy and excellent repeatability, according to the company. (Source: Aurora Solar Technologies Inc., PR, Newsfile, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Aurora Solar Technologies, Gordon Deans, P.Eng. Pres., CEO, (778) 241-5000,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Aurora Solar Technologies,  Solar Cell,  

    Aerojet Rocketdyne, ZAF Partner on Energy Storage (Ind Report)
    Aerojet Rocketdyne,ZAF Energy Systems
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Sacramento, California-headquartered Aerojet Rocketdyne and Joplim, Missouri-based next-generation battery technologies specialist ZAF Energy Systems report they will work together on an energy storage system utilizing ZAF's nickel-zinc batteries and Aerojet Rocketdyne's battery management system (BMS).

    Aerojet Rocketdyne provides propulsion systems and energetics to the space, missile defense and strategic systems, as well as tactical systems, in support of domestic and international customers.

    ZAF Energy Systems develops and commercializes next-generation battery technologies that use sustainable, nontoxic materials and can be safely and easily recycled. Its breakthrough battery technologies include a nickel-zinc (NiZn) chemistry and a zinc air chemistry, both of which deliver the highest power and energy density of any battery system in their class. (Source: Aerojet Rocketdyne, PR, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Aerojet Rocketdyne, Eileen Drake, Pres., CEO, Ashley Gudzak, In-Space Communications, (571) 236-4091,,; ZAF, Randy Moore, Pres., CEO, (512) 215-4452,,

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    ADB Offers $4Mn Loan for Afghanistan Solar Project (Int'l, Funding)
    Asian Development Bank
    Date: 2019-05-22
    The Manila-headquartered Asian Development Bank (ADB) is reported to have offered $4 million in loan funding to Barakat Kandahar Solar Energy (BKSE), a special purpose vehicle company majority owned by 77 Afghanistan, a subsidiary of 77 Group, for construction of a 15.1 MW solar PV power plant in Afghanistan.

    The solar plant is expected to generate about 27.5GWh per year of electric power for the country's grid. The project will also add significantly to the country’s share of renewable energy in the total installed power generation capacity between 4.5GW and 5GW by 2032. (Source: ADB, 21 May, 2019)Contact: Asia Development Bank, Takehiko Nakao, Pres. +63 2 632 4444,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Asian Development Bank,  Solar,  

    FedEx Touts Emissions Action Plan (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Courier and delivery service giant FedEx reports a 37 pct reduction in CO2 emissions intensity on a revenue basis across the enterprise since 2009 while revenue grew by 84 per cent.

    In its Global Citizenship report, FedEx highlights the fact that it will be adding 1,000 Chanje V8100 electric vehicles to its express fleet in California and will obtain 30 pct of jet fuel from alternative fuels by 2030. In reaching its goals, the company noted it is ahead of plan for its FedEx Cares goal of investing $200 million in more than 200 global communities by 2020. (Source: FedEx, PR, 20 May, 2019)

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    Dominion Offers Home Energy Efficiency Assessments (Ind. Report)
    Dominion Energy Ohio
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Dominion Energy Ohio reports it is providing home energy efficiency assessments to residential customers for $50, as part of its Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

    The offered program, which is targeted to damp and drafty -- often older -- homes with wildly fluctuating temperatures, identifies high utility usage and similar issues as ways to assist and correct the unfavorable conditions. The program can also provide a rebate of up to $1,250 for completion of program recommendations. The program can also provide discounted NEST Thermostat E units, carbon monoxide detectors, showerheads, faucet aerators, and water heater pipe wrap and other energy efficient improvements and services. (Source: Dominion Energy Ohio, Energy Insider, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Dominion Energy Ohio, Jim Eck, VP & GM of Ohio & West Virginia Distribution,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Dominion Energy Ohio,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Vestas Confirms EDF, 249 MW Turbine Order (Ind Report)
    Vestas,EDF Renewables
    Date: 2019-05-22
    Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is reporting receipt of an order for 249 MW of V120-2.2MW turbines from EDF Renewables for its Las Majadas wind project in Texas. The project includes 2MW PTC components previously purchased from Vestas.

    Under the terms of the order, Vesta will supply and commission the turbines along with a 5-year Active Output Management (AOM 5000) service agreement, which was designed to ensure optimized performance for the lifetime of the project.

    Turbine delivery is slated for Q2, 2020 for commissioning in Q3, 2020. (Source: Vestas, Compelo, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Vestas, Chris Brown, US & Canada Sales & Serv.,; EDF Renewables North America, Art DelRio, VP, Wind Technology Strategy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EDF Renewables,  Vestas,  Wind Turbines,  

    $2.1Mn Funding for Alberta Forestry-Biomass Projects (Funding)
    Forest Biomass,Natural Resources Canada
    Date: 2019-05-22
    In Ottawa, the Canadian federal government has announced over $2.1 million in funding for three forestry-sector, bioenergy projects in Alberta. The projects are aimed at boosting indigenous jobs in the sector and involvement in climate change prevention activities.

    Of the total, $1.5 million will go to Kapawe'no First Nation in Narrows Point to design and install a renewable and eco-friendly forest biomass heating system that will help to reduce the community's reliance on diesel, cut energy costs and generate jobs. The project is funded through the Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities program.

    $500,000 will be granted to The Rockies Institute in Canmore to bring together the best available Indigenous and scientific knowledge on forest fire management. The project will inform innovative practices for local, regional and provincial climate change adaptation.

    The remaining $110,000 is awarded to Nu Ch'anie Society in Cold Lake to pursue various forest sector bioenergy-biomass business development activities. The three projects are funded through the Indigenous Forestry Initiative. (Source: Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Biomass, May, 2019) Contact: Natural Resoures Canada Indigenous Forestry Initiative,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Natural Resources Canada,  Forest Biomass,  Bioenergy,  Biofuel,  Natural Resources Canada,  

    Gasum Opens First Swedish LNG Filling Station (Int'l Report)
    Gasum Oy
    Date: 2019-05-22
    In Espoo, Finland, the Nordic energy company Gasum Oy, a major biogas producer and distributor, is reporting the opening of its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) biogas filling station in the city of Vasteras, central Sweden, where it also owns a biogas production facility. In the long term, the company plans to expand its Swedish filling station network to 50 outlets.

    Under the European Union's emissions reduction standards, CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles are to be reduced by 30 pct by 2030. Sweden is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions from domestic traffic by at least 70 pct by 2030. (Source: Gasum,, Europa, 21 May, 2019) Contact: Gasum Oy, Mikael Antonsson, +358 20 4471,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biogas news,  LNG news,  Biofuel news,  Liquified Natural Gas news,  

    Emirates RDF Waste-to-Fuel for Cement Production Functional in 2020 (Int'l. Report)
    Emirates RDF
    Date: 2019-05-20
    In the UAE, Emirates RDF, a joint venture consisting of UAE based contractors Besix and TG Eco Holding together with Finland-based Griffin Refineries. are reporting financial closure for a project in Umm Al Quwain that will convert1,000 tpd of municipal waste into fuel for use in cement manufacturing.

    The project, which includes a 15-year post-construction operational phase, is expected to break ground this month.

    The waste will be converted into "refuse-derived fuel" (RDF). It will be used as a fuel in cement factories instead of coal and will simultaneously result in a diversion of at least 90 pct of household waste from landfill. (Source: Emirates RDF, Middle East Technical Review, , 12 May 2019)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Municipal Waste,  MSW,  Waste-to-Fuel,  

    Maui County Council Taxes Biodiesel Blends (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-20
    In the Aloha State, the Maui County Council reports its approval of a 6-cent tax on biodiesel blends. The new biodiesel rate was part of slate of fuel taxes that the council approved Friday for fiscal year 2020, which starts July 1.

    For gasoline and diesel oil, rates will remain the same at 23 cents per gallon, while ethanol, methanol and liquefied petroleum gas will be pegged at 11.5 cents per gallon. The county is expected to net less than $45,000 per year from the biodiesel blends fuel tax. (Source: Maui County Council, Maui News, 18 May, 2019) Contact: Maui County Council,

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    GMP Offers Energy Efficient Heat Pump Rebate Program (Ind. Report)
    Green Mountain Power
    Date: 2019-05-20
    In Colchester, Vermont utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) is launching new rebate programs including a $400 rebate for cold climate heat pumps. Customers can also get a $200 rebate when they buy an electric bicycle at participating Vermont bike shops.

    According to the release, "GMP's energy supply is 90 pct clean carbon free and 60 pct renewable energy, so heating and cooling with a hyper-efficient heat pump is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and these new rebates offer great savings to help customers make the switch."

    GMP has committed to being 100 pct clean carbon free energy by 2025 and 100 pct renewable by 2030. (Source: Green Mountain Power, PR, Vermont Digger, 17 May, 2019) Contact: Green Mountain Power, Josh Castonguay, VP, (802) 770-3392,,

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    Cuban Wind Farm Construction Underway in Las Tunas (Int'l)
    onstruction and Assembly Company of Las Tunas
    Date: 2019-05-20
    In Cuba, the Councils of State and Ministers, is reporting construction is underway on 20 of the planned the 34 wind turbine tower foundations at the La Herradura 1 wind farm, on the north coast of Las Tunas. Technicians from the People's Republic of China are reportedly overseeing the project. (Source: Construction and Assembly Company of Las Tunas, eve, 18 May, 2019)

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