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Echogen Funded for Low-Cost Energy Storage Dev. (Ind. Report)
Echogen Power Systems
Date: 2018-10-29
In the Buckeye State, Akron-headquartered energy storage specialist Echogen Power Systems reports receipt of $3 million in US DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) program funding for long-duration energy storage using low-cost materials to cut costs.

Echogen's project turns thermal energy into electricity using sand as the storage medium. The Echogen process uses a carbon dioxide heat pump cycle to convert electricity into thermal energy by heating a reservoir, which is converted back into electricity on demand. The product is geared toward projects at 50-100 MW capacities. (Source: Echogen Power Systems, Energy News, 28 Oct., 2018) Contact: Echogen Power Systems, (234) 542-4379,,; DOE ARPA-E,

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IMO Accused of Heel Dragging on Maritime Carbon Emissions (Int'l)
IMO,Clean Shipping Coalition
Date: 2018-10-29
MarEx is reporting the Clean Shipping Coalition, an umbrella group for nine environmental NGOs, has warned that the London-headquartered IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) isn't doing enough to meet its commitment to reduce shipping's CO2 emissions.

The Coalition pointed to mandatory "slow steaming" speed reduction as a leading possibility for cutting back shipping's emissions. Even as a standalone measure, industry-wide speed limits could deliver on the IMO's goal to reduce carbon intensity by 40 pct by 2030, the group said. (Source: Clean Shipping Coalition, MarEx, 26 Oct., 2018) Contact:Clean Shipping Coalition,; IMO, Stefan Micallef, Director of Marine Environment Division, +44 (0) 20 7735 7611,

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San Diego Misses 2017 Carbon Footprint Reduction (Ind. Report)
Carbon Emissions, Climate Change
Date: 2018-10-29
In the Golden State, the city of San Diego Climate Action Plan progress report notes the city failed to reduce its GHG emissions in 2017 compared to 2016. While the city's carbon footprint was reduced in certain areas, such as electricity use and water use, increases in carbon emissions from the burning of natural gas by homes and businesses offset that progress and led to a statistical flatline. The city's own conservation efforts also faltered last year, with its electricity and natural gas consumption going up by 3 pct.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer's Mayoral spokesman Craig Gustafson noted that despite the stalling in 2017, the city of 1.42 million residents was still on track to meet its 2020 goal of reducing emissions by 15 pct. (Source: City of San Diego, KPBS, 26 Oct., 2018) Contact: City of San Diego 2018 Climate Action Plan

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Indian Groups Testing Sorghum Ethanol Profitability (Int'l)
Indian Institute of Millet Research
Date: 2018-10-29
Reporting from Hyderabad, India, the Indian Institute of Millet Research (IIMR) reports that with India falling short of sugarcane ethanol production to meet its national Ethanol Blending Programme, it is investigating the use of sweet sorghum juice as an ethanol production feedstock.

According to IIMR's Dr. AV Umakanth, principal scientist and sweet and high biomass sorghum investigator, with ethanol prices at Rs 59.13 per litre, the time is ripe to push sweet sorghum.

The National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd (NFCSFL) reports it will test the profitability of sorghum ethanol at two mills. (Source: Indian Institute of Millet Research, New Indian Express, 27 Oct., 2018) Contact: Indian Institute of Millet Research, : +91 40 2459 9301,

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Warren County Inks $5.7Mn Energy Savings Contract (Ind. Report)
Energy Systems Group
Date: 2018-10-29
In the Bluegrass State, the Warren County Fiscal Court reports it has approved an 18-year, $5,732,000 contract with Indiana-based Energy Systems Group (ESG) for lighting, HVAC energy efficient upgrades to 42 county-owned and/or operated buildings. The upgrades are expected to cut the county's energy costs to the tune of $6.4 million under the terms of the ESG contract guarantee.

Improvements to be made under the contract are slated to get underway in November for completion by the end of 2019, according to the contract. The county currently spends in excess of $108,000 per month on utility bills. The has approved a $7 million bond issuance to cover the cost of the upgrades. (Source: Warren County Fiscal Court, PR, 27 Oct., 2018) Contact: Warren County Fiscal Court,; Energy Systems Group, Teresa Barton, Bus. Dev. Mgr, . ESG Business Development Manager Teresa Barton,

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Trump's Proposed Fuel Efficiency Freeze Challenged (Ind. Report)
Alt Fuel
Date: 2018-10-29
Reuters is reporting a group of 20 U.S. states and several major cities have petitioned the Trump administration to abandon its "unlawful and reckless" proposal to freeze fuel efficiency standards after 2020 and to strip California of the ability to impose its own vehicle emissions rules.

California, NY, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and the other states and cities are threatening court action if the Trump proposal is advanced. The potential litigants claim Trump's proposal "would deal a substantial blow in the fight against climate change."

Separately, a group representing major automakers is calling for "the federal government to set achievable future standards that continue to advance environmental and energy goals while recognizing marketplace realities." The automakers are pressing California and the federal government to retain nationwide emissions rules and avoid a prolonged legal battle. The Trump administration's plan would freeze standards at 2020 levels through 2026, hike U.S. oil consumption by about 500,000 bpd by the 2030s but reduce automakers regulatory costs by more than $300 billion, and prohibit California from requiring automakers to sell a rising number of electric vehicles. (Source: Reuters, Various Media, 28 Oct., 2018)

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POET'S Shelbyville Indiana Ethanol Plant on Track (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-10-29
Further to our 25 July coverage, South Dakota-based ethanol producer POET is reportedly reviewing a Shelbyville Planning Commission tax abatement proposal for a $160 million ethanol production plant in Shelbyville, southeast of Indianapolis.

If constructed, the plant would create about 45 full-time jobs and produce 80 million gpy of ethanol. The plant is expected to begin operations in 2020. (Source: POET, Albany Times Union, 26 Oct., 2018) Contact: POET, Jeff Broin, Pres., (605) 965-2200,; Shelbyville Planning Commission, (317) 392-6338,

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Aussie Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Study Funded (Int'l Report)
Origin Energy
Date: 2018-10-29
In Canberra, the Australian federal government government has announced $2 million of funding for an Origin Energy study into the proposed expansion of its Shoalhaven pumped hydro energy storage scheme, a project that could provide baseload power for up 80,000 homes.

The proposal, which would up the station's capacity from 240MW to 475MW should it go ahead, is to pump water from Lake Yarrunga to Fitzroy Falls Reservoir via a new underground pumped power station.

The feasibility study would be completed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and could cost as much as $6.8 million when completed in 2019. 2019. (Source: Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Oct., 2018) Contact: ARENA,; Origin Energy, Frank Calabria, CEO,

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Hanwha Q CELLS Confirms $825Mn Privatization (Int'l Report, M&A)
Hanwha Solar
Date: 2018-10-29
Korean solar PV company Hanwha Q CELLS reports it will be acquired by Hanwha Solar Holdings and de-list from NASDAQ in a deal worth approximately $825 million.

Hanwha Solar Holdings Co Ltd will purchase all Hanwha Q Cells ordinary share that it does not already own for $0.20 in cash, and each American depository share (ADS) for $9.90 in cash. Hanwha Solar Holdings already holds an approximate 94 pct position in Q CELLS. (Source: Hansha Q Cells, Facbook, Various Media, , 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: Hanwha Group,

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Louisiana Scrapping Bottom in Energy Efficiency Rating (Ind Report)
Date: 2018-10-29
In its recently released ranking of energy efficiency in 48 US states, the financial analysis website has ranked Louisiana second to last, behind South Carolina. being the only state ranked lower.

Wallethub used two key metrics to determine a state's overall energy efficiency -- Home Energy Efficiency and Auto Energy Efficiency. The data used to determine home energy efficiency was gathered by calculating the ratio of total residential energy consumption to annual degree days. They used climate data and compared it to the average energy usage to find a correlation.

In Auto energy efficiency, Louisiana ranked 30th out of 48 states but still below average. (Source:, Leesville Daily Leader, 27 Oct., 2018)

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APICORP Inks $35-$40Mn Methanol Derivatives Memorandum (Int'l)
Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation
Date: 2018-10-29
The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP), a multilateral development bank, is reporting signing a financial structuring mandate with Suez Company for Methanol Derivatives to finance the development of a $60 million formaldehyde and derivatives project in Damietta, Egypt. The total project cost is estimated at USD $60 million. The plant production is aimed at the local market, although certain quantities will be exported in the early years. (Source: Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation, MENAFN, 28 Oct., 2018) Contact: Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation , Suez Company for Methanol Derivatives,

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Iberdrola Inaugurates Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm (Int'l Report)
Date: 2018-10-29
Following up on our Jan. 3rd coverage, Iberdrola is reporting the inauguration of the €1,400 million, 350 Wikinger offshore wind farm located in the German Baltic Sea. Other participants in the project included Asturian Windar, with the construction of 280 piles of 40 meters in length, as well as the Danish Bladt and the Spanish Navantia, which constructed 70 foundations (jackets) and Adwen, which has been in charge of the wind turbines.

Wikinger is Iberdrola's second offshore wind power project following the wind farm of the West of Duddon Sands (WoDs), jointly owned by the Danish Orsted and which was launched in the Irish Sea in 2014 with a capacity of 389 MW after an investment that exceeded €1,800 million. The Wikiger facility generates sufficient energy for approximately 350,000 German homes. (Source: Iberdrola, reve, 28 Oct., 2018) Contact: Iberdrola Renewables,; Adwen Offshore, David Guiu, CCO,,

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Vestas Supplying Turbines for FIve S. African Wind Farms (Int'l)
Enel Green Power
Date: 2018-10-29
Italian energy giant Enel Green Power reports it has ordered 70 units of Vestas V136-4.2MW wind turbines for installation at five new South African wind farms -- Nxuba, Oyster Bay, Garob, Karusa, and Soetwater, with a capacity of around 140 MW each. The total investment comes in at approximately R19.7 billion, with Enel contributing around R3.7 billion in equity in a project that will generate roughly 700 MW of electricity when completed. The wind turbines are expected to be up and running by the second half of 2020. (Source: Enel Green Power, Business Insider SA, 28 Oct., 2018) Contact: Enel Green Power,; Vestas, +45 9730 0000,

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Singapore Utility Touts Blockchain Solar Energy Marketplace (Int'l)
SP Group
Date: 2018-10-29
In a press release, Singapore-based gas and electric power transmission company SP Group is reporting the launch of a blockchain-powered renewable energy certificate (REC) marketplace.

SP Group, which plans to use blockchain to help the company increase transparency and efficiency, notes that the marketplace will support both local and international RECs -- the documents that serve as proof that a particular amount of electrical energy has been produced by solar batteries.

The first contracts have already been signed with global real estate developer CDL and multinational banking corporation DBS Bank. Three solar energy sellers -- Cleantech Solar Asia, LYS Energy Solutions and Katoen Natie Singapore -- are also joining the marketplace, according to Cointelegraph.

Cointelegraph describes blockchain as: "a shared, digitized ledger that cannot be changed once a transaction has been recorded and verified. All parties to the transaction, as well as a significant number of third parties maintain a copy of the ledger (i.e. the blockchain), which means it would be practically impossible to amend every copy of the ledger globally to fake a transaction." (Source: SP Group, PR, Cointelegraph, 28 Oct., 2018) Contact: SP Group, +65 6916 8468,,

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Philly Funded for Solar Energy Training Program (Ind. Report)

Date: 2018-10-29
In the Keystone State, the Philadelphia Energy Authority is reporting receipt of $1.25 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office to establish solar training education programs.

The Philadelphia Energy Authority will work with the School District of Philadelphia to develop a three-year curriculum to train students for careers in the clean-energy sector. Philadelphia education officials say they hope the solar training program will be replicated statewide.. (Source: Philadelphia Energy Authority, 28 Oct., 2018) Contact: Philadelphia Energy Authority, 215-686-4483,; DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office,

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Japan Launches Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Satellite (Int'l)
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Date: 2018-10-29
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) are reporting the launch and earth orbit entry of a Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT-2) on Monday from the Tanegashima Space Centre on Tanegashima island.

The GOSAT-2 satallite, which was developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, will orbit the earth at an altitude of 613 kilometres to gather data on methane, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. The satellite will also monitor air pollution by measuring levels of particulate matter such as PM 2.5.

The satellite will play "a major role in monitoring the impact of climate change and human activities on the carbon cycle and is expected to contribute to climate science and climate change related policies," Mitsubishi Electric said in a statement. Source: Mitsubishi Electric, AAP, SBS News, 29 Oct., 2018) Contact: Aerospace Exploration Agency,;Mitsubishi Electric,

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Neste Oil Shares $1Mn Israeli Alt Fuels Prize (Int'l Report)
Neste Oil
Date: 2018-10-29
The Jerusalem Post is reporting Bar-Ilan University and Finland's Dr. Lars Peter Lindfors of Neste Oil will share the Eric and Sheila Samson Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation. The $1 million award is the largest prize in the field of innovation of alternative fuels for transportation worldwide.

Neste Oil Snr. VP of Technology Dr. Lars Peter Lindfors and his team have developed innovative methods to produce biodiesel from organic waste, including organic oils and used cooking oils. Through these newly-developed methods, Neste has been able to produce millions of tons of biodiesel annually to power trucks and boats, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 pct. (Source: Jerusalem Post, 28 Oct., 2018) Contact: Neste Oil Corp., Kaisa Hietala, VP Renewable Products , +358 10 458 4128,

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MCAST Launches PV, Energy Storage Integration Project (Int'l)
Date: 2018-10-26
In Paola, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) is reporting the launch of a new EU-funded Horizon 2020 JUMP2Excel project that would establish and encourage the scientific and innovation capacity of MCAST Energy in the field of photovoltaic (PV), energy storage and ancillary services. A number of research centres including Centro Nacional de Energia Renovables (CENER) in Spain, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA) in France and the UK's University of Manchester will participate in the project.

JUMP2Excel is designed for all partners to benefit from the collaboration beyond the three-year funding period. (Source: MCAST, Newsbook, 24 Oct., 2018) Contact: MCAST, +356 2398 7100,

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Dominion Energy Issues Solar, Onshore Wind RFP (Ind. Report)
Dominion Energy
Date: 2018-10-26
In the Old Dominion State, Richmond-based Dominion Energy reports it is seeking bids for up to 500 MW of solar and onshore wind generation as part of a plan to develop 3,000 MW of additional solar and wind power under the state's July 1, 2018, Grid Transformation & Security Act (GTSA).

The company has pledged to have 3,000 MW of new solar and wind energy -- sufficient power for 750,000 homes -- under development or in operation by early 2022 and, to that end, intends to issue an RfP each year until the pledge has been met.

The present RFP is soliciting bids for energy, capacity and environmental attributes including Renewable Energy Certificates, for new solar and onshore wind facilities of 5 megawatts (ac) or more located in Virginia. The proposals can be for PPAs and/or the purchase of development projects. The RFP outlines the proposal requirements and power and asset purchase agreement terms requiring a commercial operations date in 2020, as well as the price and non-price evaluation criteria. Notices of Intent to Bid and Confidentiality Agreements are due by November 2, 2018 with final asset purchase and power purchase proposals due December 13, 2018 and March 14, 2019 respectively. (Source: Dominion Energy, reve, 24 Oct., 2018)Contact: Dominion Energy, Robert M. Blue, President & CEO, Power Delivery Group,

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Ensus Wilton Wheat Biofuel Production "Paused" Again (Int'l)
Date: 2018-10-26
In the UK, German CropEnergies reports production at its £300 million subsidiary Ensus bioethanol refinery in Wilton on Teesside is to be "paused" in November for the fourth time. The break in production is for an unspecified period due to the falling global price of bioethanol.

Previously, the plant was mothballed in 2011, two years after opening, due to US competition and dwindling demand. Production restarted in October 2012 but paused again in April 2013 because of rising energy costs and a poor harvest. CropEnergies AG acquired the facility in July 2013, rebooted production the following October, stopped production in early 2015 and restarted again in 2016.

The plant converts wheat into fuel-grade alcohol, animal feed and CO2 for the beverage industry. (Source: Ensus, BBC News, 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: Ensus Ltd., Joachim Lutz, CEO, +44 (0) 1642 794040,; CropEnergies AG, +49 621 714 19000,

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Shaw AFB, Duke Energy Partner on Residential Solar (Ind. Report)
-Hunt Southern Group
Date: 2018-10-26
Hunt Southern Group, a Hunt Military Community, in tandem with its military partner, Shaw Air Force Base in Shaw, South Carolina, is reports a collaboration with Duke Energy and Hunt affiliate, Hunt Alternative Energy Investments, for the installation of 5,865 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on 284 homes at the Shaw AFB. The installations are expected to offset approximately 40 pct -- 2.4 million kWh -- of the base's total annual electric power consumption.

Hunt's Military Communities division is a 50-year partnership created between the Department of Defense and Hunt through the Military Housing Privatization Act. As part of the partnership, Hunt owns approximately 52,000 units spread across more than 40 military installations on Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army installations. (Source: Hunt Southern Group, Shaw Air Force Base, PR, 22 Oct., 2018) Contact: Hunt Southern Group, Hunt Companies,; Shaw AFB,; Duke Energy, Kodwo Ghartey-Tagoe, SC Pres., Cindy Gersch, (315) 486-0239,

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Achievements of the Clean Development Mechanism -- Harnessing Incentive for Climate Action 2001-2018 (Report Attached)
Clean Development Mechanism
Date: 2018-10-26
"Over the past 17 years, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has seen peaks and valleys: from the years when it was widely used as one of the chief tools to fight climate change to the recent situation of reduced demand for its Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

"As this report shows, the CDM is harnessing the entrepreneurial power of markets and the private sector to meet goals on sustainable development and climate change – something that remains a priority today, not only for climate action but for financing in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement.

"It is helping bring climate action and sustainable development to the forefront of the global agenda -- through the thousands of projects in developing countries and by making international organizations, businesses and ordinary citizens aware of their own carbon footprints and what they can do to reduce and offset them. Perhaps most importantly, the CDM has established robust standards and methodologies to quantify and monitor emission reduction projects."

Download the report HERE. (Source: UNFCCC, Oct., 2018) Contact: UNFCCC, UN Climate Change, +49 228 815 1000,,

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Green Energy Biofuel Expanding into South Carolina (Ind. Report)
Green Energy Biofuel
Date: 2018-10-26
Winnsboro, South Carolina-based Green Energy Biofuel reports it plans to invest $4.3 million to construct a 36 million sq-ft fats, oils and grease (FOG) recycling facility in Warrensville, South Carolina. The facility is scheduled to be operational by the end of the year.

Green Energy Biofuel refines and recycles used cooking oil and other food products sourced from area kitchens and food manufacturers. With the new facility, the company will be able to recycle more than 60 million gpy of used cooking oil and produce 300,000 gpy of biodiesel and other recycled-content products. (Source: Green Energy Biofuel, Recycle, October, 2018) Contact: Green Energy Biofuel, Beth Renwick, CFO, (803) 718-6323,

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World Energy Invests $350Mn in Cal. Renewable Fuel Plant (M&A)
World Energy,AltAir,Delek
Date: 2018-10-26
Boston-headquartered biodiesel producer World Energy is reporting a $350 million investment over the next two years to complete a conversion of its Paramount, Calif. petroleum refinery to a 305 million gpy renewable fuel refinery.

As previously reported, World Energy purchased Delek US Holdings Inc.'s interests in renewable jet fuel and renewable diesel producer AltAir Paramount LLC. The deal included AltAir's Paramount Petroleum LLC refinery assets in Paramount, as well an adjacent tank farm, and most of Delek's California pipeline assets. Founded in 1998, World Energy operates biodiesel manufacturing plants in Houston; Natchez, Miss.; Rome, Ga.; Harrisburg, Pa.; and Hamilton, Ontario. In addition to its renewable diesel refinery in Paramount, the company also operates distribution hubs throughout the U.S. and Canada. (Source: World Energy, NGT News, 24 Oct., 2018) Contact: Delek US Holdings, Keith Johnson VP Investor Relations, (615) 435-1366,; AltAir Fuels, Tom Todaro, CEO, (843) 720-8920, (562) 748-4726,; World Energy, Gene Gebolys, CEO,(617) 889-7300,

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NBB Calls for Stronger, More Accountable RFS (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
National Biodiesel Board
Date: 2018-10-26
"In June, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) expressed appreciation that the U.S. EPA proposed increases in the 2020 biomass-based diesel and 2019 advanced biofuel categories under the RFS. While the proposed increases sent a positive signal to the industry, EPA's granting of dozens of retroactive small refinery (hardship) exemptions undercut prior year volumes and could still have a negative impact on future year standards.

"We welcome the administration's proposal to grow the biodiesel volumes, following two flat-lined years. This is a positive signal for our industry and we're pleased the EPA has acknowledged our ability to produce higher volumes. We've consistently demonstrated that we can do much more. The fact remains, though, instability in the RFS program caused by the EPA has done significant damage that can only be rectified for biodiesel through consistent and predictable growth in volumes, according to Kurt Kovarik, NBB VP Federal Affairs.

"Kovarik pointed to decisions by the EPA administrator to provide numerous (hardship) waivers to petroleum refiners that release them from their obligations under the RFS, effectively reducing the overall volumes under the program in 2016 and 2017. Those exemptions have effectively destroyed current demand for biodiesel by 300 million gallons.

"As a candidate on the campaign trail, Donald Trump pledged he would support biofuels and protect the RFS, Kovarik added. While this is just a proposal, we hope the administration is serious about growing biodiesel volumes and will fulfill the president's promise to support and grow the RFS.

The EPA proposed to raise the renewable volume obligations (RVO) for the biomass-based diesel category from 2.1 billion gallons in 2019 to 2.43 billion gallons in 2020. The agency also proposed to slightly increase the advanced biofuel category, for which biodiesel also qualifies, from 4.29 billion gallons in 2018 to 4.88 billion gallons in 2019.

"The RFS requires the EPA to grow the volume of advanced biofuels like biodiesel delivered to U.S. consumers. Since taking office, Trump's EPA has recommended zero growth for the biomass-based diesel category.

"This summer, 39 U.S. senators sent a letter to EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler urging him to increase biomass-based diesel and advanced volumes and accurately account for small refinery hardship exemptions in the annual RFS volumes. NBB specifically thanked Sens. Patty Murray, D-Washington; Roy Blunt, R-Missouri; Heidi Heitkamp, D-North Dakota; and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, for leading the letter.

"Noting that EPA proposes to set the 2020 biomass-based diesel volume at 2.43 billion gallons, the senators wrote, 'While these proposed increases are encouraging, these volumes continue to underestimate the existing potential of the biodiesel and renewable diesel industries in our states. We believe the biodiesel industry can do more and that EPA should demonstrate more confidence in the RFS program's ability to drive growth.' Comments from the senators and NBB demonstrate that the increased biomass-based diesel volume is achievable with available feedstocks. Calling on EPA to accurately account for small refinery hardship exemptions, the senators added, 'It is critical that EPA appropriately account for any small refiner economic hardship exemptions that it reasonably expects to grant during the 2019 compliance year in the final rule, or EPA will not be able to fulfill its duty to ensure RVOs are met.'

"We (NBB) join the senators in calling on EPA to raise biomass-based diesel volumes to an appropriate level that will drive additional growth. Biodiesel production has consistently exceeded the annual volume obligations set by EPA. The industry continues to operate below capacity, which limits job creation and economic growth. Moreover, EPA must fully and accurately account for small refiner hardship exemptions under the RFS. NBB estimates that the exemptions granted by EPA for 2016 and 2017 reduced demand for biodiesel and renewable diesel by about 300 million gallons. That lost demand is equal to or greater than the annual production of some of the nation's top biodiesel-producing states, including Washington, Missouri, North Dakota and Iowa. The volumes that EPA sets are meaningless if the agency does not ensure they are met at the end of the year.

"NBB and its members continue working to move the needle for higher volumes, meeting with the administration, working with biodiesel champions on the Hill, and collaborating with key industry stakeholders. The EPA is set to finalize volumes before Nov. 30." (Source: NBB, 24 Oct., 2018) Contact: NBB, Kurt Kovarik, VP Federal Affairs, (800) 841-5849,

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Acciona Constructing Aussie Thermal Waste-to-Energy Plant (Int'l)
Acciona,Veolia,Macquarie Capital
Date: 2018-10-26
Madrid-headquartered renewable energy giant Acciona reports it will construct a$700 million thermal waste-to-energy plant in the Kwinana Industrial Area south of Perth, Australia. The plant will process up to 400,000 tpy of waste to generate an estimated 36 MW of electricity -- sufficient power for around 50,000 households.

Under the terms ot Acciona's EPC contract with the project developer -- a Macquarie Capital and Phoenix Energy JV -- Acciona's consortium will design, build, operate and maintain the facility. Veolia will operate and maintain the project. (Source: Acciona Website, 18 Oct., 2018) Contact: Acciona, +34 91 663 28 50 / Fax: +34 91 663 28 51,; Macquarie Group,; Veolia,

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Novozymes Reports Growing Bioenergy Segment Sales (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-10-26
Further to our August 15th coverage, in its just released Q3, 2018 financial report, Novozymes reports significant growth in demand for enzymes in the conventional biofuel market. Overall, the company reported 5 pct organic sales growth for Q3, when compared to the same period of 2017. For the first nine months of the year, sales grew by 4 pct organically. Sales in bioenergy were up 14 pct, while agriculture and feed sales grew by 5 pct. Bioenergy accounted for 19 pct of the company's sales during the first three quarters of 2018. (Source: Novozymes, Various Media, 24 Oct., 2018)Contact: Novozymes, Peder Holk Nielsen, President and CEO, Tina Sejersgard Fano, VP Bioenergy, +45 44 46 00 00,

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Redfield Energy to Install ICM's TS4 System (Ind. Report)
ICM, Redfield Energy
Date: 2018-10-26
Colwich, Kansas-headquartered agricultural and renewable energy technology firm ICM Inc. is reporting an agreement with South Dakota's Redfield Energy LLC to implement its patent-pending, proprietary Thin Stillage Solids Separation System (TS4) at Redfield's ethanol plant in Redfield, South Dakota. ICM will engineer, design, manufacture and install the TS4 technology which is expected to be completed completed in spring 2019.

The Redfield plant has been using ICM's Selective Milling Technology and Fiber Separation Technology systems, two value-added platforms that offer operational benefits to ethanol manufacturing facilities such as maximizing ethanol and distillers oil production while minimizing energy consumption. The FST system also enables the production of high protein distillers dried grain livestock feed (Hi-Pro DDG). The TS4 technology removes suspended solids from the thin stillage stream for increased plant throughput and energy savings. (Source: ICM Inc. , Oct, 2018) Contact: ICM Inc., David VanderGriend, CEO, (316) 796-0900,; Redfield Energy, (605) 302-0090,

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Notable Quote

Date: 2018-10-26
"Starting next year, it will no longer be free to pollute anywhere in Canada. Putting a price on (carbon) pollution is the best way to tackle climate change, because it works." -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Lib), 23 Oct., 2018

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Tesla Solar Roof Production Date Delayed to 2019 (Ind. Report)
Tesla Solar
Date: 2018-10-26
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the planned ramping up of the company's home solar roof product that uses solar cell embedded glass roof glass tiles to generate electricity.

The company began taking orders for the product in 2017 on the assumption the mass production would start that summer. Mass production has now been rescheduled for the summer of 2019, according to Musk's announcement.

According to Tesla, the solar roof product is expected to cost $21.85 per square foot for a 3,000-square-foot roof. (Source: Tesla, C/MET, 25 Oct., 2018)Contact: Tesla Solar,

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sonnen Starting Aussie Home Energy Storage Battery Prod. (Int'l)
Date: 2018-10-26
Following on our September 10th coverage, German energy storage giant sonnen Group reports it expects to produce the first of a projected 10,000 Australian-made home energy storage sonnenBatterie within weeks, at the former Holden car factory in Elizabeth, South Australia. The plant's production is aimed primarily for the Australian market as well as export to the neighbouring Asia Pacific region.

As previously reported, Sonnen project follows the State Government's announcement of its $100 million Home Battery Scheme to provide 40,000 South Australia households with access to grants up to $6000 for the installation of home battery systems. (Source: Sonnen, PR, 25 Oct., 2018)Contact: sonnen,

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Standard Solar, Pivot Plan Six Community Solar Projects (Ind. Report)
Standard Solar, Pivot Energy
Date: 2018-10-26
St. Louis-based Pivot Energy and Rockville, Maryland-headquartered Standard Solar are reporting a collaboration to finance, own and maintain six community solar gardens developed and constructed by Pivot Energy along interstate I-70 in Colorado.

Incorporating both ground mount and rooftop arrays, the solar projects are expected to produce 18,644,960 kWh of energy.

Of the six sites, four are in various states of completion. The sites in Parachute, Silt Palisade and Grand Junction Colorado are already fully subscribed.

The Colorado Energy Office, notes that Colorado leads the nation with nearly 70 community solar projects in operation and many others in development. (Source: Standard Solar, Colorado Energy Office, Solar World, 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: Pivot Energy, Rick Hunter, CEO, (888) 734-3033,,; Colorado Energy Office,; Standard Solar, Scott Wiater, Pres., CEO, (301) 944-1200,

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Wyndham HQ Wins LEED Gold Recertification (Ind. Report)
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, US GReen Building Council
Date: 2018-10-26
New Jersey-based Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is reporting receipt of US Green Building Council LEED Gold recertification for the company's headquarters in Parsippany, N.J. The Wyndham headquarters building won its first LEED Silver Certification for Corporate Interiors in 2010, a second Silver certification for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (EBOM) in 2013, and this recent Gold EBOM recertification, which was earned through water reduction, green cleaning and indoor air quality management.

Wyndham achieved Gold LEED recertification through site related credits that included: open habitat and biodiversity protection; storm water management; water efficient landscaping and related improvements. Over the past five years, the Wyndham headquarters building also improved its score for energy efficiency through the U.S. DOE ENERGY STAR program.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is the world's largest hotel franchising company, with nearly 9,000 hotels across more than 80 countries on six continents. (Source: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, PR, 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Mary Falvey, CEO,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,; ENERGY STAR,,

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Janicki Bioenergy Now Sedron Technologies (Ind. Report)
Janicki Bioenergy,Sedron Technologies.
Date: 2018-10-26
Sedro-Woolley, Washington State-based Janicki Bioenergy reports it is now operating under the name Sedron Technologies. The name change is intended to distinguish it from manufacturing company Janicki Industries and to highlight the company's focus on technology. Sedron Technologies invents and manufactures products such as waste and water treatment systems for developing nations, according to a company news release.

The company was founded in 2014 after creating the Omni Processor -- a system that takes in human waste and produces both electricity and clean drinking water -- with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (Source: Sedron Technologies LLC, Skagit Valley Herald , 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: Sedron Technologies LLC, Brenda Thomas, (360) 399-6193,,

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NY/NJ PA Stresses Energy Efficiency to Meet Paris Climate Agreement Goals (Ind. Report)
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Date: 2018-10-26
In the Big Apple, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reports its Board of Commissioners voted yesterday to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement, with a 35 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2035 and an 80 percent reduction by 2050. The Port Authority plan builds on a 13 pct reduction in carbon emissions the agency had already achieved over the past 10 years.

To that end, the Port Authority will invest $100 million in airport energy efficiency with between 600 and 750 light duty vehicles being swapped out for electric powered vehicles. New lighting will be installed at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, World Trade Center, George Washington Bridge, and three airports, and 35 intra-airport shuttle buses to be converted to electric power. The plan would not immediately address emissions from truck and rail operators at the port, nor would it cover the major airlines serving the region. (Source: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, PR,, 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: NY/NJ Port Authority, Rick Cotton, Exec. Dir., (973) 961-6007,

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Longmont Growing Sustainable Business Program (Ind. Report)
Platte River Power Authority
Date: 2018-10-26
The Colorado city of Longmont -- pop. 94,400 -- is touting its Sustainable Business Program for saving Longmont businesses millions of dollars by upgrading water and electrical appliances and other environmentally sustainable practices. The city is now launching a 5-month pilot program aimed at connecting more small and minority-owned businesses to cost-reducing green initiatives.

While the pilot program will be open to all businesses, Longmont officials are hoping to spread the $3.2 million-worth of benefits received by the city's commercial power customers in the last two years to more small and minority-owned workplaces. Those savings were realized by Longmont businesses through rebates on 530 energy-efficiency improvement projects completed over the past two years through the Efficiency Works program, which is offered in Platte River Power Authority's four member cities -- Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins and Estes Park.

The Efficiency Works' rebate programs use funding from the power provider and member municipal utilities for rebates on projects such as converting lighting to LED bulbs, installing high-efficiency air conditioning and heating systems and improving refrigeration systems. The program also encourages urges waste diversions, water use reduction and environmentally sustainable employee transportation recommended by Boulder County's Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) program.

Throughout Boulder County from 2010 through 2017, the county-funded PACE program has recorded more than $21 million in private investments, matched by $4.3 million in rebates from PACE, toward upgrading the electrical, water, lighting, heating, cooling and waste systems of 1,409 businesses, including 365 in Longmont. (Source: City of Longmont, Longmont Times Call, Other, 24 Oct., 2018)Contact: Platte River Power Authority, (970) 226-4000,; City of Longmont,

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NYSERDA Offers Bldg. Net-Zero Energy Performance Funds (Funding)
Date: 2018-10-26
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is reporting the availability of $10 million for clean energy projects to reduce carbon emissions at commercial and industrial buildings statewide. The funding is part of the Commercial and Industrial Carbon Challenge to determine whether flexible uses of funding for clean energy projects is more cost-effective and reduces more carbon emissions than traditional state-supported programs.

The Carbon Challenge will offer awards ranging from $2 million to $5 million to help offset the development costs of clean energy projects at large-scale buildings. The projects should demonstrate the highest potential for lowering carbon emissions in buildings with an aggregate 12-month average demand of 10 MW or greater, and achieve this in a cost-effective way. Projects can involve energy efficiency or distributed energy resources that provide increased flexibility for commercial and industrial customers to achieve carbon reductions. All proposals must include a three-year carbon emissions reduction target and identify the path to achieving the target.

Awards will be made to proposals demonstrating the highest potential for cost-effectively implementing carbon-reducing clean energy actions, which must be completed by 2021, according to NYSERDA. (Source: NYSERDA, 25 Oct., 2018)Contact: NYSERDA, Alicia Barton, Pres., CEO, (518) 862-1090,

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SolarReserve Scores $2Mn to Advance CSP Thermal Tech. (Funding)
Date: 2018-10-26
In the Golden State, Santa Monica-based commercial-scale solar specialist SolarReserve reports it has been selected for $2.0 million in grant funding from the U.S. DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to advance concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) R&D. The award was part of the DOE's FY2018 SETO funding for new projects that will lower solar electricity costs and support a growing solar workforce.

SolarReserve's project aims to develop a best-in-class next generation heliostat design, optimized for CSP technology projections.

Heliostats are the dual-axis solar tracking mirrors that concentrate and focus the sun's energy onto an energy collection receiver atop a central tower. Within the receiver, fluid flows through piping that forms external walls; this fluid absorbs the heat from the concentrated sunlight. In SolarReserve's technology, the fluid utilized is molten salt, which is used both as a heat transfer fluid as well as a thermal energy storage medium.

SolarReserve will partner on the project with South Africa's Stellenbosch University and Sandia National Laboratories to leverage their complementary innovations and testing facilities. (Source: SolarReserve, PR, Business Wire, 25 Oct., 2018) Contact: SolarReserve, Mary Grikas, (310) 315-2274,,; US DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office , (202) 287-1862,,

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GM Proposing National Zero-Emissions Vehicle Rule (Ind. Report)
General Motors
Date: 2018-10-26
In Detroit, it is being widely reported the America's largest auto maker General Motors will ask the federal government for one national gas mileage standard, including a requirement that a percentage of auto companies' sales be zero-emissions vehicles that run on electricity or hydrogen fuel cells.

Although full details of the auto giant's proposal are not yet available, the GM proposal is thought to be based on current standards now required in California and nine other states. Under those rules, GM must sell a minimum of around 2,200 fully electric vehicles in California this year, or about 1.1 percent of the roughly 200,000 cars, trucks and SUVs that it normally sells in the state each year.

Under a regulation finalized by the EPA in the waning days of the Obama administration, the fleet of new automobiles would have to deliver 36 mpg by 2025 -- 10 mpg higher than the current requirement. (Source: GM, Washington Post, Various Media,26 Oct., 2018) Contact: GM, Mark Reuss, Exec. VP Product Development,

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EIB Funds Semi-Submersible Platform Offshore Wind Project (Int'l)
European Investment Bank,EDP Renováveis
Date: 2018-10-24
The European Investment Bank (EIB is reporting a € 60 million loan to Portuguese energy giant EDP Renovaveis subsidiary Windplus S.A. for the construction of a first-of-its-kind, semi-submersible platform offshore floating wind farm to be located about 20 km off the coast of Portugal.

The project will also be supported by the InnovFin Energy Demonstration Project facility, which is funded under the EU's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme , and an additional €29.9 million from the EU NER300 programme, plus up to €6 million from the Government of Portugal, through the Portuguese Carbon Fund.

Until 2020, "InnovFin -- EU Finance for Innovators" offers a range of tailored products which will make available financing in support of research and innovation (R&I) by small, medium-sized and large companies and the promoters of research infrastructures. (Source: European Investment Bank, EDP Renewables, 19 October, 2018) Contact: EIB,; Windplus SA,; EDP Renovaveis,

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Denmark, Ethiopia Expanding Wind Energy Cooperation (Int'l)
Danish Energy Agency
Date: 2018-10-24
In Denmark, the Danish Energy Agency reports it will add 7 million DDK to its financial support for the 2017, Danish-Ethiopian Accelerating Wind Power Generation partnership programme in Ethiopia.

The Danish support specifically provides wind measurements and the expertise of the Danish Energy Agency concerning public procurement of wind-farms, and cost-efficient expansion of wind energy. The Ethiopian programme will be cooperatively administered by the Royal Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa, the Danish Energy Agency, Danish system operator, the World Bank and relevant Ethiopian counterparts. With this new agreement, the pprogram will run until the end of 2020 with a total budget of 35 million DKK. (Source: Danish Energy Agency, reve, October 19, 2018) Contact: Danish Energy Agency, +45 33 92 67 00,

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Norwegian Aventus Air Tech Aims to cut CO2 Emissions (Int"l)
Avantus Air
Date: 2018-10-24
In Oslo, Norway's budget air carrier Norwegian Air is touting new Aventus Air weather service technology to help cut airplane fuel consumption and thus lower air craft carbon emissions.

The Aventus Air weather service provides pilots with accurate wind and temperature information in accordance with their flight plan. The data is transferred to the aircraft's systems to help optimize the flight path for improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The company estimates the system could reduce CO2 emissions across the company by as much as 16,000 tpy. The air carrier recently completed a successful pilot test of the technology in collaboration with Swedish developer AVTECH Sweden AB. The project was partially funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. (Source: AVTECH Sweden AB, Norwegian Air, BG, 22 Oct., 2018)Contact: AVTECH Sweden AB, +46 8 544 104 80,

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T-Mobile Joins Puget Sound Energ Green Direct Program (Ind. Report)
T-Mobile, Puget Sound Energy
Date: 2018-10-24
In Washington State, wireless network operator T-Mobile US, Inc. reports it has joined Puget Sound Energy's Green Direct program, giving the company access to a blend of local solar and wind renewable energy sources, which will be used to power its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington by 2021.

The Green Direct program will enable T-Mobile to purchase clean energy from dedicated local solar and wind energy farms in Washington state, further pushing it towards its strong commitment to renewables. (Source: T-Mobile, ALGOESONLINE, 20 Oct., 2018) Contact: T-Mobile, (425) 378-4000,; Puget Sound Energy, Bob Stolarski, Director Energy Management and Renewables, (425) 454-2000,

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UK Carbon Tax Cut Could Boost Coal-Fired Power Emissions, says Report (Int'l. Report)
Aurora Energy Research
Date: 2018-10-24
In the UK, Oxford-headquartered Aurora Energy Research reports a cut in the UK's Carbon Price Support tax could trigger a resurgence in coal-fired power generation and higher CO2 emissions into the 2020s. The Aurora findings are ahead of the UK Autumn Budget October 29 and energy industry speculation that the government might respond to rising CO2 prices in the EU Emissions Trading System by reducing the UK's top-up tax paid by domestic power generators.

According to the Aurora report, the difference between maintaining and cutting the tax could equate to 12 TWh of production a year for four years after coal plants would otherwise have closed. If the government were to reduce the CPS to £7/tonne CO2 from the current £18/tonne CO2, coal plants would stay on the system until 2025, generating an average 12 TWh/year in the period 2021-25.

The report notes that if the tax was maintained at £18/tonne CO2, this would result in coal coming off the system as early as 2021/2022. Cutting the CPS to £7/tonne CO2 would increase CO2 emissions by 29 million tonnes during the fourth carbon budget period (2023-2027) compared to maintaining the status quo.

In 2017 the UK Treasury recouped £1 billion in tax receipts from the mechanism which was capped at £18/tonne CO2 from 2016 to 2020. The freeze was extended to 2021 in the 2016 budget. (Source: Aurora Energy Research, S&P, Global, Oct., 2018) Contact: Aurora Energy Research, +44 0 1865 952 700,,

Planned St. Joseph Mo. Biodiesel Plant Cancelled (Ind. Report)
St. Joseph Renewable Fuels LLC
Date: 2018-10-24
In the Show Me State, the city of St. Joseph -- pop. 76,200 -- mayor's office is reporting a planned $190 million biodiesel plant in the city has been scrapped by the developer St. Joseph Renewable Fuels LLC. The plant would have used an adjacent railroad to transport biodiesel produced from used restaurant and other waste greases. (Source: City of St. Joseph, St. Joseph Renewable Fuels LLC 22 Oct., 2018) Contact: St. Joseph Renewable Fuels LLC., (316) 977-8585,; City of St. Joseph, St. Joseph Mayor Bill McMurray,

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MethaShip Touts Methanol's Maritime Fuel Prospects (Ind. Report)
Methanol Institute
Date: 2018-10-24
The Washington-based Methanol Institute is reporting the findings of the MethaShip Research Project which has concluded that renewable Methanol offers a long term solution for the maritime shipping industry's carbon emission reduction strategy.

The MethaShip research found that Methanol can offer a dramatic improvement in emissions reduction across multiple ship types once the IMO has established the statutory framework conditions necessary for an industry-wide reduction of CO2 emissions.

The MethaShip research project concluded that: the properties of Methanol surpass other alternative fuels in shipping; the major benefit is the storage at ambient temperature and ambient pressure without loss; in terms of ship design, Methanol is space-saving, simple and practical with the established advantages of a liquid fuel; methanol offers compelling environmental properties and has the most promising lifecycle analysis when produced from renewable sources; and an already widespread availability could be a key enabler for methanol. (Source: The Methanol Institute, Shipping News, 23 Oct., 2018) Contact: Methanol Institute, (703) 248-3636,

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$15Mn Aussie Partner's to Create Fuel from Renewables (Int'l)
Date: 2018-10-24
In the Land Down Under, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency Australian (ARENA) reports it is partnering with the energy firm Jemena Ltd. on a $15 million trial project to create hydrogen gas from solar and wind power.

The partners plan to construct a 500-KW electrolyser in western Sydney as part of Project H2GO. The facility will be able to generate enough hydrogen to power about 250 homes. The resulting fuel would be stored for use across the Jemena Gas Network in New South Wales. (Source: Jemena, Power Eng., 22 Oct., 2018) Contact: ARENA, Ivor Frischknecht, CEO, +61 2 6243 7773,,; Jemena, Frank Tudor, Managing Dir., 1300 536 362,

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Valmet Supplying Biomass Pre-treatment System for Clariant's Romanian Plant (Int'l. Report)
Valmet, Clariant
Date: 2018-10-24
Further to our Sept. 14 coverage, Espoo, Finland-headquartered Valmet reports it will deliver a BioTrac biomass pre-treatment system to the Swiss company Clariant's 50,000 tpd Sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol plant in Romania, which is slated for startup in 2020.

The delivery includes a BioTrac™ biomass pre-treatment system with a capacity of over 800 tpd of dry biomass, as well as all main parts for biomass dosing, the reactor, the feeding system to the reactor, and steam separation.

Clariant's Sunliquid® technology converts agricultural residue such as wheat straw into cellulosic ethanol, an advanced, sustainable and practically carbon-neutral biofuel. (Source: Valmet Oyj, PR, 22 Oct., 2018) Contact: Valmet, Mattias Erixon, Manager Sales, Biomass Conversion, Valmet, +46 70 610 5727,,; Clariant, Hariolf Kottmann, CEO, +41 61 469 5111, Anja Pomrehn, Inv. Relations, +41 61 469 67 45,,

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Green Climate Fund Earmarks $1Bn for Poor Nation Projects (Int'l)
UN Green Climate Fund
Date: 2018-10-24
During a recently concluded four-day meeting in Bahrain, the South Korean-based UN Green Climate Fund announced approval of more than $1 billion funding for 19 new projects to help developing countries tackle climate change. The funding included projects linked to geothermal energy in Indonesia, greener cities in Europe and the Middle East, and protection for coastal communities in India. The Fund also agreed to start seeking fresh money next year as its initial capital of about $6.6 billion is expected to be exhausted soon.

Download UN Green Climate Fund details HERE. (Source: UN Green Climate Fund, Hindu Business Line, Oct., 2018) Contact: UN Green Climate Fund,

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Ameresco Inks San Antonio AFB Energy Efficiency Contract (Ind. Report)
Ameresco,Mission Solar Energy
Date: 2018-10-24
Framingham, Mass.-headquartered renewables and energy efficiency specialist Ameresco is reporting receipt of a self-funding Energy Savings Performance Contract that includes ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) services, from the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Energy for the implementation of a $133.5 million energy resilient infrastructure project at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) in Texas.

Under the terms of the contract, Ameresco will provide solar, energy efficiency and reliability upgrades to 900 buildings across five military installations. The company will build a microgrid integrating 20 MW of new onsite energy photovoltaic (PV) assets, 4 MW of gas fired backup generation and 4 MW/8 MWh of battery energy storage.

Under the ESPC contract, more than 14.7 million square feet of buildings will receive; energy and water conservation upgrades designed to cut building energy consumption by 24 pct annually; HVAC management control systems; over 2 million gallons of thermal energy storage; more than 140,000 new LED lighting systems and building envelope improvements. To support energy assurance, Ameresco will install new onsite distributed energy assets capable of islanding from the electric utility, including a combined heat and power (CHP) system comprised of nine microturbines for a total capacity of 585 kW, 4-MW of natural gas-fired standby generation and an 11.7-MW groundmount solar PV array at the Security Hill Landfill at Lackland Air Force Base and over 5 MW of roof-mount PV at Fort Sam Houston.

Ameresco selected San Antonio-based Mission Solar Energy to manufacture and provide over 54,200,370 W of "Buy-American" compliant solar modules to be used in the project. The ESPC is guaranteed to provide $8.7 million in annual energy savings to JBSA. (Source: Ameresco, Solar Power, 22 Oct., 2018) Contact: Ameresco, Nicole A. Bulgarino, Exec. VP GM Federal Solutions, (508) 661-2264,; U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Energy,

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