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World Energy Plans Revived Biodiesel Plant in S.C. (Ind. Report)
World Energy
Date: 2019-04-05
Boston-based biodiesel producer World Energy LLC is reporting plans to construct a new biodiesel plant at a former biodiesel production facility in Estill, Hampton County, South Carolina. The company's $5.4 million investment is expected to create 30 jobs over the next five years.

Presently, the company produces approximately 200 million gpy of biodiesel. (Source: World Energy, PR,Press & Standard, 4 April, 2019) Contact: World Energy, Eugene Gebolys, CEO, 617-889-7300 , 617-887-2411 (Fax), ,

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Fellow Republican Blasts Trump's Anti-Wind Tirade as "IDIOTIC" (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Date: 2019-04-05
Speaking at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual spring dinner earlier this week, U.S. President "The Donald" Trump said with his ussual disregard for reality and facts:

"If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 pct in value. And they say the noise causes cancer."

"No, wind's not so good and you have no idea how expensive it is to make those things. They're all made in China and Germany, by the way, just in case you, we don't make them here, essentially." -- Pres. Donald Trump

The Donald's comments were clearly and immediately described as "IDIOTIC" by his fellow Republican, Sen. Chuck Grassely (Iowa). Good on you, Grassely! Contact: Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa),

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Utah Univ. Developes Algae-to-Biofuel Technique (New Prod & Tech)
University of Utah
Date: 2019-04-05
In a recently published report, researchers at the University of Utah led by Dr. Swomitra Kumar Mohanty, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, describe new technology that will make the development of biofuels from plants more economically feasible.

According to the researchers, the development and commercialization of algae-to-fuel technology has not been developed further because the process by which the oils were extracted from the plants was too costly to be economically viable. However, the new technique developed by Dr. Mohanty and his colleagues may change all that.

"Typically when you take algae you have to go through this drying or dewatering step. What we decided is 'Well, what if I could just take the algae, feed it into this mixer and extract the bio-crude directly without using the energy needed to dewater it as in traditional methods?' Basically what we do is we have a solvent in one end and we have the algae with the water in another end and we shoot them into this little mixer at high velocities. What comes out is basically a slurry of stuff that if you let sit or put into a centrifuge, you can just pull the oil off and process it for fuel," Mohanty noted.

The fuels produced through this process burns cleaner than petroleum diesel in most ways and could potentially replace petroleum diesel in many vehicles, Mohanty said. (Source: University of Utah, Utah Public Radio, 4 April, 2019) Contact: University of Utah, Dr. Swomitra Kumar Mohanty, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, (801) 587-7299,,

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POET CEO Broin Scores Bioeconomy Leadership Award (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-04-05
On Thursday, April 4, POET CEO and Founder Jeff Broin was recognized with a Bioeconomy Leadership Award award for his vision and leadership in pioneering new technology and building POET into the world's largest biofuel producer. Previous award recipients are former Iowa governor and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (2013) and former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (2015), recognized for his work in developing the Great Green Fleet, an initiative that demonstrates the Navy's efforts to transform its energy use.

According to the POET release, in its more than 30-year history, POET has continually found ways to make biofuel production more efficient at its network of 27 bioprocessing facilities and to develop new co-products and new sources for biofuel. POET, through its joint venture with Dutch biotechnology company DSM, also operates a commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant, Project LIBERTY, in Emmetsburg, Iowa.

The Global Bioeconomy Leadership Award was established by Biofuels Digest and Nuu Media to recognize individuals who offer a bold vision and have made a global impact in the biotechnology space. (Source: POET, Vital, 4 April, 2019) Contact: POET, Jeff Broin, Pres., (605) 965-2200,

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Canada Investing $91.8Mn in Forest Innovation Program (Funding)
Canada investing $91.8M in Forest Innovation Program
Date: 2019-04-05
Beginning in 2020-21, Natural Resources Canada's Forest Innovation Program (FPInnovations) will receive $91.8 million over three years to help the Canadian forest sector innovate and grow, and help Canadian forest companies adopt new, innovative technologies.

Additionally, the Canadian government has committed to invest $22.7 million to help FPInnovations diversify markets and fight climate change. The funding includes more than $20.4 million to advance new forest-based products to the market and over $2.3 million to support a research project aimed at helping the forest industry protect market access and improve environmental performance across the forestry supply chain. (Source: FPInnovations, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Biomass, 4 April, 2019)Contact: FPInnovations, Stephane Renou, Pres., CEO,

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Appalachian Power Seeks Efficiency Program Approvals (Ind. Report)
Appalachian Power
Date: 2019-04-05
Further to our Jan. 30 coverage, in the Old Dominion State, Appalachian Power, along with Wheeling Power, reports it is requesting Public Service Commission of West Virginia approval for a new Economic Development Fund and changes to the company’s energy efficiency programs, including introducing two new offerings.

The new fund would be financed by a combination of a monthly customer meter charge of 12 cents, generating approximately $670,000 annually, and equal company matching funds, according to a company release.

Planned changes to the utility's energy efficiency programs are aimed at controlling electric power usage and lowering energy costs for program participants. One of the new programs -- the Low-Income Multi-Family Program -- will provide installation of measures such as energy-efficient lighting, water heating measures, appliance upgrades, HVAC replacement and maintenance, insulation and similar features in individual units of multi-family buildings, and will raise awareness and understanding of energy efficiency among participating building owners, managers and tenants.

A second new program -- the Small Business Direct Install Program -- will educate small-business owners about energy efficiency and provide financial incentives to encourage additional energy efficiency improvements. (Source: Appalachian Power, PR, Herald-Dispatch, 3 April, 2019) Contact: Appalachian Power, Don Nichols, (800)956-4237,,

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Orion Energy Announces Additional $35Mn LED Energy Efficient Lighting Installation Contract (Ind. Report)
Orion Energy Systems
Date: 2019-04-05
Manitowoc, Wisconsin-based LED lighting specialist Orion Energy Systems reports it has expanded the retrofit of an un-named national account customer's lighting systems with LED lighting and wireless IoT enabled control solutions at additional locations nationwide.

The contract builds upon an earlier Letter of Intent (LoI) for Orion to provide approximately $11 million in turnkey LED lighting retrofit services, most of which were completed prior to March 31, 2019. A significant portion of the installations, including IoT enabled control systems, are expected to be completed before June 30, 2019. (Source: Orion Energy, Street Insider, 3 April, 2019) Contact: Orion Energy, Mike Altschaefl, CEO, (312) 660-3575,

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JC Completes $4.7Mn Clinton Prairie School Upgrades (Ind. Report)
Johnson Controls
Date: 2019-04-03
Milwaukee-headquartered Johnson Controls (JC) reports the completion of district-wide exterior and interior building updates at Clinton Prairie School Corporation (CPSC) in Frankfort, Indiana. The upgrades included new wireless-controlled lighting in the main gymnasium, exterior access doors and building control optimization.

The $4.7 million in improvements, which were enabled through an energy performance contract, were installed during the school's off-hours and completed in March 2019. (Source: Johnson Controls, PR, WebWire, 3 April, 2019) Contact: Johnson Controls, Bill Jackson, Pres, Building Efficiency,

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DOE Offers $26Mn Hydropower, Marine Energy R&D Funding (Funding)
Date: 2019-04-03
In Washington, the U.S. DOE has announced up to $26.1 million in funding to drive innovative industry-led technology solutions to advance the marine and hydrokinetics (MHK) industry and increase hydropower's ability to serve as a flexible grid resource.

Under the offering, the Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) will select projects that aim to increase affordability of hydropower and marine energy, strengthen U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, and build on Department-wide energy storage initiatives to improve the capability of technologies to deliver value to the grid.

Areas of interest include hydropower; low-head hydropower; hydrokinetic river current energy converter (CEC) technologies; advancing wave energy device design; and marine energy centers research infrastructure upgrades.

Additional information on water power research, development, and testing visit EERE Water Power Technology Office HERE. (Source: US DOE, WPTO, PR, 1 April, 2019) Contact: US DOE, WPTO,

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Paris Accord According to Mike Pompeo (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Paris Accord
Date: 2019-04-03
"(The) Paris climate agreement that more than 170 countries have committed to has failed to change a thing when it comes to global emissions.

"Go look at the countries that are still in the Paris Agreement and see what their CO2 emissions were. It's one thing to sign a document; it's another thing to actually change your behavior." -- Mike Pompeo, US. Secretary of State , 1 April, 2019

Editor's Note: It would seem the Trump Administration and Sec. Pompeo are expecting an immediate, if not overnight turn around and even a reversal of the earth's climate change fortunes in the short time since the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Ottawa Imposes Carbon Tax on Recalcitrant Provinces (Ind. Report)
Canada Carbon Tax
Date: 2019-04-03
As promised, the Canadian federal Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday imposed a carbon tax on the provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan and Manitoba -- all of which are led by Conservatives -- for their failure to impose a provincial emissions reduction program that meets the fed's approval.

The federal levy, which starts at $20 (US$15) per tonne of pollution and rises incrementally to $50 per ton, is expected to add about 4.5 cents to the price of a liter of gasoline, as well as drive up drive up other energy related costs. To ease the pain on consumers, the feds pledged to refund most of the carbon tax cash directly to taxpayers.

Canada's remaining six provinces are exempt from the federal tax having imposed their own carbon tax or cap-and-trade system to help Canada meet its Paris Agreement target of reducing CO2 emissions by 30 pct from 2005 levels by 2030. (Source: Canada Ministry of the Environment, CBC, Various Media, 1 April, 2019)Contact: Canada Ministry of the Environment, Hon. Catherine McKenna, Minister,

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GEVO Cuts "Going Concern" Qualification in Audit Report (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-04-03
Englewood, Colorado-based Gevo, Inc. is reporting that due to its improved balance sheet, the "going concern" qualification in the audit report of Gevo's independent registered public accounting firm has been removed from the audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018. For the past several years, the audit reports to Gevo's consolidated financial statements have included a "going concern" qualification. Gevo's consolidated audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2018 were included as part of its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2018 that was filed on March 28, 2019 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

This announcement does not represent any change or amendment to Gevo's consolidated, audited financial statements or to its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018. (Source: Gevo, PR, Nasdaq, 1 April, 2019) Contact: Gevo, Dr. Patrick Gruber, CEO, (303) 858-3358,,

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Louisville Renewables Resolution Runs Out of Time (Ind. Report)
Renewable Energy
Date: 2019-04-03
In the Bluegrass State, the city of Louisville (pop. 620,000) reports its 100 pct clean energy resolution of Sept., 2018, has died a natural death due to the Parks and Sustainability Committee's failure to act on the resolution within the mandated time frame.

The resolution called for city operations to source 100 pct clean energy by 2030, and the entire community to utilize 100 pct renewable energy by 2035, and revisions in building codes to require energy efficiency and energy conservation features in new construction.

Approximately two dozen concerned citizens reportedly plan to re-introduce the legislation and find a new sponsor. Louisville has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 pct by 2050. (Source: City of Louisville, WFPL, 1 April, 2019) Contact: City of Louisville City Council, (502) 574-5000,

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Nordex Confirms Acciona Energy Australia Turbine Order (Int'l)
Nordex,Acciona Energy Australia
Date: 2019-04-03
Hamburg, Germany-headquartered wind turbine giant The Nordex Group reports receipt of a contract from Acciona Energy Australia to supply and install 35 nits of its N149/4.0-4.5 "light wind" turbines for the Mortlake South Wind Farm project located in Victoria State in the south-east Australia.

When fully operational- in mid 2020, the wind farm is expected generate sufficient energy for 115,000 homes. (Source: Nordex, PR, reve, 2 April, 2019)Contact: Nordex SE, Felix Losada, +49 (0) 40 300 30 1141,,; Acciona Energy Australia, +61 2 8117 0100,

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Honeywell, Newark Ink Energy Efficiency, Savings Deal (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-04-03
In the Garden State, Honeywell is reporting it will partner with the City of Newark in an energy savings improvement project to help New Jersey's largest city meet its sustainability goals and cut energy and operating costs by approximately 36 pct. Honeywell will lead a program to upgrade building infrastructure in 17 city facilities and help cut the city's annual energy operating costs with a potential savings of nearly $1 million a year.

As part of the project, Honeywell will:

  • Implement three co-generation plants to enable the city to generate on-site electricity and heat simultaneously in two recreation centers and at the City Hall complex;
  • Modernize the existing City Hall complex central boiler plant;
  • Replace failed steam traps and missing pipe insulation on steam distribution systems to reduce thermal energy losses;
  • Upgrade lighting with more energy-efficient LEDs and install energy-efficient control solutions, such as room occupancy sensors thermostatic valves on radiators to reduce steam consumption;
  • Install a comprehensive Building Management System (BMS) platform to monitor and control multiple buildings from a central location;
  • Integrate the City's HVAC and building systems into the BMS;
  • Install a City-wide solution to reduce desktop computer electric power consumption;
  • Improve building envelopes to better maintain conditioned air in facilities; and
  • Install electric and gas sub-meters on buildings to more accurately monitor and manage energy use.

    The building infrastructure improvements, which are slated for completion by end of 2019, are expected to help Newark cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 2,930 metric tpy. The Honeywell-led upgrades are being funded with a $2.3 million rebate from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program and a 20-year, $15.4 million energy savings service contract. Honeywell guarantees the savings, eliminating the need for upfront capital investment and making it a self-funding project over the contract term. (Source: Honeywell, PR, April, 2019) Contact: Honeywell, Jessie Timmerman, (763) 954-6071,,; City of Newark, Press Office (973) 733-8004, City Hall, (973) 733-4311, ,

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  • Buffalo U. Awarded $1.8Mn for Efficient Insulation R&D (Ind. Report)
    Buffalo University
    Date: 2019-04-03
    University of Buffalo researcher Shenqiang Ren has been awarded $1,875,000 in US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) grant funding to develop a new, inexpensive insulating material for home energy efficiency and other applications.

    The UB researchers will use the award to reduce the cost of producing silica aerogel, a synthetic gel with low thermal conductivity. Having low thermal conductivity makes it an effective insulator.

    The EERE awards are intended to "drive innovation in early-stage research and development for advanced building technologies and systems that will serve as a foundation for future technological developments and reductions in building energy consumption." (Source: University of Buffalo, UBNow, PR, 2 April, 2019) Contact: Univ. of Buffalo, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Prof., Shenqiang Ren, (716) 645-1431,,; Contact: US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE),

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    CDRC Clinic Certified USGBC LEED Gold (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-03
    In Sacramento, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) reports the new 28,100 square-foot Central Health Services building at California State Prison has earned US Green Building Council LEED Gold certification Gold certification for its energy-saving and environmental conservation features that will reduce energy costs by 46 pct. The medical clinic's sustainability features include: clerestory windows for maximum natural light and lower lighting costs; efficient water fixtures that cut indoor water use by 27 pct; recycling or reusing 94 pct of construction waste; low emission adhesives and paints; increased ventilation and high-efficiency filters and fans; and upgrading all systems beyond building code standard for maximum efficiency.

    The health facility is the 61st CDCR-owned facility to be LEED-certified and the 10th to be certified at the Gold level. In 2008, CDCR adopted an environmental sustainability program to reduce emissions and its carbon footprint, to conserve water and to generate energy from renewable sources. (Source: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, PR,, 2 April, 2019) Contact: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    Fortistar Snares W. Penna. Renewable Natural Gas Facilities (M&A)
    Fortistar, EDF Renewables North America
    Date: 2019-04-03
    In the Empire State, White Plains-based Fortistar LLC, in partnership with Ares Capital Corporation is reporting the acquisition of two western Pennsylvania-located landfill renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities, Greentree Landfill Gas in Kersey and Imperial Landfill Gas in Imperial, from EDF Renewables North America. Together, the two facilities have a a production capacity of 1.5 million decatherms of RNG per year.

    Fueling trucks with Fortistar's RNG, will reduce 107,485 metric tons of CO2 per year -- equivalent to planting over 2.7 million trees each year.

    Fortistar owns and operates lower carbon energy generating companies in the United States and Canada that support the transition to a low carbon economy. These companies include cogeneration facilities; waste-heat recovery power plants; compressed natural gas fueling stations; landfill power plants; projects that reduce carbon in industrial facilities, and biomass facilities. Fortistar associated companies include Generational Power, TruStar Energy, Primary Energy, Fortistar Methane Group, Fortistar Biomass Group, Carbonfree Chemicals, Golden Renewable Energy and ClockIN. (Source: Fortistar, PR 2 April, 2019) Contact: Fortistar, Mark Comora, CEO, ; Ares Capital Corporation,; EDF Renewables North America, Tristan Grimbert, President & CEO, Sandi Briner , (858) 521-3525,,

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    German Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drop 4 pct in 2018 (Int'l)
    GHG,German Federal Environment Agency
    Date: 2019-04-03
    In Dessau-Roslau, the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is reporting Germany released a total of 868.7 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in 2018, a decrease of 38 million tons or 4.2 pct compared to 2017.

    In 2018, renewable energies avoided around 184 million tons of CO2 equivalent. The decline in GHG emissions was partially due to weather as well as climate protection measures such as the expansion of green electricity, the phasing out of coal and emissions trading, the agency says.

    According to the UBA, Germany reduced its emissions by 30.6 pct in 2018 compared to 1990. The government has set the overall target of reducing GHG emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030. (Source: German Federal Environment Agency, Xinhua , 2 April, 2019) Contact: German Federal Environment Agency, Maria Krautzberger, Pres., +49 340 21030,

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    Ontario Nanticoke Solar Project Completed (Ind. Report)
    Ontario Power Generation
    Date: 2019-04-03
    Ontario Power Generation (OPG), in partnership with the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, is reporting completion of a 44-MW solar facility at the former Nanticoke Generating Station site near Port Dover on the shores of Lake Erie.

    In 2016, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) awarded a contract to OPG and its partners to build Nanticoke Solar. PCL Construction was awarded the racking, solar panel supply and construction contract. (Source: OPG, PR, Compelo, 1 April, 2019) Contact: Ontario Power Generation, (289) 260-4903, (416) 592-4319,

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    Japanese Panel Urges Higher GHG Cutting Goal (Int'l Report)
    GHG,Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2019-04-03
    In Tokyo, a panel of Japanese professors, environmentalist and corporate executives on Tuesday urged the government to set a national greenhouse gas reduction goal to substantially reduce CO2 emissions in the second half of the century and an "ultimate goal of a carbon-free society at the earliest possible time during the second half of this century."

    The panel also suggested Japan should "show contributions" to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement to keep the average global temperatures growth below 2 degrees Celsius, ideally 1.5 degrees, to reduce the impact of climate change. The panel called for the use of renewable energy to reduce dependence on coal-fired thermal power generation.

    Japan's long term goal aims to reduce carbon emissions by 80 pct from 2013 levels by 2050.(Source: Xinhua, 2 April, 2019)

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    MHI Vestas Turbine Supplier for Floating Offshore Wind Park (Int'l)
    MHI Vestas
    Date: 2019-04-03
    MHI Vestas reports it will supply 5 units of its V164-9.5 MW wind turbine to the 50 MW Kincardine Floating Offshore Wind Park just south of Aberdeen Bay in Scotland. The five 9.5 MW turbines will join an existing single Vestas V80-2.0 MW turbine which came on line in Nov., 2018. The 5 additional turbines are being installed on Windfloat semi-submersible foundations moored in water depths of 60 to 80 meters. MHI Vestas expects the turbines to be installed in the Spring of 2020.

    The wind park is being developed by the Madrid-headquartered developer and construction company Cobra Group, part of the ACS Group. (Source: MHI Vestas, CleanTechnica, 2 April, 2019) Contact: MHI Vestas, Philippe Kavafyan, CEO, +45 97 30 00 00,,; Cobra Group, +34 914 56 95 00,

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    Shell Sustainability Report -- Net Carbon Footprint (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-03
    In a bid to halve its net carbon footprint by 2035, Shell, one of the world's biggest and most profitable oil and gas giants, plans to slash its net carbon footprint by half 2050 by diversifying its clean energy portfolio and investing in carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. In the short term, the company is aiming for a 20 pct carbon footprint reduction by 2035 compared with its 2016 level as it seeks to adhere to the spirit and ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Download the Shell Sustainability Report-- Net Carbon Footprint HERE. (Source: Shell,

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    District Energy Switching from Coal to Wood Biomass (Ind. Report)
    District Energy
    Date: 2019-04-03
    In Minnesota, the not-for-profit utility District Energy St. Paul reports that as of Monday, 1 April, 2017, it is no longer burning coal for power generation and switching to woody biomass-wood waste , thus cutting its overall CO2 emissions by approximately 10,000 tpy. The utility reduced carbon emissions for its heating system by 57 pct from 2000-17.

    District Energy heats 197 buildings and 300 single-family homes in and around downtown St. Paul. and cools 116 buildings in the same area. One of the ways it generates heat is by burning locally sourced wood waste in a CHP system. The utility also uses chilled water storage and solar thermal. (Source: District Energy St. Paul, PR, 29 Mar., 2019) Contact: District Energy St. Paul, Ken Smith, CEO, Nina Axelson (612) 695-1288,,

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    CarbonCure Launches Cement Ind. Advisory Council (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-03
    Halifax-headquartered oncrete innovator CarbonCure Technologies Inc. reports the launch of the CarbonCure Industry Advisory Council comprised of concrete and cement industry leaders. The council includes: Jamie Gentoso P.E., Chief Executive Officer, US Cement, LafargeHolcim Ltd.; . Bob Haldrup, President, Irving Materials, Inc. North Division; . Steven Cox, VP of Business Development, Command Alkon; Jeff Davis, Former Vice President, U.S. Concrete Inc.; Alan Wessel, Pres. US division of Thomas Concrete; Rob Niven, CEO & Founder, CarbonCure Technologies Inc.; and William C. Holden, Chairman, CarbonCure Industry Advisory Council.

    CarbonCure's CO2-utilization retrofit technology chemically sequesters waste carbon dioxide during the concrete manufacturing process to make greener and stronger concrete. CarbonCure is part of a growing industry of CO2-utilization technologies that are expected to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by more than 10 pct by 2030. CarbonCure's technology is currently operational in a growing number of concrete plants across North America, including several of the world's largest vertically-integrated cement and concrete companies. (Source: CarbonCoure, PR, 3 Mar., 2019) Contact: CarbonCure Technologies, Robert Niven, CEO, , (902) 442-4020,,

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    Pinnacle Entwistle Resumes Wood Biomass Pellet Prod.(Ind Report)
    Pinnacle Renewable Energy
    Date: 2019-04-03
    Richmond, British Columbia-headquartered woody biomass pellet producer Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. reports it has resumed dry-fiber wood pellet production at its Entwistle, Alberta, plant. The plant was shuttered as the result of a fire on Feb. 11, 2019. The company expects to provide a further update on the Entwistle Facility during the second quarter.

    Pinnacle also reports it has entered into a new long-term, 200,000 mtpy industrial wood pellet take-or-pay contract with Japan's Sumitomo Corp., starting in 2022. (Source: Pinnacle Renewable Energy, PR, 1 April, 2019) Contact: Pinnacle Renewable Energy, Pinnacle Pellet, Robert McCurdy, CEO, (604) 270-9613,

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    NORESCO, Navy Ink $87Mn Energy Efficiency Contract (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-03
    Phoenix-headquartered energy infrastructure solutions provider NORESCO reports it has inked an energy efficiency contract valued at $87 million for energy upgrades for three U.S. Navy facilities in Japan . The project is a continuation of the firm's work with the Navy in Japan that began in 2008 and has helped the Navy with $190 million in energy cost savings.

    The new project contract covers a range of upgrades, from new boilers and chillers to more efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures.

    NORESCO works with federal, state and local governments agencies, colleges and school districts, hospitals, and other industrial and commercial businesses. The company says it has guaranteed more than $3 billion in energy savings at more than 7,000 sites worldwide. (Source: NORESCO, PR, 3 April, 2019)Contact: Noresco, Michael Beccaria, Snr. VP, (480) 308-0331,

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    Eni, CIB Announce Biomethane Production Collaboration (Int'l)
    Italian Biogas Consortium
    Date: 2019-04-03
    In Italy, Rome-headquartered Eni SpA is reporting an agreement with the Italian Biogas Consortium (CIB) to support the production of advanced biomethane from animal waste, agro-industrial byproducts and dedicated winter crops, for transportation fuel.

    Under the agreement, a team will be formed to occasionally evaluate as well as identify the most competent and suitable prospects for alliance.

    The agreement will result in lower atmospheric emissions and a more competitive primary sector. The agreement encourages the refinement of biomethane biogas in total association with many agricultural and livestock companies in the consortium. (Source: Eni SpA, Nasdaq, 2 April, 2019)Contact: Eni SpA,; BiomethaneItalian Biogas Consortium,

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    USDA Study Shows Significant GHG Benefits of Ethanol Compared with Gasoline (Report Attached)
    Date: 2019-04-03
    The Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Corn Ethanol -- Assessing Recent Evidence, a new study from the USDA finds greenhouse gas emissions from corn-based ethanol are about 39 pct lower than gasoline. The study also states that when ethanol is refined at natural gas-powered refineries, the GHG emissions are even lower, around 43 pct below gasoline.

    "These new findings provide further evidence that biofuels from America's heartland reduce greenhouse gases even more than we thought, and that our farmers and ethanol plants continue to become more efficient and effective," said Secretary Sonny Perdue. "Expanding the sale of E15 year-round will provide consumers with more choices when they fill up at the pump, including environmentally friendly fuel with decreased emissions. I appreciate EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler moving expeditiously to finalize the E-15 rule before the start of summer driving season," Perdue added.

    The study, led by Dr. Jan Lewandrowski of USDA's Office of the Chief Economist, and published in the journal Biofuels, supports findings of other research that ethanol has a significantly better GHG profile than previously estimated.

    The study attributes much of these additional benefits to revised estimates of the impacts of land-use change as a result of demand for ethanol. Where previous estimates anticipated farmers bringing additional land into production as a result of increased corn prices, recent analysis finds only modest increases in crop acreage. Additional improvements at ethanol refineries, combined with on-farm conservation practices that reduce GHG emissions, such as reduced tillage and cover crops, have further decreased emissions associated with corn ethanol. The study projects that with added improvements in refineries and on farms, a reduction of over 70 pct in lifecycle emissions is possible by 2022.

    The study is available for download HERE. Additional information on the greenhouse gas profile of biofuels is available at (Source: USDA, 2 April, 2019) Contact: USDA,

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    Vitro Glass's Fresno Plant Wins DOE ENERGY STAR (Ind. Report)
    ENERGY Star
    Date: 2019-04-02
    Cheswick, Pennsylvania-based Vitro Architectural Glass reports its Fresno, California facility is the first float glass manufacturing plant in the U.S. to earn the U.S.EPA ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy efficiency.

    The Fresno plant, which operates one of eight oxygen-fuel-powered (oxy-fuel) glass furnaces in the world, earned the certification by registering an energy performance score ranked in the 75th percentile or higher among other float glass manufacturing plants in the U.S. According to the Energy Performance Indicator (EPI), the benchmarking tool established by ENERGY STAR, the Fresno plant scored in the 100th percentile among its peers.

    Using a proprietary process developed and licensed by Vitro Glass and its legacy companies, the Fresno plant uses high-purity oxygen instead of air to combust raw materials such as sand and silica. This technology not only enables the plant to use less energy, it also dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional air-fired glass furnaces, according to Vitro Glass. (Source: Vitro Architectural Glass, Window & Door, 1 April., 2019) Contact: Vitro Architectural Glass, (412) 820.8500,; Contact: EPA ENERGY STAR,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ENERGY STAR,  Energy Efficiency,  

    C-PACE Alliance Releases Industry Guidelines (Ind Report)
    C-PACE Alliance
    Date: 2019-04-02
    The Washington, DC-headquartered C-PACE Alliance, a coalition of large capital providers and transaction experts in the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) industry, reports the release of its Case for Encouraging C-PACE Financing for New Construction Projects with six recommended guidelines for the design of C-PACE programs at the state and local level for new construction projects.

    C-PACE allows property owners to finance improvements in energy and water efficiency and increased resiliency of commercial buildings. In the last two years, more than 30 new construction projects have closed, and the pace is picking up. C-PACE programs operate in 23 states and the District of Columbia, with more programs slated for 2019. Including retrofit projects, property owners have financed over $850 million in improvements in more than 1,800 buildings using C-PACE programs.

    The Case for Encouraging C-PACE Financing for New Construction Projects is intended for policymakers' consideration in designing C-PACE programs for new construction projects. The CPA believes that programs designed according to these guidelines are more likely to achieve the program's environmental and economic development policy goals:

  • C-PACE programs should welcome and encourage new construction projects;
  • C-PACE program design should facilitate the broadest possible customer access;
  • The baseline energy efficiency to be eligible for C-PACE financing should not be set at an arbitrarily high level;
  • The C-PACE program's energy assessment requirements should be reasonable, low-cost and user-friendly;
  • Programs should expand the amount financeable through C-PACE to broaden its impact;
  • Programs should avoid extraneous terms and conditions not called for in the C-PACE authorizing legislation.

    The CPA believes projects that meet or have the capacity to exceed the local building codes' energy efficiency requirements should be eligible for C-PACE financing. This standard is already in practice in six states and the District of Columbia.

    Formed in 2018, the C-PACE Alliance includes six of the largest C-PACE capital providers along with major law firms, an accounting firm and a fintech company. (Source: C-PACE Alliance , PR, 29 Mar., 2019) Contact: C-PACE Alliance, Cliff Kellogg (202) 744-1984,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News C-PACE Alliance,  Energy Efficiency,  

  • Global Smart Homes, Bldg. Mkt to Hit $35Bn by 2020 (Ind. Report)
    Allied Market Research
    Date: 2019-04-02
    Allied Market Research is touting its Global Smart Homes, Buildings (Energy Efficient, Automated) Market (Applications, Technologies, Products and End-User), Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Research, Future Demand, Scope and Forecast, 2013 -- 2020 study's conclusion that the global smart home and buildings market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 29.5 pct between 2012 and 2020. The market revenue of $4.8 billion in 2012 is expected to grow up to $35.3 billion by 2020. The growth of the market is being driven by government regulations, rising energy costs and raising awareness of environmental concerns.

    Energy efficiency has become the need of the hour as the global energy cost is increasing owing to the ever growing demand and environmental concerns of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. The construction business is embracing the energy efficiency trend and using building automation system to meet the growing demand for energy efficiency in smart homes and buildings, the report notes.

    Request a report sample HERE. Report details and purchase information is HERE. (Source: Allied Market Research, PR, 29 Mar., 2019) Contact: Allied Market Research,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Smart Building,  Energy Efficiency,  Allied Market Research,  

    Notable Quotes on Biofuel Blends (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Iowa Renewable Fuels Assoc., Renewable Fuels Association
    Date: 2019-04-02

    Utica Food2Energy AD Facility Underway (Ind. Report)
    anaerobic digestion
    Date: 2019-04-02
    In the Empire State, the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority reports construction of its $3.4 million, landfill Food2Energy anaerobic digestion (AD) project is well underway and expected to be commissioned before the end of May. The Food2Energy project is part of a $330 million initiative to upgrade the county's sewer infrastructure.

    The Utica landfill presently handles approximately 169,000 tpy of municipal solid waste, roughly 14 pct of which is classified as "food scraps." (Source: Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority, Observer-Dispatch, 31 Mar., 2019) Contact: Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority, Bill Rabbia, Exec. Dir., (315) 733-1224,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Landfill Gas,  Methane,  Biogas,  Anaerobic Digestion,  

    Cielo Announces Alberta Renewable Fuel Refinery MOU (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-02
    Vancouver, BC-based Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. reports Renewable U Energy Inc. has executed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and exercised its option to enter into a joint venture with Cielo for the purposes of construction one or more renewable diesel refineries in the City of Brooks, Alberta.

    Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. is a publicly traded company that holds the exclusive license for the global rights to a transformational, patent-pending, technology engineered to convert garbage-derived feedstocks to renewable diesel, at a significantly lower cost than biofuel companies. With landfills being one of the world's leading contributors to Green House Gas emissions and being projected to double in size over the next 7 years, Cielo can potentially resolve this crisis on a cost-effective basis by converting multiple different garbage-derived feedstocks, including sorted municipal solid waste (garbage), wood and agriculture waste, tires, blue-box waste, all plastics and virtually any other cellulous waste product into high grade renewable diesel, according to Cielo. (Source: Cielo Waste Solutions Corp., PR, 1 April, 2019) Contact: Cielo Waste Solutions Corp., Don Allan, President & CEO, (403) 348-2972 Ext. 101,,; Renewable U Energy, Lionel Robins,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Cielo,  Renewable Diesel,  

    Nat. Corn Growers Assoc. Supports Year-round E15 (Ind. Report)
    National Corn Growers Association
    Date: 2019-04-02
    "Farmers stand ready to work with the Administration to clear obstacles to higher blends of ethanol such as E15 and ensure a final rule works for the full ethanol and fuel supply chain. To ensure E15 sales are not interrupted, NCGA urges EPA to complete this rulemaking by June 1." -- Kevin Ross, VP, National Corn Growers Assoc., 29 Mar., 2019) Contact: NCGA, Kevin Ross, VP, (202) 326-0644,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News National Corn Growers Association,  NCGA,  E15 Ethanol Blend,  

    SVPGlobal Acquires White Energy Russell KS. Ethanol Plant (M&A)
    SVP Global
    Date: 2019-04-02
    Greenwich, Ct.-based investment firm Strategic Value Partners (SVPGlobal) is reporting the acquisition of Plan Taxas-based of White Energy's food ingredient and ethanol business in Russell, KS., Transaction details and price have not been disclosed.

    Russell ethanol facility facility produces over 50 million gpy of ethanol per at some of the lowest unit costs in the industry and with the best carbon footprint of any facility of its kind in the United States, according to White Energy.

    White Energy also operates ethanol production facilities in Hereford and Plainview, TX, totaling 260 million gpy. (Source: SVP Global, White Energy, 1 April, 2019) Contact: SVP Global, Victor Khosla, Chief Investment Officer,; White Energy, Greg Thompson,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News White Energy,  Ethanol,  

    NRCAN Supports Energy Efficiency in London, Ontario (Funding)
    Date: 2019-04-02
    Energy efficiency in industry strengthens competitiveness, lowers costs, maximizes profits and promotes a more sustainable environment. Promoting and rewarding energy-efficient practices are key components of Canada's approach to transitioning to a clean energy future.

    To that end, Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), facilitated by the Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation (CIPEC), has announced a $40,000 investment for London, Ontario-based Ingredion Canada Corporation for an energy management information system (EMIS) that will track and improve the company’s overall energy performance.

    CIPEC includes more than 2,300 facilities representing 20 industrial sectors and over 50 trade associations. An award-winning partnership between the Government of Canada and Canadian industry, CIPEC advances industrial energy efficiency by promoting the uptake of energy management systems, best practices and technologies. (Source: Natural Resources Canada, 1 Apriil, 2019) Contact: CIPEC,; Natural Resources Canada,

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    Louisville Energy Efficiency Resolution Dies of Old Age (Ind. Report)
    Energy Efficiency
    Date: 2019-04-02
    In the Bluegrass State, the city of Louisville (pop. 620,000) reports its 100 percent clean energy resolution of Sept., 2018, has died a natural death due to the Parks and Sustainability Committee’s failure to act on the resolution within the mandated time frame.

    The resolution called for city operations to source 100 percent clean energy by 2030, and the entire community to utilize 100 pct renewable energy by 2035. The resolution also called for revisions in building codes to require energy efficiency and energy conservation features in new construction.

    Resolution co-coordinator Mark Steiner reports approximately two dozen concerned citizens plan to re-introduce the legislation and find a new sponsor. Louisville has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 pct by 2050. (Source: City of Louisville, WFPL, 1 April, 2019) Contact: City of Louisville City Council, (502) 574-5000,

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    Vestas Wins 206 MW Quadran Brasil Wind Turbine Order (Int'l)
    Quadran Brasil
    Date: 2019-04-01
    French multinational green power producer Quadran International reports its subsidiary Quadran Brasil, placed an order with Vestas for the supply and installation of 49 V150-4.2 MW wind turbines for its 206 MW Serrote wind park in the state of Ceara, Brasil.

    Turbine delivery is expected in 2020 for commissioning in 2021. The Brazilian utility CEMIG has inked a PPA for the wind farm's output. (Source: Vestas Wind Systems A/S , PR, 30 Mar., 2019) Contact: Vestas, Andres Domínguez, +34 649294007,; Quadran Brasil Armando Abreu, CEO, +55 85 3261-2017,; Quadran International,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vestas,  Wind Turbine,  

    Renewables Infrastructure Snares French Wind Farm for €30Mn (M&A)
    Renewables Infrastructure,Envision Energy
    Date: 2019-04-01
    In the UK, Isle of Guernsey-based Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd is reporting the €30 million acquisition of the 40-MW Tille et Venelle wind farm which is under construction in Burgundy, France. The purchase includes construction costs and net of project level debt financing.

    The wind farm, which expected to come online in Q1, 2020, will incorporate 16, Chinese built Envision Energy EN-131 turbines with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts each. (Source: Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd., Morningstar, 29 Mar., 2019) Contact: Renewable Infrastructure Group,; Envision Energy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewables Infrastructure,  Wind,  Envision Energy,  Envision Wind Turbine ,  

    Xcel Energy Retiring Coal Plants by the Dozen (Ind. Report)
    Xcel Energy
    Date: 2019-04-01
    Following up on our March 11 coverage, Minneapolis-headquartered Xcel Energy, a $30 billion utility reports it has shuttered a quarter of its coal power plants and will soon shut down another 25 pct of its coal fired power capacity as part of it plan to deliver zero-carbon electricity to its 3.6 million customers by 2050, making it the first large American power company to commit to that goal. goal.

    Xcel has already cut its emissions by 38 pct from 2005 levels and aims to further cut emission to 80 pct by 2030. To that end, Xcel is rapidly moving away from coal which in 2013 supplied 46 pct of the utility's power and expanding its renewable energy portfolio, which is expected to make up more than half its power by 2024. The company plans to build 12 new wind farms across seven states. Xcel aims to retire 23 coal units -- about half its capacity -- between 2005 and 2027. (Source: Xcel, WRAL, 29 Mar., 2019)Contact: Xcel Energy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Xcel Energy,  Coal,  Renewable Energy,  Carbon Emissions,  

    EnBW Seeking Valeco Renewables Developer Acquisition (Int'l, M&A)
    EnBW,Valeco Group
    Date: 2019-04-01
    Karlsruhe, Germany-headquartered developer-utility major Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) reports it has been selected as an exclusive bidder for Montpellier, France-based energy developer Valeco Group. Valeco's portfolio includes 276 MW of wind, 56 MW of solar capacity and a 1.7 GW pipeline of projects. (Source: EnBW, Various Media, 29 Mar., 2019) Contact: Valeco Group, +33 4 67 40 74 00,; EnBW Energie Baden-Wurttemberg AG , Frank Mastiaux, CEO, +49 721 63 14320,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EnBW,  Wind,  Solar,  Valeco Group,  

    EuroStat Notes EU's Renewable Energy Propects, Progress (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-04-01
    According to data from the European Union statistics service Eurostat, the 28-member trading bloc sourced 17.5 pct of its energy from renewables in 2017, keeping it on track for a target of 20 pct by 2020.

    Each member state has its own individual renewable energy goal ranging from 10 to 49 pct based on its situation and potential. While 11 countries in the bloc have already surpassed their targets, others are lagging behind, according to Eurostat.

    With the target for 2030 at 32 pct, Eurostat notes, "While the EU as a whole is on course to meet its 2020 targets, some member states will need to make additional efforts to meet their obligations."

    Specifically, the EU's renewable energy leaders are Nordic countries: Sweden, Finland and Denmark with more than half of the total energy consumed coming from renewables -- primarily hydropower, wind and biofuels.

    Luxembourg and the Netherlands are the EU countries with the lowest consumption of renewables, at 6.4 pct and 6.6 pct respectively. Despite its investment in offshore wind farms, the Netherlands is the furthest from reaching its targets.

    In 2017 France reached 16.3 pct of energy consumption from renewables, compared to its 23 pct target for 2020. Woody biomass and hydropower are the main sources of green energy in France which sources 70 pct of its electricity from nuclear. Even so, France has committed to closing 14 nuclear reactors by 2035 and shutting down four still-active coal power plants by 2022.

    Germany's renewable energy, which comes mainly from wind and solar power, reached just 15.5 pct in 2017, while its 2020 objective is set at 18 pct. Coal still accounts for 37 pct of Germany's electric power production and more than 30 pct of its heating. (Source: EuroStat, France 24, Mar., 2019) Contact: Eurostat,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EuroStat,  Renewable Energy,  

    Aussies Add 100 Major Polluters to Cap-and-Trade List (Int'l)
    Australia Cap-and-Trade
    Date: 2019-04-01
    In the Land Down Under, the Labour government has announced it will extend its current pollution cap from businesses emitting 100,000 tpy of carbon pollution down to 25,000 tpy as part of its emissions and climate change effort to lower emissions by 45 pct by 2030. With the changes, the existed number of listed major emitters -- excluding farmers -- will rise form 140 to roughly 250, or less than 1 pct of the nation's businesses. Heavy industries such as steel, aluminium and cement will be assisted with a $300 million fund.

    Under the government plan, business will earn credits for reducing pollution below their baselines which they canto sell or carry over to meet their future pollution cap. Business that exceed their caps will will be required to purchase carbon credits to meet their caps. (Source: Financial Review, Various Media, 31 Mar., 2019)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Australia Carbon Emissions,  Cap-and-Trade,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Volkswagen Claims 2 pct of Global CO2 Emissions (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-01
    In a recent interview, a Wolfsburg, Germany-headquartered Volkswagen Group official noted that VW alone is responsible for around 2 pct of global carbon emissions -- roughly equal to Germany's total emissions from all sources.

    Germany accounts for nearly 2.2 pct of the world's C02 emissions, the equivalent of 800 million tonnes, and was ranked 6th globally, according to Global Carbon Project 2017 data. The auto giant with 12 brands previously noted it planned to cut ts total emission to zero by 2050. (Source: VW Group, Sunday Times, (NZ) 31 Mar., 2019) Contact: Volkswagen Group,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vehicle Emissions,  Carbon EMissions,  VW,  

    Vestas Claims Bearkat II 143 MW Turbine Order (Int'l Report)
    Vestas,Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
    Date: 2019-04-01
    Vesta reports receipt of an order for 143 MW of V126-3.45 MW turbines for Copenhagen-headquartered Danish fund manager Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners P/S (CIP) Bearkat II Wind project in Texas. Bearkat II is the second phase of the Bearkat project, following the successful 2017 commissioning of the Bearkat I project, which also featured V126-3.45 MW turbines.

    The order includes turbine supply and commissioning and a 30-year service agreement, which also includes balance of plant operations and maintenance. Deliveries are expected to begin in Q3 this year while commissioning is planned for fourth quarter of 2019. (Source: Vestas, reve, Others, 30 Mar., 2019) Contact: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Kristina Negendahl Jessen, +45 70 70 51 51,,; Vestas, Andres Domínguez, +34 649294007,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners,  Vestas,  Wind,  Wind Turbine,  

    S. Ont. Commuters Overwhelmingly Support Carbon Tax (Ind. Report)
    Ontario Carbon Tax
    Date: 2019-04-01
    Recently released research from the University of Toronto has found that the vast majority of Toronto area commuters favor the Liberal federal Government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's imposed new carbon tax and tax rebate plan, despite the impending hike in gas prices.

    The plan was rolled out by the Canadian Government today, Monday, April 1. In the initial study, 28 pct opposed the pricing plan and 13 pct were undecided. But when told about the rebate aspect of the carbon tax program, the number of Ontarians in the GTHA who actually support the plan rose to an unexpected 70 pct majority. (Source: Univ. of Toronto, Narcity, 29 Mar., 2019)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ontario Carbon Tax,  Canada Carbon Tax,  

    BNP Paribas Launches Quant Carbon Offset Fund (Int'l Report)
    BNP Paribas
    Date: 2019-04-01
    Paris-based BNP Paribas Asset Management is reporting the launch of a new Quant Europe Climate Carbon Offset Plan which aims to capture the performance of European liquid equities with high ESG standards. The strategy selects these according to their carbon footprint and the robustness of their energy transition strategy.

    The fund also aims to offset the carbon footprint of the investment strategy, which is achieved through the use of Verified Emission Reductions certificates from the Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project, which is based in south east Kenya. The project protects more than 200,000 hectares of endangered dryland forest.

    The launch of this latest Ucits funds is in line with BNP Paribas AM's Global Sustainability strategy, which includes the plan to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations.

    Paris, France-headquartered BNP Paribas S.A. is the world's 8th largest bank by total assets and currently operates in 77 countries. (Source: BNP Paribas, CityWire Selector, 29 Mar., 2019) Contact: Bank BNP Paribas, Neven Graillat, Chief Sustainability Product Officer at BNP Paribas Global Markets said: ‘The management of risks relating to

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BNP Paribas,  Carbon Footprint,  Carbon Markets,  

    LEGO Cash Purchases Solar Developer Enerpac U.S.A. (M&A)
    Date: 2019-04-01
    The LEGO Group's investment arm Kirkbi A/S reports the acquisition of a majority stake in solar energy developer Enerpac U.S.A., a subsidiary of Germany's Enerpac. at Kikbi A/S. (Source: Kikbi A/S, Brick Fanatics, 31 Mar., 2019) Contact: Kikbi A/S, Thomas Lau Schleicher, Chief Investment Officer,; Enerpac,

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