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Montana State Investigates Algae Biodiesel Production Costs (R&D)
Montana State University
Date: 2019-02-15
With $3 million in US DOE grant funding, researchers at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman are reporting they are in the early stages of a three-year project focused on developing a potential breakthrough in producing biofuels from algae.

Despite promising technology surrounding the conversion of algae oil into biodiesel, the costs of supplying the algae with supplemental CO2 have hampered commercial production. Researchers now believe SLA-04, a recently discovered strain of algae, could be cultivated using only the ambient CO2 of the atmosphere. SLA-04 was discovered in an eastern Washington lake containing high levels of carbonate minerals similar to baking soda. In the lake's unique environment, these algae have been shown to metabolize ambient CO2 very efficiently.

Assoc. Prof. Blake Wiedenheft in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, College of Agriculture and the College of Letters and Science, will explore the use of the genome editing technique called CRISPR for enhancing the algae's ability to produce the oils desired for biofuel production. (Source: Montana State University, PR, Feb., 2019) Contact: Montana State Univ., Prof. Brent Peyton, Director, MSU Thermal Biology Institute, Prof. Robin Gerlach, Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering,

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GTI Low-Carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from Wood Wastes Study Released (Report Attached)
Date: 2019-02-15
The Des Plaines, Illinois-headquartered Gas Technology Institute (GTI) has released a site-specific engineering design titled Low-Carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from Wood Wastes, a blueprint for converting an existing biomass facility into an RNG production site, using the wood waste feedstock.

New RNG production facilities using the commercial technologies outlined in the analysis could reduce criteria pollutants by approximately 99 pct compared to existing operational biomass power plants and produce a very low carbon fuel in the base case and below zero in the case including carbon sequestration technologies, according to the study.

The engineering design illustrated in the report was performed by GTI, Black & Veatch, Andritz, and Haldor Topsoe. The engineering design study was funded by California Air Resources Board (CARB), PG&E, SoCalGas, Northwest Natural and SMUD.

Download Low-Carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from Wood Wastes report HERE. (Source: GTI, Feb., Green Car Congress, 15 Feb., 2019) Contact: GTI, Vann Bush, VP Technology Technology Development and Commercialization, (847)768-0500,

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Congress Lobbied to Reinstate Alt-Fuel Tax Credit (Reg & Leg)
Alternative Fuels
Date: 2019-02-15
More than 700 transportation fuel related industry organizations representing users, retailers, customers, fleet managers, utilities, and producers of clean alternative transportation fuels submitted the following Chairmen Grassley and Neal, and Ranking Members Wyden and Brady:

"We ask your support for including a reinstatement of the $0.50/gallon alternative fuels tax credit (AFTC) in a fiscal year 2019 government spending package. The AFTC is a credit of $0.50 per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) of certain transportation fuels, including natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, P Series Fuels, liquefied hydrogen and others.

" Extending the AFTC retroactively for 2018 and prospectively for 2019 will allow businesses and customers to continue to deploy cleaner alternative fuel technologies. A full five-year extension of the AFTC would provide business certainty along with a significant contribution to our nation's economic growth.

"Unfortunately, the credit has currently lapsed as of December 31, 2017 and many fleets, businesses, and manufacturers are unable to plan future investments as they manage current uncertainty. Immediately reinstating the AFTC for 2018 and 2019 is necessary to encouraging further deployment of new, clean transportation technology.

" Extending the AFTC will bring significant environmental benefits, improved air quality, and enhance our energy independence by lowering our dependence on foreign oil. Renewal of the AFTC also promotes increased private sector investment in infrastructure and equipment, which leads to more jobs and economic output." (Source: NGT News, Various Other Media, 15 Feb., 2019)

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Dandelion Raises $16Mn for Home Geothermal Systems (Ind. Report)
Dandelion Energy
Date: 2019-02-13
New York-based geothermal startup Dandelion reports it has secured $16 million in financing from GV (fka Google Ventures) and Comcast Ventures, with participation from Lennar Corporation and previous investors NEA, Collaborative Fund, Ground Up, and Zhenfund, among others. The new funding, which brings the company's total capital raised to $23 million, will be used for R&D, the opening of a warehouse and to fuel growth.

The Series A funding comes after Dandelion's acquisition of Geo-Connections, a geothermal software-as-a-service company that develops the underlying technology used in geothermal systems, and precedes the broad launch of Dandelion's "Dandelion Radiate" product that works with traditional radiators. According to Dandelion, its system is four times more efficient than furnaces, almost twice as efficient as traditional air condition systems, and costs between $20,000 to $25,000 to install. (Source: Dandelion, Contact: Dandelion, Kathy Hannun, CEO,,

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$1Bn Green Bond to Fund Verizon Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-13
NYC-headquartered telecommunications giant Verizon Communications Inc. is reporting the issuance of $1 billion in green bonds , the proceeds of which will fund various sustainability initiatives including green buildings, energy efficiency, and other initiatives over a ten year period.

Verizon recently implemented several strategies to increase energy efficiency in its larger wireless core data centers, including uninterruptible power supplies, high-efficiency motors, and whole-building control systems. The move is in keeping with the company's goal of sourcing 50 pct -- about 2,000 MW -- of its electric power usage from renewable generation by 2025. (Source: Verizon, Fierce Telecom, 11 Feb., 2019) Contact: Verizon, Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer,,

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Renewables Power Northwestern Chinase Province (Int'l Report)
Qinghai Electric Power Company.
Date: 2019-02-13
China's State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company reports clean energy is powering the economy of northwest China's Qinghai Province with a total installed power generating capacity of nearly 28 million kilowatts, or 86 pct of the province's energy consumption. The province's installed solar power capacity reached 9.6 million KW, wind power hit 2.7 million KW while hydropower capacity reached 11.9 million KW, according to the company release. Additionall, Qinghai province has two, 10 million kilowatts renewable power generating bases under construction. (Source: Qinghai Electric Power Company,, Xinhua, February 10, 2019) Contact: Qinghai Electric Power Company,

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Prairie States Lacking Climate Change Action Plans (Ind. Report)
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.
Date: 2019-02-13
In Lincoln, Nebraska state environmentalists and legislators are reportedly huddling to prepare an action plan to address the potential disastrous effects of climate change.

A plan under consideration would have the University of Nebraska estimate the state's total greenhouse gas emissions, outline goals to reduce them, and identify the positive and negative impacts of climate change on the state's economy. With that data, the University would then develop a plan for adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change. The University would receive $250,000 for the plan which would be presented to the legislature for consideration and possible action by Dec. 15, 2020.

The predominantly conservative states of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming are all without a formal climate change action plan, according to the Arlington, Virginia based not-for-profit Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. (Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, 1011 Nov, 10 Feb., 2019) Contact: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, (703) 516-4146,

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USDA Commits to $125Mn Aemetis Riverbank Biorefinery (Funding)
Date: 2019-02-13
Following up on our 24th January coverage, Cupertino, California-based Aemetis, Inc. is reporting the USDA has issued a Conditional Commitment under the 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program to guarantee a $125 million, 20-year loan to company's cellulosic ethanol plant to be built in Riverbank, California. The Riverbank plant is designed to convert orchard, forest and other biomass waste into cellulosic ethanol with below zero carbon emissions.

The Riverbank biorefinery project recently won a $12 million California state tax waiver and a $5 million California Energy Commission Notice of Proposed Award. Preliminary engineering for the project has been completed and construction is expected to get underway in mid-2019. (Source: Aemetis, PR, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: Aemetis, Eric McAfee, CEO , Todd Waltz, (408) 213-0940,,

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Virgo, Punjab Confirm Indian Biofuel Project MoU (Int'l Report)
Virgo Corporation
Date: 2019-02-13
The Punjab government Monday signed an MoU with the Delhi-based engineering products and services company Virgo Corporation for a Rs 630-crore ($88,389 million, &euro:77.931 million) biofuel project that will use Honeywell technology to produce renewable fuel from waste rice stubble and husks. The Punjab State agricultural sector generates approximately 20 million metric tpy of paddy straw.

The new biofuel facility will create a new market cash flow for Punjab farmers as well as support the national government's biofuel blending and air quality targets. (Source: Energy InfraPost, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: Virgo Corporation, +91 11 43588335-37, +91 11 43588338 - fax,,

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Global Biomass Pellets Market Hits $15.9Bn by 2022, says Report (Report Available)
Biomass Pellet
Date: 2019-02-13
Zion Market Research is reporting the avaiability of its The Biomass Pellets Market for Industrial Applications and Residential Applications: Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2016 – 2022 report comprising detailed information about the global Biomass Pellets Market.

The report provides a complete structural outline and description of the Biomass Pellets Market, estimated growth patterns, market trends, production technologies, and product modifications. The report also offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to product developers and services providers and identifies the major market players -- Energex Corporation, Forest Energy Corporation, Helius Energy, New England Wood Pellet, Woodstone, Forth Energy, International Woodfuels and MGT Power, as well as markets by region and other related pellet industry information and data.

Request a free Biomass Pellets Market Report sample at

Download Free PDF Report Brochure

Report details (Source: ZMR Research News, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: ZMR,

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Shuttered Georgia Coal Plant to Host Solar Demo (Ind. Report)
Georgia Public Service Commission
Date: 2019-02-13
In keeping with its 2016 Integrated Resource Plan, Georgia Power is reporting plans to decertify its coal-fired Plant Hammond before the year end, subject to Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) approval. In the meantime, the utility is planning to develop a demonstration of solar power demo of up to 10 MW on closed coal ash ponds at Plant Hammond.

The PSC previously approved the solar project to evaluate different solar technologies and to give the utility a hands-on detailed understanding of the requirements to permit and build commercial-scale solar generation facilities over closed solid waste sites, remediated sites and undeveloped plant properties. (Source: Georgia Power, Rome News-Tribune, IEEFA, Feb., 2019) Contact: Georgia Public Service Commission,

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B.C. Hidden Forest Carbon Emissions Questioned (Report Attached)
Sierra Club
Date: 2019-02-13
On the Canadian West Coast, the Sierra Club B.C. is urging the province to measure and reduce "uncounted forest emissions" which, in BC, represent a major hole in the province's climate plan and show the need for a provincial forest emissions-reduction strategy.

According to the attached Sierra Club BC report, climate-warming carbon emissions released from B.C. forests in both 2017 and 2018 were more than three times higher than emissions from all other sources combined in 2016 when the province pegged its carbon footprint from non-forestry sources at 61.3 million tpy.

The report notes that forests can act as either a "carbon sink" that absorbs excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, or a source of carbon emissions if it releases more carbon than it absorbs, as occasioned by the recent major forest fires.

The Sierra Club is calling on the province to produce an annual report measuring emissions from forests and to take steps to reduce forest carbon emissions, including banning slash burning, protecting old-growth forests and ramping up B.C.'s FireSmart program, which outlines best practices for reducing wildfire risk to properties in vulnerable communities.

In January, the B.C. government introduced the Clean B.C. plan to cut GHG emissions by 40 pct by 2030, 60 pct by 2040 and 80 pct by 2050. The plan redirects revenue from the provincial carbon tax into incentives like rebates for the province's biggest industries to move to cleaner operations.

Download the Sierra Club Hidden, Ignored and Growing:B.C.'s Forest Carbon Emissions report HERE. (Source: Sierra Club BC, CBC, Feb., 2019) Contact: Sierra Club BC, (250) 386-5255,,

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Iberdrola Taps MHI Vestas for Baltic Eagle Offshore Wind Farm (Int'l)
Iberdrola,MHI Vestas
Date: 2019-02-13
Reporting from Berlin, Iberdrola has announced the selection of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind as preferred turbine supplier for its €2.5 billion, 476-MW, Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm off the island of Rügen in the German Baltic Sea.

The contract will include up to 52 units of the V174-9.5 MW offshore wind turbine, the newly released version of the 9 MW platform from MHI Vestas. Delivery and installation is expected in 2022 / 2023.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is a 50-50 joint venture between Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). (Source: Iberdrola, PR, reve, Others, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: Iberdrola Renewables, Xabier Viteri, Dir. Renewables Business,; MHI Vestas, Philippe Kavafyan, CEO, +45 97 30 00 00,,

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AEP Plans Sempra Energy Renewables Operations Acquisition (M&A)
American Electric Power,Sempra Renewables
Date: 2019-02-13
Columbus, Ohio-headquartered American Electric Power Company Inc (AEP) reports it plans to acquire Sempra Renewables LLC renewables business and its 724-MW portfolio of wind and battery storage capacity for $1.06 billion, subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other approvals. The acquisition is based on $551 million cash, $343 million in project debt assumption, approximately $162 million in tax equity obligations plus closing and working capital adjustments.

AEP will absorb all of Sempra's shareholding in seven operational wind farms and a battery storage facility in Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. A Q2 closing is expected. (Source: AEP, Renewables, 13 Feb., 2019)Contact: American Electric Power, Nicholas K. Akins, Pres., (614) 716-1000,; Sempra Energy, Inv. Relations, (619) 696-2901,

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Velocys, Red Rock Amend Fischer-Tropsch Reactors Deal (Ind Report)
Velocys,Red Rock Biofuel
Date: 2019-02-13
UK-headquartered landfill gas-to-liquid fuels and chemicals producer Velocys Plc reports it and Fort Collins, Colorado-based Red Rock Biofuels LLC (RRB) have agreed to amendments in RRB's licensing of Velocys' Fischer-Tropsch reactors and proprietary catalyst for RRB's biorefinery which is under construction in Lakeview, Oregon.

The amended agreement will see Velocys accelerate delivery of the first of four reactors and first four charges of catalyst. It will also reduce RRB's commitment for reactors from six to four but RRB will retain an option to acquire reactors 5 and 6 units at the existing price until the end of 2020. (Source: Velocys, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Others, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: Velocys Plc, David Pummell, CEO, +44 1235 841 700, (713) 275-5840 -- Houston Office,,; Red Rock Biofuels, Terry Kulesa, CEO, (970) 223-6766,,

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IEA Confirms Ethanol's Role in Cutting Air Pollutants (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-13
In a recent report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) found that blending ethanol in petrol has an immediate impact on reducing emissions of harmful air pollutants from today's cars. The report also notes that E85 is one of the best overall performers in terms of reducing NOx and PM emissions in modern and older cars. The report adds that ethanol use reduces tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide Accordingly, the report supports the need for higher ethanol blends as EU countries struggle to achieve their decarbonization targets.

Other studies have demonstrated the role of ethanol in reducing emissions in heavy duty vehicles, notably through ED95 blend in dedicated engines. Comparing natural gas, diesel and ED95, the French environment agency ADEME indicated that ED95 vehicles were the best solution to reduce CO and NOx emissions and improve energy efficiency. And, on a full lifecycle analysis, ED95 reduced CO2 emission by more than 88 pct compared to diesel. (Source: IEA, ePure, 22 Jan., 2019) Contact: ePure,; International Energy Agency, Dr. Fatih Birol, Exec. Dir., +33 1 40 57 65 00,

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Notable Quote
Date: 2019-02-13
"Ethanol is very important because it is part of the solution in terms of reducing the oil import dependence of many countries. At the same time, ethanol will help reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector as well as other sectors." -- IEA Exec. Dir. Fatih Birol, speaking on the sidelines of the COP24 in Katowice in Poland. Contact: International Energy Agency, Dr. Fatih Birol, Exec. Dir., +33 1 40 57 65 00,

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EU Lifts Duties on Argentinian Biodiesel Producers (Int'l Report)
Argentina Biodiesel
Date: 2019-02-13
Reuters is reporting Argentina and the 28-member EU have agreed to end a dispute over biodiesel exports and eight Argentinian biodiesel producers will now be permitted to export to the EU duty-free as long as a minimum price is maintained, according to the EU's Official Journal.

The EU imposed anti-dumping duties on Argentina, the world's top producer of soyoil, the main ingredient used to make biodiesel, in 2013, but lifted most suties in March 2018 after they were successfully challenged at the World Trade Organization and the European Court of Justice.

According to the EC, with the lifted duties the EU's annual biodiesel imports would equal approximately 10 pct of the trading bloc's biodiesel consumption per year from 2014 to 2017. The price would be linked to the average monthly soybean price quotations published by Argentina's agriculture ministry, which reflect the inclusion of the export tax. The duties and the minimum price scheme is now in effect. (Source: EC, Successful Farming, Reuters, 12 Feb., 2019)

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Palm Oil Still in EU Transportation Fuel Mix (Int'l Report)
Date: 2019-02-13
Reporting from Brussels, the European Commission (EC) reports it has gone most of the way toward banning the use of unsustainable palm oil in EU transport, but it hasn't quite closed the deal. Instead of acting on the RED II agreement and removing "high-ILUC-risk" biofuels from the 28-member trading bloc's transport mix, it has left a door open, according to a release.

"Making an exception for feedstock produced by smallholders isn't just allowing high-ILUC-risk biofuels such as palm oil into Europe through the back door, it's allowing it through the front door," said Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary General of ePURE, the European renewable ethanol association. "The hard-won compromise reached on RED II couldn't have been clearer in its message that Europe should phase out biofuels associated with the significant deforestation and peatland drainage that has defined most palm oil expansion."

"Low-ILUC-risk biofuels certified as such could escape from the phase-out, but these were clearly defined as either produced through improved agricultural practices or from unused land. By inventing a third, alternative criterion for smallholders, the EC is making a mockery of the agreed RED II compromise," the ePure Secretary General added.

European renewable ethanol is made from European feedstock and delivers high greenhouse-gas reduction and is not associated with deforestation. Its use cuts GHG emissions by more than 70 pct on average compared to fossil petrol. (Source: ePure, EC, Feb., 2019) Contact: European Renewable Ethanol Assoc. (ePURE), Emmanuel Desplechin, Sec. Gen., +32 2 657 6679,,

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energyOrbit to Automate LES' Energy Efficiency Program (Ind. Report)
Lincoln Electric System,energyOrbit
Date: 2019-02-13
In the Cornhusker State, the Lincoln-headquartered publicly owned utility Lincoln Electric System (LES) reports it is tapping San Francisco-based cloud energy efficiency and demand-side management (DSM) specialist energyOrbit to automate and streamline its Sustainable Energy Program among LES' 135,000 customers.

With energyOrbit's "Salesforce" platform, LES can more effectively report energy efficiency savings and incentive programs offered to customers and make better informed operational decisions for effective management of their programs. Similarly, the scalable nature of the energyOrbit platform can also open the opportunity for managing future energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

According to energyOrbit, its platform has enabled similar utilities to improve efficiency and DSM operational savings by up to 75 pct, lower overhead costs and ultimately gain a unit of energy savings. f (Source: energyOrbit, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: energyOrbit, Udi Merhav, CEO; Lincoln Electric System, Marc Shkolnick, Manager, Energy Services,

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Notable Quote
Green New Deal,American Institute of Architects
Date: 2019-02-13
"We applaud the efforts of Congress and its committees to find new ways to support achieving a carbon neutral future by 2030, which is critical to our global future. By investing in infrastructure, upgrading the existing building stock and improving resilience in the built environment, we can make progress towards AIA's 2030 Commitment goals. However, there's a great deal of work that needs to be done. AIA encourages Congress to swiftly enact public policies today that will address the dire consequences we're facing." -- William Bates, Pres., American Institute of Architects commenting on the recently proposed Green New Deal. Contact: American Institute of Architects, William Bates, Pres.,

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Hydrostor Touts Aussie Compressed Air Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-13
Toronto-headquartered advanced compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) specialist Hydrostor Inc. is reporting its subsidiary, Hydrostor Australia Pty Ltd, has been awarded a combined total of $9 million in grant funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Government of South Australia in support of the 5 MW project. Australia's first A-CAES project is slated for construction at the site of a mothballed mine near Adelaide.

(Source: Hydrostor, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: Hydrostor, Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO.; ARENA, Ivor Frischknecht, CEO, +61 2 6243 7773,,

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"Green" Building Knowledge, Demand on the Rise (Ind. Report)
American Institute of Architects ,World Green Building Council,
Date: 2019-02-13
According to a recent poll of more than 2,000 building contractors, engineers, architects, investors, and owners from 86 countries, the worldwide demand for "green" buildings has been steadily rising and is expected to soon account for the majority of new building construction.

The research was published by Dodge Data & Analytics on behalf of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the World Green Building Council, and other green building groups.

The poll noted "a significant change in the perceptions surrounding green buildings" with more than one-half of the poll respondents expecting at least 60 pct of their project pipeline to involve green building--green construction by 2021. The poll also noted the number of survey respondents who believe that green construction costs more than traditional building methods has decreased from over 75 pct in 2012 to less than 50 pct in the most recent survey. (Source: AIA, CRL, Jan., 2019) Contact: AIA,; World Green Building Council, Terri Willis, CEO,

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Carbon Capture Modernization Act Tabled in DC (Reg. & Leg.)
Carbon Capture
Date: 2019-02-13
In Washington, Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn) and Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) have introduced the Carbon Capture Modernization Act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel producers by creating additional incentives for utilities to install carbon capture and storage technology.

The bi-partisan Act, which is cosponsored by Sens. Kevin Cramer (R-ND), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), John Barrasso (R-Wy), Jon Tester (D-Mont), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Steve Daines (R-Mont), updates the tax credit system for coal producers and incentivizes underground carbon sequestration rather than releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

"Climate change will continue to threaten our economy and our future if we don't find ways to decrease our nation's carbon footprint, While we continue to transition to clean and affordable forms of energy, this legislation helps ensure that carbon dioxide released by fossil fuel power plants is captured and stored before it can be emitted into the atmosphere. This bill supports the good work that Minnesota Power, Minnesota's rural electric co-ops, and other utilities in our state are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Sen. Smith stated in a release. (Source: Various Media, Brainerd Dispatch, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn),; Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND),

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Brown Univ. Aspiring to 100 pct Renewables by 2020 (Ind. Report)
Brown University
Date: 2019-02-11
In Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University is reporting the inking of agreements with two developers for the development and implementation of sufficient wind and solar power to offset all of the Ivy League school's electric power requirements by the year 2020.

The bulk of Brown's planned renewable energy will be supplied by a 50-MW solar array planned for a former gravel pit in North Kingstown. The project, proposed by Providence-based Energy Development Partners, in partnership with national energy provider Constellation, will be the largest solar project in the state.

The solar project is expected to offset about 70 pct of the university's energy usage. The remainder will be offset under the terms of a 25-year PPA for an 8-MW portion of a large onshore wind farm presently being developed in Texas.

Brown has also pledged to reduce campus greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2040 and, to that end, has taken steps to cut emissions by 75 pct below 2017-18 levels by 2025. (Source: Brown University, Providence Journal, 3 Feb., 2019) Contact: Brown University,

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U.S. Fuel Ethanol Production Falls in February (Ind. Report)
Energy Information Administration
Date: 2019-02-11
On February 7th the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported US fuel ethanol production averaged 967,000 bpd in the week to February 1, 2019. This is the lowest since mid-April 2018.

Download the US EIA Biofuels: Ethanol and Biodiesel Explained report HERE.

Access EIA Monthly Reviews HERE. (Source: US EIA, Feb, 2019) Contact: US EIA,

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Statkraft Growing European Renewable Market Access (Int'l)
Date: 2019-02-11
Oslo-based Norwegian state-owned utility Statkraft AS reports it is seeking to expand its European renewable energy activity through a series of new projects and power purchase agreements (PPAs), including a recently inked five-year wind energy PPAs and capacity certificates from three French wind energy projects being developed by the French developer Valeco Groupe and slated for commissioning in May and September 2019.

Under the terms of their agreement, Valeco will operate the three wind projects in northern France from its HQ in Montpellier, with support from technicians based in Amiens. Statkraftnotes it is Europe's largest provider of market access for, mainly, renewables generation, amounting to 18.2GW. As previously reported, Statkraft exited the offshore wind industry and is now focused on expanding in onshore wind, solar and hydropower facities and activities. (Source: Statkraft, WindPower, 7 Feb., 2019) Contact: Stakraft, +47 24 06 70 00, Clement Perchat, Bus. Dev for France,; Valeco, +33 (0) 4 67 40 74 00, Fax: +33 (0) 4 67 40 74 05,,

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EMPEQ Energy Efficiency Startup Selected for Veteran Founder Lab Program (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-11
In the Empire State, Ithaca-based energy efficiency project investment and asset management startup Empower Equity (EMPEQ) reports it has been selected to join the Veteran Founder Lab program of the Founder Institute, a Palo Alto, California-based pre-seed startup accelerator.

Through Veteran Founder Lab, EMPEQ, a NYSERDA and LaunchNY portfolio company, will receive help funding its energy efficient project financing business globally.

The Founder Lab is a virtual advisory program that helps early-stage startups raise seed funding, improve their "pitch" materials, build an investor pipeline, negotiate terms, and generate strong investor interest. Veteran-led startups also gain access to the combined global networks of the Founder Institute and Vet-Tech to scale their companies using corporate partnerships, customer introductions, and a network of startup talent as part of the initiative's global network.

EMPEQ helps businesses access commercial energy efficiency equipment, such as LED lighting, air source heat pump systems and related equipment without upfront costs. (Source: EMPEQ, Business Journal News Network, 9 Feb., 2019) Contact: EMPEQ, Herbert Dwyer, CEO, 347-903-6737,

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Etihad, Vision Invest Launch Saudi Energy Efficiency JV (Int'l)
Date: 2019-02-11
Reporting from Riyadh, Saudi holding company Vision Invest and the UAE's Etihad Energy Services (ESCO) are reporting the formation of a joint entity to provide energy efficiency solutions.

Etihad ESCO enables the energy performance contracting market in Dubai and has retrofitted more than 2,000 facilities delivering average savings of close to 35 pct -- more than 88 GW of electricity, 246 million IG of water and offset more than 407,000 tpy CO2 emissions, according to the release. Vision Invest is a 2002 vintage Saudi investment and development holding company focused on investments in utilities, industrial gases, logistics and social infrastructure, as well as other sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (Source: Etihad,, 10 Feb., 2019), Contact: Vision Invest,; Etihad ESCO, +971 (0) 4 322 03

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Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund Pushing for Climate Data (Int'l)
Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund
Date: 2019-02-11
Reporting from Oslo, th $1 trillion Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, the world's largest sovereign wealth fund, reports it will encourage the roughly 9,000 firms across 72 nations in which it has invested to disclose more data on their greenhouse gas emissions and their climate change adaptation plans.

The fund, which invests the revenues of Norway's oil and gas production, has also developed in-house software that uses non-financial data, such as CO2 emissions, and trading and earnings data to project future company performance. In 2018, the new software reportedly helped 30 companies complete informed divestments Two of the 30 divested companies were involved in palm oil; one in rubber; ten in coal-based power; and one in "CO2 intensity".

In 2018, the Norwegian fund emitted 107 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents via its ownership stakes -- roughly twice the amount emitted by Norway in 2017 -- according to the fund's recently release annual report. (Source: Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, Reuters, euronews, Feb., 2019)Contact: Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, Yngve Slyngstad, CEO,

NDPSC Greenlight's NextEra 123-Turbine Wind Project (Ind. Report)
North Dakota Public Service Commission,NextEra Energy Resources
Date: 2019-02-11
The North Dakota Public Service Commission (NDPSC) is reporting approval of NextEra Energy Resources' planned Emmons-Logan Wind Energy Center northeast of Linton, ND. When constructed, the $415 million, 123 wind turbine project will generate nearly 300 MW of power.

Great River Energy has inked a 25-year PPA for 100 pct of the project's approximately 300 MW capacity. The state presently boasts roughly 3,150 MW of wind energy capacity. (Source: North Dakota Public Service Commission, reve, 10 Feb., 2019) Contact: North Dakota Public Service Commission,; NextEra Energy Resources,

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Notable Quote
Climate Change
Date: 2019-02-11
"The international community needs more political will to undertake climate change mitigation, adaptation and climate finance activities. We are losing the race for climate change, which could be a disaster for Africa and the world. Africa will pay even higher price because of the dramatic impact in the continent even though Africa doesn't contribute much to the warming of the planet." -- UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, speaking at the 32nd ordinary session of the Assembly of the African Union (AU). (Source: IANS, 9 Feb., 2019)

More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Change,  

NPPD Sued Over Wind PPA Terminations (Reg. & Leg., Ind Report)
Global Investment Partners
Date: 2019-02-11
Three wind farms in the Cornhusker State -- Laredo Ridge Wind LLC, Broken Bow Wind LLC and Crofton Bluffs Wind LLC -- are reported to have filed legal action against Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) for allegedly attempting to prematurely cancel existing 20-year PPAs 10 years ahead to their expiration date.

The lawsuit seeks both a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to stop NPPD from terminating the agreements on the grounds that a "premature termination of the PPAs would effectively destroy each plaintiff's wind energy project as a going concern." The suit also claims the early PPA terminations would have a material effect on the wind farms because it would put them in default with their creditors, potentially triggering foreclosure actions.

All three plaintiff wind farms are owned or partially owned New York-based Global Investment Partners. (Source: The Sioux City Journal, Feb., 2019) Contact: Global Investment Partners,; Nebraska Public Power District, Pat Pope, CEO, Pres.,

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Coal is Still King in Kentucky -- Notable Quote
Date: 2019-02-11
"Coal is the No. 1 contributor to the production of energy in the world and will continue to be in the lifetimes of everyone standing here now." -- Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) 10 Feb., 2019 Contact: Gov. Matt Bevin,

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Xeric Offers City Free Landfill Gas Feasibility Study (Int'l)
Xeric AB
Date: 2019-02-11
Stockholm-headquartered landfill methane gas technology and capture specialist Xeric AB reports it will conduct a free pre-feasibility study on the possible construction of a landfill gas recovery plant for energy production in Dumaguete City, the Philippines. The city produce about 80 tpd of landfill waste.

Xeric AB offers technologies that can capture methane gases from existing landfill areas ton be sold as methane gas fuel or used for on site electric power generation. The free pre-feasibility study will help the city comply with a proposed ecological solid waste management program including a landfill gas recovery and energy production facility. (Source: Xeric AB, Negros Chronicle, !0 Feb., 2019) Contact: Xeric AB , Ulf Malmerberg, CEO, +46 8 752 1900,

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Fairview Park Granted $68,000 for Energy Efficieny Projects (Funding)
Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council
Date: 2019-02-11
In the Buckeye State, the City of Fairview Park, near Cleveland, reports it has been awarded $68,400 in Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) grant funding for as yet to be determined energy efficiency and/or energy infrastructure projects in the community.

Energy efficiency project being considered include LED street lighting, and facility window and door efficiency upgrades. The NOPEC grant is expected to be used in 2019. (Source: Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, 11 Feb., 2019) Contact: City of Fairview Park, Shawn Leininger, Director of Public Service and Development,; Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council,

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Ireland Bemoans Lack of Solar Progress (Int'l., Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-11
In Dublin, the Republic of Ireland Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment reports that despite its approval of more than 80 solar projects between 2015 and 2018, there are currently no operational commercial-scale solar farms on the Emerald Island.

And, according to the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, solar power accounted for under 0.03 pct of Ireland's overall energy supply for electricity consumption in 2017. The department also confirmed that it supports solar PV through the SEAI-led Better Energy Communities and pilot Deep Retrofit Scheme.

Under its 2009 Renewable Energy Directive, Ireland is required to generate a minimum of 16 pct of its energy requirement from renewable sources by the year 2020. (Source: Republic of Ireland Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Agriland, 10 Feb., 2019) Contact: Republic of Ireland Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment,

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CO2 Now Being Captured in DRAX Biomass CCS Pilot (Int'l)
Date: 2019-02-11
In the UK, DRAX, the UK's biggest renewable power generator is reporting the first BECCS demo pilot project of its kind in the world has begun capturing carbon dioxide at its biomass-fired power station near Selby in North Yorkshire. The pilot project uses proprietary solvent technology developed by University of Leeds spin-out C-Capture. The pilot project is the first-time CO2 has been captured from the combustion of a 100 biomass biomass feedstock anywhere in the world.

Drax has invested £400,000 in the pilot, which could be the first of several projects undertaken at the power station to deliver a rapid, lower cost demonstration of BECCS. According to the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering, BECCS could enable the capture 50 million tpy of CO2 by 2050 -- approximately half the UK's emissions target.

As previously reported, DRAX converted two thirds of the Selby Station to use sustainable biomass instead of coal making the plant the country's largest renewable power generator and the largest decarbonisation project in Europe.

C-Capture designs world-leading, patented chemical processes for carbon dioxide removal.The company's solvent-based technology offers a safe, low-cost way to remove CO2 from emissions sources such as power stations, industrial plants and anaerobic digestion. (Source: DRAX, PR, 7 Feb., 2019) Contact: University of Leeds,; C-CAPTURE, Caspar Schoolderman, Director of Engineering,; DRAX , Will Gardiner, CEO,

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Green Bond Raises $410Mn for Asian Low Carbon Projects (Int'l)
AC Energy,Ayala
Date: 2019-02-11
In the Philippines, AC Energy, the energy platform of one of the largest conglomerates located in the Philippines, Ayala Corporation, reports it raised $410 million (US) in its first Climate Bond Initiative listed on the Singapore Exchange. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, provided an anchor investment of $75 million to complete the public placement of the bonds. AC Energy added a private placement of $110 million in climate bonds for 10 years and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) invested $20 million in the transaction, which is paying a coupon of 5.25 pct.

Proceeds from the bond offering are earmarked for AC Energy's low-carbon energy projects in the Asia-Pacific region. The bonds received pre-issuance certification as climate bonds under the Climate Bonds Standard (CBS). (Source: AC Energy, Asset ESG Forum, 10 Feb., 2019) Contact: AC Energy , Eric Francia, Pres., CEO,; Ayala,

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USGBC Touts Top LEED Green Buildings States for 2018 (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-11
The US Green Building Council (USGBC) has officially revealed the Top 10 states for LEED certification. The states that led the country in LEED standards constructed over 468 million square feet of green building space for a population of 128 million people.

Illinois led the pack of the top 10 LEED states with 172 projects that adhered to LEED standards. Massachusetts came in second followed by Washington, New York, Texas, Colorado, Hawaii, Virginia, California and Maryland.

Several of the top 2018 LEED states -- Illinois, Maryland, New York, Colorado, Virginia, California and Maryland -- were also in the top 10 in 2017.(Source: US Green Building Council, Feb., 2018) Contact: USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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IEA Touts New Biofuture Platform Facilitator (Ind. Report)
IEA,Biofuture Platform
Date: 2019-02-11
The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports it has officially taken on the role of Facilitator of the 20-member nation Biofuture Platform -- Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Mozambique, the Netherlands.

The Biofuture Platform organization aims to accelerate development and deployment of modern sustainable low-carbon alternatives to fossil based solutions in transport fuels, chemicals, plastics and other bioenergy sectors.

Since its launch in November 2016, the Biofuture Platform Platform has worked with the IEA on various initiatives including analysis and promotion of innovative bioenergy technology, effective policies, sustainability governance and multilateral collaboration. In 2018, the IEA identified modern bioenergy as the "overlooked giant among renewables" noting that it corresponds to 50 pct of the total consumption of renewable energy.

In addition, the IEA will expand and strengthen collaboration with bioenergy frontrunners under its Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme. (Source: Biofuture Platform, IEA, Modern Diplomat, 10 Feb., 2019) Contact: Biofuture Platform,

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DRAX Biomass Carbon Capture Pilot Now in Action (Int'l Report)
Date: 2019-02-11
In the UK, the nation's largest renewable power energy generator DRAX is reporting the nation's first Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) pilot project at its power station near Selby in North Yorkshire has begun capturing carbon dioxide.

The "first of its kind" demonstration plant uses innovative technology developed by Leeds University spin-out C-Capture to capture CO2 from the combustion of a 100 pct biomass feedstock. The pilot plant was commissioned last November.

Drax has invested £400,000 in the pilot, which could be the first of several projects undertaken at the power station to deliver a rapid, lower cost demonstration of BECCS. According to the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering, BECCS could enable the capture of 50 million tpy by 2050 -- almost half of the UK's emissions target.

Drax operates electric power generation and compressed wood biomass pellet production operations across the UK, including the woddy biomass-fired Selby, North Yorkshire plant which supplies fully 6 pct of the country's electricity needs.

C-Capture's proprietary solvent-based chemical processes removes CO2 from emissions sources such as power stations, industrial plants and anaerobic digestion. (Source: DRAX, PR, 7 Feb., 2019) Contact: University of Leeds,; C-CAPTURE, Caspar Schoolderman, Director of Engineering ,; DRAX , Will Gardiner, CEO,

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$1Bn Green Bond to Fund Verizon Energy Efficiency, Green Building Initiatives (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-11
Verizon is reporting the issuance of $1 billion in green bonds, the proceeds from which will fund various sustainability initiatives including renewable energy, green buildings, energy efficiency, and other initiatives over a ten year period.

Additionally, the company recently implemented strategies to increase energy efficiency in its larger wireless core data centers, including uninterruptible power supplies, high-efficiency motors, and whole-building control systems. The move is in keeping with the company's recently announced goal sourcing 50 pct -- about 2,000 MW -- of its electric power consumption from renewable generation by 2025. (Source: Verizon, Fierce Telecom, 11 Feb., 2019) Contact: Verizon, Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer,

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RFA 2019 Ethanol Industry Outlook -- Powered with Renewed Energy Guide Attached (Ind. Report)
Date: 2019-02-11
The RFA's 2019 Ethanol Industry Outlook and Pocket Guide -- the go-to sources for reliable information and data on America's ethanol industry -- is now available.

The annual Outlook publication provides policymakers, regulators, consumers, the media and renewable fuel advocates with key statistics, trends, insight, and analysis on the latest developments in the U.S. renewable fuels industry, as well as commentary on what to expect in 2019. The publication also features a detailed listing of every fuel ethanol plant in the country, along with production capacity.

Access the RFA 2019 Ethanol Industry Outlook -- Powered with Renewed Energy HERE. (Source: RFA, Feb., 2019) Contact: RFA, Robert White, VP Ind. Relations, (202) 289-3835,

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Wisc. Board Lifts Not-on-Our-Time Climate Change Rule (Reg. & Leg.)
Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
Date: 2019-02-11
In the Badger State, the newly elected Democrat dominated Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands reports it has lifted an obscure 2015, Republican instituted ban on its nine employees working on climate change issues while working on state time on the grounds that it was "completely reckless."

The board, which provides money from a $1.2 billion endowment fund for school libraries and makes loans to municipalities and school districts, also manages 77,000 acres of timber land. A spokesperson for the board said the "climate change ban was making it hard for them to make sound decisions about state lands. Removing it is about fulfilling a responsibility to manage state assets properly." (Source: Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, My Plainview, 8 Feb., 2019) Contact: Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, (608) 266-1370,

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RFS2 Emissions Reductions Beat EPA Expectations (Ind. Report)
Renewable Fuel Standard ,Renewable Fuels Association, RFA
Date: 2019-02-08
A recently released Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) commissioned study claims the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2) has been a tremendous success in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with nearly 600 million metric tons of GHG reduction since 2007 -- surpassing the EPA original expectations of 422 million metric tons, according to the study. The analysis was conducted by Life Cycle Associates, a California-based scientific consulting firm, and commissioned by the Renewable Fuels Foundation (RFF).

The study credits the larger-than-expected GHG reductions to: the adoption of technology improvements in the production of corn-based ethanol, resulting in far greater GHG reductions than originally estimated by EPA; the GHG emissions of petroleum are higher than the baseline estimates originally projected by EPA; and advanced biofuels like biodiesel, renewable diesel, and renewable natural gas have contributed additional GHG reductions, even though actual cellulosic biofuel production has been lower than initially projected. The study also notes that the conventional ethanol consumed in 2018 reduced GHG emissions by 43 pct compared to EPA's initial projections that conventional ethanol would achieve only a 20 pct GHG reduction versus petroleum.

Download the study HERE. (Source: RFA, 6 Feb., 2019) Contact: Renewable Fuels Association, Geoff Cooper, Pres., CEO, (202) 289-3835,

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Wheat Straw Isobutene Demo Scale Success Reported (Ind. Report)
Global Bioenergies ,Clariant
Date: 2019-02-08
Evry, France-based Global Bioenergies is reporting the successful production of cellulosic isobutene using wheat straw hydrolysate provided by its partner Clariant at its Leuna Demo Plant. The initial demo plants runs were part of OPTISOCHEM (OPTimized conversion of residual wheat straw to bio-ISObutene for bio based CHEMicals), a 2017 project with €9.8 million in grant funding from the Bio Based Industry- Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) as part of the H2020 program.

The project aimed to demonstrate a new value chain combining Global Bioenergies bio-Isobutene process with technologies developed by Clariant and INEOS, two of Europe's leading chemical companies. OPTISOCHEM focuses on:

  • Conversion of straw into glucose- and xylose-rich hydrolysates by Clariant sunliquid technology:

  • Fermentation of the straw hydrolysates into bio-isobutene by Global Bioenergies;

  • Conversion of bio-isobutene into oligomers and polymers by INEOS;

  • Preliminary engineering of an hydrolysate-to-isobutene plant and overall integration with a straw-to-hydrolysate plant, by TechnipFMC and IPSB, (France), and

  • Assessment of the sustainability and environmental benefits by the Energy Institute at the JKU Linz (Austria).

    The BBI-JU, a public-private partnership between the EU and the Bio-Industries Consortium (BIC), is dedicated to realizing the European bio-economy potential, turning biological residues and wastes into greener everyday products through innovative technologies and bio-refineries expected to become the heart of the bio-economy. (Source: Global BioEnergies, 7 Feb., 2019)Contact: Global Bioenergies, Marc Delcourt, CEO, +33 (0)1 64 98 20 50,; INEOS,; Clariant, Markus Rarbach, Hariolf Kottmann, CEO, +41 61 469 5111,

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  • DoE to Fund $28Mn for Floating Offshore Wind R&D (Funding)
    DOE Wind
    Date: 2019-02-08
    In Washington, the U.S.DOE reports it will provide $28 million in funding for a research program that aimed at developing new technologies for floating offshore wind turbines.

    The department is seeking proposals using control co-design methodologies, bringing together disciplines from across the realm of engineering, sciences and technology to work concurrently on designing lighter, more powerful floating turbines.

    According to the DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) program, U.S. offshore wind energy potential is estimated to be equivalent to 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, but nearly 60 pct of that wind energy -- the equivalent of the entire U.S. annual electricity consumption -- blows across waters more than 200 feet deep, an area that cannot presently be economically accessed. (Source: DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, Offshore Engineer, 6 Feb., 2019)Contact: DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy,

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    Daimler Predicting Rising Vehicle Emissions (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2019-02-08
    German auto juggernaut Daimler is reporting its average emissions levels in Europe will rise in 2019 due to stricter anti-pollution testing rules that have revealed higher emissions results.

    European Union lawmakers are demanding that automakers cut average CO2 emissions levels by 40 pct between 2007 and 2021, a goal that has become harder to attain after WLTP emissions tests were introduced in 2018.

    Daimler AG is a German multinational automotive corporation, headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Daimler-Benz was formed with the merger of Benz & Cie and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft in 1926. (Source: Daimler, euronews., 7 Feb., 2019) Contact: Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, CEO,

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    Aussie Solar-plus-Storage Projects Advancing (Int'l Report)
    Energy Projects Solar
    Date: 2019-02-08
    In the Land Down Under, South Australia, the nation's renewable energy leader, reports it may soon host two of the country's largest utility-scale solar arrays -- a 500 MW solar farm co-located with a 250 MW/1 GWh battery storage capacity, and a construction-ready 200 MW PV project with 120 MWh of storage that forms part of the Solar River Project, near Robertstown.

    The first project, proposed by Energy Projects Solar, would be constructed in stages and get under way before the year end. The second scheme planned for the same region is the Solar River Project is presently preparing to break ground.

    The privately funded, $450 million Solar River Project comprises 200 MW of solar PV generation capacity plus 120 MWh of battery storage capacity. The two projects with their energy storage facilities are among the largest in Australia's development pipeline. (Source: Energy Projects Solar, PV Mag., February 5, 2019) Contact: Energy Projects Solar,

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