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Seattle Cutting CO2 Emissions, Funding "Blue Carbon" Research Project (Ind. Report)
Port of Seattle, US Gain
Date: 2020-04-17
In Washington State, the Port of Seattle Commission reports approval of a 10-year Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) supply contract with U.S. Gain to enable the Port to reach its 2030 goal to cut carbon emissions by 50 pct almost a decade early.

The $23 million contract allows the Port to purchase sufficient fuel to heat 55 pct of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) terminal and to power 100 pct of its bus fleet to reach its 50 pct port-wide carbon reduction goal. The fuel delivery begins October 1, 2020.

Natural gas accounts for 75 pct of the Port's annual climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions. This contract will result in the reduction of approximately 11,000 tpy of emissions the Port directly produces -- equivalent to heating 4,000 Seattle homes or taking 2,400 passenger vehicles off the roads each year of the contract.

Port Commissioners also approved an Inter-local agreement with the Washington State Departments of Ecology and Natural Resources for the Smith Cove "Blue Carbon" pilot project. Blue Carbon is the carbon stored in coastal ecosystems of mangroves, tidal marshes and sea grass meadows contain large stores of carbon deposited by vegetation and various natural processes over centuries. These ecosystems sequester and store more carbon per unit area than terrestrial forests. The goal of the study is to evaluate how well transplanted kelp and eelgrass offshore of Smith Cove Park sequester carbon and reduce ocean acidification associated with carbon concentrations. (Source: Port of Seattle, PR, Travel Daily News, 16 April, 2020) Contact: US Gain, Bryan Nudelbacher, Dir. RNG Business Development, 920.381.2190,; Port of Seattle Commission, 206-787-3034,

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Alternative Fuels for Int'l Shipping Study Launched (Int'l)
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Maritime Institute
Date: 2020-04-17
In Singapore, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) are reporting release of their 12-month study covering the technological, environmental and economic considerations in adopting alternative fuels.

The comprehensive study evaluates the characteristics of liquefied natural gas (LNG), methanol, biodiesel, and hydrogen, and outlines ways to incorporate them into existing ship systems. The study also provides short-, medium- and long-term measures, for shipping companies to overcome challenges in incorporating alternative fuels into their value chain and outlines how companies can use alternative fuels to help meet the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets of at least 50 pct, compared to the levels in 2008.

Download the Alternative Fuels for International Shipping studyHERE.(Source: NTU, SMI, Sea News, 16 April, 2020) Contact: NTU, Dr. Prapisala Thepsithar , Professor Louis Phee, Dean of College of Engineering, +65 6791 1744,; Singapore Maritime Insitute, +65 6270 2885,

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U.S. Ethanol Production Sinks to Another New Low (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-04-17
Further to our 3rd April report, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is reporting U.S. ethanol production fell to 570,000 bpd during the week ending April 10, the lowest daily average since record keeping began in 2010.

Production was 15 pct lower than the 672,000 bpd reported a week earlier, at the time the lowest average daily output on record. (Source: U.S. EIA, Various Media, AG Insider, 15 April, 2020) Contact: Energy Information Administration,

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OSU Releases Path to Carbon Neutrality Plan (Ind. Report)
Ohio State University
Date: 2020-04-17
In Columbus, The Ohio State University (OSU) has released a plan to slash its carbon emissions in half within this decade, accelerating the university's ability to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2050.

In 2008, Ohio State established the goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitment. The university released its first Climate Action Plan in 2011 outlining actions the university could take to advance the carbon neutrality goal. As a result of those and other actions, through the 2019 fiscal year, the university decreased its carbon emissions by over 15 pct while still increasing the amount of built space by nearly 11 pct. The new Action Plan calls for:

  • Improving building energy efficiency;

  • Revising the university's Green Build and Energy Policy to more effectively control energy use as the university continues to grow and update its building spaces;

  • Extend on-campus solar PV and any future feasible technology for increased renewable power generation capacity;

  • Completing the existing university Green Fleet Action Plan and consider a future fuel switch from compressed natural gas to green hydrogen or renewable natural gas.

  • Create new incentives to reduce the impact of driving to and from campus, including expanding campus user access to electric vehicle fueling stations.

    This pace of activity is more aggressive than the International Panel on Climate Change's recommended carbon emission reductions necessary to avoid the most acute human impacts of climate change.

    Download the Path to Carbon Neutrality: Ohio State Climate Action Plan HERE (Source: Ohio State Univ., PR, 15 April, 2020)

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  • Mass. DOER Doubles Solar Incentive Program (Ind. Report)
    Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
    Date: 2020-04-17
    In the Bay State, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has doubled the capacity of a state's SMART incentive program designed to spur small- and medium-scale solar projects. Under new regulations which are now in force, the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program, known as SMART, will increase from 1.6 gigawatts to 3.2 gigawatts, a change long sought by the solar industry.

    Massachusetts administers the SMART program in 200-megawatt "blocks," with incentives that step down as they're filled. In addition to doubling the program and setting aside capacity for low-income communities, the changes include a 20 pct carve-out in each block for projects between 25 kilowatts and 500 kilowatts.

    Community solar projects and shared solar projects serving low-income customers will have to subscribe at least 90 percent of bill credits before receiving incentives to help guarantee a project's completion. (Source: Mass. DOER, GTM, 15 April, 2020) Contact: Mass DOER,; Mass DOER SMART program,

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    PMW Tech Global Shipping Decarbonization Study Funded (Int'l.)
    PMW Technology
    Date: 2020-04-17
    In the UK, PMW Technology reports it has been awarded a T-TRIG grant by the Department of Transport for a six month study to examine the application of the company's unique A3C process to the challenge of decarbonizing global shipping.

    PMW Technology's award-winning A3C carbon capture process has a life cost of capture up to 70 pct lower than alternatives. The process uses a cryogenic physical separation to capture the carbon dioxide from a process gas stream. The physical separation is flexible and efficient, avoiding the costs of chemical consumption and environmental hazards associated with conventional processes. (Source: PMW Technology, Web Site, April, 2020) Contact: PMW Technology, Paul Willson, CEO, +44 0 783142 3915,,

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    Capstone Supplying Japanese Biowaste-to-Energy Project (Int'l.)
    Capstone Turbine
    Date: 2020-04-17
    Van Nuys, California-based microturbine energy systemsCapstone Turbine Corporation reports it will supply its first 800 kilowatt (kW) C800 Signature Series micro-turbine for a new agricultural and animal waste-to-energy project for the Biokurasix Handa city biogas power generation facility.

    The facility will use anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and is expected to come online before the year end. (Source: Capstone Turbine, PR, 16 April, 2020) Contact: Capstone Turbine, Darren Jamison,Pres., CEO, 818-407-3628,,

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    MingYang Plans Typhoon-Resistant Floating Wind Turbine (Int'l Report)
    MingYang Smart Energy
    Date: 2020-04-15
    Chinese wind turbine manufacturer MingYang Smart Energy Group reports plans to invest roughly CNY 725 million ($102.5 million) to develop a 10 MW typhoon-resistant floating wind turbine at the company's business site in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

    The funding for the project will raised with a private placement of A shares. A portion of the share proceeds will be used to construct an offshore wind turbine manufacturing base in Shanwei city. (Source: Ming Yang, PR, April, 2020) Contact: MingYang Smart Energy Group,

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    LM Wind Power's Little Rock Blade Plant Getting Axed (Ind. Report)
    LM Wind Power,GE Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-04-15
    GE Renewable Energy, parent company to LM Wind Power -- fka LM Glasfiber -- has announced LM Wind's blade manufacturing plant is Little Rock, Arkansas will cease production by the end of the month and be closed before the year end due to a decreasing demand for wind blades.

    The $150 million plant was opened in October 2008 and acquired by GE Renewables in April 2017. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, TB&P, 14 April, 2020) Contact: LM Wind Power,; GE Renewable Energy,,

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    Orbital Wins UK Biomethane-to-Grid Contract (Int'l. Report)
    Orbital Gas Systems
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In Houston, CUI Global, Inc. reports its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems Ltd. has been awarded a contract to design, produce and commission its first-ever biomethane-to-grid plant for the UK water industry. The contract calls for the provision of an initial biomethane Grid Entry Unit (GEU) followed by a second unit, both to be delivered in 2020. Each unit is valued at approximately $550,000.

    Additionally, Orbital is completing upgrade works on the 2012-vintage Poundbury Renewable Energy Plant -- the UK's first full-scale Anaerobic Digester and Biomethane-to-Grid Plant. (Source: CUI Global, Inc., PR, 14 April, 2020) Contact: GUI Global, Jim O'Neil CEO, (503) 612-2300,; Orbital Gas Systems, Paul White, Pres., (832) 467-1420, +44 (0)1785 857000 -- Orbital UK,

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    Boston Properties 2020 ENERGY STAR® Partner (Ind. Report)
    ENERGY STAR,Boston Properties
    Date: 2020-04-15
    The largest publicly-traded developer, owner and manager of Class A office properties in the U.S., Boston Properties, Inc. has been selected as an EPA 2020 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year.

    The Company has reduced the energy use intensity of its actively-managed office buildings 27 pct and aims to reduce energy use intensity 32 pct by 2025. (Source: Boston Properties, PR, 13 April, 2020) Contact: Boston Properteis, Doug Linde, President, Laura Sesody VP, Corporate Marketing & Communication,,; ENERGY STAR,

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    Netherlands Airport Operator Launch €750Mn Green Bond (Int'l)
    Royal Schiphol Group
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In the Netherlands, Royal Schiphol Group, the owner and operator of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Hague Airport and Lelystad Airport, is reporting the 2nd April launch of a €50 million green bond under its European medium term note programme. This green bond offering will support Royal Schiphol Group's investments, as defined in its Green Finance Framework, in green buildings and clean transportation at its various airport operations.

    The bonds will be listed on Euronext Amster Operated by the Schiphol Group. (Source: Royal Schiphol Group, CAPA, April 10, 2020) Contact: Royal Schiphol Group,

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    Japan's GHG Emission Reductions Missing Paris Target (Int'l Report)
    Japanese Environment Ministry
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In Tokyo, the Japanese Environment Ministry reported the country's greenhouse gas emissions fall 3.9 pct in fiscal 2018 from the previous year, thanks in part to an increased reliance on nuclear energy.

    According to the Ministry release, the equivalent of 1.24 billion tons of CO2 was emitted in the year ended March 2019, a fifth annual decline and representing a low among comparable data going back to fiscal 1990.

    Emissions fell 12 pct compared with fiscal 2013, against its Paris Climate Agreement pledge for a 26 percent reduction by fiscal 2030, a target that Japan has itself said is not ambitious enough.

    While many of Japan's nuclear reactors were taken offline in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima crisis, output from the nine active units doubled from the previous year, reducing the need for coal, an increase in renewable energy and low demand for household heating due to a relatively warm winter, all contributed to the drop in CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, Japan's emissions of ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) rose 4.7 percent from the previous year. (Source: Japanese Environment Ministry, PR, 13 April, 2020) Contact: Japan Environment Ministry, +81-(0)3-3581-3351,,

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    USGC: US Ethanol Available for Export During COVID-19 (Ind Report)
    U.S. Grains Council
    Date: 2020-04-15
    "While U.S. ethanol exports are up by 3 percent year-over-year according to new data from the USDA, the outbreak of COVID-19 will have structural impacts on demand for the rest of 2020. The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) is working to keep end-users around the world informed on the status of the U.S. ethanol industry as the pandemic continues to develop.

    "USDA reported last week that U.S. ethanol exports increased slightly year-over-year to 812 million gallons (288 million bushels in corn equivalent) for the first six months of the marketing year (Sept. 2019-Feb. 2020). "Brazil remained the top export destination at 201 million gallons (71.3 million bushels in corn equivalent), despite a small decline due to the restructuring of Brazil's tariff rate quota (TRQ) and a strengthening U.S. dollar. The EU had a notable 28 pct increase from 2018/2019 imports at 79 million gallons (28 million bushels in corn equivalent).

    "These data points were not able to take into account the still-developing impacts of COVID-19 and oil production disputes, which have led to deep decreases in demand for gasoline and shifts in the relationship between oil and ethanol prices.

    "Compounding the overall demand decline, the lack of an agreement on crude production between the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia sent shock waves across global energy markets and is contributing to shortages in a critical component to the industry -- storage.

    "To date, U.S. ethanol weekly ending stocks are at a record high, and the United States remains positioned to supply customers globally. (Source: US Grains Council, PR, 13 April, 2020) Contact: US Grains Council, Brian Healy, Global Ethanol Market Development, (202) 789-0789, (202) 898-0522,

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    Siemens Gamesa Scores German Offshore Wind Turbine Order (Int'l.)
    Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
    Date: 2020-04-15
    Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy reports receipt of an order from Essen, Germany-based innogy SE to supply 38 units of its SG 8.0-167 DD Flex turbines with Siemens Gamesa Power Boost technology for the 342 MW Kaskasi offshore wind power plant in the German North Sea. A two-year service and maintenance contract is also included in the order.

    Turbine installation is slated to being in Q3, 2022. (Source : Siemens Gamesa, Strategic Research Institute, SteelGuru, 14 April, 2020) Contact: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy,; innogy SE

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    ENGIE Claims French Wind, Solar Tender Wins (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2020-04-15
    ENGIE reports it has been awarded two tenders for solar and wind energy generation projects by the French Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive transition.

    With the award of 165MW, ENGIE ranked first in the solar tender. Of the 235MW of new wind energy capacity to be installed, over 70MW will be installed by ENGIE at Nouvelle Aquitaine, PACA, Grand Est, Normandy and Hauts de France.

    Worldwide, ENGIE had 26.9GW of renewable installed capacity at the end of 2019 and plans to add 3GW of renewables per year between 2019 and 2021. (Source: ENGIE, PR, Smart Energy, 14 April, 2020) Contact: ENGIE, Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, VP Renewables,

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    Indian Floating Solar Project Bid Dates Extended (Int'l Report)
    Solar Energy Corporation of India
    Date: 2020-04-15
    The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has extended the last date submit bids for 4 MW of grid-connected floating solar power projects with 2 MW of battery energy storage systems (BESS). The projects will be developed at Kalpong Dam, Diglipur, North Andaman. The new deadline is May 4, 2020.

    The scope of work includes the design, engineering, manufacture, dispatch, transportation, and storage of all equipment and materials such as the adequate capacity of solar PV modules with suitable ratings -- International Electrotechnical Commission or Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards.

    The projects will be developed on a build-operate-own (BOO) basis and should achieve financial closure within a year from the effective date of the power purchase agreement (PPA) and commissioned within 18 months. (Source: Solar Energy Corp of India, PR, Marcom India, 14 April, 2020) Contact: Solar Energy Corp of India, 011-71989200,,

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    BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® Recognized (Ind. Report)
    Baltimore Gas and Electric,ENERGY STAR
    Date: 2020-04-15
    0 Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) reports its BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® has been recognized by the DOE ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year -- Sustained Excellence Award.

    The BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® features a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficiency programs to help customers reduce energy demand and usage in support of EmPOWER Maryland which is funded by a charge on customers' energy bill.

    BGE customers are expected to save more than $5.3 billion as a result of the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® and have reduced their electricity use by 4.6 billion kilowatt hours since 2008. (Source: BGE, M2 Communications, MarketScreener, 14 April, 2020) Contact: ENERGY STAR,; BGE, Laurie Duhan, Energy Efficiency Manager,; EmPOWER Maryland,

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    Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (Ind. Report)
    World Green Building Council
    Date: 2020-04-15
    According to the World Green Building Council's Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction report, the buildings and construction sector accounts for 39 pct of global emissions, with a 36 pct energy impact in terms of consumptions and 50 pct use of raw materials.

    According to the report, in 2018 the final energy demand for buildings increased by 1 pct since 2017 and by 7 pct since 2010. The International Energy Agency (IEA) World Energy Outlook 2019 notes the improvement of the energy intensity rate has slowed down to 1.2 pct in 2018, less than half the average rate since 2010. Specifically, cooling of living spaces represents by now the energy consumed with the most rapid increase since 2010.

    Download the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction reportHERE. (Source: World Green Bulding Council, MarketScreener, 14 April, 2020) Contact: World Green Building Council, [startylink][endlink],
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    World Green Building Council,  Green Building,  Energy Consumption,  Energy Eff target=_blank>[endlink]

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    New York Ethanol Producer Switches to Sanitizer (Ind. Report)
    Western New York Energy
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In the Empire State, Medina-based ethanol producer Western New York Energy (WNYE), the state's first and largest operational ethanol facility, reports its has adapted operations to produce 100,000 gpd of tech-grade ethanol for businesses that halted operations to meet the urgent sanitizer needs of hospitals and at-risk communities amidst the COVID pandemic.

    WNY Energy generates more than 60-million gpy of biofuel annually, using 20-million bushels of corn. The $90-million facility was the first biofuel company in the northeastern US. (Source: Western New York Energy, PR Green Car Congress, 14 April, 2020) Contact: Western New York Energy LLC, 585-798-9693

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    VGrid Launches Biomass BioEnergy Server (New Prod. & Tech.)
    VGrid Energy Systems
    Date: 2020-04-15
    Camarillo, California-based VGrid Energy Systems Llc is reporting the launch of its BioEnergy Server 100 for converting agricultural waste, tree prunings, grapevine prunings, manure and various other biomass into renewable electricity and a form of ultra-pure, highly porous carbon.

    The system is mobile and is designed to deliver 100kW of electricity. It is also modular with 1 MW being provided in a 10 system server farm with a compact footprint.

    Under the company's business mode, there is no upfront cost to the customer and the Company owns, operates and maintains the systems.

    (Source: VGrid Energy Systems, PR, Newswire, 13 April, 2020) Contact: VGrid Energy Systems, Dr. Greg Campbell, CEO, Jim Dodswort Media, (408) 203-1963,,

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    Notable Quotes on Decarbonisation, Low-Carbon Innovations
    University of East Anglia Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
    Date: 2020-04-15
    "A rapid proliferation of low-carbon innovations distributed throughout our energy system, cities and homes can help drive faster and fairer progress towards climate targets.

    "Big new infrastructure costing billions is not the best way to accelerate decarbonisation. Governments, firms, investors and citizens should instead prioritize smaller-scale solutions which deploy faster. This means directing funding, policies, incentives and opportunities for experimentation away from the few big and towards the many small projects.

    "Large 'silver bullet' technologies like nuclear power or carbon and capture storage (CCS) are politically seductive, but larger scale technologies and infrastructures absorb large shares of available public resources without delivering the rapid decarbonization we need." -- Charlie Wilson, University of East Anglia Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Contact: Charlie Wilson, +44 (0)1603 591386,,

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    ReneSola, Zhongnan Industry Ink $100Mn Investment Deal (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In China, solar module manufacturer ReneSola Ltd. is reporting and agreement under which Zhongnan Industry, a subsidiary of Zhongnan Holding Group, will invest $100 million to strengthen ReneSola's solar module manufacturing supply chain. (Source: ReneSola Ltd, PR, Mercom India, April, 2020) Contact: ReneSola Ltd, Sky Wang, CEO, Josef Kastner, VP, Willy Lin, CFA, +86 (21) 6280-9180 x155,,; Zhongnan Holding,

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    Columbus Enacts Ohio's First Energy Benchmarking Ord. (Ind. Report)
    Columbus Ohio
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In the Buckeye State, the Columbus City Council is reporting passage of the state's first city energy benchmarking ordinance in March.

    The ordinance, which will be phased in over three years, requires building owners to report data on building size, energy usage and utility bills using an EPA energy manager program.

    Under the ordinance, city buildings and non-city properties greater than 100,000 square-feet must file their first reports by June 1, 2021. Other covered properties greater than 50,000 square-feet are due to report by the following June. Public data disclosures for each group will begin in 2022 and 2023, respectively. (Source: City of Columbus, Energy News, April, 2020) Contact: City of Columbus, Anthony Celebreeze, Dept. of Building and Zoning, (614) 645-5661, (614) 645-7433, › bzs

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    Tire Giant Cutting Plant Carbon Footprints with Renewables (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-04-15
    Tokyo-headquartered global tire and rubber giant Bridgestone is reporting that as part of its effort to reduce its carbon footprint, three of its manufacturing plants -- one in Hungary and two in Poland -- are now being run using 100 pct renewable energy sources.

    This brings the total number of such factories to six with the other three such plants being the Goodyear factories in Spain's Bilbao, Puente San Miguel, and Burgos, which had started using electricity from renewable sources in 2018. (Source: Bridgestone, Tire & Parts News, 14 April, 2020) Contact: Bridgestone Tire,

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    Valero Energy Halts 60 pct of Ethanol Production (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-04-15
    San Antonio-headquartere Valero Energy Corp., the second-largest U.S. oil processor by capacity, is reporting the temporary shutdown of 60 pct of its ethanol plant production capacity.

    On 8 Nov., 2019, Valero stopped ethanol production at its corn ethanol facilities in Riga, Michigan and Bluffton, Indiana, due to "weak margins" and "market conditions". The plants will resume production "as soon as favorable economic conditions exit", according to the company's website. (Source: Valero, Website, 14 April, 2020) Contact: Valero Renewable Fuels, Joe Gorder, Pres., (800) 324-8464,

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    Notable Quote -- Ethanol and the Coronavirus
    American Coalition for Ethanol
    Date: 2020-04-15
    "The important context here is that a lot of the ethanol industry was hanging on by a string before the coronavirus hit. And we're seeing unprecedented demand destruction right now, so undoubtedly, 2020 is going to be a bloodbath for the industry." -- Brian Jennings, CEO, American Coalition for Ethanol Contact: American Coalition for Ethanol, Brian Jennings, CEO, (605) 334-3381 ext. 3389,

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    BayWa Opens German LNG, Bio-LNG Fueling Station (Int'l. Report)
    BayWa Energy
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In Germany, BayWa Energy GmbH is reporting the opening of Germany's first LNG filling station for trucks at VW's HQ in the town of Wolfsburg, in Lower Saxony.

    The facility, which is operated by BayWa Mobility Solutions, will also offer bio-LNG in a second phase.

    BayWa is planning additional LNG stations in Munich, Nuremberg and Nordlingen by mid 2020, while other sites are in the planning phase.(Source: BayWa Energy, PetrolPlaza, 14 April, 2020)Contact: BayWa r.e. GmbH, Matthias Taft, CEO, +49 (89) 383932 131,

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    Ameresco Completing WHA Energy Efficiency Project (Ind Report)
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In the Bay State, Framingham-headquartered energy efficiency and renewable energy specialist Ameresco Inc., is reporting work is underway on the second stage of work totaling $13.5 million with the Worcester Housing Authority (WHA) through its existing energy performance contract. This second-phase project extends the term of Ameresco's work on behalf of WHA and builds on energy conservation measures the company implemented in 2008, bringing the total project value to $23.6 million affecting 15 of the WHA's federal developments.

    Under the energy performance contract (EPC) this second phase includes interior and exterior lighting fixture upgrades, window replacement and improvements to three cogeneration units at other WHA developments. These improvements come at no upfront cost to WHA, which also receives incentives for efficiency improvements from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). (Source: Ameresco, Yahoo Finance, April, 2020) Contact: Ameresco, Bob Georgeoff, VP, (508) 661-2288,

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    FortisBC to Launch Third B.C. Landfill RNG Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-04-15
    In British Columbia, the utility FortisBC reports it will soon launch its third and largest landfill renewable natural gas (RNG) project in partnership with the city of Vancouver.

    The utility will own and operate the system at the Delta landfill and pay the city of Vancouver for its gas, which will go back to the municipality to fuel its CNG trucks and for a central energy system serving residential and commercial customers in downtown Vancouver. FortisBC's two other biogas upgrading plants are in Salmon Arm, BC, and Kelowna, BC, which collectively generate 80,000 gigajoules per year. FortisBC is also awaiting British Columbia Utilities Commission approval for a landfill-to-gas project in Fraser-Fort George, BC.

    British Columbia legislation requires capturing 75 pct of gas generated in landfills. (Source: FortisBC, Waste360, April, 2020) Contact: FortisBC, Scott Gramm, RNG Supply Manager, Douglas Stout, VP, Market Dev.,,

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    LG Chem, Span Energy Partner on Backup Power Storage (Ind. Report)
    LG Chem, Span Energy
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Seoul, South Korea-headquartered LG Chem and Span Energy are reporting partnering on a battery storage and intelligent home energy control system.

    The Span smart panel provides advanced, real-time controls for the home and the LG RESU home battery can provide essential backup power during an outage. The Span panel replaces the standard electrical panel and enables monitoring and controls for every circuit within the home. By having complete control of home loads, homeowners have the ability to manage backup power efficiently and to choose what loads are being backed up. (Source: LG Chem, Span Energy, Saur 11 April, 2020) Contact: LG Chem, +82 (2) 3773-6951,,; Span Energy,

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    When Will Climate Change Overwhelm the Ecosystem? (Ind. Report)
    Climate Action Alliance of the Valley
    Date: 2020-04-13
    In the Old Dominion State, the Climate Action Alliance of the Valley has noted a new CarbonBrief (8 April, 2020) study that addresses the question of "when the effects of climate change will begin to overwhelm ecosystems." The results suggest that unmitigated greenhouse gas emissions would expose tropical ocean ecosystems to potentially catastrophic temperature rise by 2030 and tropical forests by 2050.

    In a seperate study the Microbial Ecology Journal found that the ability of the North Atlantic to take up and sequester CO2 "appears to be smaller than has been assumed in climate modeling." (Source: Climate Action Alliance of the Valley, 11 April, 2020) Contact: Climate Action Alliance of the Valley,

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    Suzlon Scores Debt Reduction Restructuring Success (Int'l Report)
    Suzlon Energy
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Hyderabad, India-based debt-burdened Indian wind energy specialist Suzlon Energy is reporting a consortium led by the State Bank of India (SBI) has approved the restructuring of Rs 14,000 crore ($1,835 billion) of the company's debt. Details of the debt restructuring have not been released.

    Suzlon Energy previously raised $547 million through foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs). Suzlon converted bonds worth $375 million to equity in December 2018, but defaulted on payments against the balance of $172 million worth of bonds. (Source: Suzlon Energy, Various Trade Media, April, 2020)Contact: Suzlon Group, J.P. Chalasani, CEO, +91 20 670 22000,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Suzlon Energy,  Wind,  

    Va.Governor Inks Virginia Clean Economy Act (Reg. & Leg. Report)
    Governor Ralph Northam
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Following up on our 11th March coverage, in the Old Dominion State, the Office of Governor Ralph Northam (D) reports the Governor has signed the Virginia Clean Economy Act into law. The legislation covers energy efficiency promotions and puts a timeline standard stating that coal-fired plants are to close by 2024, and Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power will be 100 pct carbon-free by 2045 and 2050, respectively. Under the Act:
  • Energy companies will pay penalties for not meeting the Act’s objectives and the revenue from the penalties will go towards job training and programs in disadvantaged communities.;

  • There will be a reduction of energy burned for low-income users and all energy-efficient standards and pilot programs are to be “in the public interest.”

  • 5,200 megawatts of offshore wind generation to harvest energy for generating electricity is "in the public interest." Distributed generation facilities including solar power, will have 16,100 megawatts of solar and onshore wind generation as it is also considered "in the public interest."

  • Net metering will be used, which credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid making it easier for the growth of rooftop solar power in the Commonwealth.

  • The state will establish a carbon cap-and-trade program to reduce emissions from power plants in compliance with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). (Source: Office of Governor Ralph Northam, Website, 12 April, 2020) Contact: Office of Governor Ralph Northam, 804-786-2211,,; RGGI,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewable Energy,  RGGI,  Carbon Emissions,  Renewable Energy,  Energy Efficiency,  

  • Notable Quote from Shell CEO
    Shell Oil
    Date: 2020-04-13
    "All of society, from consumers, to businesses, to governments, recognised the need to accelerate global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." -- Ben van Beurden, Shell Oil, CEO April, 2020)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SHell Oil,  GHGs,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Atmospheric Methane Levels Hit Record High (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-04-13
    A preliminary estimate from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has found that levels of atmospheric methane, a relatively short-lived heat-trapping gas roughly 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide, have hit an all-time high.

    In 2019, the concentration of atmospheric methane reached nearly 1875 ppb, the highest level since record-keeping began in 1983. 2019 also saw the second-largest single-year leap in two decades.

    The NOAA analysis notes "methane emissions primarily come from natural sources, like wetlands, and man-made sources, like farms and oil and gas wells. In wetlands, microbes excrete methane, an issue that humans can do little about. On farms, cows and sheep belch methane -- a problem that people can address by raising fewer livestock. The easiest way to stem methane pollution, however, is to limit its release from oil and gas drilling sites."

    Methane levels were more or less flat from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. They began to rise after 2006 thanks, at least in part, to more oil and gas drilling. Their recent uptick threatens the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, as scientists had assumed that methane concentrations would stay level and then drop off when they projected how countries would meet their climate targets.

    Download the NOAA Trends in Atmospheric Methane HERE. (Source: NOAA, Nexus Media, Jeremy Deaton, 12 April, 2020) Contact: NOAA, (301) 713-1208,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Methane,  NOAA,  GHG,  Climate Change,  Atmospheric Methane,  

    Global Cellulosic Ethanol Market Outlook 2019--2024 Ind. Report)
    Cellulosic Ethanol
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Industry Analysis By Applications and Manufacturers A research report on the Global Cellulosic Ethanol Market offers a detailed analysis about the market share, size, trends, opportunities and growth prospects. However, report covers the challenges and risks which could hinder the market growth over the forecast period. In addition, the report contains market volume with an accurate estimation offered in the report on basis of historic data.

    The Cellulosic Ethanol market study is major compilation of significant information on regional and global manufacturers and market.

    Request a sample of this report HERE; Browse the complete report HERE. (Source: Orbis Research, April, 2020) Contact: Orbis Research, Hector Costello, Senior Manager -- Client Engagements, (972)-362-8199,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Cellulosic Ethanol ,  

    San Ramon, Calfif. Retail Center Scores LEED Platinum Ind. Report)
    US Green Building Council
    Date: 2020-04-13
    In the Golden State, the City Center Bishop Ranch retail center in San Ramon reports receipt of US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certification for energy efficiency. LEED qualifying features, programs and improvements include:
  • Promoting water efficiency and biodiversity by planting drought-tolerant and native plants throughout the center's landscaping and using reclaimed water for all landscaping.

  • Installing water-efficient fixtures that allow the center to use 36 pct less water indoors than typical buildings of the same size.

  • Reducing energy use by 48 pct compared to typical outdoor lifestyle/retail buildings of the same size -- equal to 1,112 metric tpy of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Acquiring 25 pct of the building's energy from a solar PV array.

  • Diverting 98 pct of the center's construction and demolition waste from landfills through recycling or salvaging and using regionally sourced and recycled materials used in construction.

  • Incorporating zero or low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) finish materials (Source: City Center Bishop Ranch, USGBC, Danville San Ramon News, 12 April, 2020) Contact: City Center Bishop Ranch, US Green Building Council, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News US Green Building Council,  LEED Certification,  Energy Efficiency,  

  • World's Largest Commercial Living Building Underway (Ind. Report)
    International Living Future Institute
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Portland-headquartered architecture firm ZGF is touting a commercial, 58,700-square-foot, mixed-use PAE Living Building that broke ground last month in Portland. With an expected opening date of summer 2021, the PAE Living Building is slated to be the largest commercial-use Living Building not only in Oregon but also, as it stands now, in the entire world.

    The 5-story building, which meets the highest level of seismic criteria, is on track track to achieve full seven-petal Living Building Challenge certification performance standard established by the Seattle-based International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

    The building will include: a five-story vacuum-flush composting waste system, the first urinal-to-fertilizer system, and a photovoltaic-powered battery storage system with a two-way power connection with the city's grid; a 71,000-gallon rainwater collection system that will allow the building to meet 100 pct of its water needs through on-site collection and treatment; a 133 kW on-site rooftop solar array and an 195 kW off-site array that combined will enable the building to produce more than 5 pct of its energy needs over the course of a year.

    The PAE Living Building is expected to consume 18.6 kilo-BTUs per square foot per year -- by comparison, 40.8 kilo-BTUs per square foot per year is consumed by new built-to-code Portland office buildings. The building is aiming for net-zero energy upon completion. (Source: ZGF Architects, Architects Newspaper, 10 April,2020) Contact: International Living Future Institute, 206 223 2028,; PAE Engineers,; ZGF Architects,

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    Soil & Water Outcomes Fund Rewards Carbon Capture (Ind. Report)
    Cargill,Iowa Soybean Association.
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Minneapolis-headquartered global commodities trader Cargill Inc is reporting the launch of the Soil & Water Outcomes Fund with funding support from Cargill and the Walton Family Foundation.

    The Fund, a partnership with the Iowa Soybean Association and third-party verification company Quantified Ventures, will pay American farmers from $30 to $45 per acre for capturing carbon in their field soils and cutting fertiliser runoff. The Fund will then sell the environmental credits created to polluters such as cities and companies, including Cargill itself.

    Cargill estimates the practices would prevent runoff of 100,000 pounds of nitrogen and 10,000 pounds of phosphorus this year and sequester 7,500 tonnes of carbon in soils, equivalent to taking 1,480 cars off the road. (Source: Cargill, 5m The Pig Site, April, 2020) Contact: Cargill, David MacLennan, CEO, Frank van Lierde, Exec. VP, Ryan Sirolli, Director of Row Crop Sustainability,; Iowa Soybean Association, (515) 251-8640,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Iowa Soybean Association,  Cargill ,  Carbon Emissions,  Carbon Capture,  

    Cornell, Helsinki U Join University Climate Alliance (Ind Report)
    International Universities Climate Alliance
    Date: 2020-04-13
    The International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA) is reporting Conell University in Ithaca, New York, and Finland's University of Helsinki have joined IUCA as founding members.

    The IUCA, which includes 41 universities on six continents, was formed in an effort to share research insights and develop networks among the world's top scientists. Faculty from member institutions will work to identify effective ways to communicate research-based climate change science, global warming impact, mitigation strategies and climate adaptation to educators, business leaders, policymakers and the public.

    Among the member universities are: Arizona State University; California Institute of Technology, Pasadena; Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland; King's College London; McGill University, Montreal; Monash University, Melbourne; New York University; Penn State University; University of the South Pacific; University of Ghana; and the University of Nairobi. (Source: IUCA, April, 2020) Contact: IUCA,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Change,  

    $38Mn Funding for Hydrokinetic Turbine Tech. Development (Funding)
    US DOE
    Date: 2020-04-13
    The U.S. DOE is reporting the availability of up to $38 million in funding through its Submarine Hydrokinetic And Riverine Kilo-megawatt Systems (SHARKS) program for the design of economically attractive hydrokinetic turbines for tidal and riverine currents.

    The turbine devices can be designed with low visual profiles and minimal environmental impact. They are also uniquely suited for micro-grid applications, supplying energy to remote communities and other "blue economy" and utility-scale applications. Hydrokinetic energy can also be used for climatological observation, aquaculture, desalination, ocean floor and seawater mining, disaster recovery, powering isolated communities and autonomous underwater vehicle support.

    Currently, significant technical and environmental barriers make current hydrokinetic turbine systems prohibitively expensive. SHARKS will fund the development of solutions for hydrodynamics, mechanical structures, materials, hydro-structural interactions, electrical energy conversion systems, control systems, numerical simulations and experimental validations.

    SHARKS projects will work towards a reduction in Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of up to 61.5 pct compared to current state-of-the-art hydrokinetic turbine systems. (Source: US DOE, April, 2020) Contact: SHARKS, › FileContent PDF

    More Low-Carbon Energy News US DOE,  Tidal Energy,  Tidal Turbine,  Run of River,  

    "Europe's Largest" Solar Project Now Online in Spain (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Further to our 8th Jan. report, Madrid-headquartered renewable energy giant Iberdrola is reporting its 500MW, Nunez de Balboa PV project in Badajoz, Spain is now online.

    The &euro]300 million facility incorporates more than 1.4 million solar panels to generate sufficient energy to supply 250,000 people a year while preventing roughly 215,000 tpy of CO2 emissions. (Source: Iberdrola, Various Trade Media, 11 April, 2020) Contact: Iberdrola Renewables, Xabier Viteri, Dir. Renewables Business,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Iberdrola,  Solar,  

    South Australia Backs Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Ind. (Int'l Report)
    South Australia
    Date: 2020-04-13
    In the Land Down Under, new research from The Australia Institute has found that South Australians support the creation of a hydrogen energy industry in the state if it uses renewable sources of energy. The report found:
  • 79 pct of South Australians would prefer that South Australian hydrogen fuel is generated from renewable sources. -- 6 pct would prefer that it is generated from fossil fuel sources.

  • 73 pct of South Australians say South Australia should only pursue a hydrogen fuel industry if it uses renewable energy -- 13 pct disagree.

    According to the report, South Australia has the potential to be a global hydrogen fuel exporter, but the concept will only receive public support if it uses renewable sources of energy, The South Australian Government has already taken steps towards establishing a renewable hydrogen energy industry (Source: Australia Institute, Website, April, 2020) Contact: Australia Institute, Noah Schultz-Byard, SA Director,

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  • Korean Woody Biomass-Based Power Up 51 pct in 2019 (Int'l. Report))
    Korea Electric Power Corp.
    Date: 2020-04-13
    According the state-owned Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO), South Korea saw its trading volume of electricity generated from woody biomass jump nearly 51 pct in 2019 from 2018. The amount came to 4,199 gigawatt-hours (GWh) last year, up 50.7 pct from the previous year.

    It was the first time since 2008 for the figure to surpass transactions of electricity generated from solar energy which reached 3,849 GWh. energy-based electricity totaling 26,606 GWh. . (Source: Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO), .Yonhap News, 8 April, 2020)Contact: KEPCO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Korea Electric Power Corp,  KEPCO,  Woody Biomass ,  

    Office Bldg. Energy Efficiency Saves CDL $28Mn (Int'l Report)
    City Developments Ltd
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Singapore-headquartered property developer City Developments Ltd. reports it saved more than $28 million due to energy-efficiency initiatives and retrofitting works at eight office buildings from 2012 to 2019, The group also attained a 38 pct reduction in carbon emissions intensity from base-year 2007, meeting its interim 2019 target and putting it on track to achieve its target of a 59 pct reduction by 2030.

    CDL also noted its focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices has allowed the company to tap more green financing. Last year, CDL secured its first green loans amounting to $500 million for new property developments and a $250 million revolving credit facility to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. (Source: CDL, Strait Times, 13 April, 2020) Contact: CDL, Sherman Kwek, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency news,  

    Congressional Biofuels Caucus Seeking Direct Biofuels Industry Relief (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Date: 2020-04-13
    Iowa Congressman Steve King (R), a member of the Congressional Biofuels Caucus, reports he has signed the attached bi-partisan letter to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue requesting that the USDA use "funds from the CARES Act to provide direct relief to the biofuels industry."

    Dear Secretary Perdue,

    "The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided USDA with additional resources to support farm income and prices during this economic downturn. The CARES Act included a reimbursement of $14 billion to the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), and $9.5 billion for the Secretary to respond to the economic impacts of COVID-19. As the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prepares to address financial hardship in agriculture, we urge you to use funds from the CARES Act to provide direct relief to the biofuels industry.

    "Demand for fuel is declining as states implement stay-at-home orders and discourage travel. This sudden shift in demand is worsening market conditions to the point ethanol plants are halting production. The biofuels industry is a vital market for the commodities our farmers produce, and USDA must take immediate action to ensure plants can retain skilled workers and continue production when market conditions improve.

    "The biofuels sector provides a direct and significant boost to the value of corn and soybeans. Ethanol plants purchase two out of every five bushels of U.S. corn and biodiesel producers use over 8 billion pounds of soybean oil a year. Ethanol plants produce dried distillers grains (DDGs) as a byproduct, providing livestock farmers with a low-cost, high-protein component of animal feed. To assist with the response to COVID-19, some ethanol and biofuels plants have volunteered to produce hand sanitizer and disinfectant products to address nationwide shortages. And, ethanol plants produce high purity carbon dioxide that is critical for medical facilities and food processing. The biofuels sector plays a large role in the livelihood of America's commodity and livestock producers, and biofuels plants are major employers in many rural communities.

    "USDA should take immediate action to stabilize the biofuels industry with resources provided by the CARES Act. We look forward to working with you on this issue as USDA assists producers through this challenging time. Thank you for considering this request." (Source: Congressman Steven King, KIOW Radio, 12 April, 2020) Contact: Rep Steve King,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biofuel,  USDA,  

    Senators Seeking Ethanol Ind. Support (Editorials, Opinions & Asides)
    Ethanol,Chuck Grassley
    Date: 2020-04-10
    In a recent letter to USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue Iowa's Sen. Chuck Grassley (R )and Sen. Joni Ernst(R) and a group of midwest senators, called for additional biofuel industry funding through the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC).

    "As the country follows the advice of local and state governments and remain at home, motor fuel use has rapidly decreased. The decrease in fuel consumption has left (biofuel) production facilities little choice but to idle production or close completely.

    "Farm income and prices for corn and other crop commodities are directly linked to the health of the renewable fuel industry. Ethanol plants use 40 percent of all corn grown in the United States. Among other feedstocks, biodiesel and renewable diesel producers currently use over 8 billion pounds of soybean oil a year, creating demand that adds 13 percent to the cash price of a bushel of soybeans.

    "We have seen a significant drop in the price of corn and soybeans because of the decline in demand. Keeping plants open is vital for our states and we ask that you use the authority given by Congress to assist the biofuel industry during extremely difficult times. We are supportive of the proposals the biofuel industry has put forward to reimburse feedstocks and also believe that adding additional CCC funds to the Higher-Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program will drive future biofuel demand,” the senators continued," the letter said. (Source: Various Media, Atlantic News Telegraph, 8 April, 2020)Contact: Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa),; Sen. Joni Ernst,

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    Notable Quote on Ethanol Market
    Growth Energy
    Date: 2020-04-10
    "Fuel demand is cratered, foreign nations are flooding the markets with crude oil, and U.S. ethanol producers are bleeding cash. "-- Emily Skor, CEO, Growth Energy. Contact: Growth Energy, Emily Skor, CEO, Elizabeth Funderburk, (202) 545-4000,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Growth Energy,  Ethanol,  

    Energy Efficiency, Costs Top Data Center Concerns (Int'l Report)
    Data Center
    Date: 2020-04-10
    In the UK, a recent survey of data center professionals by London-based Secure I.T. Environments Ltd, a designer and builder of modular and containerized data centers, has revealed 46 pct of survey respondents cited reducing energy costs as their focus while 39 pct were focused on improving energy efficiency as priorities for 2020.

    The poll was conducted across 123 respondents at the 11th and 12th March 2020 Data Centre World event in London. (Source: Secure I.T. Environments Ltd., , Information Technology, April, 2020) Contact: Secure I.T. Environments Ltd., Chris Wellfair, Projects Director, +44 1983 885182

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