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Battery Storage VC Funding Hits $539Mn in H1, says Mercom Report (Ind. Report)
Mercom Capital Group
Date: 2018-07-25
Mercom Capital Group LLC consultancy's report on funding, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity for the battery storage, smart grid and energy efficiency sectors notes that venture capital (VC) funding for battery storage companies grew to $539 million in the first half of 2018, marking a 12 pct year-on-year rise. The data covers the second quarter and first half of 2018.

According to the report, corporate funding in battery storage came from 34 investors, with the top dealan $80-million Series D financing round of behind-the-meter battery startup Stem Inc. Germany's Sonnen GmbH, raised $71 million in a financing round led by Shell Ventures. Massachusetts-based materials technology company Ionic Materials raised $65 million and Durapower raises $40 million while thermal energy storage provider Ice Energy also raised $40 million.

The number of battery storage-related M&A transactions in the six months was eight, only one of which was with a disclosed value. This compares to two such deals in the first half of 2017, according to the Mercon report. (Source: Mercom Capital Group Contact: Mercom Capital Group, (512) 215-4452,,

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PacifiCorp $3Bn Energy Vision 2020 Wins Approvals (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-07-25
Berkshire Hathaway Energy subsidiary PacifiCorp Energy is reporting receipt of the final two state approvals for its previously announced $3 billion Energy Vision 2020 initiative.

The initiative calls for construction of three new wind farms in Wyoming totaling 1,150 MW, the addition of a new 140-mile high-voltage transmission line in the same state, and the repowering of 900 MW of existing wind parks in Wyoming and Washington States.

Portland, Oregon-based PacifiCorp has received favourable orders for the plan from the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and the Utah Public Service Commission. Wyoming issued its conditional Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity in April. Oregon and Washington have come out in support of the plan, which is still pending acquisition of remaining rights of way,permitting and execution of final contracts. Construction and commissioning, as well as the repowering work, slated for 2019. The new wind farms and the transmission line are expected to be completed in 2020. The initiative will increase the amount of owned and contracted wind capacity on PacifiCorp's system by over 60 pct, according to the company. (Source: PacifiCorp Energy, July, 2018) Contact: PacifiCorp Energy, Laine Anderson, Director of Wind Operations,

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SUNY ESF Recognizes Volk for Bioenergy, Biomass Work (Ind Report)
Date: 2018-07-25
Dr. Timothy Volk, co-director of the State University of New York (SUNY) Center for Sustainable and Renewable Energy and senior research associate in ESF's Department of Forest and Natural Resources Management (FNRM), has been named the College's Exemplary Researcher for 2018-19.

Volk, who has more than 20 years of experience working in the fields of forestry, agroforestry, short-rotation woody crops, bioenergy and phytoremediation is responsible for a series of research projects focused on the development of shrub willow biomass cropping systems as a feedstock for bioproducts and bioenergy, and the use of willow as an alternative cover for industrial waste sites. He is actively involved in R&D of sustainability assessments of bioenergy systems, life cycle assessments of willow biomass crops and woody biomass from forests, assessments of woody biomass availability from natural forests, economic modeling of short-rotation woody crops, living snow fences, regional woody biomass resource supplies, and harvesting systems for short-rotation woody crops. (Source: SUNY ESF, 23 July, 2018) Contact: SUNY ESF, Prof. Tim Volk, (315) 470-6774,,

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Drake University Awarded Two Green Globes Rating (Ind. Report)
Drake University,Green Building Initiative
Date: 2018-07-25
In Des Moines, Drake University reports it has earned a rating of Two Green Globes from the Green Building Initiative for the construction of its newest academic buildings, the Science Connector Building and Collier-Scripps Hall. The project is the second in Iowa to earn the Two Green Globes rating, and the first on the Drake campus.

Administered by the Green Building Initiative (GBI), Green Globes is a nationally recognized green rating assessment and certification tool that ensures projects meet high standards in environmental, water, and energy efficiency.

The Science Connector Building and Collier-Scripps Hall received a Two Green Globes Rating for sustainable features including:

  • white roof and concrete to promote indoor cooling;
  • energy-efficient windows to reduce electricity use and draw daylight indoors;
  • drought-tolerant plantings to lower water consumption;
  • greater than required insulation in the roof and walls to decrease heating and cooling demands;
  • energy efficient LED lighting fixtures inside and outside the buildings;
  • occupancy sensors that power down light fixtures when an area is not in use;
  • low flow water fixtures to reduce water usage, and others. (Source: Drake University, PR, 18 July, 2018) Contact: Green Building Initiative, (503) 274-0448,,; Drake University,

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  • USF Warehouse Laboratory Earns LEED Platinum (Ind. Report)
    USGBC,University of South Florida St. Petersburg
    Date: 2018-07-25
    In the Sunshine State, the University of South Florida (USF) St. Petersburg reports its 10,500 square-foot Warehouse Laboratory complex has been awarded USGBC LEED Platinum certification. The Warehouse Laboratory is the first building in the USF System to receive Platinum Certification and the fourth building at USF St. Petersburg to earn LEED certification. The Science and Technology building, the University Student Center and Lynn Pippenger Hall all received LEED Gold Certification in recent years. (Source: University of South Florida St. Petersburg, PRN, 23 July, 2018) Contact: University of South Florida St. Petersburg, Matthew Cimitile, (727) 873-4840,,; USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, Pres., CEO, (202) 552-1500,

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    Nature Conservancy Comments on US Rep. Curbelo's Market Choice Act (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Nature Conservancy
    Date: 2018-07-25
    The Nature Conservancy applauds Rep. Carlos Curbelo and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick for sponsoring the Market Choice Act, which is being introduced in the House of Representatives Monday. The Act replaces the federal gas tax with a price on carbon -- $24 per metric ton with an annual increase of 2 percent plus inflation -- that unleashes the market to find the most efficient ways to reduce carbon pollution. The revenue from the legislation would fund current infrastructure repair and provide a surplus of roughly $11 billion per year that could be invested in modernizing and upgrading our infrastructure and provide over 100,000 jobs per year.

    "We're pleased to see a bill that achieves results for people, communities, the economy, and the environment," says Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy. "Our infrastructure needs as a nation are significant, and the current federal gas tax isn't covering the costs. The bill secures funding that will repair existing roads, bridges and railways and also make a significant contribution to addressing the challenges of climate change. By placing a price on carbon pollution and making critical investments in low-carbon technologies, the bill is an important first step in putting the U.S. on a path to a prosperous, clean energy future. It will also enable investments in natural and traditional infrastructure to help coastal communities address the impacts of a changing climate and help fund improvements on agricultural and forest lands to store carbon. All these investments also create jobs.

    "Although many will be attracted to the infrastructure and economic gains in this bill, the climate benefits should not be ignored," says Jason Albritton, Director of Climate and Energy Policy for The Nature Conservancy. "The bill is designed to ensure actual, measurable pollution reductions are achieved through the inclusion of measurable benchmarks and by retaining EPA regulatory authority as a backstop. While we will need to continue the discussion on how to achieve the long-term emission reductions called for by science, the bill offers real solutions that bring measurable results.

    "We look forward to working with diverse stakeholders to advance this legislation and its innovative ideas," says Lynn Scarlett, The Nature Conservancy's Co-chief of External Affairs. "Today is an important milestone in the growing bipartisan conversation about finding solutions to the challenges of our changing climate. We are grateful to Mr. Curbelo and Mr. Fitzpatrick for their leadership on this." (Source: The Nature Conservancy, PR, 23 July, 2018) Contact: The Nature Conservancy, (703) 841-5300,

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    Trump Plans Assault on Obama-Era Emissions Standards (Reg & Leg)
    Emissions,Vehicle Emissions
    Date: 2018-07-25
    It is being widely reported by Bloomberg and other media that the Trump administration may attempt to revoke California's authority for setting its own greenhouse gas rules and other Obama-era vehicle emissions standards separate to federal emissions standards.

    During the Obama administration, California aligned its standards with wider federal standards in a bid to ease compliance requirements for automakers.

    According to Bloomberg, the Trump administration plans to dilute future emissions standards proposed by Obama by capping federal fuel economy requirements at the 2020 level of at least 35-mile-per-gallon for manufacturers' fleet average, rather than letting them rise to around 50 mpg by 2025 as currently planned.

    The 2009 Clean Air Act waiver allows California to set its own standards for greenhouse emissions and builds on a long-standing right the state enjoyed to set its own vehicle emissions standards in response to the smog that afflicted some areas of the state in the 1970s and 80s. (Source: Business Green, Bloomberg, Others, July, 2018)

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    Fla. Republican Tables Federal Carbon Tax Legislation (Reg & Leg)
    Carbon Tax
    Date: 2018-07-25
    Following up on our 20th July coverage, on Monday, Florida Republican Representative Carlos Curbelo tabled "Market Choice" proposals for a new carbon tax to replace a range of fuel taxes. Revenue from the proposed legislation would be used for infrastructure investment.

    The Curbelo carbon proposal is expected to face lively opposition from the bulk of the Republican Party which has attacked the proposed legislation as an energy tax. (Source: Various Media, Business Green 24 July, 2018)Contact: Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo, (202) 225-2778, (305) 722-0160,

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    Feminist Fight Against Climate Change Launched (Int'l. Report)
    Mothers of Invention
    Date: 2018-07-25
    Former Irish president and UN high commissioner Mary Robinson, in partnership with comedian Maeve Higgins, is preparing to launch Mothers of Invention, a feminist initiative against climate change. The initiative will kick off with a series of podcasts showcasing the work of grassroots climate activists as well as globally resonant initiatives such as the various legal challenges under way in numerous jurisdictions to force governments to adhere to the Paris agreement goals.

    According to Robinson, Mothers of Invention "will be happening in an unstructured way, which is all the better, because we are not prescribing what a feminist solution should look like, we are listening -- we want women to tell us what they want. That to me is more interesting." (Source: Various Media, Guardian, July, 2018)Contact: Mothers of Invention,; Mary Robinson Foundation,

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    Notable Quote Worth Noting

    Date: 2018-07-25
    "Climate change is a manmade problem that requires a feminist solution," she said ahead of the podcast launch. "What we are hoping to do is create a movement. Climate change is not gender-neutral - it affects women far more. So this is not about climate change, it is about climate justice." -- Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner . Contact: Mary Robinson, Mary Robinson Foundation,

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    MSU Research Touts New Organic Batteries (New Prod & Tech)
    MSU Bioeconomy Institute
    Date: 2018-07-23
    In Holland, Michigan, the Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute Organic Energy Storage Laboratory reports it is working Jolt Energy Storage Technologies on a an organic solution to battery storage.

    The research produced a molecule that is safe to handle in the manufacturing and disposal processes and harmless to plant and animal life, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

    According to MSU researcher Tom Guarr, "Initially, our organic material was just an additive for the lithium ion batteries, to prevent overcharge. It actually improves the safety, improves efficiency, and it offers the opportunity to decrease cost." The all-organic battery contains no lithium, manganese, cadmium, or cobalt, the undesirable metals typically found in batteries.

    Guarr and his company, Jolt Energy Storage Technologies LLC, won a Shark Tank-style competition earlier this year for the opportunity to further research at the Argonne National Laboratory's Chain Reaction Innovations Program which has advanced troubleshooting facilities and testing equipment.

    Technologies invented at MSU become the university's intellectual property. Multiple patents have been applied for, and all are assigned to MSU. Jolt Energy Storage has licensed the technology back from the university and will continue to do so. (Source: MSU/WKAR Public Media, July, 2018) Contact: MSU Bioeconomy Institute Organic Energy Storage Laboratory, Tom Guarr, (616) 395-8918,; Jolt Energy Storage Technologies LLC,

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    US Bioenergy Market Report 2018 -- Report Offered (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-07-23
    United States Bioenergy Market Report 2018 is latest research study released by HTF MI evaluating the market, highlighting opportunities, risk side analysis, and leveraged with strategic and tactical decision-making support. The study provides information on market trends and development, drivers, capacities, technologies, and on the changing capital structure of the U.S. Bioenergy Market.

    The Study is segmented by ethanol, biodiesel & hydrocarbon fuels as well as by major applications/end-user industries such as transportation, off-grid electricity and cooking. It is also segmented by region and market size. Key manufacturers covered in the report include Archer Daniels Midland, BP, Cargill, POET, Royal Dutch Shell and Wilmar International.

    Study details are HERE; Bioenergy Market: Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2023 report samples are HERE. Source: HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Private Limited, July, 2018) Contact: HTF Market Intelligence Consulting, Craig Francis, Marketing Manager, (206) 317-1218,,

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    Protecting Tropical Forest Carbon Stocks, Environmental Diversity (Ind. Report)

    Date: 2018-07-23
    In the UK, an international research study led by Lancaster University's Environment Centre (UK) and The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) has found that in tropical forests, up to 77 pct of species that would have been protected through biodiversity conservation were not protected through measures focused solely on protecting carbon stocks.

    Tropical forests store more than a third of the world's land carbon and are the world's most biodiverse ecosystems, harbouring more than two-thirds of Earth's land species, but the implications for biodiversity of investments focused only on protecting carbon stocks have until now remained unclear.

    In a scientific first, the researchers assessed carbon and biodiversity levels in forests spanning the range of human impacts, from those minimally disturbed to those recovering after complete clearance of vegetation. The researchers found that more carbon meant more biodiversity in severely damaged forests, as anticipated. Contrary to expectations, however, where human impacts were less intense, increasing amounts of carbon did not come with more species. While promising remote sensing tools are being developed to measure forest carbon, increasing biodiversity protection through carbon investments is only possible with extensive field monitoring. Yet, in Brazil, progress in this area is sorely lacking, the report notes.

    Co-author Professor Jos Barlow from Lancaster University explained: "Biodiversity and climate change are inextricably linked in tropical forests. A warming climate and changing rainfall patterns will lead to the extinction of many tropical species, while it is within tropical biodiversity itself that forest carbon resides. Species-poor forests will eventually become carbon-poor. Therefore, tackling the climate crisis requires that both tropical forest carbon and tropical forest species are protected together." (Source: Lancaster Univ., Nature Climate Change, AAAS, 16 July, 2018) Contact: Lancaster University, Dr. Gareth Lennox,

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    Indonesia Planning Palm Biodiesel Rule Expansion (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-07-23
    In Jakarta, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry reports the government is considering expanding the country's compulsory biodiesel use to include all petroleum diesel fueled vehicles.

    Present rules, which are intended to boost the country's palm-oil-based biodiesel consumption apply only to subsidized diesel, which is available only to select users. Under the proposed new rules, all vehicles, including heavy equipment, will be required to use biodiesel. The government also plans to revise existing rules on the crude palm oil levy which funds the mandatory biodiesel program. The Industry Ministry estimates the new rule could increase Indonesian biodiesel consumption by 3.2 million tonnes per year, according to a Ministry release. Indonesia is the world's largest palm oil producer. (Source: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, ET, Reuters, 21 July, 2018) Contact: Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia

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    Enerkem's Minn. Biofuel Plant Clears Water Hurdle (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-07-23
    Montreal-based waste-to-ethanol specialist Enerkem reports its planned $200 million garbage-to-ethanol plant in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, is progressing but hurdles remain.

    In June, the Inver Grove Metropolitan Council approved plans for a new wastewater reuse facility in Rosemount, only the second such plant in the Twin Cities. Turning waste into fuel is a water-intensive -- approximately 1.6 million gpd -- process. The proposed Southeast Metro Water Reclamation Facility would treat wastewater and provide the reclaimed water to the Enerkem facility.

    The planned Enerkem facility, which could process an estimated 1,000 to 1,500 tpd of garbage, is in the engineering and permitting phase with construction expected to start in 2019 or 2020 for commissioning and startup coming 18 to 24 months later, subject to permitting and approvals. (Source: Enerkem, Star Tribune, 22 July, 2018) Contact: Enerkem Inc. Vincent Chornet, Pres., CEO, (514) 875-0284 X 251,,

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    Empire's Wind Power Acquisition Plan Wins Approval (Ind. Report)
    Missouri Public Safety Commission,Liberty Utilities
    Date: 2018-07-23
    In the Show Me State, the Missouri Public Safety Commission reports it has approved Joplin-based Empire District Electric Company's planned acquisition of 600 MW of additional wind generation assets using federal tax incentives along with a tax equity partner. If implemented, the plan is projected to create customer savings of about $169 million during the next 20 years and $295 million through 30 years.

    According to a Commission statement, "the proposed acquisition of 600 MW of additional wind generation assets is aligned with the Commission's public policy of the commission and this state." Empire is a subsidiary of Liberty Utilities. (Source: Cedar County Republican, 22 July, 2018) Contact: Missouri Public Safety Commission,; Liberty Utilities,; Empire District Electric, (417) 625-5100,

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    HECO Community Solar Applications Off and Running (Ind. Report)
    Hawaiian Electric Companies
    Date: 2018-07-23
    Further to our July 5th coverage, Honolulu-headquartered Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) is reporting the uptake of the first phase of its recently launched community solar initiative has received a total of 12 project proposals from subscriber organizations planning to construct and operate community solar facilities. The 12 proposals include: four applications for capacity on Oahu; four for Maui Island; three for Hawaii Island; and one for Molokai. Proposed projects vary from 200 kilowatts to 3 megawatts.

    An indication of strong interest among developers is that proposed projects already exceed the 5 MW capacity for Oahu and 1 MW capacity for Hawaii Island. Capacity remains available on Maui, Molokai and Lanai but additional applications are encouraged for all islands. As previously reported, community solar capacity for the first phase of the program was set by the Public Utilities Commission. (Source: Hawaiian Electric Companies, PR, 20 July, 2018)Contact: HECO, Shelee Kimura, VP Bus. Dev., (808) 543-7780,,

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    South African Carbon-Neutral Brewery Touted (Int'l. Report)
    Darling Brewery
    Date: 2018-07-23
    South African micro-brewery Daring Brewery near Cape Town is reported to be the first in Africa to go carbon-neutral as more businesses across the continent adjust to climate change, and as consumers become increasingly conscious of the environmental impact and carbon footprint of the products they purchase. To help reach its goal, the brewery decreased its water and energy consumption in the brewing process, increased its over all energy efficiency and purchased carbon credits at a reforestation project in Zimbabwe and included environment information on it labels.

    South Africa has committed to introduce a carbon credit tax on large emitters and is expected to make products from carbon-neutral companies "the cheaper option," by January, 2019. (Source: Darling Brewery, Portland Press Herald, AP, 21 July, 2018) Contact: Darling Brewery, +27 21 286 1099,

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    GMP Powerwall Program Saves Cool $500K During Heat Wave (Ind. Report)
    Green Mountain Power
    Date: 2018-07-23
    Vermont utility Green Mountain Power is reporting it drew electricity out of about 500 Tesla Powerwall batteries installed in the home of about 400 customers and fed it into the grid during a heat wave earlier this month. This meant GMP purchased less electricity from power plants when the wholesale price of power in New England, which changes every five minutes depending on demand and supply, was particularly high.

    This had a double price benefit. It saves on the momentary energy charge, but more importantly it can reduce the utility's payment to the bulk transmission system in New England. That charge is based on usage during the hour of the year when the most electricity was being used. GMP will cut its annual grid costs, explaining a large portion of the nearly $500,000 it says it saved. If a higher peak hour happens later in the year, that number can change.

    Under the GMP Powerwall program, a customer can buy one of the Powerwall 2.0 batteries for $1,500, less than a fifth of the usual cost, if they let GMP draw electricity from the battery at times. A single Powerwall 2.0 provides 13 kWh of power, which can run an efficient house for a day. (Source: Green Mountain Power, Concord Monitor, 21 July, 2018) Contact: Green Mountain Power, Josh Castonguay, VP Innovation, (802) 770-3392,,

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    UK DfT Launches E10 Low-Carbon Fuel Consultation (Int'l Report)
    UK Department for Transport
    Date: 2018-07-23
    In London, the UK Department for Transport (DfT) is reporting the launch of a consultation on whether and how it should introduce E10 fuel to the UK market. The consultation aims to help the DfT understand E10's potential impact on the market and to ensure that drivers understand and are are protected in the event of changes to the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO). The RFTO, which was announced earlier this year, requires transport fuel suppliers to increase the amount of renewable fuel supplied across the UK up to 2032. To meet these new targets, fuel suppliers could choose to increase the percentage of bioethanol in petrol beyond the current 5 pct (E5) up to a limit of 10 pct (E10).

    The consultation includes proposals on: whether and how to introduce E10 petrol in the UK market; the reintroduction of an E5 protection grade to ensure standard petrol remains affordable and available; and the introduction of new fuel labeling at filling stations, on petrol pumps and on new cars.

    Decarbonising petrol is increasingly important as the government moves towards the zero emissions future set out in the Road to Zero strategy earlier this month.

    Road to Zero strategy details HERE. (Source: UK Department for Transport, 20 July, 2018) Contact: UK Department of Transport,

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    Aboitiz Piloting 48MW Battery Storage in Pjilippines (Int'l)
    Aboitiz Power
    Date: 2018-07-23
    In the Philippines, Aboitiz Power Corporation reports it will install a 48-mw battery storage system attached to an unidentified diesel-fired power generation facility in Mindanao. The battery storage will serve the grid's need for system reserves -- primarily for frequency regulation.

    Aboitiz Power is the second Philippine power company to add a battery storage system to its power plant portfolio -- the first being AES Corporation prior to its asset sale to the energy investment arm of San Miguel Corporation. (Source: Aboitiz Power Corp., Manila Bulletin, 21 July, 2018) Contact: Aboitiz Power, Emmanuel V. Rubio, CEO, +63 2 411 1800,

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    Battery-Backed Solar Planned for Clark County Ariz. (Ind. Report)
    NextEra Energy Resources
    Date: 2018-07-23
    Construction of the largest solar arrays ever built in the state of Arizona, and the first to incorporate battery energy storage capacity, is slated to break ground in Clark County in 2019.

    The proposed Yellow Pine Solar Project, southeast of Pahrump near the California border, would combine PV panels and lithium-ion batteries to generate up to 500 MW of electricity.

    The Gemini Solar Project, 25 miles northeast of Las Vegas, would generate up to 690 MW with some battery storage on about 7,100 acres of public land near the Valley of Fire State Park. Gemini is a joint venture by Australia's Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners and California-based Arevia Power, which plan to develop 440 MW of solar capacity for use in Nevada in the first phase of development. Another 250 MW of generating capacity would be added in the second phase, with the power to be sold in Nevada or exported to Arizona and California. (Source: Nextera, Las Vegas Review Journal, 22 July, 2018)Contact: NextEra Energy Resources,; Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners,

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    "Wind Drought" Blamed for Lower the Expected SSE Renewables Generation (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-07-23
    UK energy giant SSE plc is reporting both offshore and inland wind farms experienced a 15 pct lower output than originally anticipated and a corresponding £80 million ($104 million) reduction in first fiscal quarter profits, due to an extended heat wave, a "wind drought' and the intermittent nature of wind power generation. Perth, Scotland-headquartered SSE also noted that hydropower generation was 20 pct lower than projected. Additionally, the UK's national grid noted a 30 pct drop in wind generation in recent weeks.

    According to RenewableUK, new applications for onshore wind farms dropped by 94 pct since new rules were introduced in 2015. On the other hand, the UK offshore wind energy industry is expected to see total investment between 2017 and 2021 hit £18.9 billion (about $24.6 billion). (Source: Oil Price, Renewable UK, SSE, Iran Financial Tribune, 22 July, 2018) Contact: SSE Plc,; RenewableUK, Hugh McNeal, CEO, +44 (0) 20 7901 1300,,

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    NPPD Joins Nebraska Carbon Capture Storage Study (Ind. Report)
    Nebraska Public Power District
    Date: 2018-07-23
    Reporting from Omaha, the Cornhusker State's largest electric utility, the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) reports it will participate in a 2-year US EPA study to develop safe methods to capture and store carbon produced by coal-fired power plants and ethanol plants.

    The study will examine the viability of creating regional storage hubs for captured carbon and is expected to cost ratepayers about $750,000 for in-kind work but will unlock more than $13 million in federal funds, according to the utility.

    The NPPD is currently working with the US DOE on a related carbon capture study at Nebraska's largest coal-fired power plant, Gerald Gentleman Station near Sutherland. Design work is expected to complete next year, the district said. (Source: Nebraska Public Power District, Omaha World Herald, 20 July, 2018) Contact: Nebraska Public Power District,

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    Midwest AgEnergy Funded for Barley Biofuel R&D (Ind. Report)
    Midwest AgEnergy Group
    Date: 2018-07-23
    North Dakota ethanol producer Midwest AgEnergy Group reports the North Dakota Industrial Commission has approved more than $83,000 in grant funding to investigate using barley for biofuel and a feed product for commercial fisheries. The grant came from the Renewable Energy Program, which was established in 2007 to support research, development, marketing and education to grow renewable energy.

    The concept for the barley biofuel was developed and pilot tested by Montana Microbial Products in partnership with the USDA. Midwest AgEnergy's project would study the feasibility of barley biofuels and conduct initial engineering and design work for scaling production to a commercial level. (Source: Midwest AdEnergy LLC, Bismark Tribune, 21 July, 2018) Contact: Midwest AgEnergy LLC, Jeff Zueger, CEO, (701) 442-7500,

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    Consumers Energy Planning Zero Coal Use by 2040 (Ind. Report)
    Consumers Energy
    Date: 2018-07-23
    Following up on our May 23rd coverage, Consumers Energy, one of Michigan's largest energy companies, reports it is awaiting Michigan Public Service Commission approval to switch all of its coal-fired power production to renewable by 2040,as outlined in the utility's mandatory state Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). As outlined in the IRP, the utility also intends to reduce carbon emissions by 80 pct by replacing coal with up to 5,000 MW of solar energy throughout the 2020s, along with wind and battery storage.

    Consumers' proposed closing of two aging coal-fired units at the Karn-Weadock Generating Complex near Bay City in Hampton Township in 2023. Three remaining coal-fired units at the Campbell Generating Complex near Holland will remain in operation operate until the end of their design lives -- 2031 for Campbell 1 and 2 and 2040 for Campbell 3. The company projected the change would increase renewable energy usage from 11 pct today to 37 pct by 2037 and 43 pct by 2040. (Source: Consumers Energy, PR, Grand Rapids Business Journal, 22 July, 2018) Contact: Consumers Energy, Patti Pope, President and CEO,

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    Power Grid India, UPPCL Ink Energy Efficiency MOU (Int'l)
    Power Grid Corporation of India
    Date: 2018-07-23
    India's state owned utility Power Grid Corporation of India reports it has inked a MoU with Lucknow-headquartered Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPCL) for energy efficiency and agricultural demand side management programme. An official release issued in Lucknow today said further discussions will be held between Power Grid Corp and UPPCL to decide terms and conditions for replacement of agriculture pump sets in East and South DISCOMs of UP. Power Grid is contemplating an investment of about Rs 2,200 to 2,500 crore in these projects, subject to necessary clearances. (Source: Power Grid Corporation of India, All India Radio, 22 July, 2018) Contact: Power Grid Corporation of India,; Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation,

    Baltimore Files Suit Against Big Oil for Spurring Climate Change (Ind. Report, Reg & Leg)
    Date: 2018-07-23
    The Baltimore Sun is reporting the City of Baltimore on Friday joined New York, California, Colorado, Rhode Island and a growing list of state and municipal governments taking legal action against dozens of oil and gas majors , seeking to hold them financially responsible for their contributions to global climate change.

    The claimants argue that the companies violated state laws, including a consumer protection statute, by concealing and disputing links between fossil fuel emissions and climate change.

    Unfortunately for the claimants, federal Judge John Keenan of New York's Southern District, last week dismissed a lawsuit the Big Apple's officials filed against oil companies, and a California federal court tossed a case filed by the cities of San Francisco and Oakland, saying it was a matter for Congress to handle. (Source: Baltimore City Solicitor Office, Baltimore Sun, 20 July, 2018) Contact: Baltimore City Solicitor, Andre M. Davis, (410) 396-3100,

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    Dubai's Sustainable City Opts for B-100 Biodiesel (Int'l Report)
    Sustainable City, Diamond Developer
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In Dubai, The Sustainable City project developer, Diamond Developers, reports it has adopted B100 biodiesel to fuel the construction of new buildings as part of the community's second phase.

    The initiative will allow The Sustainable City project to reduce its carbon footprint by up to 150 tpy of CO2 during the construction period.

    Compared to conventional gasoline and petroleum diesel, B100 cuts harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide by 50 pct, polyaromatic hydrocarbons by 90 pct, nitrogen oxides by 95 pct, and particulate matter by 99 pct, according to the company release. (Source: Diamond Developers, Arabian Industry, 19 July, 2018)Contact: Sustainable City, Diamond Developers, Faris Saeed, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biodiesel,  

    IRENA Calls for Global Offshore Wind Standardization (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In Abu Dhabi, the International Renewable Energy Agency's (IRENA) just published Nurturing Offshore Wind Markets: Good practices for International Standardisation report concludes that "offshore wind energy stands on the cusp of rapid and widespread growth." The report, which is based on the findings of numerous interviews with industry experts, associations, literature, research and discussions with stakeholders in IRENA member countries, notes that globalization and trading of the technology require market confidence in the technology and internationally harmonized specifications, standards and quality control measures. are 'key instruments.'

    The report also calls upon the global offshore wind energy development industry to actively engage in ongoing international standardisation processes for the technology and to foster cross-fertilisation between offshore wind and other industry sectors - particularly those using similar technology or operating in similar environments, such as onshore wind and offshore oil & gas. (Source: IRENA, Maritime Journal, 16 July, 2018) Contact: IRENA, Francisco Boshell, Analyst -- Markets and Standards for Renewable Energy Technologies, +91 2 417 9000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IRENA,  Offshore Wind,  

    Neste Investigating Waste Plastic as Alt. Fuel Feedstock (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-07-20
    Helsinki-headquartered renewable fuel producer Neste Oyj reports it is exploring the use of liquefied waste plastic as a future raw material for fossil refining after a trial period in 2019. The company's target is to process more than one million tonnes of waste plastic by 2030.

    According to Neste, only one-third of the 27 million tpy of post-consumer plastic waste generated in Europe is collected for recycling. In January 2018, the EU released its Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy. In the EU Waste package, recycling target for plastic packaging was raised to 50 pct by 2025 and 55 pct by 2030.

    In addition to exploring ways to utilize plastic waste as raw material, Neste is helping the plastics industry and various plastics-consuming companies to reduce their crude oil dependency and climate emissions by producing durable and recyclable renewable plastics from bio-based raw materials, such as waste fats and oils. (Source: Neste, Bioenergy Int;l, July, 2018)Contact: Neste Corporation, Kaisa Hietala, VP Renewable Products , +358 10 458 4128,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Alternative Fuel,  Neste,  

    Duke Dumps Planned 500 MW of Wind Power in Carolinas (Ind. Report)
    Duke Energy
    Date: 2018-07-20
    Kallanish Energy is reporting Duke Energy has abandoned plans to develop 500 megawatts of wind energy in North Carolina and South Carolina. The wind power would have been generated in the Midwest and moved to the Carolinas, but the costs were too high, officials said.

    Duke reportedly aims to have 8,000 MW of renewable energy under contract by 2020. Presently, Duke has 6,400 MW of renewable energy capacity, including 3,100 MW of installed wind power capacity. (Source: Duke Energy, Kallanish Energy July 19, 2018) Contact: Duke Energy, Chris Fallon, VP Renewables,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Duke Energy,  Wind,  

    American Farmland Trust Calls for Increased CCS (Ind. Report)
    American Farmland Trust
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In Washington, the American Farmland Trust (AFT) reports it recently joined a consortium of conservation-centric agricultural organizations at a "Learning Lab" for the U.S. Climate Alliance Natural and Working Lands Initiative. The consortium aimed to draft guiding principles that state governments can use to develop strategies, policy, and funding projects to capture and sequester carbon in farm, rangelands, forests, and wetland soils.

    To store large amounts of carbon in the soil, carbon compounds must be grown down in the soil profile where the compounds can contact micro-organisms. "That's where fibrous roots come into play. Cover crops like cereal rye provide deep roots that help transfer carbon from the atmosphere to the soil." The U.S. is losing an estimated 3 acres of farmland every minute. The loss of agricultural capacity is unsustainable from a farming perspective and contributes to the impact toward climate change, according to a release.

    In 2017, AFT launched its Farmers Combating Climate Change initiative to: protect farmland and promote smart growth to significantly reduce emissions; improve soil health to reverse climate change and improve productivity; and build strong support among the farm community to advance policies. (Source: American Farmland Trust, Delta Farm Press, 17 July, 2018) Contact: American Farmland Trust, Jimmy Daukas, Snr. Program Manager, (202) 331-7300,; US Climate Alliance,; U.S. Climate Alliance Natural and Working Lands Initiative,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CCS,  Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  American Farmland Trust,  Carbon Sequestration,  Climate Change,  

    GHG Emitter Lobbyists Outspend Greens 10 to One, says Study (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-07-20
    According to Drexel University's Dr. Robert Brulle, lobby groups have spent more than $2 billion over the past 20 years in their efforts to influence climate change legislation in the US. The vast majority of this money has come from groups that stand to lose out from limits on carbon emissions -- the electrical utilities sector, fossil fuel companies and transportation.

    The electric utilities sector spent over $500 million followed closely by the fossil fuel sector at $370 million and the transportation sector at around $250 million. (Source: Climatic Change Journal, Independent UK, 19 July, 2018) Contact: Drexel University, Dr. Robert Brulle,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GHGs.Carbon Emissions,  

    Deepwater Ramping Up for New Offshore Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
    Deepwater Wind
    Date: 2018-07-20
    Providence, Rhode Island-headquartered Deepwater Wind, the developer of the first offshore wind farm in the U.S., reports it's beginning the next, larger phase of development for a another wind farm to supply power to Rhode Island and Connecticut, a second wind farm for Long Island, New York, and a third for Maryland's Eastern Shore. The company has leased areas near Massachusetts and Maryland and plans to spend millions of dollars over the next year collecting data from the locations to apply for permits and design the wind farms.

    Deepwater Wind opened the first U.S. offshore wind farm off Block Island, Rhode Island, in 2016. (Source: Deepwater Wind, Hastings Tribune, AP, 17 July, 2018) Contact: Deepwater Wind, Jeffrey Grybowski, CEO, (401) 274-2000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Deepwater Wind,  Offshore Wind ,  

    EU-China Leaders' Statement on Climate Change and Clean Energy -- Statement Attached (Int'l Report)
    Climate Change
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In Beijing, a China-EU Summit held on Monday resulted in the signing of a joint statement between the two economic powers on climate change and clean energy, reaffirming their respective commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and to intensify their cooperation on climate change and clean energy.

    In the joint release, the two countries said: "The EU and China consider climate action and the clean energy transition an imperative more important than ever. They confirm their commitments under the historic 2015 Paris Agreement and step up their co-operation to enhance its implementation."

    Download the EU-China Leaders' Statement on Climate Change and Clean Energy HERE. (Source: GreenPeace, Various Media, 16 July, 2018)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  Renewable Energy,  Clean Energy,  

    Denver Pledges 100 pct Renewable Electricity by 2030 (Ind. Report)
    Denver, Renewable Energy
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In the Mile High City, Mayor Michael Hancock has pledged that Denver will source 100 pct of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. With the pledge, Denver -- pop. 695,000 +- -- has become the 73rd U.S. city to commit to a 100 pct renewable electricity target. This 2030 target is an update to the 2015 Climate Action Plan referred to as the 80×50 plan, which aims for 80 pct fewer emissions by 2050 based on 2005 emissions. Nine other Colorado cities have made a 100 pct renewables pledge. (Source: City of Denver, CleanTechnica, Various Media, 18 July, 2018)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewable Energy,  

    Namibia Scores GEF Climate Mitigation, Environmental Funds (Int'l)
    Global Environment Facility
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In the Namibian capital city of Windhoek, the Ministry of Environment is reporting receipt of NAD $186.5 million from the World Bank Global Environment Facility (GEF). Of the total NAD $186.5 million, NAD $13.44 million will be spent on climate change mitigation while NAD $84 million will be for biodiversity management and NAD $88.9 million towards combating land degradation, according to the Ministry statement. ($1,000,000 NAD = $74,017.26 US) (Source: Namibia Ministry of Environment, Nampa, 19 July, 2018) Contact: World Bank Global Environment Facility,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Global Environment FacilityClimate Change,  Climate Change Mitigation,  

    UK Carbon Emissions at Victorian Era Levels (Int'. Report)
    Carbon Brief
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In the UK, Carbon Brief, a website covering climate science, climate policy and energy policy, reports the UK's greenhouse gas emissions are 38 pct below 1990 levels equal to Victorian era emissions. Its calculations are based on the latest report from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

    The decline is largely attributed to an increased reliance on renewable energy sources and the drop in coal consumption which now accounts for only 5.3 pct of total primary energy consumed in the UK. The UK government has pledged to shutter all of the country's coal-fired power plants by 2025. (Source: Carbon Brief, Red,Green & Blue, Various Media, 19 July, 2018) Contact: BEIS,; Carbon Brief,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BEIS,  Carbon Brief,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Smartcool Touts Caribbean Projects (Ind. Report)
    Smartcool Systems
    Date: 2018-07-20
    Vancouver-headquartered Smartcool Systems Inc. is reporting the completion of two installations in Jamaica.

    "An installation of Smartcool's proprietary ESM technology on a 50-ton AAON rooftop packaged A/C unit controlled by an Emerson E2 digital panel has yielded 34 pct savings amounting to 500 kWh per day reduction," according to a press release.

    Smartcool is currently operating 10 introductory projects in Jamaica including include fast food restaurants, food processors, grocery stores and resorts. The company is also introducing Smartcool products in other Caribbean islands where power costs are very high. (Source: SmartCool, StreetWise Reports, 18 July, 2018) Contact: SmartCool, Ted Konyi, CEO, James Martin, Bus. Dev, (604) 904-8632,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Smartcool Systems,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Greenergy Acquiring Idle Amsterdam Biodiesel Plant (Int'l, M&A)
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In the UK, London-based fuels supplier Greenergy reports in has inked an agreement with Oiltanking to acquire a never commissioned biodiesel plant in Amsterdam which it plans to convert to make the renewable fuel from waste oils. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

    Greenergy already owns two biodiesel plants in the east of England which make biodiesel from globally sourced waste products such as used cooking oil. (Source: Greenergy, Successful Farming, Reuters 19 July, 2018)Contact: Greenergy, Andrew Owens, CEO, +44 (0)20 7404 7700,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Greenergy,  Biodiesel,  Biofuel,  

    UK Companies Subject to Post-BREXIT Energy Usage, Efficiency Reporting (Int'l Report)

    Date: 2018-07-20
    At Whitehall, with its upcoming April, 2019 EU BREXIT, the UK government will require all large UK companies to report power use, carbon emissions and energy efficiencies in their annual reports. The new "simplified" requirement is central to the government's effort to make business and industry improve energy efficiency by 20 pct by 2030. The previous CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will be closed, according to Reuters

    The new regulations, which apply to UK-based companies with more than 250 employees or an annual turnover greater than £36 million, is expected to save businesses £20 million per year in administration costs, but add £2.1 billion in capital costs, mainly due to the increased uptake of energy efficiency measures. (Source: The Week, Reuters, Various Media 19 July, 2018)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  

    Peru Begins Operation At Its Biggest Wind Farm

    Date: 2018-07-20
    In Lima, the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) is reporting the commissioning and startup of the 42 turbine, 132-MW Wayra I Park wind farm near Nazca. When fully operational, the wind farm will generate sufficient power for 482,000 families.

    The $165 million project was carried out in a public-private venture between MINEM and Enel Peru -- a multinational electric company based in Italy. (Source: MINEM, teleSUR, 19 July, 2018) Contact: MINEM, Francisco Ismodes, Minister, +511 4111100,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Peru Wind,  Wind,  

    Ergon Wrongfully Denied RFS Hardship Relief, Appeals Court Rules (Reg & Leg)
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In a recent release, Newell, West Firginia-based Ergon - West Virginia, Inc reports the US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit has vacated and remanded the EPA's denial of a 2016 petition for a small refinery "hardship waiver" filed by Ergon - West Virginia, Inc., (EWV) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

    Family-owned EWV owns and operates a 23,000 bpd specialty paraffinic refinery that produces paraffinic base oils, paraffinic bright stocks, waxes, petrolatum, petroleum resins, E10 gasoline and ultra low sulfur diesel.

    According to the press release, "EWV blends 10 pct ethanol with 99 pct of the gasoline it produces and will continue to do so, even without a mandate. However, EWV cannot pass through its RIN costs and the detrimental impact imposed by the RFS on EWV's high diesel production is unacceptable and counter to the intent of the RFS program."

    As previously reported, "hardship waivers" were intended for refineries producing 75,000 bpd or less and suffered "disproportionate economic hardship" from the costs of RFS compliance. The waiver frees the refineries from an obligation to provide the EPA with biofuels credits proving compliance (Source: Ergon West Virginia, PR, Contact: Ergon West Virginia, Inc., Kirk Latson, VP Fuels Marketing, Kathy Potts, Communications & Marketing, (601) 933-3000,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News RFS,  Hardship Waiver,  EPA,  

    Iowa Gov. Comments on RFS (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Iowa Gov. Kim Reynols
    Date: 2018-07-20
    "Our (Iowa) farmers need some positive news. It's our hope new EPA leadership will adhere to promises made by President Trump to protect the RFS and grow demand for our homegrown fuels. It's time to end the domestic demand destruction by undermining of the RFS. It's time to open up the market for higher ethanol blends, E15 and above, to be sold year round. Unfortunately, the proposed RFS rule before us does neither of those things.

    "On the surface, the numbers appear positive. Conventional biofuels like corn ethanol are set at 15 billion gallons and cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel and total advanced levels are all proposed to increase. But the EPA's decision to grant numerous small-refinery waivers and to not reallocate those volumes as the law envisioned, undercuts the 15 billion gallon level.

    "These small refinery waivers have created the backdoor destruction of 1.5 billion gallons of ethanol demand. That means 500 million bushels of corn will be left in the bins, putting added pressure on already low commodity prices. Every RFS category is reduced by these small refiner waiver exemptions. In fact, it almost wipes out the proposed increase for advanced biofuels.

    "And the 15 billion gallons ethanol number is in reality more like 13.5 billion. To put that in context, nearly 1 billion gallons less ethanol than was blended into U.S. gasoline in 2017. That is not progress. That is not the letter or spirit of the RFS. And that is not what President Trump promised the voters of Iowa. This issue must be addressed. The criteria for exemptions must be reasonable and transparent, and any exemptions must be reallocated to the remaining obligated parties. Correcting the small refinery exemption excesses need to be in the final rule. 15 billion gallons must mean 15 billion gallons.

    "The former head )Pruitt) of the EPA often said that the decision to allow year-round sales of E15 was a matter of authority, not policy. The EPA has publicly acknowledged it has the authority, so it's time to act. It's also time for the EPA to stop ignoring a court order to restore 500 million gallons of conventional ethanol demand that was illegally waived by the Obama Administration for the 2016 compliance year." (Source: Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), 18 July, 2018) Contact: Office of Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ethanol,  RFS,  Ethanol Blend,  Hardship Waiver,  E15,  

    ACE Testifies on Proposed 2019 RVOs (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    American Coalition for Ethanol
    Date: 2018-07-20
    The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) VP Ron Lamberty testified on July 18 during the public hearing in Ypsilanti, Mich., on the EPA's proposed Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) for the 2019 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS):

    "With the departure of the previous EPA Administrator (Pruitt) , I hope EPA will take this opportunity to return to implementing the RFS as intended by Congress. Pruitt's seemingly sole focus on helping merchant refiners ignore or skirt their longstanding obligations under the RFS has further shaken the rural farm economy while undermining Congress' goal of increasing renewable fuel use in the United States.

    "EPA's misapplication of the small refiner (hardship) waiver authority has destroyed an estimated 2.25 billion gallons of biofuel demand in 2016 and 2017 alone. The 2019 proposal does nothing to reallocate the gallons of ethanol lost due to RFS waivers, nor does it restore the 500 million gallons of biofuel demand lost because of EPA's actions in misapplying the economic harm waiver in the 2016 RVO as determined by the courts that ordered EPA to return those gallons as well. This RVO rulemaking is the perfect place for EPA to restore these biofuel volumes under the RFS, allow for E15 and higher blends to be sold year-round, and discard of its refiner win-at-all-costs mentality."

    As previously reported, "hardship waivers" were intended for refineries producing 75,000 bpd or less and suffered "disproportionate economic hardship" from the costs of RFS compliance. The waiver frees the refineries from an obligation to provide the EPA with biofuels credits proving compliance.(Source: American Coalition for Ethanol, Convenience Store Decisions, 19 July, 2018) Contact: American Coalition for Ethanol, Brian Jennings, CEO, Ron Lamberty, VP, (605) 334-3381,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News American Coalition for Ethanol,  RFS,  Pruitt,  HJardship Waiver,  

    Fla. GOP Sponsored Carbon Tax Proposal Expected (Reg & Leg)
    Carbon Tax
    Date: 2018-07-20
    According to E&E News, Republican Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo will next week table legislation calling for a gradually escalating carbon tax. Starting in 2020, the proposal would require fossil fuel companies and manufacturers to pay a fee of $23 per ton for their carbon emissions, rising an additional $2 each year emissions targets aren't met.

    Preliminary modeling shows that the policy would meet former President Obama's climate target under the Paris Agreement -- a 26 to 28 pct reduction in U.S. emissions by 2025, compared with 2005 levels.

    The proposal would eliminate the gasoline tax, stall the EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and earmark the lion's share of its revenue to building new transportation infrastructure nationwide. Details of the proposed legislation have not been released. (Source: E&E News. Grist, 18 July, 2018) Contact: Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Tax,  US Carbon Tax,  

    Wellfleet Joins Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate (Ind. Report)
    Global Covenant of Mayors
    Date: 2018-07-20
    In the Bay State, the Cape Cod community of Wellfleet reports it has joined the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Wellfleet is the tenth municipality in Massachusetts to commit to the global covenant.

    The covenant, formed in 2016, is the broadest climate alliance in the world, representing the commitment of 9,000 cities and local governments from six continents -- more than 10 pct of the total global population -- to promote and support voluntary action to combat climate change and move to a low emission society. (Source: Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, Wellfleet, Wicked Local Provincetwon, 19 July, 2018) Contact: Global Covenant of Mayors,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Global Covenant of Mayors,  

    esVolta Selected for PG&E Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-07-20
    Aliso Viejo, California-headquartered utility-scale energy storage project specialist esVolta reports it has been selected by Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E) to develop, construct and operate the 75 MW/300 MWh Hummingbird Energy lithium-ion battery energy storage project in Santa Clara County, Calif.

    The Hummingbird project is slated to be in service by December 2020, subject to California Public Utilities Commission approval. The project will provide an affordable and reliable capacity resource and facilitate PG&E's integration of renewable energy resources. (Source: esVolta, Solar Ind., 19 July, 2018) Contact: PG&E,; esVolta, Randolph Mann, Pres., (949) 330 6300,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News PG&E,  Energy Storage,  esVolta,  Lithium-ion Battery,  

    Utility Revenue Expands LED Lighting Division (Ind. Report)
    Utility Revenue Services
    Date: 2018-07-20
    Dublin, Ohio energy consultancy Utility Revenue Services, reports it has extended its offerings to include LED lighting analyses , retrofits and and related capital projects. Rapid advancements in solid state lighting along with a precipitous fall in price have lowered the barrier to entry for LED retrofits for apartment properties and have created a compelling business case: energy savings from LED technology is, on average, about 75 pct over traditional technologies, with less heat output and 25-times the lifespan of incandescent.

    The qualifying threshold for EPA's ENERGY STAR for buildings will experience a significant reset at the end of August. For the first time since 2003, scores will be measured against new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA)which projects LED lighting market to be over $100 billion by 2025. In addition to their high operational efficiency, dropping production cost and moderate heat output, smart or connected applications are helping to drive LED's explosive growth.

    To date, the company has improved the performance of over a half million apartment units since 2006. Those assets continue to experience increased net operating income, currently over $45 million annually and growing, according to the release. (Source: Utility Revenue Services, PR, 18 July, 2018) Contact: Utility Revenue Services, Tom Spangler, (804) 475-9601,,

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